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August 2013

Good News Channel. 


One/Unity;  One is the beginning of all things.  It is the first, the whole and the all in one.  Be assertive and self-guided, give a good push to whatever project is begun on the One day.  Do not use the energy of One to be attentive to details or to try to put the finishing touches on things.


Today is about dynamic activity, and sexuality.  Here is the germination of ideas whose time has come.  Abundance is gathered as with a fisherman's net today.
Freedom from past patters or traps can be achieved.  Remember, you hold a net that works.
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Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary

Attorney:   at-tor-ney; one who is legally appointed by another to transact business for him;   a legal agent  qualified to act for suitors and defendants in legal proceedings  
 (qualified,  are you kidding me?  Legally appointed, WHAT?)

Black's Law Dictionary    Revised Fourth Edition  1968
      Definitions of the Terms and Phrases of American  and English Jurisprudence,
                                           Ancient and Modern

1Attorney;  In the most general sense this term denotes an agent or substitute, or one who is appointed and authorized to act in the place or stead of another.  An agent, or one acting on behalf of another.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A key that hadn't been given to the 'people' is the 'true'  definition of words.
Knowing what the meaning of words used in a 'count of law' can assist in what ever situation you might find yourself in.  attorney's,  judges and the like  use Blacks Law dictionary's.  The first edition is hard to come by, and when one is found,  they are quiet costly.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What drives 'humans',  E-Motion, every thought, decision, movement is driven by emotion.  How did you know you were in love?  One of the chemicals in our body that is the driving force.    Serotonin /ˌsɛrəˈtnɨn/ or 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) is a monoamine neurotransmitter. Biochemically derived fromtryptophan, serotonin is primarily found in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, platelets, and in the central nervous system (CNS) of animals and humans. It is popularly thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness.[6]   Wikiapedia 

Witnessing my moods, my movements during these times where my body continues to  have a 'mind' of its own.  Today;  10/Sun, my body is doing the 'jello' dance.  On top of the sensation of walking on jello, and I'm ready to cut someones head off, this 'emotion' returns as soon as I let my 'guard' down.  I command my body to be 'solid',  closing my eyes for a moment,  saying  'SOLID' with a tone that could frighten my kitty, my body stops shaking, for a while.
There's that 'time' between 'time',  recognizing when my body trembles, when my body wants one thing, rest.  Following my motto, “Sleep when tired, eat when hungry.  Life is easy,  the mind wants to complicate everything.”  Been sleeping a lot.  Feels good, being in my dream state.  Body relaxes when I sleep, grateful Am I.  .  .

Thrilled when I have days where I feel 'normal',   meaning how my body felt before this PMR entered my body temple.  
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ` ` ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Then there are those times when angelic sensations are being felt, looking up into the sky, seeing Moon at all her glory, clouds drifting by, creating patterns, a lovers kiss, these clouds provide mystical visuals.  This is what I experience, feeling the warmth from the day.  Feeling my connection with Mother Earth, and all my Galactic Family.

You are invited into the Wonderful World of Majix,  step out, then step into your True Self, the one you've always known, yet, had forgotten for a time. 
Re-membering your agreement to be here, this is the experience that brings all the other life times into my/ yours/ our  beings,  WOW, an  'E' ticket for sure.

All that we had believed, all that had been 'fed' to us is recognized as the illusion it had always been.  “Don't trust the man behind the curtain.”  that was before the curtain was pulled back, the frightened  'beast' cowered once exposed. What a hoot.  

“Your emotions/intuition is your guide,  you need no other.” mw 

“There is NO  point what so ever to put any attention onto 'fear',
the grand illusion that  no longer creates havoc with our SOUL.  We are the lite.”mw

Suzanna Kennedy is a dear friend, Her knowledge of the human mind is extraordinary.

She is offering a teleclass that is available any where in the world.  Take a look, see if
there's something here that you're attracted to.

If You’re Tired Of Drama, Trauma And Pain …

1Then you’re ready to understand exactly How your mind is affecting every aspect of your life. This is why I’ve created a special ebook to explain some of results of this all-important research.

You’ll find that there is a quick, easy, effective solution to things like:

    • How to manage stress
    • Controlling anger
    • Ways to improve self-esteem
    • Dealing with rejection
    • Drama, struggle, illness, lack & limitation
    • Negative relationship patterns


    Are you running around like a chicken without it's head?
    The chicken hadn't noticed it was dead, until it fell over.
    How different are we as humans?

