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March 2014

Good News Channel 35

1 / Serpent (Chicchan)

Strong-willed, extremist and charismatic, today's energy is of the
sprout snaking its way up to the sun.
Championing ideas and causes is the call of the day.
Follow your intuitions they are wise and strong today.


Sharing what had been appearing for the past week.  Wild and wilder;


Wisdom energy sat deep within my body, I woke experiencing energy that felt as though some demonic being entered, taking over my soul. 

I've been reading;  “The Book of Jobe”  by Mark J. Ferrari

Story line; there's a deal made between the 'Devil'  and   God. . .

 I'm being drawn into how Mark weaves this tale, in days of Camelot, and the Round-Table. With Arthur as Jobe's hero, he emulates Arthur with his friends that make up the Round-table. Each word exchanged is felt deeply.

Jobe is nine as this tale starts out. Years move swiftly. Clearly, what Lucifer has in store for this boys life is recognized out into the world I view. Wonderfully written.

While reading; feeling my entire being had been there, and in this now; while taken in by the majic of imagination, visiting the Crystal City, wow.

Putting these words on paper, feeling a release of tension in my body.

The morning of 6/Earth, I start my final leg of this journey; ( being on ½ mm prednisone) wild year, I continue to look for words to expound on wild year. Then, I 'get' that most of us are feeling similar experiences through our body temple, mind, and soul, expanding into, how you view yourself, how you view yourself while in the company of; mate, partner, work, parents

1Looking around when I walk, I'm looking at all that I put my attention onto expand, its quite exciting.  Even when I find myself in a state where it could be so easy to lash out at the world for feeling so angry, I go into places that feel very dark.  Grateful I'm aware of the effect of this 'drug'.  So, I keep quiet, I hear words in my head. In the past there had been moments when no matter how hard I insisted for my mouth to stay closed, okiedokiethen, the words came out, I couldn't get them back in fast enough,   too late. Cleaning it up, for absolutely sure, asap. 

Noticing there are some who seem to have a difficult time saying;  'I'm sorry'. As  the lyrics of the song;  sorry seems to be the hardest word.'What is that all about?  To me,  saying I'm sorry releaves tension in my body. Could it be that saying  'I'm  sorry' has you feel that you've done something wrong?  It's not about that, it's about keeping the harmony, keeping peace with the one you're speaking with. By allowing what ever the scenario to perpetuate, you've now separated yourself from the one you want to be closest to.

10/ Crocodile   . . .   the New Moon approaches, breath in Her beauty, Her desire to give Mother Earth, Life is the majic that dreams are made of.  Shine your lite, keep expanding your energy.  I was asked,  “how can we win?”  shinning our love lite were ever we go, whom ever we're with, smiling at the day as you have 24 hours to experience anything chosen.
Bless everything, thank everything, love . . . everything. . .

feed your soul with Love,  let your   heart speak.  Answer I love you to every question you ask of yourself, or any question asked of you.   Whether you say;  I love you out loud, or in silence, your soul hears, .  .   . feels your love.

Gabriele Galimberti  photographs children with their toys. Take a look, I answered the question, what would YOU have in your picture?

And with what would YOU have been pictured with?

Jacks and ball,  jump rope,  tennis ball, roller skates, with skate key around my neck and friends, all the children on the block.
and YOU. What would be in your picture? I felt myself being 9 or 8 when I started listing what would be in my picture. Very interesting to see this.  tell me what you will have in your picture., OK,  good.

11/Wind . . .  woke into emotions of anger, If ever you are told to be on prednisone,  buyer be wear.  I've walked, talked, cried, walked some more, telling myself to change the words, heart speak,  I love you, I breath it in yet, this heaviness persists.  The new moon is two sleep overs away. She has enormous power, and I'm feeling it all.  The me has become so heavy, as a thick fog, unable to see my hand in front of my face, this is how dense it is. Wearing hats seems to assist in calming me.  I know it's all an
illusion,  T.G.  Other wise I could see why those who don't know this is an illusion could say;  bye, bye.  I'm outta here.


Six hours has passed since I wrote above. Been wearing my hat for over three hours, keeping my mind from leaving before me.  Calm now,  did Qigong in the garden, standing in the Earth,
feeling Mother's energy through out my entire body.

Melanie and I were experiencing similar emotions. Telling her we're going out to the garden.  Transformation in action. Our collective energy doing Qigong rises the vibration to a harmonious level of peace and contentment.  I highly recommend this. Come to our garden and do Qigong with us.  We love sharing energy.



Good News Channel 34

1 / Road (EB)

The road is open wide, choose wisely which path is chosen.
This is our time to relax, towards the self and others,
being of service brings harmony to the soul.
Road is also called the day of Grass,
the most humble and prolific life on earth.
Grass and plankton are the base of the food chain on Earth.

