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July 2014

Good News Channel 44

1 - Wind (IK)


Labor,  Capital, Higher consideration.
 in 1861, where was the peoples consciousness?
How did we get to where we are now?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I left Arizona on the 3rd July,  my stay in California was amazing. Although short. Being with Ray (my son) was SO healing. There are ways he lives his life that I hadn't known. I brought him a flower from the garden, he told me he didn't like cute flowers. He loves flowers, he loves taking pictures of them, and leave them in the garden. I hadn't ever known this about my son.

I told him, “there are things about our way of being that we hadn't discovered, we're constantly learning one another.”
He agreed.

On the 17th July,  My Beloved Soul Sister Melanie sent out a call,  “Goddess to the Rescue, I need you, please come home.”

Our beloved Ron, a Vietnam Vet is completing his journey, Melanie has power of attorney. We're his only family.   I told her I would be back on Monday. Not having a clue as to how I was getting myself to Arizona,  480 miles away. Even though I feel strong, the PMR has taken a toll on my body. Sitting for long periods of time locks my hips, it take about 15 seconds after standing to get my legs to move.  So driving myself 480 miles isn't in the cards, (so to speak)

Melanie  rented a car for Gary, he left AZ on Sunday the 21st July. He arrived in Santa Monica around 5 pm.  Jo-e made a magnificent meal, gluton free pasta, wonderful veggies from the farmers. Gary wanted to put his feet in the sand,  we're 5 min. (in a perfect world) from the ocean.  Driving through Santa Monica is like those movies where there's miles and miles of cars.   Wild.  By the time we arrived at the beach, there was about 15 min. before the sun set.  We gazed at the sun until it set behind the mountain. Awesome. I gaze at the sun first thing in the morning, this was a first, gazing at sun down.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ` ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I”ve shared over 500  Smile Cards. 

I altered how I present them,  I had said,  “ Assist me in healing the world one smile at a time.” I was in the market with Ray, handing a smile card to a man that is working,  “Please join my SMILE club.”  the responses are heart warming. 

     We were walking on the board walk in Venice Beach CA.  Handing out Smiles, each person was filled with excitiment, one women with her young daughter filled the space we were in, it felt as though she could lite up the entire beach.  Her duaghter wanted to know where it was, (the club)   I told her, “Its in your heart.”  another asked what it cost,  I said,  “a smile.” 

I feel more alive than I've felt in a looonng  time. . .   being of service feeds my soul. 

12/ Sun,   Ian's   Mayan Birthday.   Happy Birthday dearest one.

Good News Channel 43

1 - Offering (Muluc)

Powerful, stable energy, purification, baptism, sign of water.
These ceremonies bring about a collective strength, being adaptable bring harmony.
Muluc is about giving, Offering to all more than asked for the self.

There could be a deep undercurrent of emotions that if hidden from self and others
could cause great disturbance. Be clear in 'all' your communications.

My son Ray called on the 1st July, he had been asking me to come to Santa Barbara CA. His emotional body is wonderful, his physical body has been challenged. I've been wanting to get there for a month, being I don't have a car, and I'm not into
flying, the bus takes 17 hours, the train about the same. I felt as though there was something that needed to be complete in Arizona before I could leave.

In the middle of June, this 'thing'  started coming out of my arm, it grew daily. After one week of putting colloidale silver and pascolite clay on, it continued to grow. I went to the clinic.

They gave me an appointment for the 15th July,  WEEKS away.

By the second week, it doubled in size. I walked into the clinic, showing them my arm. Saying; “if this doesn't come out today, it's going to take over my entire arm.” By 1 pm. I was sitting with the surgeon, she numbed the space all around the growth, cut it out, it was the size of a large marble. The opening was the size of a large almond. Two  hours later, and ten stitches pulling my skin over the opening, I went home.

So, when Ray asked me when I could come I told him after the stitches come out. Wednesday.

Later on the day of the 1st July,  walking up the road to the post box, speaking out loud to Source,  “I'm asking you to assist me here, get me a way to my Son.  If you want me to be there,  find me a means to transporting myself.”

I had my arms open wide while speaking. Looking up at GrandFather Sun. The walk up and back is about 8 min.

Checking my phone, there was a message from a friend; “Hello sweet heart, wondering if you would be interested in taking a road trip to California.”

Got down on my knees, thanking Source for the speedy response. We left AZ. On Thursday the 3rd July, Sharon has a 10 year old boy, Alyziah, High energy, highly intelligent.

We're about 70 miles from the California border, Sharon says; “Oh no, what's happening?”

Her car quit, she was able to coast over to the 'shoulder,'  she turned the ignition off, giving it a couple of try's to see if it would start.  Nothing.  We had just passed a Highway patrol car. He was maybe a few hundred yard away.  Getting out of the car,  (in the middle of the desert, 108o, at 5:30 pm, this wasn't the picture we had drawn for our adventure.  Being a calm person, and knowing when a situation occurs the only thing to do is surrender, and breath, I remain in that state of 'being'.  .  .
Sharon had road side assistance, she called, they wanted to know where we were. By this time the patrolman came up behind us, asking what the problem is.  Sharon described how the car decided it didn't want to go any further.  The patrolman said we were at mile marker 96 on the I - 10 freeway. 

