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The Galactic Butterfly

Matty's Journal

June 2013

Good News Channel

/ Dog,     Sunday,  9th June 2013

2Remaining centered, grounded is the only task at hand for me, (in this moment) taking care of my body, providing what ever my body desires,  today is about rest, and more rest.  Experiencing trembling sensations with out let up. 
While lying down, this came to me clearly;  who engages the mind with acts of 'love' or acts of fear, hatred, anger, murder. . .  who is leading this force of energy that drives us to see whatever emotion to take the lead?  To be leading the way for others, ones' love energy must be pure, a way ~shower comes from the angelic realm of love.  The creation of love emanates out into the cosmos, this is a collective win~win,  the day of the lone wolf is over,  our Kin have joined the village, knowing there's only one, all is equal,  all is divine.

When dark energy finds its way into the light of love,  love melts away the darkness.  Awakening all who desire to be awoken.

Everything .  Every moment is choice, to choose newly with each in  breath, releasing with the out breath. Releasing everything that  no longer  supports you in this moment.  Any and all thoughts that one has been carrying from childhood, (not good enough, not smart enough, not wise enough,)  has no place in this moment,  all that  'baggage' needs to be removed,  it's way toooo heavy.  The buggy man isn't hiding under your bed.  

Remove it all,  replace it with Golden Lite of Love.  You will feel as though you've lost  100 lbs.  Or 45 kilo's.  

Listening to what my heart tells me,  paying attention and acting on what I'm hearing empowers me and all who are around me,  my words, as your words either empower the space being spoken into, or dis-empowers the space.  Look to see which one leaves you feeling best. 

I've been reading and hearing  the word  'intelligence,'  ok,  Look it up! Ok, Here it is.

From Webster's  New Collegiate Dictionary;  (1)  Intelligence;  the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations:  reason.  Also:  the skilled use of reason.  (2) the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one's environment or to think abstractly as  measured by objective criteria (as tests).   

        I believe most government officials, along with the majority of earths population would call themselves  'intelligent'.  Is it intelligent to create wars?  Is it intelligent to allow children to go with out food and water?  Is it intelligent to ignore the (wo)man on the street who lost her job, lost her home, had to allow her children to be raised by others because she cannot feed herself, how could she feed her family.   IS THIS INTELLIGENCE?  

You might be asking;  what can I do about it?  Start by knowing your neighbors,  invite them over as 'get to know one another' for the purpose of expanding consciousness to support one another,  to see what the neighborhood people desire,  a young mother in need of a day off,  are you willing to take care of the baby for a few hours in exchange of having your house cleaned.  An elderly women lives alone,  does she need to get to the market,  take her,  have her tell you stories of her past, you'll be amazed to learn how others live.  Create a barter system.  This is 'our' time to shine,  wake up for                            

   Mother Earth's sake,   WAKE UP.  
Calling  all:                 
                                                      Goddesses  to the Rescue

"Cherish your visions. Cherish your ideals. Cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all heavenly environment; of these, if you but remain true to them, your world will at last be built." ~ James Allen from As a Man Thinketh

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Watching Gary whip up potatoes,  thinking about 'The Hundredth Monkey'

Our collective consciousness has reached beyond our planet,  the entire galaxy is connected, (not that it hadn't ever been)  we're awake/aware with the clarity that opened when we remember to 'live' from the foundation of love ,  our connection is felt from  heart to  heart.  Our language has been so warped, so convoluted, at times I  wonder or question myself to see if I'm speaking clearly, being the answer I  received didn't have anything to do with the question I asked.  I will rephrase the question so we can stay connected.  Staying connected, remaining centered, holding space for whom ever desires to continue to open channels of love.

This magical journey we've chosen to experience,  wow.    Have you read ' The 100th Human'     by Chris Fenwick?   Read it, great story.

I hear Ian say,  over and over,   “fasten your seat belts.”  he's smiling. 
                                                                          ~ : 0 )

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Time, Space, Spirit,  continuum.   From the moment we incarnated, we had been given one Illusion after  another, from mom and dad, teachers,  clergy.  There's no 'blame', what had been handed to us, had been handed to those who came before us.  The veil has been lifted, the great and powerful oz has been exposed. There's no where to run, no where to hide,  we see you, we know who you are, we've taken back the power we had allowed others to control,   knowing that love is all there is,  all there ever has been,  all there ever will be.   We had been given a set of rules/plans here on Earth so that we could find our way to the Truth.  The truth of who we are,  why we're here, what we're to express, experience, share, gather in harmony with Spirit/ Source. 


2This is the Divine Plan we agreed upon before incarnating in the body you are inhabiting.

Holding onto any of these  Illusions  will/could keep one stuck in the illusion.  Choice,  what you, what I choose is totally independent of others.  There's some agreement, some not. Doesn't matter,  what matters,  is you speak 'truth', know the difference between  truth or illusion.   Remembering why you've come,  to be one with Mother Earth and all that inhabit  Her.
   To experience 'emotion', reconnect with all who had scattered around the Galaxy,  we're scheduled to have our  reunion shortly.  Get your dancing shoes polished.

