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February 2014

Good News Channel 32

1 / Transformer (Cimi

Take a deep breath, the energy presented from Cimi / Transformer
is about altering consciousness, assisting others in making all sorts of transitions
and gains in all areas of wealth, the soul purpose, to gain a clearer understanding
about what wealth means to you.Being Organized in all aspects of your life.
Tying up loose ends, reaching deep within for cores purpose.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

Thinking about the moments when everything feels as though the only thing to say is; WTF.  There's only one place to go from here, to my knees. With my prays, a calmness appears,  this calmness is my time for gathering all that I had received (gift), decipher it, chew on it, feel what my body feels like, how my heart resonates with these new creations. .  .

 Grateful for all that comes my way, being the witness of what my body is capable of doing, how it moves, how grateful I am each day as I open my eyes to experience 'this' day, 'these' moments.  .   .  then there's a new wave that appears, hadn't felt this one, what will 'this' one bring?

 "We cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life's morning; for what in the morning was true will in evening become a lie."
-- C.G. Jung

This is how rapidly changes occur. Have you witnessed when you say something, pick a subject, any subject, having passion around this, then 10 minutes, or 10 hours later what had been so very real, lost its .passion.

I've been experiencing this for some time, at first it felt confusing, now there's recognition.

What ever presents itself does in 'this' moment, then another presents itself.

When I die, will any of this mean anything at all? NO. . . so why would I put so much emotion onto what ultimately will have no meaning what so ever, give yourself a break, loosen your belt, breath. The illusion of being human is comical, feel all that arrives, thank the angelic beings for gifting this to you .

Where were we? Please read these three words with passion.

Where Were We? Somewhere in these past 26,000 years we found ourselves lost. From there to here, we truly lost our way. The lost Tribe of Mother Earth. . . now, we're the Tribe that is creating our memory so all that was there, is here now.

I've been traveling to my 'Crystal City', a magical place, where ever your Crystal City is, is yours. My transportation while in the Crystal City is a huge Ball that what ever , or where ever I want to go, all I do is have the thought, my 'transporter' takes me there. It has no seats, no bar to hold onto, doesn't need it, there's no physical sensations while traveling in this dimension.

Melanie was on the phone, I was about 15 ft. and in another room away from her, yet, when she was speaking, I heard her as if I were standing next to her. She had the speaker phone on, I could hear her friend speaking as if I were standing next to him. My senses have escalated, hearing, sense of smell.

Amazing, it's all so amazing.

I've re-joined the Galactic Family, seemed there had been something missing here, I continued to search for the missing piece, when the Galactic Family appeared, the piece that I felt was missing returned. Beautiful. Working with Mother Earth, creating a new garden space, clearing land, bringing in fruit trees.

Being my body continues to get stronger from the PMR, I take advantage of those hours where I feel as though I could move a mountain. Two hours later, I knew it was rest time. The next day I could hardly get out of bed. I'm so grateful to have those few hours to work the land, to feel and breath Mother Earth.

Do you believe in God?” hearing this question asked of me, my responds came with out thought;

“I believe in a higher vibrational consciousness, I choose to call this ' God '' mw

This is very simple, everyone knows of God, whether one believes in God, feels God, prays to God,

or, don't believe there's a God, the word God is used. . . The word God is in everyone's awareness.

I've chosen this experience, you've chosen yours, allow everything to manifest as your hearts desire.

You've heard this phrase, “your hearts desire.” I can only share from my personal experience, (my hearts desire). . .

this is what each of us is made of, our experiences, coming for your 'hearts desire'.

I know when I speak from my heart, all that is shared is love. 'Heart Speak' . . .

wonderful place to come from, to start any conversation, check in, what does your heart want to say.

There are times when I've hit rock bottom, the best place to be on my knees, can't get any lower.

Abraham Lincoln said;

I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go.”

One of my favorite places to be, on my knees, there's comfort that appears, comfort that allows my consciousness to move from the mind chatter that feels so real, feels as though this is what I should listen to. Then I get a grip, knowing that what this chatter is, is the grand illusion.

Good News Channel 30

1 / Reed (Ben)

Today is very family and home centered.
Traditions and knowledge are held up high today.
Taking a stand for causes is a strong tendency as well as some
inflexibility that may be exhibited. Stay open to others points
of view to remain flexible and well balanced.



Welcome to the world of 'Bhavna,' where Love, Faith and Regard honors the Soul of each unique being on this planet and beyond. I haven't had the honor of meeting Sister Jenna, I was introduced to Bhavna by Kelly Sullivan Walden,
(the author of “I had the Strangest Dream”) Kelly is a dear friend of our family, and my daughter Jo-e's best friend. Kelly had the honor of sharing space with Sister Jenna for a week.

When ever I feel off balance, and as soon as I recognize that my energy is depleted, I chant Bhavna.

Truly has increased my ability to stay focused for longer periods of time. Grateful Am I for sure.


Sister Jenna is a spiritual mentor, meditation expert, motivational speaker, host of the America Meditating Radio Program, co-host of an upcoming reality TV show and director of the Meditation Museum in Silver Spring, Maryland.

What Happens When East Meets West?

As we reach the middle of the first month of the new year, I find myself in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India, where the cows and cars have an uncanny agreement that supports the flow of life. Unlike my travel companion who thought it to be chaotic and insane, I somehow kept seeing nothing can flow like this if some special power were not at hand. That power is called "Bhavna." It's a Hindi word, which translated to English means, "a deep unique feeling of faith, love, and regard." Bhavna gets things done! It's in the eyes of the cows, the beggars that come banging on your car door, the man with his family on a scooter, the little girls walking hand-in-hand on the streets and the boys laughing away, as if they have no responsibility other than to be on the streets passing time.

I've been traveling to India for over 20 years, and each time I visit I find out something new about myself. I find that I have more space to love, accommodate, care, give passage and smile more. It's like I'm tested each time I come to this sacred land to expand my comfort zones from the West and live from the very fiber of the soul's true essence, Bhavna (love). When all your comforts are gone, you turn to the comforts within the soul and discover a world of wonder. As we become more conscious in this new year, we find that becoming self-reflective is a much needed requirement to cope with the variety of changes and scenes we will come across. At the onset of this year, over 80 percent of America faced arctic temperatures that had the nation being forced to look within.

When we cultivate the habit of practicing inner reflection, it offers us a mirror of our external world. I ponder if our souls are getting so cold, so "bhavnaless," that we manifest the outer freeze? Food for thought or warm for thaw? Eventually, as we continue to endure the various scenes of life unfolding where we are tested to bring a higher level of ourselves to the world, we just might reach a place of universal acceptance and responsibility to the whole. When each one takes responsibility to bring "Bhavna" to their lives and surroundings, the flow continues and increases. When there is flow there is power. Could this year be the year of power where Bhavna becomes the main ingredient to move debris out of the way, and create a bedrock of nurturing realities where everyone in and around us is benefited? Well, here in India I have proof that Bhavna does just that. I'm not sure what we would do in Washington D.C. if a cow chose to sit on I-495 and the cars just drove around it as if it were a common fixture. Perhaps, we would increase our Bhavna, especially during the Washington D.C. traffic!


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The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts.
Think only on those things that are in line with your principles and can bear the light of day.
The content of your character is your choice.
Day by day, what you choose, what you think, and what you do is who you become.
Your integrity is your destiny ... it is the light that guides your way.


" As Viktor Frankl wrote, “Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose."

With all my heart felt love, I share with all that arrives in space and time, to agree with God's presence,
we've come a long way, the way into our deepest crevasses of our soul.

Keep Bhavna at the forefront of your thoughts.
Love is showered all over you.


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