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July 2013

Good News Channel  


"If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools." - Plato

 History repeats itself.   Cultures have appeared, and disappeared. ( I could list them, you already know them, as it is the history we've been handed) The Ice age that ravaged the world,  over 90% of every living thing on the planet destroyed, this has occurred many times,  each time the smallest percentage that remained are the ones that  rebuild Mother Earth to all Her glory, then to be destroyed once again. 

Not this time. 

The wisdom of the ages has brought the Light of Love into our present moment, gifting us The Garden of Eden.  .  .  breath that in,  close your eyes, see yourself in your garden. Feel the beauty, smell the air, trees,  blossoms, this is the gift you've been given.
Please accept this gift given freely from Gaia … to you.

 off planet beings have been protecting us, with out Them, this magnificent planet would have been uninhabitable, we would have destroyed Her ages ago. There are many planets that had been inhabited,  now, nothing but black, uninhabited objects floating around the galaxy.   These planets had once thrived, as Earth thrives, what caused them to be eliminated?  I believe there hadn't been 'beings' that lived there to move into the light of Love.  With out Love, destruction is inevitable.

What is it about Mother Earth that She is so loved that our Galactic Neighbors want us to flourish?  They've been our cheering section for thousands of years. It's as if Gaia had won the lottery, a project, a challenge for our Galactic Family.

 I ask this question;  “what is your signature of aliveness?”
I was fascinated by the hundreds of 'signatures',  there were few that  duplicated,
how unique we are.  Here's a question that I've been exploring for some time; “How do you take care of your well being before all others?”

As Mother Teresa traveled from  village to village, bringing  food & water to the people,   She  brought comfort to the people. This day, food was brought in for the village, the table was set, Mother Teresa took a plate, filled it with food.  One of her disciples appeared, frowning, “Mother,  how can you eat first when all the children are starving.”  Mother Teresa softly put her hand on the child, “If I don't take care of myself first, how will I be strong enough to take care of the children?”

when I heard this about 20 or so years ago.  I knew that if I didn't take care of me first, I wouldn't be strong enough to take care of anyone else.

The fascination about this question is the uniqueness of the many responses people have, how they view themselves, and how the answer this question.  They speak about energy that is outside of themselves.  Taking care of the family, making sure that the children get what they need, giving all they can to their job so they are assured they have an income.  Eating on the run.  Is this how you've wanted your life to look?  Taking care of yourself is feeding your heart, knowing that what ever you've chosen 'feels' good. Does it feel good to run from morning til night?  Do you feel good about working at a job you're not happy with,  thinking if you quit you wouldn't have what you 'need' to take care of yourself and your family.

When ever you want something or someone to be different then they are, the one thinking this is the one that holds the discomfort.  Let it all go,  give it over to Source.
When I hear,  “I know,  I know.”  yet, what I 'see' isn't what they're claiming to know.
Living love,  walking love, being love, sharing love, speaking love, hearing love. This knowing comes from the 'heart',  not the mind.

wo Wolves Inside Me

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but I couldn’t agree more; Life is merely a series of choices. Where you are right now can all be linked back to every choice that you’ve made in your life to date. Every day we all make countless choices and every single one of them counts. That is what this short movie is all about.


Looking at how I had been to where I am now,  my consciousness about not caring how others view me is so clear that it has become comical.  Melanie had asked me if I had always not cared how others thought of me,  I said, it was all about looking good, how others thought of me, how they spoke about me.  The freedom that I feel now is heavenly.   I know which wolf I'm feeding.  Which one are you feeding.

1Wonderful,  how does this fit into; Taking care of 'self'?  Do you take ownership in all the choices you make?  Or, do you complain about 'having' to do all these things that you truly don't want to do.  When ever you do anything that doesn't feel good, I say, you are not taking care of yourself first.

Having meals with family/friends, or someone so that your not alone,  of course when you choose to be alone.  Surround yourself in nature, hug a tree, or a four legged friend.
Create a sanctuary that feeds your soul.

 Know that each  choice made fills your heart.  In the event it doesn't fill your heart,  revalue the decision, choose newly, you're the one writing your story, make it a good one.   If you've agreed to do anything out of feeling  'guilty', or, 'what will they think of me if I refuse',  or,  (this is a big one) I had no choice, I had to do it!
What choice could I have made?  (are you serious???)

Regroup with yourself,  when you're on the mark, you know it, you feel it,  I feel it.  These are our times to open up, consciousness has exploded, giving way to a new way of speaking,  we speak  American,  we don't speak English.