    Humans have had their lives be dictated by beings that want us to remain hypnotized,
    much easier to control when you 'don't' have a head attached to your body.
    Look around,  the obesity is one form of control, sending messages through the media
    that eating 'fast food',  junk that has no food value at all.  The more you eat this 'stuff'  the more you want,  with  MSG in all this non-food it has your senses say, 
    “feed me more,  feed me more now.”  then wash it all down with a diet soda. (what is in a diet soda,  do you know?)
    What a hoot.  Insanity at its finest. 

    Then you wonder why your body hurts,  you 'need' to go to the doctor for some
    more meds to take away the pain,  wanting the doc to fix you, make you better, wave
    the magic wand.  How responsible is this?  Not at all,  the only one that truly knows
    anything about your body is YOU.  The doc can only prescribe something out of what
    you've told  her/him. 
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    This has got my panties in a uproar. 
    Manchurian Candidate Definition
    The term Manchurian Candidate derives from a 1959 novel by Richard Condon titled “The Manchurian Candidate.” Condon portrays a platoon of American soldiers during the Korean War who are sent to Manchuria (Northeast China), where they captured, brainwashed, and given alter personalities programmed to assassinate key individuals and overthrow the US government. As a result, the term Manchurian Candidate now signifies a person who has had their personality split into “alters” which commit murder or other acts without conscious knowledge of what they’ve done.


    Alrighty then,  seems to have cleared everything up for me,  my consciousness listened to this,  thank you so very much Brian. 

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    I've been witnessing the insanity going on with-in my 'being',  for lack of other words, I am calling what I'm perceiving as insane thinking.  I watched a 55 min. video about “boys town”,  the sexual abuse, drug induced children that are being used for the pleasure of  (what they call themselves)  elite.   They're power over all else that has them feel as though they are untouchable.  They will get their just reward,  they will find that what they have been doing to the children, they ~ will ~ in-turn get to experience.

    If,  this is a huge IF  all the children who had been and still is a part of this insanity would come forward as a whole,  their voice will be heard,  with the few who are willing to put their lives on the line,  the courts are making a mockery out of them.  Sending them to jail for purgery.  How it sounds to the public is just that,  insane thinking,  how could our government allow these atrocities to happen?  How deep does the rabbit hole go?  That's how deep their  pockets are, and power.   Give me money I will close my eyes.  Brilliant.


    1I'm infuriated, madder then hell and I won't take it any longer.
    Don't know what I'm going to do, I know I must do something.
    This has gone on long enough, close our eyes and ears, believing that if we don't see it, taste it, or feel it,  it doesn't exist.  Well it does, and when I hear myself or others complain about some petty situation in their life I shake my head.  Really? You forgot the dog food, then you have an argument.  What the ___ is that all about. (tone of voice that could chase away a den of lions.)  wont remember any of it tomorrow. 
    Who are you being?  Who are you?  What are you doing here?  What are you passionate about?  What do you relate with?  

    What causes these children that live in 'boys town'  to be so frightened that they will remain silent.
    There's power in numbers,  there must be thousands of you out there,  gather, find one another,  your voice will be heard.  Fear will perpetuate more fear.  Our mode of travel now  is  pure  LOVE . . .  your body is pure love lite energy.  .  .  you are NOT your body.
    1You are the care taker of this beautiful body.  Yes, you will feel pain. . . you are not your body. . .  your soul loves you unconditionally.  What I wrote above, manifested thru tears, passionate, furious tears.  .  .  I,  Madaline Weber will do almost anything to bring this to closure. . .

    When ever you want something to be different then it is, there's no room to be in this present moment.   Being in acceptance is comforting,  right now,  I'm not comfortable, yes, I want this situation to be different then it is.  I want this insanity to stop, I want this children to have a life worth living.

    Laurence King,  the black minister from Omaha  who has confiscated over 40 million dollars, and is the leader who has brought the boys town to the darkest of dark individuals who's only thought is to control, manipulate and continue to live their lives as though what they are doing is just, there for they have a moral obligation to one another to 'watch their backs'.   There's a huge difference between  morals   and   ethics.   Moral is agreement, they sure have that,  they've all agreed that having sex with children, or raping them, drugging them is morally accepted.  Morals is a inside job.

    Ethic's is internal. You feel what's right and just.  You feel good about what you're experiencing.  How do these people sleep?  I suppose when you have enough drugs you can induce sleep.   Maybe they will take enough drugs to have them be in a permanent sleep. 

    Buckminster Fuller says;  “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

    The model we've been following truly is obsolete, lets start by removing all resistance.

    “One who looks outside dreams, one who looks inside awakens” Carl Jung

    what you resist persists;  give in, give up, let go.
    State of consciousness matters, nothing from the exterior world matters, only from the Heart can one touch the sky.    We are pure consciousness.

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