The Galactic Butterfly - Hu Nab Ku - Free Screen Saver download area

Click here to download the Free Screen Saver.

This screen saver is ( 2.5megs ) and is a .scr file which is the Window Screen Saver file format.

There is NO installation required. Just copy the downloaded file to the following directory on your hard drive:

Such as:
C:\Windows\system32 (this is assuming your Windows Operating system is on the C: drive)

You will know if you have the right directory b/c there will be other .scr files located there.

OR once downloaded to your hard drive - Right click on the file and choose install.

IF you are having difficulty finding this location you can always do a search using the Windows FIND feature - type in the following


This should locate the area on your hard drive where all the screen savers are located.

PC users - can view screen saver settings or change screen savers by going to "Control Pannel" and choosing the "Display icon" and then pick the screen saver TAB, then select the galactic_butterfly.scr screen saver. Be sure and click the Apply button and your good to go.