To be continued . . .

ps   this link leads you to daughter Jo-e's  new   short   e-book.
       Want to know more about your body,  what foods work, and
        others that injure.

         blessings,  thank

Good News Channel 

New Moon.  .  . 8/Storm

No wonder I've been coliding into my self....I'm at one end of the Tug O' War Rope'

1 Have you noticed when  'pain'  arrives in your body, you have a tendency to
tighten up, stiffen, which causes the pain to accelerate?  Here's the challenge,
when ever a feeling of discomfort arrives, see how quickly you can alter
the discomfort, first the awareness of the discomfort appears, then the choice
of keeping the discomfort or letting it go. As soon as you notice, relax your body,
breath, breath into where ever the pain/discomfort lies.

The other night when I got into bed,  heat and pain took over my abdomen, breathing into my abdomen, relaxing my body,  chanting  love into the area of discomfort.
Two / three minutes the discomfort vanished.

1The first form of communication is with the 'self'.  Being present to what your body is expressing. You know you better than anyone, the doctor can only tell you what you've told her/him, you're the only one inside feeling what ever is going on. They can assist, they can not cure, healing comes from with in.  Holding  onto what you say you don't want, that doesn't make sence to me.
Life is not rocket science, allow your intuituion to guide you, get OUT of your  thinking mind that has one desire, to keep you prisoner.

Are you being guided by your  'servant' or are you honoring THE GIFT? 

Until we are fully awakened from this 3D  illusion, our communication with
one another seems to take on a misconception that for the past 2000 years
has caused 'humans' to do battle with one another.  Elsewhere in the universe, communication is pure, misinterpretation is impossible. 

Mother Earth is emotional.  All of Her  children, 'are'  emotional
'beings'. . .  emotions seem to be what directs our every  move.  Your significant other,  what drew you together?  Emotion, something you
might or might not have words for,  yet,  when you came into one another's  energy field,  you 'felt' something quiet unique. This feeling is warm and fuzzy, you want 'more' of  'this'  feel good energy,
this could be the beginning of a romance, maybe. 

There's a collective emotion around the world that was  felt on  9/11.   What do we do with these emotions? How are they expressed?   Being aware of how I interact with my body, I've honed my 'listening' so when I feel as though there is anxiety
going on within,  MY awareness  shows itself clearly, as the other night when pain came into my abdomin.  Denile is a tool
used by the masses,  when one awakes to their new reality, believing that everything they had believed was true, to see
thru it all, knowing this  is all an  illusion.  Could even piss someone off. 

Emotions connect us to our spiritual body,  in the emotional  state fo being, its easy to figure lifes situations out, knowing
what is true ~ ~ ~ the heart knows the spiritual body resides on a higher vibration where LoVe carries the vibration for
ALL of lifes pleasures.  Knowing your purpose. Honoring  and holding yourself accountable for your word.

My Word is My Bond.”

I  am countonable.  

How words support your desires, even when you speak about what you say you don't want.

I was having a wonderful conferstaion with my cousin,  she was telling me about her trip she was taking with her
daughter to Paris,  Annette was born in Paris,  she came to the US when she was fifteen, she is eight years my senior,
at this time she is experiencing physical sensations that has caused her to slow down.  Annette was telling me the
conversation with her daughter, saying “What will happen if I end up needing to go to the hospital?”  Daughter said;
we'll just leave you there.”  (this was said light heartedly)  

They're in Paris,  having a wonderful time,  Annette falls and breaks her hip. She went to the american hospital.
Daughter had to come home, leaving Annette in the hospital. Words,  what words do you use to express what your desires are.

There's no more time to  say anything you trully don't mean.  No more saying,  'I was just kidding.'
be aware of being aware.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This  passage is by the Brazilian theologian,  Ruben Alvez, who described hope in this way:

"What is hope? It is the presentiment that imagination is more real and reality less real than it looks. It is the suspicion
that the overwhelming brutality of fact that oppresses us and represses us is not the last word. It is the hunch that reality
is more complex than the realists want us to believe, that the frontiers of the possible are not determined by the limits
of the actual, and that, in a miraculous and unexpected way, life is preparing the creative events which will open the
way to freedom and to resurrection."


Good News Channel

 'Any society that would give up
   a little liberty to gain a little security
   will deserve neither and lose both.' 
   -- Ben Franklin

2Viewing the world I live in through what I call my 'personal' perception, judgment, or what ever one wants to 'label' it.  When I notice that I'm 'wanting'  the situation to be different then it is,  this is where 'negative' emotions could show up.  Negativity, fear, upset, anger, all these emotions come from 'thoughts' that have no-thing to do with 'this' present moment.  There's only perfection in 'this' present moment.  Yet, as we progress, travel, experience life, there's an undercurrent of thought that continues to express itself.

