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December 2013

Good News Channel 26


1 / Crocodile   Imix

Energetic, creative and initiating, today is about new beginnings and creative impulses. Joining with others toward a goal is very productive today.  Be aware of false profits, those are the ones living inside your head.

Giant WOW,  the completion and the beginning of the 260 day Tzolk'in.

What ever had transpired through out your life to this point is your creation.  Here's a question;  'Do you love your life?'   Yes, of course.  Good, then take all that you've accumulated, make sure that all your memories are special, precious ones that you 'want' to share with the generations that precede you. Your children, grandchildren, extended family love hearing your stories.  Be passionate when telling them.

Greetings Dear Ones You Are Cordially Invited To The Grand Opening Of MotherEarthsLand

Accepting This Invitation To MotherEarthsLand you must remain for the entire duration that had been agreed upon before entering.


The first 'Ride' is under water,  it is a nine month experience, this will allow you to  adjust to the environment that awaits you.
You're excitement is mounting.  You've been waiting for this time to arrive for 100's, if not thousands of years.

When taking your first 'breath' from being under water for nine months, the first voice you hear is yourself wailing with excitement, I made it, yippy. 

What now?  Your memory tells you these people you've chosen are here to guide you while you get your 'balance.'  the first experience coming thru the birth canal was so exhausting, you're grateful for all the assistance you can muster up. 

Being kept warm, fed, loved, you surrender to all that comes your way. 

Fast forward,  you have 20, 30, 40, 80 yrs. of memory. Some are glorious, some you would rather not be reminded of. . .  you can 'Splice' them out, replacing them with stories that are 'feel'  good memories. (I've done this MANY many times as my life experiences has 'gifted' me all that I had agreed upon.) (I am the writer, actor, director that has created my life as i call it) Are you “Stuck In Your Story?”  Is it serving you? Take a look, who's in there directing your every move, every thought, action, word?  There's no one out there.  There's no one to blame, you've been in agreement from the beginning.

The second ride you've entered; Life 101. . .  sitting at the top of this ginormous rollercoster, the breath you've been holding onto is released, you feel as though you're on top of the world. The car descends, faster and faster, picking up more and more momentum, your white knuckling it, holding on for dear life.

22The person sitting next to you has their arm around you, sending you energy of comfort, you relax into this energy, your breath comes natural, you know you're being taken care of.  Or;

the person next to you shoves an elbow into your ribs, telling you to get a grip.  Your fear mounts, you want to run away, you want to throw this person off the ride, you wonder; how in heavens name did I invite this person into my life.  (splice time)

33Every event, every person, each breath is here to be expressed as the I AM presence of the ONE.  .  .  the mirror reflection supports what it is your wanting to experience.  This might be what you want, or what you've noticed that doesn't work well with your  Human Design.
(personal story,  when it came to preparing food, my Mama made meals for the family that didn't excite me,  when I was around six,  having Mama put a 'pot' of something on the table, I had told myself,  “when I grow up, I'm going to make my food taste good, and look pretty.”  so the mirror that reflected back at me was the oposit of what Mama created.)  yes, everything is a reflection, you choose how you view and take on the reflection.  Does this serves you? choose wisely.

Whatever you look for is what you will find. What will fill you.

Music by Jeff Oster at

Relax your soul,  listen to Jeff's sounds, you will find your comfort. Blessings dearest Ones,  you are ONE with all that MotherEarthLand provides.

The beauty,  grace and ease that you've been praying and asking for.


Good News Channel 24

1 / Star (Lamat)

Star, is a day of great abundance that when shared in all directions creates your dreams to become realities. Another name for this day is Rabbit, which is very energetic, busy and playful. This day is best spent like a Star that gives light in all directions to all relations.  Be cautious of strong opinions that you think are right.



Time is not only linear, it also reverts back upon itself. Being in gratitude towards everything that appears in my life continues to express itself so that I can experience each moment newly. Out of four hundred trillion choices,  I chose  ME  ( 6/ Serpent ) to experience 'this' life time.

“I know that what ever thoughts gets into my mind,  I'm the ONLY one that put it there.” mw

Is it possible for us to experience an entire day (24 hrs) with loving thoughts only.

I had a magical dream. "I was home, (not the one I live in with Melanie)  in the dream, home was a huge place,  I'm standing in the living room,  Spirit is barking,  I call him, he comes to me, we greet one another by rubbing our cheeks, feeling and sharing
our love.   I feel the presence of something or someone, not sinister, yet, something wasn't supposed to be there.
Walking with Spirit to the other end of the house, no more thoughts about what ever felt sinister,  Spirit and I walked into a bedroom,  my Mamawas sleeping, I crawled into bed with her, feeling warmth that filled my heart. Spirit (who was smaller and younger no gray on his face.) jumped onto the bed, I told him he had to get down."  end.

fantastic,  my Mama and Spirit.  Wahoooooo.

2Being in Los Angeles where I grew up, having my 'family' here, those who are
walking in this 3D world, and those who have ascended to another dimension.
Being with my children for the past month continues to  amaze me, there's a continuing  healing that we bring  to one another.

This is the dance we've chosen to dance with one another. Our personal courage.  We speak about how blessed we are, how we honor one another, how open we are to 'hear' what is being spoken.  We're here to experience the gifts that God/Source presents.  We share our blessings with all that show up in our space. 

Love is all there is.  Join our   LOVE   train.

I'm looking forward to being 'home' in Arizona.  In the event there's anyone that is taking a road trip from Los Angeles to AZ.  Please contact me.

we can share the driving and the expense on this 500 miles journey.

In order to get through any situation,  you must get  to  it. So,  get to it, so you can get thru it.  OK?   Good.


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