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January 2014

Good News Channel 30

1 / SUN   (AHAU)

A day dedicated to Granpa  Sun, to the light and
Life he has given to the ancestors and their guidance.
This is a light, loving, artistic day, perfect for dreamers.
Simplify your life as much as possible so you can effectively
rise and shine with unconditional love.
Celebrate  Life

I've often wondered what my life would look like if I hadn't met Ian.  I could make up all kinds of scenarios. Then I say;  'what's the point'?  Change the channel.

I celebrate Ian this day the  26th January, this would have been his natal 65th  birthday, and his Mayan sign 'Sun'.  I celebrate all those who have been in his life,  some I have met, some not.  For all the beautiful people who share his passion,  (and continue to do so) to  Abby who introduced Ian to  Mike Shore, my hero who continues to keep Mayan Majix alive knowing how passionate Ian is about sharing  'true' information to the world,  he sprinkles Fairy (Ian) dust, praying that whom ever it lands on feels his love.

1The more you love the decisions you make, the less you need others to love them.
 How often do we do things to 'please' others in the face of not  'pleasing'  self?

When you check your  energy  'dip' stick, please take note of  'how'  you feel. Feelings come from your  heart, your mind would have you believe other wise.
Put simply,  what ever you choose to do, be it clean a toilet, or nurse a new born.
Each experience is the only event that is occurring in this MOMENT. 

“Have you bought the lie being sold at rock bottom prices?” mw

There's a huge difference between   'my truth'  and the truth.  Quiet often they are the same, then there are times when  my truth collides with  'the truth'.  Looking to see where my 'thinking' takes me.

2A truth that sits on the top of my list; do not hold onto anger, or upset towards another.  This would fester until it turns into some dis-ease that would take all of my attention.  Where I desire to put my attention is on the love that continues to flourish, grow like spring flowers. 

The other day Melanie and I were shopping,  a young man was waiting for his partner,  I asked him if I could ask him a question.  He said yes,  “how do you view our world today?”  he took a deep breath, said, “that's a huge questions!”   Yes it is,  he said, when I look around, I see beauty, then there are other times when I don't.  There was much more that he spoke, you get the picture.

I love asking people this question, (especially the younger generation) its one that needs contemplation.

I love you, please share your dreams with me,  how your life was in 2013,  what drives you, where do you get the most 'juicy' stuff life has gifted to you.

Until the next now moment.  Enjoy everyone of them.

Henry David Thoreau says;

 “If a person will advance confidently in the direction of their dreams and endeavor to live the life they have imagined, they will meet with success unexpected in common hours.”


Good News Channel 28

1 / Deer (Manik)

Had a magical conversation with BJ Sadtler over breakfast, 
our conversation led us looking at our lives since the completion of 2012,  what occurred in your life?
How are you taking care of yourself? 

BJ  told me that the Maya say; If one isn't living what they were born here to do, the body will get sick. WELL,  guess what,  I haven't been living my passion, and in April 2013 my body, mind and spirit decided to shut me down.

Waking up that morning in April,  not being able to get out of bed, my body did indeed 'shut down.'

I live in my world thru observation, observing how my body moves, what it is capable of.  Truly, my body, as your body is capable of just about anything it puts it's attention on.

Ian said;  “what you pay attention to,  you become conscious of.”

The attention I put onto my body was seeing how quickly I can get myself back to total balance.

Percentage wise right now,  I'm at 90%.  proud of me for sure.  Doing Qigong daily. Walking, making sure I move around more then I sit.
1Pope Francis speaks about understanding, to move around.  It's wonderful to understand, yet, what is it that you do with the understanding?  When I hear someone tell me,  “I know,  I understand.”  yet, how I view their actions seems there's a contradiction to the words they use.  There are times when understanding truly is the booby prize. 