We, collective  we, came to Earth to experience all of these emotions that are presented, knowing these are the gifts from Source, all is always in divine order.
We have 'free' will as each moment presents itself, what is chosen varies from situation to situation.  How your emotions appear in this moment could dictate how you respond to this rain storm, one time you might go out and dance in the rain, the next you are complaining about the rain.  Same rain,   emotions residing  at a level that could create such agitations that you might want to chew someones head off.  (I know this feeling really well) 

I feel most women have a clearer picture, being the feminine looks at her world in a state of 'beingness',  Most Men look at their world in a state of  'doing.'   balancing energies is center point.  The line between  yin / yang . . .  or the black dot in the yin/yang symbol . .  .  

Challenging these days,  being most people are in the state of doing-ness,  young people with families.  Getting the children ready in the morning, getting yourself ready for the day, making meals, cleaning the house,  working, picking the children up from school, activities that the children are involved in.  dinner, getting their homework done, getting them to bed. By the end of the day rolls around there's no energy for anything for the self to enjoy.  Sleep,  thank goodness for sleep, then morning comes,  it starts all over.  It's all about 'doing',  the being-ness seems to have been forgotten, or, what might be said;  “I don't have enough time.”

Out of the bazillion choices that could be made before incarnating 'this' time around, I find it fascinating that 'this'  is the life I've/ you've chosen.  When I hear someone complain about their life, I'm in awe; you've chosen this, gratitude is the line of action, complaining won't alter the situation, nor your life, getting a grip on 'this' moment, knowing there isn't any other moment to be had,  what's the deal?  Truly, when one wants a situation to be different than it is, where does the insanity live?  In the  thinking mind, that's where that thought came from.

What we call 'the past'  is a thought that occurres  in this moment,  what we call the future, is a thought in this moment.  I've asked for years,  show me the future, can't be done,  there isn't a future, we plan situations, a trip, a dinner with friends, yet,  these thoughts are in 'this' moment.  Words or questions asked can be answered easily, yes or no. “are you hungry?”
don't need a story to answer this question,  one is either hungry or not.  Cold or warm, happy or unhappy.  Life is simple,  the mind wants to complicate life by 'assuming' more information is needed.  

Not so,  K.I.S.S     Keep  It   Simple  Stupid.  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

10/ Star ~ Lamat

My body has been taking quantum leaps in healing, today however, I woke feeling as though I had been punched out before I got  myself into the ring,  this boxing match was rigged.  Arms heavy, body moving with effort.  (reporting, not complaining) while lying in bed, these thoughts came;

Is it possible that 'human' intelligence has gotten so egoic that its taken on an insane way of presenting itself through a veil of misconceptions?  There are those who have created their world where 'they' belief they deserve to have all the 'marbles', all the while leaving others with none.

We  incarnated  by choice to experience all human conditions, witnessing one another's point of view through the mirror reflection, allowing to maintain a space of harmony with purpose. Suffering is pure choice, every experience is pure choice.
One might ask; why would I choose to experience having my body project this pain? I have asked, the answer I've received; “time to sit quietly, regroup from within.”  this isn't about 'doing',  this is about  'being',  being quiet, being with all that Source provides. After all we are human-beings,  not human-doings.

When one's Soul remembers that all had been chosen before incarnating, suffering ceases to rule the mind,  comfort in the knowing that by speaking with your body, asking what body desires, and giving the body what it requires, love, rest, nourishment, water, laughter, family.

With clarity, knowing, speaking from the 'Heart' that each step, each moment, the choice is always self inflicted, there's no-thing OUT there that is 'doing' anything TO YOU with out your consent, agreement, conscious, or unconscious, this is the choice made.  Period.

                                                                 Original Sin,  who made this up?  What do you do about this?  Original sin,  'missing the mark'
3when one speaks from the heart, your right on the mark, bulls eye, truth speaks.  When the mind speaks, the ego intervenes, this is where 'original sin' comes into play.
Bases loaded,  you're up at bat, your totally relaxed, taking a deep breath while stepping up to the plate.  A few practice swings, you look at the pitcher, he's intent is to strike you out, you wink at him, knowing you've got a home run at the end of your bat.  The ball is released, you can see it coming as though it were in slow motion, you swing, the entire stadium stands, there's a roar as the ball flies twenty feet over the fence.  Victory. You run the basses, the entire team is on the field. The trophy belongs to the collective WE.  
We are the team.  Yea  team.

4When the Earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come onto the Earth of many colors, creeds and classes, and by their actions and deeds shall make the Earth green again. They shall be known as the warriors of the rainbow.” ~ Hopi


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