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August 2016

Madaline Weber

Madaline Weber

Ever Ever Land

1 - Night (Akbal)

I have a saying when I'm feeling stuck in my 'mind', wanting whatever
situation that is appearing different then it is. I was stuck 'there' an entire day.
Walking into my bathroom, feeling low energy, as I had felt all day, napping twice. (crazy) I hear; "you want this to be different then it is" . . . looking at my reflection,
a huge smile formed, indicating how true this was at the time. . .

Hearing other words that came, created clarity to the point of recognizing
the illusion I put into my 'space' the entire day.

"Happy Life. In this moment there is only perfection . . .

'Mind' wants separation, this is the grandest illusion.

You are pure energy . . .simple . . .

Recognize 'this' energy, energy = Love, encompass everything and no-thing . . .

Nothing exists until you 'speak' it into your reality . . .

Are you content with your life?

[x] yes or [ ] no. . . put your mark in the box

- - - then step outside, your choice will set you free. . ."

I've check the yes, my body shook, it moved from the position
I was in to an entirely altered position.

A quantum leap, consciousness clarification.

There is no second guessing this energy. Grateful for sure.

Matty and Mike

Mike Shore came to Arizona for the week end, I hadn't seen him in over five years. . .
I love him dearly. Thrilled that we connected, being what I decided was this is
my last blog on Mayan Majix. . . so to have Mike in front of me to tell him,
and see his reaction is priceless. . . He is thrilled for me to have such clarity,
and to move in a direction that fills my heart.

When Ian was 'here' we fantasized about the land we were going to have, where those who have lost their way can engage themselves towards what they are passionate about.
well, I've found the land, now I will be finding the funds to purchase said land.

Ian named the land; Ever Ever Land.
I promised Ian I would keep our dream alive. I feel him smile.
Even though we haven't met in real time, I feel 'loves' energy come
straight thru to my heart.

I love you . . . you have an open invitation to connect with me via
email. . . Blessings, so much love. so very much love.

Madaline aka Matty.

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