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January 2016

Madaline Weber

Madaline Weber

Good News Channel 91

1 - Star (Lamat)

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Good News Channel 90

1 - Eagle (Men)

We change our behavior when the pain of staying the
same becomes greater than the pain of changing.”

Henry Cloud




Have you recognized how swiftly you can alter your thoughts? I have. With each passing moment, I feel lighter in my body, I'm sleeping sounder, eating more, walking more, (even in the rain) being more compassionate towards myself and others.

I wonder if the solders ever ask: who are these , so called enemy's? Why are we killing one another. It is clear 'war' is a racket to feed the rich, being war is a 'rich mans game.' a slight of hand trick that 'we' the people have bought into, hook, line and sinker.

We've allowed this to happen, we can alter the course from this moment forward by saying 'NO' we will not carry guns to kill our brothers and sisters. This insanity stops here and now.

Correction: I mentioned the book; “It Came Out of My Vagina, Now What?! “

who I had Met was Debbie Spector Weisman.

She and Betsy Chasse did a wonderful presentation on child rearing.

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