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October 2013

Good News Channel  17

1 - Offering (Muluc)
Today is filled with emotion, imagination and romantic notions.
Also known as Water, today is for stating a 'thank you' for all you
have been blessed with.  The Maya use water in all types of blessings.
Today undercurrents of emotion may well up.


Well,  well,  well. . .   you either know you're up for this adventure,  or your not. What ever you choose is the perfect place for you. . .  listening to  'heart speaks'  this is where  truth and ethics lives.  The heart speaks love,what does your mind speak?  Interesting, I've been pondering this question for quite a while. Noticing when my emotional body responds to something that is said, or something that my body takes on that disrupts my core. I feel as though Mother Earths 'nerve' endings and mine are connected on a cellular
level that I hadn't noticed to the degree I feel Her now.  Feeling the trees smile when I walk by singing 'Grandpa Sun' song, golden flowers stand at attention, pure majix.

Walking through my world, listening to what my heart desires,   taking care of 'ME'.  Paying attention to the words I use, what I call,  'walking my talk'. . . 

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.

- Eleanor Roosevelt -


10/Serpent;  Doc told me I'm borderline  Osteoporosis,  interesting for sure,  how am I viewing this news?  As the observer of 'this' body, my body, asking what 'body' desires,  I hear;  keep me strong,  I'm consistent with doing Qigong twice daily. Walking daily, eating 'clean' organic foods.  Being outdoors, playing in this magnificent life. 

1People ask;  'how are you?'   answer;  'grand'.  With emphasis  and a huge smile.
Waking up each day,  experiencing newly what is set before me,  how could it be anything other then 'grand'. . .  people who hear this for the first time alter their body posture, a smile forms, a recognition, a memory, knowing that this is their truth as well.  Beautiful.  Truly grand. Last night I was very tired, it was around 10:30, my mind told me;

it's ok, you don't have to do your Qigong, I know the news the doc told
you pushed a little to hard. 

Isn't that special!  My mind was giving me permission to not keep my word to myself. Taking a deep breath, settling into posture,  after the exercise, getting into bed with a huge smile on my face. I know who's alpha here,  my  'heart'. .

Please remember that   fear is ; False  Evidence Appearing Real

Truly, fear, is the grand illusion.


1 - Wisdom (Cib)  

Serious, wise, deep and pragmatic, today is for receiving the wisdom gained through the previous days.  Wisdom is stored in the Bones of the Earth as wisdom is stored in your bones.  Visiting an ancient site or sitting on a rock is suggested today.

This journey between the 3D and 5D world continues to fascinate me. These transitions occur moment by moment, it had been day by day.  No longer the case,  moment by moment fits into a neat container I call my 'soul' compartment.

so,   I asked God; what else was going to be thrown this way?  Bring it on,  is there nolet up???   I told god I thought gods sense of
humor had some kinks to work out. its all a gift,  even though there are times I miss the delivery of the gift at that moment.

Scabies!!!  well, I asked what else, scabies; a microscopic 'mite' that burrows under the skin, lays eggs, creating the skin to welt
with the sensations so intensely itchy.  When I think about these little creatures in my body, (uninvited mind you) running around,
having sex, laying eggs, creating a village. This is day 3, got some fantastic remedy arriving in two days.    Tea Tree oil is being used,
Thieves;  Essential Oil   ~ ~ ~ everything Melanie and I wear must be washed daily, bedding, washed daily, all the rugs and furniture has to be sprayed, it takes 72 hrs. for them to die once they are outside of  a host, (that would be me) humans are their only host.z
(is there a return policy on this body)

So, you might be asking,  what else,  my advise, don't ask that question.  .   .  see what I got! . . .  one of us is enough to carry this one,  you'll have another that is souly yours. . .  cool how that comes to be, I love this, wow,  truly love this journey.

Jack Gilbert. Has a poem called “A Brief for the Defense.” In the poem he says, “We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world.”

1Who I had been is not who I witness myself to be in this here and now space.
My senses have altered, my sense of smell has expanded, hearing as well, sight altered, these glasses no longer work in assisting my vision.

Patterns that once were count-on-able no longer apply. Sleep patterns, where I could get into bed, and with in moments I would be sleeping.  Being in bed by 10, then up with the Sun, that's out the window,  I can't count on anything that I used to call 'normal'. . . all patterns no longer apply.  Look at the weather around the world,  what we experienced last year and the previous years, we could almost count on months that would bring rain, sunshine, cloudless days, no more comparisons, give it up.  Listening to people who continue to 'compare' how they remember what life was like, then hearing frustrations because it's 'different'.

The beauty of this life is all about 'change', choosing the changes, being with all the movements that are being presented.  Each gift arrives in the perfect moment,  I know you've noticed,  I'm not alone here,  were in this as a collective family. 

Everything is in perfect, divine, LOVE vibrations, all thoughts are from Source, Source only has one answer for every questions,  “Yes Love” ~ ~ ~ Listen, you can hear the voice of the Angelic Choir smiling every time you acknowledge their presence, I find myself smiling alot  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I find my writing comes when ever words form and I put them here, when I'm called to write I do, sometimes it take 6 different
days to write.  I'm sharing this being I usually don't share a Mayan day in the middle of what will be a week ago while you read this. 

6 - Star (Lamat)

Star, is a day of Great Abundance that should be shared in all directions.  Another name for the day is Rabbit, which is very energetic, busy and playful.  Today is best spent like a star that shines light in all directions to all relations.

Great Abundance, abundance is showing up in my world as this;
there's a calmness that I hadn't ever experienced, (not to this degree)
I feel both worlds, I feel  a calmness inside of the insanity, crazy making,
lunacy, thru the veil of illusion appears;

~ ~ ~  One World, One Heart, Love   love    love. . .   ~ ~ ~

Please read Cassidy's letter, when your heart sings the song of love, then you know for sure, 'we are one', ~ ~ ~ we are the ones we've been waiting for.

Hi Matty,

  How are you?  Its Cassidy Rast.  We spoke many years ago in the past when I was just at the beginning phases of a project I was working on with a group of Mayan day keepers from Guatemala and the movement they have been leading to unite with one another and their different lineages to keep alive their traditions as well as working with foreigners too.

I wanted to reach out to you to see if it was possible if you could help in spreading the word with your networks about our Kickstarter campaign that we have going on to help raise the funds to get the film ready for distribution.  We already have a 90 minute cut of the film that has been previewing around the World and are at the last stages for public release but need to raise our crowdfunding goal to achieve that.  Right now it is pretty much just me over here and I need all the help i can get from the community to pull of a miracle in the next week.    If there is anyway you could help share the link on your facebook or send out the mass email I am going to send you.  That would be great and I would be so grateful.  As our project grows I would love to team up with you guys in whatever way possible to support one another.

The film is a unique in the sense that we documented  all the way up to December 21, 2012 where we filmed  in the Pyramids of Tikal on the Baxtun.  Our goal is to share their journey to the New Era, dispel the myths that was created around the whole and end of the World and allow for the Maya to share their story with the world about the return of their rights and culture. 

Thanks so much,


Link to Kickstarter campaign

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