There are those who have a constant desire to question everything, to want to know 'why',  how
this;  takes me away from being present to the moment,  possibly wanting to stay in the illusion. What's the point?  There isn't one.  Feeling the energy that presents itself, checking in with to be in alignment with the 'gift' that is shown, when it 'feel's right,  what more would you want?

                                           LOVE      LOVE      LOVE


  Please watch this film  Sirius,  and share with your world.




Good News Channel

You must speak straight so that your words may go as sunlight to our hearts.
- Coshise -

1Thoughts are flying by quicker then I can possibly hold onto. This energy continues to tickle me, allowing whatever  desires to present itself.   Having dinner outside,  Melanie, Gary & I.  Gary asked a question; 'what do you think the 5th Density looks/feels like.'   my immediate thought was, nothing. then what came to me is this;  In those moments of 'time' when my entire being  is at  ONE with the galaxy,  everything and no-thing is  simultaneous in and of the Universe.   In this field of ONENESS, without thought, I feel  energy  without words. As soon as the thought appears;  'I want to stay her e forever.'   I recognize an  alternative way of being .  All dimensions are in this very moment. This NOW moment. 

Qigong under the moon, chanting love, love, love.  This extension of time is magical, listening to Goddess of The Wind, chimes harmonizing, crickets, a few birds getting water from the bond with it's trickling water. Pure bliss.

Speaking with Source about 'this' lesson' that I am totally engaged in, saying; “How much more to this lesson?”  I got a huge chuckle out of that question.  Ian had said, 'your strength will be required, this is the time to gather the clan, you will be called upon.'    allrightythen.  

1A  3D  update;  day 34,  body woke into stiffness, achy, trembling sensations. Sitting still, all is calm. Walking, imagine taking each step onto jello, body shook,  head moves like one of the dolls in the back of a car where the head bobs. That's me today.  Everything is heavy, my glass of water, heavy, use both hands to hold it.   Grateful that this experience is isolated. Most days I have energy, then I use it, then body tells me other wise.
 Chill today.         OK.       Yup,  crispy,  that's me.

Day 35,   went to see the Heart Doc.   Listening to me describe all my symptoms, checking the EKG report,  he said,  “you did not have a heart attack.  Everything you've described is a side effect from the prednisone.”  he made an appointment for me to have an  'Echo stress test'

Good News Channel at its finest.    He said it's not uncommon for a nurse practitioner to miss read these tests,  good he did, you've come to the right place.

1The family gathered for dinner, Millie, our  elder (93) Gary, (Millie's son), Melanie and I.

We love listening to her stories about her life, her five children, the love for her husband. Traveling the US, she's an explorer.  Wonderful love shared.
She said,  “ I used to wonder why I did certain things in my life, then it came to me, I had to do something.”    well, that nails it all together,  everything that we've done, experienced, believed in, treasured, loved, is;  'I had to do something'.   This is what was chosen at that moment in time. No judgment needed. 

The perfection lies in the outcome.  How do you view you today? 

Photo's taken by;  Melanie, (My Beloved Soul Sister.)

It's all self-service, Madaline.

The magic works through you, not for you. 

Now helping 7 billion help themselves,
    The Universe

Ego's mission is to keep everything contained within, constantly looking for agreement.  Heart / Love
flows  with  Goddess of the Wind, singing her song, bliss cascades violet, gold, emeralds, rubies, diamonds.
All is shared, all is always in Divine order,  fear can not reside in this now moment.
Confirmation;  “I am not my body.”

Day 36 . . . waooo,   looking at time thru a 3D  lens, its been three months since I hadn't felt my body.
The norm is; when there's nothing out of harmony in  ones body,   there's no-thing that is felt.  Pain in any form is what I am experiencing,  therefore I witness what my body  is capable of expressing.  The day I felt I was walking on jello, speaking with  my body, saying; “wow, look what you can do.”      What a team.       Grateful AM I   

Asking myself, describe this feeling;  “Sun kissed peach, warmed by Granpa Sun, picked from the tree, sweet, juicy.”   yum.

Day 37. . .   a bruised peach is my description of this day.  Keeping myself in check.
Asking my body questions, hearing what is said.  I asked about the trembling in my left arm,
“when you get off the the prednisone, the trembling will stop.”

2 June 2013,  Sunday. . .   Suzanna Kennedy, a dear, dear friend that lives in Hawaii came to visit today, please check out her site.  Suzanna Kennedy . . .  she gifted me a session, working with all the elements that make up my body structure.  Asking my body questions, and hearing answers.

About 85% of the side effects of the drug is gone,  my body feels more of what I remember.
Grateful AM I.  .  . 

We are on a trajectory where fastening your seat belt is a grand idea.

Nothing is to be taken personally,  be aware of the words you use, no finger pointing.
Breath before speaking,  make sure your communication empowers the space you're speaking
into.   Grateful  every moment, knowing everything is a gift given freely from Source.

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