To get the most out of my life,  I am the observer,   when I get caught up in my personal drama, seeing, feeling as though everything that arrives is  THE TRUTH,  I've only witnessed one side of the story, and I'm the one who made up the story is the first place.  What ever occurs in my world, is viewed with gratitude, giving thanks for what I have,   putting energy into what I don't have is insane thinking.  I see NO  point in putting my energy onto anything that disrupts my souls purpose, and yet,  this is exactly what I did.

I hadn't been walking my talk. If I had, my body wouldn't have 'shut down'. 

Residing on Mother Earth at this time, watching, seeing, feeling all of Her emotions, being the care-taker of Mother Earth / Father Sky,  Grandpa Sun, the entire collective that fills me/us. 

Please,  create a check list covering every aspect of your life/ body from December 2012 until now.

Emotionally; 2013, experienced deep sadness, missing my family in California, (arrived there in November) so for 5 weeks my emotional body was refilled, I check my 'family' dip stick, when its empty, it's time to refuel.

Physically;  for a little over three months, (April thru July) all I could do was surrender, little by little I was able to move around with less effort. I'm in total gratitude for having Melanie and Gary here to take up the slack,  the chores I had been doing was turned over to others,  then I felt guilty for not holding up my end of taking care of the house.  They were so gracious, so generous, I cried  every day.

Spiritually; there were times when I became so angry, filled with frustration, I would tell anyone around me that my advice is to not talk to me, if I could get away from myself I would. Then there were those lucid moments when I felt my prayers were being heard and answered.  Feeling calmer, centered, this rollercoster I was on felt, at times, that it left the tracks, free falling.

Who I had been until April 2013 felt sold, stable, centered.  I've taken a 'fall',  getting myself up, brushing myself off, having my daily gratitude acknowledgment for having this day to experience. 

I don't have 'plaques' hanging on my wall, nothing that tells you what a wonderful 'life' coach I am. When I was in my early 20's,  people would talk about what collage they went to, some would ask me,“what collage did you go to?”  The collage of 'hard' knocks, I was a quiet child, didn't want to upset anything, or anyone.  I learned everything from being an observer, listening, paying attention to how others spoke,  what kind of response was given.  Being the youngest of 3,  my sister and brother made my life easy,  I watched what they did,  how mom and dad responded to their actions,  when they received praise, I stored that info in my sacred place.  If they did something that created upset.

This also got stored.  Easy.

I ask myself,  'what am I committed to?'  I'm committed to being of service, this continues to be the high light where I shine the most.  Friends, family come to me, knowing they feel safe speaking with me, wanting to hear something, anything that could bring peace of mind to the situation they've put themselves in. 

There's a collective 'feel' good around all this.  One thing that would assist at this time is for an exchange of energy.  When I go to the super market, they want some kind of exchange,  the green stuff we call money.  In order for me to bring food home I must give them something in exchange, 'green' stuff. 

We know there's no  'real'  value in the currency we carry around,  it's all in the agreement we've made that continues to have us fill the tank with petrol,   fill our bellies with food,  and our glasses with water.

So, while we're 'playing'  THIS game,  the 'green' stuff  'means'  I either eat, or not.

2014,   this is our year.  I know in my heart if Ian were here in his physical body,  he would have brought forth a new paradigm for living our lives thru these times of the most extraordinary changes we've ever experienced. 
  It's time to relax, to allow Source to be our guide, to accept every breath as the Gift it is, to acknowledge yourself for being the clearest, calmest, generous, courageous you've ever been. Then share these loving feelings with everyone, everything that crosses your path.  Smile, share your joy as you do what ever task that resides in this moment.

When we remember that there isn't any strangers out there, you will have more fun then you've ever felt. 
The other day at the market, standing in front of the spices, a man who was looking for his spice hadn't payed any attention to me,  as if I weren't there.  I asked him; “what spice are you looking for?” He was looking for salt,  I asked him if he had used Pink  Himalayan salt, he said no,  I suggested that he might just enjoy it better then white salt.

