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Oct. 22 2009

Dear Shift of the Ages Community,


In this issue, we unveil the new video message from Wandering Wolf, provide a link to the recording of our last teleconference, share a bit about our goals and progress, and offer some tips on how you can help. In future issues we will be providing information on ways to navigate the Shift, insightful articles by leaders in the Shift movement, ways of living in the new Sun, and more.


1. Recording of our first Teleconference on October 15, 2009: After some technical difficulty, and many thanks to Maka from Saskatchewan , we were able to upload the audio of our call, which you can listen to here:


Go to “Past Episodes.” This is where you will find all recordings after future shows, should you not be able to make them live. Via this link, you can listen from anywhere in the world for free over the internet, either live or after the call.


2.Our next call will be a Global Concordance welcoming the Beginning of the Sixth Night of the Maya Calendar, and providing a stable force of Divine Love and Balance in anticipation of the apocalyptic “2012: Who Will Survive?” movie being released worldwide in November. This teleconference will be hosted by Joseph R Giove, Executive Producer of Shift of the Ages and founder of on Saturday November 7th at 9 AM Eastern, 2 PM GMT.
Dr Carl Johan Calleman may join us on the call, but is not yet confirmed. Please mark the date.
Call-in details will be provided in the next few days.


3. A new video clip of Wandering Wolf entitled ‘Creation” can now be viewed on the Shift of the Ages web site. In this message Wandering Wolf speaks of the “Grandfathers from the Stars” and the origin of the Maya relationship to time and creation. Wandering Wolf’s next Message to the World will be “Misconceptions” and available for viewing in the next week or so.


4. The Mayan Elder Fire Ceremony Intention Crystals will begin shipping to National and Planetary Ambassadors in early December. We will empower these crystals collectively to fulfill our personal and collective visions related to welcoming the new Sun and an age of peace, harmony and prosperity for all! On future teleconferences and newsletters, we will tell you more about how these powerful crystals will be engaged in the transformational segment for the Shift of the Ages film during audience viewings.


5. Our primary goal is to release the Shift of the Ages film in early 2010, first at film festivals, followed by a limited theatrical release, then broader releases in theaters, digital streaming and DVD thereafter. Our Ambassadors will be able to help screen the film in the next few months and, once the film is released, host local viewings within their community.


The full budget for the Shift of the Ages film is $550,000; we have already invested over $295,000 to this point, not including blood, sweat and tears! We are currently manifesting the remaining $255,000 U.S. required to finish the film. You can help bring this crucial message of the Maya to the world by becoming an Ambassador today! All details are on the Shift of the Ages web site. If you were directed to us by one of our Affiliates, please travel to our site via the link or banner they provided you.


If you want to upgrade your Ambassador level, or desire to pay by check instead of credit card, please mail your info and check/money order drawn on a U.S. bank to:


Steve Copeland, P-Qubd LLC

2688 N. Ventura Blvd

Venture, CA 93001


6. A special thanks to all our new Ambassadors and Affiliates. In the first month since the launch of the new Web site, you have helped create:


Over $8,500 in Ambassador Contributions from nearly 100 Ambassadors worldwide!

30 new Ambassador-Affiliates, with combined audience in excess of 50,000 people around the world. You do not have to own a Web site to become an Affiliate; just tell your family, friends and colleagues about the film project.

Key Ambassador-Affiliates like,,, and have referred thousands of visitors to the Shift of the Ages site. Active Ambassador-Affiliates like these are instrumental to our success in bring the message of the Maya to the world


7. Our grass-roots outreach goals, to help complete the film and bring it to a global audience in the shortest possible timeframe are:


5000 Ambassadors and 500 Ambassador-Affiliates with combined outreach of 10 million people worldwide.

A multi-million dollar advertising and outreach budget so we can deliver the film through all media to a global audience as soon as possible.


Here’s how you can help:

A. Share Shift of the Ages website using the “SHARE” button at the bottom of each web site page to let your friends on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and others know about the Shift of the Ages.

B. If you have not already done so, please become an Ambassador.

C. Once you have become an Ambassador, join as an affiliate.

D. Log in to your affiliate account to download your banner link code.

E. Post the Shift of the Ages banners and links on your websites, email broadcasts, email signatures and more.

F. Share the word with your friends and ask them to view Wandering Wolf’s special messages on the web site.


On behalf of Wandering Wolf (Grandfather Cirilo) and our hard-working film crew, we wish to express our sincere gratitude for your help in creating the Shift of the Ages.


The Shift of the Ages Team

Shift of the Ages | P-Qubd LLC
30159 Rim Rock Place
Canyon Lake, CA
92597 US