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Nov. 2, 2009

Dear Shift of the Ages Community,

Thank you for helping us with the Shift of the Ages film. As we get closer to release (early 2010, first at film festivals), your help becomes pivotal. Shift of the Ages Ambassadors are the backbone of support for the authentic message of the Maya that we will deliver to the world in 2010.

1. As we enter the Sixth Night of the Mayan Calendar's Galactic Underworld, will also initiate a Cosmic Convergence program (free tele-webcast details below) to bring the world together in heart and mind to welcome the birth of a new world. The Shift of the Ages community is invited to attend at no charge. Dr Carl Calleman will join host Joseph Giove in a fascinating discussion of the program and the challenging new energies of the Sixth Night.
Joseph will then guide a cosmic meditation connecting us in heart and mind as we journey together.

2. You can view new video clips of Grandfather Cirilo, Grand Elder of the Maya, on the Shift of the Ages site: "Creation" is up now and "Misconceptions" will be up shortly. We fixed a slow playback issue so you can see the clips uninterrupted now. Our apologies to those that were troubled by the problem.

Please share about the Shift of the Ages film by telling your friends on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, etc, about our video clips and articles on the web site. Thank you!

3. Please consider becoming a Shift of the Ages Ambassador to help us spread the authentic message of the Maya through film, especially as Sony Pictures monetizes fear in their apocalyptic version of 2012 to be released in a couple weeks. The film perpetuates misconceptions and depicts the Maya as saying that the end of the world occurs at the end of their calendar, "the end of time." Part of our mission with the Shift of the Ages film is to accurately represent the living Maya and provide an accurate portrayal of the prophecies and, most important, what our Mayan elders are saying now about the times in which we are living. As we, together, succeed in our mission, we transform fear into a powerful impetus for embracing the birth of a new world; we transform fear into love, hope and a bright future for our children and grandchildren.

4. We'll be taking our first lot of the Mayan Elder Fire Ceremony Intention Crystals to Guatemala for the Mayan Elder blessing later this month. If we get enough notice from the elders, we'll announce the date of the fire ceremony and you can all join in from wherever you are with your own fire ceremony. The crystals will begin shipping to National and Planetary Ambassadors in December. Details at

5. The Mayan Calendar Portal is now re-launched.  This is the most interactive portal site dedicated to the Mayan Calendar, interpretation of the day signs, in depth discussion of the calendar, blog, stories, resources and more.

6. The Mayan Majix site is also worth the visit and bookmarking. A great resources for learning about the Mayan Calendar and ancient Mayan sites, with many books, DVDs and other valuable resources.

7. Dr Carl Calleman's new book, a must read, is now available on Amazon:
"The Purposeful Universe: How Quantum Theory and Mayan Cosmology Explain the Origin and Evolution of Life"


Please note:

Conference call is free but long distance charges may apply.
At no charge you may access the program via the web link below, either live or after the call.

DATE: Saturday November 7th, 2009
TIME: 11 AM Eastern, 8 AM Pacific (San Francisco, CA), 4 PM GMT

DURATION: 90 minutes 
NUMBER TO CALL: 724-444-7444
CALL ID: 36237 #, then 1#

Listen and chat from anywhere in the world or LISTEN TO THE RECORDING HERE AFTER THE CALL:

On the Web link above, if you get a "404 Error" just hit refresh or try again and it usually works.

We hope you can join us!
The Shift of the Ages Team

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