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September 2013

Good News Channel 16

1/Night   Akbal

House, powerful, logical and organized, today is about creating sanctuary and security.
New ideas that have been spread need to be planted in the “Earth Temple” so the can germinate properly

Firmly grounded, reach your consciousness out to the starry nite.


The expansion of our Earth Temple continues to show itself for all to witness, are you looking up into the sky's, what do you feel?  I feel peaceful,  wild too,  being the chaotic energy has it's own agenda.  I bless it all, sing to GrandPa Sun, the Flowers, Trees, sometimes I sing to people.

Keep your focus on the  'Light of Love', everything else will take care of itself..
I feel their love,  I know you feel their love.  Now,  share it with everyone, everything, everywhere.

We perceive images of light, and we interpret, qualify, and judge what we perceive. This ongoing reflection in the mirror of our mind is what the Toltec call dreaming. --Don Miguel Ruiz"

Dream Big,  remember,  you're writing this story/script, you're bringing every situation onto your stage,  enjoy it all,  write what ever FEELS perfect, tickles your funny bone.

This is   'Feel'  goood energy,  there are two doors in front of you,  one has written,  Love
the other door,  Fear.    CHOOSE   one,  walk in.   feel what you've chosen.


Growth of consciousness does not depend on the might of the intellect but on the conviction of the heart.

- Wayne Gerard Trotman -


Gregg Braden

New York Times best-selling author and Visionary Scientist Gregg Braden has searched high mountain villages, remote monasteries and forgotten texts for more than 25 years to uncover their timeless secrets.

Gregg's latest book, Deep Truth: Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny and Fate, suggests that the hottest topics that divide us as families, cultures and nations – seemingly disparate issues such as war, terrorism, genocide, poverty, economic collapse and climate change – are actually related. Providing scientific insights for solutions to our world crisis, Gregg states that all of these issues stem from a worldview based upon the false assumptions of outdated science.

I love what Gregg said,  I have been asking people who speak to me, not to bring yesterdays thoughts into this moment of time. 
What fit in my life,  all  yesterdays, might not 'fit' into  my  'now' consciousness. 

My motto;  “speak to the listening.”   be clear with the words used. Mean what you say.

Gary would say something sarcastic, the look I gave him indicated a huge question mark, 'what     are you talking about?'  he would respond with; 'I'm just kidding.'   there's NO more kidding, speak from your heart, listen to your own words.

 he's cleared that suitcase out of his life.  Yea Gary. . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How many times can I read the same book?  Excitement of life comes from diversity.  Stepping outside my comfort zone,  knowing that where I'm being guided is the gift for me to recognize,  for me to explore something I hadn't discovered, (in the moment).  

Ground Hog Day.   OMG . . . 

give me adventure, intrigue, mystery, horror, comedy, romance, sex, SiFi,  and the beat goes on...........
stimulation, juicy stuff, doing something that scares the ____ out of me.

In 1988 I went down a zip line that was 3 stories above ground.  My mind did ever somersault it could to get me out of stepping off into  nothing. . .  the instant my feet were no longer on sold ground, a shift occurred internally.  .  . my body relaxed, the acceleration from the momentum feeling weightless,  thrilling, freedom, wow, terrific . . .  

If not now,   when?   2013, in case you hadn't noticed it felt as thought 1999 was yesterday, too wild for sure.   in the event you've been around the block or the Sun, 50, 60,80 times, truly, what would you be waiting for?  If there's something you had planned on doing, and for what ever reason you made up for 'putting'  it off,  wow,   get to it now. 

You don't want to remember yourself as the one that said,  “I should have, I could have, yet,  I didn't make it priority.”  what is it that's sitting in your 'bucket list' , get it out,  do it.

I really appreciate accountants, they sit with numbers   all     day     long    ….Bless you, huge Blessings

Dear Mayan Majix Family,
        I would love to have feed back on what you've read,  what you had read, how you feel about 'the world' you've created to date.  Would love to have a means of connecting to brain storm, if you will,  expanding our family.  This link is my facebook link, or  in the event you use my email.   In the subject please write:     Family  

Or look me up on Face Book:

1/ Dog /Oc


1When my computer decides to shut itself off for what seems like no apparent reason, I do what I had learned about taking care of my computer. I run the
'CCleaner,'  do a 'de-frag,' shut her down, reboot.  If per chance none of this clears out the problem,  I find someone (Gary) who knows a great deal about computers, in fact most all I've learned about them is thru Gary. 

Now,  take all this language, turn it toward your being, your person, these are amazing times,  time to reboot,  de-frag, clear out any and all that had been sitting dormant, waiting for this moment in time to 'recreate' ourselves.

The language we had been using is antiquated, I listen to how others speak, seeing how the listeners react to the speaker,  how I react to the speaker.
Often I hear, 'you can't do that!'.  Really. When I hear someone tell me a story, or a conversation that they had, and was left with being angry that the person speaking to them was 'rude', 'nasty', 'down right mean.' asking a question, “What would you have wanted them to say?” her response; “you don't understand, she was nasty, plane ol nasty.” 
(do you hear what I'm hearing,  she wasn't interested in having her feel better, she was adamant about holding onto her anger. With that I said, “I surrender, and I'm so sorry, I had no desire to cause you any more discomfort. Please for give me.”  she accepted my apology. 

From this situation, speaking clearly, the words we use will, (giant WILL) create the world you desire, whether, conscious of unconscious. When unconscious I see these people's worlds in a defense mode, for those who came from the 'heart', speak with love, knowing there's no-thing to ever defend, whatever the other person says, most likely is their truth. They believe that what they're saying is 'the truth',  when presented with an alternative way of looking at the situation I notice how defensive that person becomes. There are times when there is a listening, a desire to alter how they had been viewing life.  I call this, 'the front of the hand, back of the hand.'  we have a story or a memory that we've had forever, or from childhood, believing 'this is the way it is.' this is one scenario, make up one that supports you in today's world.