At that moment we were totally engaged, for the next minute or two, we were 'kin'.  

“Is your doing surrendered or non-surrendered? This is what determines your success in life, not how much effort you make. Effort implies stress and strain, needing to reach a certain point in the future or accomplish a certain result.” ~ Eckhart Tolle



Good News Channel 27

1 / Jaguar (IX)

Today magic is in the air.  Jaguar, a very secretive creature of the jungle is the protector of the temples.   This is a day of blessings and intelligence that can be used to assist others.  Step into your magic and expect unexpected wonders to appear in the world as a Jaguar could from the jungle.

1  God’s ways are a mystery, but it always ends up a triumph of our spirit. In God’s love, there is no way we can get lost, because no matter where we go, all paths lead to Him.

every path leads to You O Lord
you make us sick so we can find Your healing
you teach us through pain, the greatest mentor
that the secret in discovering one’s self
is in discovering the other
inside you see darkness, outside you see blinding light

                                                                                      author  unknown


1God's ways are a mystery,

A mystery?  Really? What makes God's ways a mystery?
Thoughts running around in my ,mind, thru my entire being, it's  all encompassing.  Wrestling with emotions that I hadn't experienced. I could look at it as though this were a mystery, or mysterious, or, the grand prize, the greatest gift that anyone could imagine.

 Love is the answer to everything, to every question asked, to every encounter, to every breath taken. I know I'm not alone in this,  being,  I'm feeling 'this' (what ever this is)  It's the 100th Human.  No solo acts here. Whatever you're experiencing is yours alone.

I'm asking you to share  you're experiencing, lets talk about 'real' stuff.
Stuff that alters consciousness.  I just watched  “Ground Hog Day.”  for the umpteenth
time.  Wow, life altering occurres when 'you get it',  when you get it,  your entire body
takes on an entirely 'new' posture.  These are the   AH HA  moments we've been
experiencing our entire lives, we've been waiting for this time, this is the reason we chose
to incarnate in the 'human' body right here. Right now.  It's all so magical. 
Time to celebrate.  Jaguar energy supports celebration.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This energy that I am feeling is presenting me/us with the most amazing theater. Filtering thru all that appears, with each of us being as unique as a snow flake, we know we're 'ONE'  at the same time I know the piece of the puzzle that I hold isn't the same piece you hold.   We 'fit' into our perfect place that creates an entire picture, these are the pieces that make up the universe. Cherish your uniqueness.

Wowowowow ~  over the pinocle,  the first 8 days into the new Zolkin has my emotional body be in over drive, meaning;  I don't know what to do with my-emotional body.  I want to run and hide,  being with others creates an energy that is testing me.  Where I would
want to emote my emotions in a way that could cause upset in the space  with those I love,  seems to start a domino effect, so what I've been experimenting with is  going inward,  keeping the words private,  then when I can feel/ see straight,  that's where
the connections becomes collective, and in an honoring space of authenticity.

Melanie comes from a scientific back-ground,  her way of 'seeing' her world is her uniqueness. I call my view,  “mine”. . .   what resides with in is what I've gathered, when Melanie speaks about subjects I hadn't been aware of,  this expands my knowledge on a grander scale . . .   we were sharing  our perception about expansion of consciousness.  I see that everything  I've gathered for the past seventy~one years is huge compared to one who has gathered 25 years worth.  Everything is in the experience.  We could be sharing a sit on the rollercoster, when we exit the ride, our experience is totally unique for one another.

We've created a space for one another,  allowing and paying attention to the energy, knowing when it's time to be with one another, knowing when to give each other space.  This is the dance we've created.  We've talked about how important it is to be with others,  being alone wouldn't serve either one of us,  or you for that matter. Being kind, sharing joy, feeling love.  Yes, this is what
a healthy relationship looks like.

I truly hope to hear from you.  Sharing is such a delight.  Blessings.  Happy  New You.


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