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December 2015

Madaline Weber

Madaline Weber

Good News Channel 89

1 - Wind (Ik)

Our Smile Club grows daily. 5200 personal invitations have been extended.
We Will Heal Our World One Smile at a Time.................

Our Smile Club

As our collective consciousness awakens to 'these' times of great change it's most important
to remind ourselves to remain in balance. It is as Rumi states, “Life is a balance of holding on & letting go.”

There's a find line that is being witnessed now, the story of the two wolfs that reside
with-in each of each, look to see which one you're feeding. Is it the one that is 'kind and generous
filled with love, or the one that wants to hold everyone at bay, not allowing the joy
and love to enter.' everything that comes your way is open for you
to recognize and decipher your personal choice.

Our Smile Club

Good News Channel 88

1 - Offering (Muluc)

Good News Channel 87

1 - Wisdom (Cib)

Inline image 1

Here's an entire stack of reasons to
trade your green for gold. . . in 'karatbars'

So, in the event there's a small twinkle that you
might be interested in 'Gold', contact me:

user name: galacticmuse

So, I was thinking, If I were starting up a new company,
who would I want to be a part of this new company,
and who would want to be my partner?

Take a look, could be you!


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