So, who's the 'alpha' here?  Your heart or your mind. Allowing the mind to be 'alpha' is like watching a dog that hadn't had any training, any discipline.
When Spirit (my four legged companion) was about nine months old, I had some friends over, he was, (how I viewed the situation) out of control. I got him on the ground, lied on top of him for 45 min. when he surrendered, I released him, from that moment on, he knew who was alpha. 
What will it take for each of us to recognize who is alpha here?

I've witnessed situations where that person could not get out of their own way, allowing 'mind' to dictate how they view their reality. No-thing I recommended could be heard. I back away. If I'm not invited in, there's no
place for me to reside.
I'm telling you this story being what we had been told, even as recent as yesterday, would be advisable to do a de-frag, a re-boot, Cclean in every avenue of consciousness. Listen to the words that come thru you. Hear the words coming out of your mouth,  are you empowering yourself and the space your speaking into?  It's easy to tell by the reaction from your listeners. 

1Seems to me we've imposed self hypnotic spells to believe that we are not god, that we are imperfect, and we will all go to hell. (at least I will be in good company)

The darkness we encounter in those that have refused the light and seek selfish, lower density, self-gratifying power that of course never satisfies. True love cannot be quenched in any realm of creation. - Zen]


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Talking with a friend about  'Smart Meters', how the Emfs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) are over the health regulations, he defended them, saying what are you talking about, these will make life easier. He was asked to do his own research, being the info he had was over 3 years prior, he was 'shocked' when he found that what they were installing was over 20 times higher then recommended for safety amps.  People are getting very sick, and still they're installing them.
WE must stand as an entire unit of consciousness, allowing only what supports you and those in your life.  When we stand collectively, no-thing can penetrate.  We are a huge force to be reckoned with.


“What your mind can conceive, your body can achieve.”mw

1/ Earth / Caban

Connection to all of Earth's cycles of life and the intricate web of synchronicities is flowing today.  Rational, clever and practical energy is delivered to those who made the connection to the stones that were the Earth's bones the previous day.
Give thanks to Mother Nature for her blessings.

Remembering why you've come here,  what your purpose is,  the joy filled moments that continue to express itself thru and as you.  Have you forgotten?

We're all here to remind one another that this is the time we've chosen to appear, to be present to the Divine, to recognize in one another that there is ONE that can be counted on.  YOU ARE THE ONE.


Ian Xel Lungold,
An artist, speaker, poet, singer, all around brilliant man.

I am blessed to have been in his company, to witness first hand his brilliance.
Ian was introduced to the Maya by Source, there was a knowing from Source that this Man,  (Ian) would get the Mayan message out to the world.

He wanted something new to sculpt, looking through the books at the library, a book on the Maya fell into his hands.  Randomly opening the book to see The Crocodile Tree.  Ian knew this is the piece he was going to sculpt, make a mold, turn it into a magnificent piece to wear and cherish.

While sculpting He would hear messages, writing what was being said to him, he did more research, the more he delved into the Mayan Culture, the more intrigued he became. 

I'm giving you the short version.

Between the years 2002 and 2004, we, (about a hundred of us) were studying the  UCC codes.  Learning the language of the law.  Gary is the one who introduced us to the others who had been on this trail for a few years before we learned about this. 
Ian and I would fantasize about having an enormous amount of money.

We made a list of some of the most powerful 'voices' in the U.S., Ian would create the Crocodile Tree in gold, wrap this in a magnificent box, hand special deliver them at the same time, same day to all those whom we had on our list.  The poem would be included, yet, they wouldn't know where this came from.  (poem below)

We would wait a week before our next step, taking out a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal as well as the local papers where these had been delivered. The poem would take up a full page.  The recipients still hadn't known who sent these.   In the papers the Mayan Majix web site would be proudly presented.

According to the Mayan legend, the crocodile with human arms represents the reptilian creator gods who sparked life on this planet. From their plan, life evolved and grew into the World Tree. Landing in the World Tree is the Mayan god K uk ulkan, or Quetzalcoatl. This symbolizes God entering the universe that he himself has created. His purpose is to lose himself in the creation, as you would lose yourself in love making. To become created by the universe, flow with the universe and re-emerge as his fully realized God self.

We each personally experience this process as the evolution of life. The coming to know by witness, all of creation and coming to understand the true nature of ourselves as creators.

The Crocodile Tree represents the Milky Way, our galaxy as it dips and dives in the night sky throughout the year. It also represents the road home to the stars. Known to the Maya as Kuxan Sum (umbilical cord) or spiritual rope of light that connects your belly button to the central sun of our galaxy. The central sun is called Hunabku.

On the back of the pendant is the Mayan date for October 28, 2011. This date is the end of our 26,000 year evolutionary cycle here on Earth and the beginning of the sixth sun, the Age of Knowing.   IXL


We are home, friends visiting, having a glass of wine.
Enjoying life.
Ian Xel Lungold




Ian asked me to share his poem with you.

My beautiful Mayan Majix Family,  I'm introducing my beloved Soul Sister  Suzanna Kennedy.  we've known one another for 13 yrs. 
I have first hand experience of how 'magical' Suzanna way of looking at one's life, recognizing what is there,  how to 'dive' into the situation, and what Suzanna calls;  "Detox Your Negative Thoughts and Emotions to Manage Stress."
take a Look,  Suzanna's up coming Teleconference  is on the 9th Sept.
Blessings,   Love    Love   Love   Madaline

Step into your authentic self. 


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