These are the most precious times, share them.


There's a continuing gnawing feeling internally, sitting with these feelings, asking for words that went along with them, this is what I herd;  “Who you had been before being diagnosed with  PMR  Polymyalgia rheumatica is not who you are in this 'moment', nor will you ever be who you had been.”

One year ago is when everything I had ever known altered. My body functions slower, eating foods that had agreed with me no longer agree with me.  Here I sit, one year from that day, feeling better and better daily. Five weeks from today I will be off of prednisone.

Grateful for this experience. I'm calmer, more gentle, patient with myself.  One of the side effects;  anger, what I discovered when anger appears, I eat something, and apple, grapes, anything, it's amazing how it removes the upset. 

Listening to non-sense-acle chatter going on while I'm taking my walk, 'mind' telling me its okay not to walk to the end of the block, then I find I'm talking to 'mind' as if it were separate from me, the insanity of the illusion becomes comical.

OkieDokieThen, (this is our new expression when other words aren't there) my body totally relaxed. Surrendering is the utmost gentle place I know to go/be, allowing all that can occur, all that is presented, having my body be one with Gaia. Stepping outside I find myself more relaxed, feeling Grandpa Sun's warmth, Goddess of the Wind fiercely blowing, listening to the birds serenade me, the chimes harmonizing along. Listening/hearing My Angles speak,  the sensation of soft velvet being used to wash over my entire body.  Surrendering to all that appears, accepting the gifts as soft snow flakes covering me with gentle love.

Being in alignment with the divine energy of Mother Earth, holding space for all to appear.

This is my '8' year, Justice.  More magic is happening all around me, everywhere I look, wow,  constant. Being witness to the new sprigs appearing from the trees that took a short nap thru the calm winter we had here in the upper desert of Arizona.
Color is popping up all over,  what a delight. Breathing in all that Mother offers.

Living through the energy of Pure Consciousness, knowing that anything that comes from my 'mind'  is an illusion, there's one truth, We Are Pure Consciousness.     

Yeah,   but.


When the  'yeah but'  appears,  how do you feel? Are you listening to all the chatter that's going on in there, no one else is in there, in the event you share the feelings experienced, the other person wouldn't have a clue as to what is going on within. What they hear are your 'words,' not your 'experience'.  


The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts.
Think only on those things that are in line with your principles and can bear the light of day.
The content of your character is your choice.
Day by day, what you choose, what you think, and what you do is who you become.
Your integrity is your destiny ... it is the light that guides your way.

I love you, always remember who you are.


Good News Channel 33

1 / Storm (Cauac)

Storm brings curious energy that leads to lessons learned.
Not all lessons are easy or enjoyable, all lessons are
here for our express benefit.

There is a youthful, even innocent quality that continues
through out this Tun.

Be fresh as after the rain, forever young, always learning.
Important not to get hooked into having anything be personal.


“What Dreams May Come.”


“Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.” ~Unknown

  Each moment, each breath,  I'm manifesting my  Dreams. My reality.  Period.
In the event you're asking; what does this mean; there's a beginning,  middle, and an ending.  Starting from birth, some wanting to race thru to become adult, then into all the stages that takes us to a completion of 'life'. 

What have you written in your book?  Have you given yourself all the joy, harmony, balance, love that you gave to your child (in the event you chose to have a child, or a puppy)   there are no mistakes. All is in divine order.  Even with those who have chosen to be abused.  There's always something that hadn't got complete, now is the time to complete it all.   Clear all that had stopped you from living the life you love.  Remove it, splice out what you're not happy with, splice in the story that brings love into your heart.  You can do this.  I know you can,  I'm sure of this,  being I've done this process many times, for myself, and others.

 I'm  not my body,  who am I?    I  AM THAT,  I AM.  That ,    That,    That,    I  AM.  .   .

in the event you haven't seen What Dreams May Come in a while, I recommend it highly.
I find it all so wonderful, re-visiting this film with a clearer perspective then the first time
when Ian and I watched it. Ian speaks about the film in his talk.  Recognizing how effected he was,
seeing that when the body decides it's done, well,  it's done.  Our soul continues to
experience 'being' in a unique form.  One that has no boundaries. 

When Ian first departed, he was angry,  he wanted so much to be in his body, to finish all the
projects he started, it took him three earth years for him to really 'get'  that he was on the other
side of the veil.
2Remind yourself to be grateful for every experience you have.  Some will never have the experience of growing old, being able to sit with out having to do anything. To enjoy hearing  birds sing, listening to the wind blowing thru the trees, being witness of the day turning into evening, hearing your child's laughter while they're telling you how much they love you.

Take to heart that you are loved dearly.


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