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Nov. 13, 2009

Dear Shift of the Ages Community,

Today is the release of the 2012 disaster movie in the US and in many other countries. We respectfully ask for your help in offering an alternative view as presented in our own video message from Grandfather Cirilo, called 2012 - Apocalypse or New Sun? It is now posted on the Shift of the Ages site and on YouTube:

This is our call to all Ambassadors and supporters of the Maya to help spread the message of hope and unity to the four corners of the Earth. Please immediately watch and comment on our 2012 video clip and then share it with your friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and so on. We are in the process of creating a publicity and media campaign that will take our messages to the mainstream media.


Here is a suggestion f rom one of our Ambassadors, Summer Love:
It would be great for us [Ambassadors] to make a large "banner" that two people can hold up at the opening of "2012" movie so everyone arriving/leaving the movie theaters can be made aware of the real 2012, hence Shift of the Ages?
Those whose heart and soul are alive for 2012, I'm confident, will be more then happy to serve just one day at the theaters and, I believe, this will help Shift of the Ages TREMENDOUSLY!!!
While this may seem sorta late notice... (I just thought of it now)... "NOW" is all we have, right?  So, those who are supposed to be available will be!  And, if 2012 is all we think it is... the people WILL show up to help!
Perhaps the banner can say something like this:
2012 STARTS HERE: "Shift of the Ages" A movie soon
to be released with the MAYA account of "2012" 
GO TO: for more info


This is a fantastic idea, and we know you probably have more creative ways to support the authentic view of the Maya through the Shift of the Ages project. Let's get proactive!

Here is a draft of our mission statement, so you can be a part of its fulfillment:

The mission of the Shift of the Ages project is to deliver the message of the Maya though the teachings of Grandfather Cirilo and the Mayan Prophecies. We accomplish this by creating audio, video and written stories and testimonies of Grandfather and other Elders and offering these multimedia messages through private and public distribution vehicles for a global audience. The primary messages are free to the public via the Shift of the Ages web site and other outlets such as YouTube and social media sites. The core message of Shift of the Ages will be formulated into a feature leng th docu-movie called the "Shift of the Ages" and released through conventional film distribution channels in 2010. A portion of the proceeds from any film distribution, product sales and contributions shall benefit Grandfather’s and the National Council's of Elders' work, as well as fund the creation of the Maya Wisdom Keepers book and the Maya University in Guatemala. Additional legal entities, such as a Guatemalan non-profit organization may be needed to fulfill this mission.

Here is a message from Steve Copeland, the Shift of the Ages film director:

It’s official- the epic action disaster film 2012 has been released to the world. We have all most likely seen the commercials and advertisements by now. Just like a giant tsunami coming right for us, 2012 is everywhere and difficult to avoid. The film’s sensationalized trailer claims that ancient Mayan prophecy warned us of Earth’s apocalyptic end on December 21, 2012 and ad monishes that we should have listened. Through its deceptively authentic advertising ploys, the film teeters on being non-fiction, leaving people wondering what the truth about 2012 really is.

Many are quick to chastise Hollywood for releasing a movie like 2012 when the world already seems to be on the verge of some sort of a major shift. However, the advertising money 2012 has spent serves to create a dialogue and gives a forum for the real Maya to speak. Perhaps 2012 is just another action film. On the other hand, its story is reliant on sacred information that has been protected by the Maya people through hundreds of turbulent years. The film’s website opens with some sort of 3D Mayan Calendar that flashes to apocalyptic images of catastrophic proportions. To date, the Shift of the Ages team has never heard the Maya talk about the end of the world, the end of an age, yes. What’s happening now, what we are in the process of , the Maya call a Change of the Sun.

In 2006, we shot a lot of video for the Shift of the Ages project with the Maya about 2012. Our goal was to release the film in 2007 and get it out to the world. Those of you that have followed this project over the years know that the film is the product of a much larger effort that encompasses ancient prophecy, healing, unification, and action for the betterment of the planet. The work and story have continued to evolve in the process. The small team of the Shift of the Ages has been sharing important and timely video messages over the internet for 4 years. Many of these videos are no longer posted.
In acknowledgment of today’s release of 2012, we have decided to energetically counter-balance the fear incited by the aforementioned film by making available to you over the internet the Grand Elder of the Maya nation’s 2012 address. This exclusive release is, at this point, intended for our Ambassad ors; you as ambassadors are the first ones to see this. Please consider this a sacred and urgent mission to help the Shift of the Ages project disseminate the Maya’s true message about 2012 to the world–tell your friends – share it on twitter – facebook-blog-whatever it takes. Early next week, we will initiate a series of formal press releases regarding the Maya’s perspective of 2012 – but for now, we wanted to first share this pertinent information with our valued ambassadors. We have previously released two other equally vital video clips – “Creation” and “Misconceptions” which, along with “2012” can be found on YouTube and our web site. Shift of the Ages needs your help, Ambassadors, please, help us spread the word. 

Thank you.

The Shift Team

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