Thirty minutes have passed. Sharon gets an answer from 'road side assistance'  they say it will cost over 400$ for them to tow us.  Not gonna happen.  The patrol man is staying with us, cars are flying by, NO one stops.  I walk down the embankment, there's a small patch of shade.  Picking up a rock, I draw a heart in the dirt.  Alyziah comes over, “what are you doing?”  he looks at the heart, ” says to me, lets decorate it.” for the next few minutes, we're pulling leaves off the tree, decorating the heart.

Coming back up the embankment, Sharon calls  AAA, wanting to enroll into their program,  it's so insane,  to register, one must wait 4 days to upgrade that would give her 100 miles of free towing.

We've been here for 45 min.  a police car zooms by at about 100 MPH.  The patrol man that had been waiting with us, said;  “there's a crash up ahead.”  he left.  A few minutes passed.  Sharon said;  “lets pray.”  the three of us stood together, Sharon said the prayer for someone to come help, and gratitude for having one another as support.

I had been standing with my arms out stretched, speaking out loud,  “I calling on all my angels, please send a mechanic angel, please.”   soon there after a huge four door ½ ton pick up truck stopped. Five people pile out, they're from Texas, the driver a young man in his 20  asks what happened, Sharon tells him.  After 20 min.  or so, he determines we're out of gas.  (we're not, we know this.) he leaves to get gas, returns with a can of gas.  Again, I stand arms stretched wide, praying for my mechanic angel.

Another pick up pulls in behind,  it's now after 7 pm. Sun is setting.

The two men are discussing what they see.   One of the women came over to me, she said, “I see you and the boy standing out there, I tell my son to pull over.”   I gave her a hug,  blessing her, saying we had been standing here for an hour and a half, no one stopped.

The second man IS a mechanic, his truck has almost all the equipment needed to repair a motor. It's 8pm, sun has set,  the decision is made to be 'towed'. 

Prior to our insadent, Sharon tells me about this place that has natural hot spring. I never knew about this.  She said she's been there a couple of times.  We're two mile from the exit, (didn't know that until we were being towed away from the road.)  They tow us, the family from Texas behind. 

Once Sharon's car got released from the tow, the family took off.  They wouldn't accept any money for the gas or their time.  
Tonapah Arizona is the town where we and the car were towed to.  Carter is our 'Angel' that stayed with us until we procured a room.   (If ever you're in Tonapah, and in need of an Angel, contact Carter's Automotive Repair Service)

Carter drove us back to the car for us to get our bags.  Then back to the lodge. They reduced the rate from $125.  to  50.00. . .  one majic event after another.

We bid Carter good night, thanked him,  hugged him, blessed him.  The cottage was funky, precious, private.  The tub is big enough for 6.  The three of us got in, feeling the day wash away the grim from standing near the road, feeling the dirt that was thrown from all the cars passing by. The rain came while we were soaking. It was majical.  The rain hadn't lasted. Getting into bed an hour later with the air conditioner on, being the room had been shut for days, then the rain, thunder, lightening appeared. Turning the air off,  opening the door, listening, watching the lightening, hearing thunder striking.  

Morning arrived quickly, taking advantage of the hot tub, soaking until Carter appeared.

He determined it was the fuel pump. It was a 17 mile drive to the auto shop, ( open on the 4th of July) 

The storm from the night before created a river where Sharon's car was, Carter said the water was up to the door.  The sun was strong, evaporating the water, still it was 6 inches deep. Carter and his son moved the car out of that space so they could work on it.

He had checked the fuses when he first arrived, yet in the dark, often times something could be missed. In the day light, Carter checked once again, in the day light he found that there was a fuse that had blown.  Replacing the fuse, the car started easily.  The fuel pump wasn't needed, saving her over $200.


Arriving in Santa Barbara on Monday, 7th July, with tears of joy hugging Ray, he's lost 40 lbs, grateful that he's able to get around. He didn't need to loose this weight.  The 'infusion' process that he agreed to, plus his body rejecting most food has created him to be physically weak.  His emotional body is stronger than ever.

Grateful my PMR  is in remission,  I've regained about 85% of my strength.

Living on $660 a month I am humbled and filled with gratitude. I've been asked; “how do you do it?” only by the Grace of God. 

"To be alive is the biggest fear humans have. Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive--the risk to be alive and express what we really are." --Don Miguel Ruiz"

"When you're vibrating purely, you get only what's a match to that. It's your ambivalence: "I like that but I don't like that... I like that but I don't like that..." that keeps what you like and what you don't like coming at you all the time. You don't have to "turn the other cheek" when you are in vibrational harmony only with what you want. Then, only what you want comes." -- Abraham

Doesn't get clearer then this,  Abraham's wisdom comes full circle. Meaning,  from knowing this, to forgetting,  to re-membering.



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