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October 2014

Good News Channel 52
1 - Reed (Ben)

“Anything I hadn't recognized, then shows up somewhere, is to be acknowledged, then taken into account for consideration.” mw


“When you say 'yes,' Source will guide you to your destination.” mw

Being clear about where you desire to be, what you desire to experience, it's easy to get from your thought to your destination.

Then I ask myself, why would I struggle? Why would I put 'struggle' into the equation? The clearer I am about my 'now' moment, the easier it is to remain centered.

This life is the grandest gift of all. I hold each moment as precious as holding a new born that just entered the world. . .

Matty 2
So, you've come to a fork in the road, a decision must be made. You can only choose one. Which ever one is chosen is the perfect choice. . . when you over 'think' yourself, this is where you most likely will feel stressed. How many times have you heard yourself say; 'I should have gone the other direction!' its so much easier to say, 'thank you' this is the perfect journey for me to experience at this 'now' moment. . .

Over 1800 SMILES are around my little town. Plus hundreds that were shared with I was in California. People display them in their shops. They're being recognized and acknowledged as something majical. I have the most fun when someone tells me; 'I don't smile.' looking at him with a straight face is challenging, being, I want to laugh. “It's perfectly okay, you don't have to smile.” with that comes a smile. One man said to me, “it's impossible to not smile around you.”

That was a huge heart opening feeling for sure.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”
Albert Einstein

My 11 year old friend said; “you are so smart.” thank you, I've been here a long time, I asked him. 'do you remember when you were 8.' he shook his head. Can you see how much more you know now then when you were 8. “Yes, a lot more.” the longer you're here, the more you will learn.

So, how long have you been here? Are you carrying around stuff from your past that no longer serves you?

Splice it out, you know how this works. If need be, write it all down, if you have issues with ______, (fill in the blank) isn't it time to release that from your consciousness?

This is baggage that is way to heavy, it's heavy on your heart. Write a letter to you from that person, put the words in that make you feel good. . .

Matty In order for any of us to ascend to higher levels of awareness, one 'must' release oneself from any and all negative talk. Trust me, it won't hurt at all to release all that you've been lugging around for, 'how long?'

This is the opportunity you've been waiting for. When you forgive yourself, it's easy to forgive others.

What are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to get on with the life you've been speaking about, the life you desire beyond your dreams.



Good News Channel 51
1 - Sun (Ahau)

Choosing freely what ever life presents to us is our divine 'birth' right. I find choice very interesting when speaking with another about choices made. Speaking with a women about her partner who chose to move on with his life with out her, having her be in total despair about this 'break up.'

Hearing her say; 'I didn't sign up for this!'

Well, if she didn't 'sign up' for this, who did?

Is there someone else inside her body dictating her choices?

Every action, each word, all expressions that arises from the 'self' is a personal choice. In understanding about unconditional, you might find it disturbing in the event you've decided that you 'hadn't chosen' certain situations that come into your awareness. When you speak about 'not' wanting something, you've now put a 'condition' on IT. Not only did you put a condition on it, you're not accepting the gift that is given from Source.

You can argue until the 'cow's come home'. . . no one, no one else is in your body. Take a look, well, is there anyone else residing inside your body?

If there is, get 'm' out. . . especially since you say you hadn't invited this other being, entity, what ever.


Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary


When you want a situation to be different then it is, this is where the 'condition' sits. Unconditional, IS, Unconditional. Period.

This could be the most challenging arenas any of us could put ourselves through. How can you say to yourself that you chose to be beaten, or rapped. . .

or loosing your home, family, job. . .

how can you say 'I chose to break my leg, or have cancer, or have my child die. . .

the list is endless. . . you fill in what I hadn't listed. . .

Our experiences are personal, NO one can 'feel' what you're feeling. . .

No one can have your experience, no one.

You can choose to release it. You can, trust me, I've had all that I've chosen, and I've chosen to turn everything into a 'gift' from Source.

I had my house repossessed, even though we had won in court, they came after me.

Ian and I took this as a sign for us to take his message on the road.

We loved our journey. Even when we parted for a few months. Thinking we wouldn't see one another ever again. . . when he was diagnosed with cancer, he called to be with me, called to be with those who took care of his 'heart', with love. . . my family invited Ian into our 'family' world. . . then . . .

Ian dies, I felt numb for a long time. . .

it took me three years to find my balance. . . when I did . . . I knew that everything that I received was a personal gift. . . gratitude is key, waking up each day, knowing this is the day to live fully, to say thank you for this day. . .



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise."~ Oscar Wilde

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~






Being Mother Earth has birthed us, 'newly,' we (collectively) have an opportunity to rise beyond what had been. Seeing ourselves as Gaia's child, (children) we have an opportunity to create our lives from an unconditional platform.

Our Smile Club is taking on a life of its own. People are saying they've seen these cards around town wondering where they came from. So, when I share them, there's a 'wonder' an expression of 'where?' what now?

Our Smile Club is in our heart. There's no dues, no meeting hall. Share a glance, a warm 'Hello'. . . some times a hug. . . so majical. . .

when the site is up and running, (being this is our good news channel) I would love to hear your personal smile stories that I can post on 'Our' site. (food for thought)

has a face, one that will bring a smile to yours.

Yet, we are a few days away from our Unveiling. Stay tuned

this link would be one of those that has the 'smile' remain for some time.




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