Questions to Ian Xel Lungold

Ian Xel Lungold
Jan 26,1949 - November 16, 2005

  1. Question #1

    Each of the 9 cycles has 7 days/6 nights. In all that I read of yours & Dr. Calleman's information, the dates for every cycle end Oct. 28, 2011. I'm missing something here, because that appears that the 7 past cycles would not have completed their 7days/6 nights because each cycle end date is always Oct. 28/11.

    Shouldn't there be end dates indicated for each cycle (ie: Planetary Cycle ending ending Jan. 4/99? and Galactic Cycle ending Feb.?, 2011)??

    Please explain.

    None of the previous cycles have ended. All of them are still in effect and all of them are in their respective 7th day except for the Galactic cycle which enters it's 7th day on November 3rd 2010. All of the cycles end on the same day October 28th 2011. This is on 13 Ahau on the Mayan Tzolkin calendar.

    Question #2

    Previously, a friend would supply me with a "Jose" calendar showing the dates for the current Tzolkin and included GAP days etc. As I now know, this info would be incorrect. I'm trying to find out then, if there is a correct Tzolkin available that would include GAP (Galactic Activation Portals) days. Or is GAP days only a "Jose" concept?

    Please inform.

    Jose made up the portal days. They are not traditional Myan info.

    In service,

    Ian Xel Lungold

  2. Just curious, is the term "In La 'Kesh" a real Mayan term or something specific to Jose Arguelles?


    The term is from the Maya Kiche language.
    Meaning; You are another myself.
    Ian Xel Lungold

  3. Hello there Ian.

    The Mayan calender, fantastic, the human calender.
    Isnt it great to know all this now? The one little thing I have
    left to do before I continue is to get som more answers about
    one thing. David Icke is speaking about the heaven between
    heavens, the 'between' of two frequensies. Interesting! The
    lizard people, he has a point, thinking about all the stories
    coming from different people, different locations. They must
    have arrived by the time of Egypt civilization, they maby
    started that level up with all there dark stuff. Now, what have
    you stumbled up on in your research about this?

    Many people tell me to just let go, but I'm also thinking about
    knowing all about my opponent. Know your enemy! Allthough
    I only believe in war like Gandhi, it might be useful to know all about
    the so called, Illuminati. Whatever, if you have time to answer
    I would be happy.

    Take good care...

    Christer Johansson

    Hello Christer,

    The Reptilian consciousness has been with us for at least 6000 years now. We have survived and evolved with them here no matter what they were doing or what they intended.

    Now we are at a point of disclosure and the consciousness of our total situation in this galaxy not just national or planetary. All of this will become very open over the next few years.

    I would say by 2008 the parts played by other races in this solar system will be known and by 2010 we will know the history of the galaxy and be opening to understanding the universe and the parts we play in the creation of it.

    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold

  4. Do you believe the Tzolkin Calendar will replace the Western Calendar, being that time will seem to collaps on itself, shortening the time as we know it, like in Quantum Physics? Will a year appear shorter or will a year appear the same as it is, thus not requiring Tzolkin Calendar?


    The Tzolkin will become the most important calendar but it will not replace any of the others until they are all made irrelevent by the speeding of Creation. Planning will become much more difficult as more becomes possible. There will be too many possibilities taht could happen to make any kinds of firm plans. Sound like your life already? Its going to get much more serious as we go foraward.

    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold

  5. Hi. I really appreciate the work that you are doing and look forward to helping you in any way that I can to get the Truth about the calendar out into the world.

    I just read one of your article in which you described your encounter with the Guatemalan Mayan's and had to chuckle, as I was witness to an interaction between them and Hunbatz three years ago which really showed who was in ego and who came from the heart.

    Blessings, ShaRaLyn

    Thank you for your offer to assist.

    I am certain that you know why getting the correct calendar in use is so important. This is not about ego games but sincerely about coming into resonance with our evolution of consciousness. The first way to help is to pass the word about the reason for the calendar not which day is right or wrong really. When the public get that part, then they start to ask questions of their own and we can certainly answer those questions now can't we?

    Showing the tapes of my talks seems to work very well. Make copies give em away or sell cheap to get this out there everywhere. I'll be doing a whole bunch of that stuff really soon myself.

    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold

  6. Thank you… I may be interested in purchasing the calendar but I have a question first. Recently a friend returned from Mexico bringing me a Maya Calendar for my birthday prepared by the Centro Cultural Cecijema there which is an official cultural project involving the support of Mayan culture. Their presentation is quite specific giving the birthdate as expressed in days elapsed since the beginning of the Maya Era (Baktun, Katun, Tun, Uinal and Kin), the Tzolkin which in my case comes out to 5 Ahau, the Haab and the lunar cycle position. They also include the picture glyphs of these positions and show how they would be represented.

    I end up 7 Wind with your Codex and 5 Ahau with their calculations. My question is why the difference? It seems reasonable to presume that the official cultural calculations are correct… after all they are being prepared by those within the Mayan culture for the benefit of that culture. I also understand that your Codex, which I have a copy of, has undergone considerable research. I sent my request to your site to see if I was using the Codex correctly. You have given me the same result I came to myself but this differs from the one I received from Mexico. There is clearly a discrepancy here.

    Another question though… the two day discrepancy between the archeological count and the sacred count… does the sacred count simply shift the count two days forward? Is this why I move from 5Ahau to 7Wind? Or could it be that simple?

    Can you help me with this?

    Many thanks,


    Yes. The archeological arm of the Mexican government INHAH is the actual producer/sponcer of these calendars. Only those products approved by INHAH can be sold at the sites. I know. I tried to get my Codices sold at the sites.

    The archeological arm of the Mexican government is quite naturally using the archeological count of the Tzolkin calendar which has been altered by two days from the sacred count of the indigenous Maya. This incorrect count is being purposefully spread to dissempower the Maya as much as possible. Like we do in America to a scientist that believes in UFO's or free energy. It is a general cover up that the Catholic church using the muscle of the Empire of Spain, destroyed a very important culture and an unmeasurable amount of knowledge when they burned the books and murdered 10 million Maya, Toltec, Aztec and many other Central American groups. They have a lot to account for once the truth be known.

    So, the Mayan people are held in the government's official regard as peasant terrorists and socially to the Mexican public, they are now the equivelant of a 1920's Negro in the Southern States of America. If you want your toilet cleaned you get a Maya to do it is the attitude and in many cases, the fact.

    So yeah, I have been there and done all that with these INHAH guys. I hope this straightens out the question.

    In response to your second question: It is that simple except it was the archeological count that was set two days back. Not all archeologists agree on that "official" dating either by the way.

    In service,
    Ian Xel Lungold

  7. Hola... I am pleased to find your web site. I, too, know both Jose and Aluna and have traveled with Hunbatz Men. I have always questioned Jose's seemed to be ego oriented. Aluna was unable to read for me. And in traveling with Hunbatz, I came to understand how he is working very hard to 'create' the prophecies, rather than allow them to unfold naturally. I am not judging them or their work, but am happy that I have tusted my heart and followed another path.

    I appreciate the work that you are doing and the fact that the truth is 'out there' for people to find.

    Many blessings.

    Thank you for your candor. We both know who these people are and what they are doing concerning the Maya and their sacred information. They are sucking on it.

    I have attacked these guys in the past but a new solution is opening as we speak.

    I will be able to produce products and educational materials about our current understanding of the Mayan calendar and basically give them away by the tens of thousands and with encouraged copying that will turn to millions of true count calendars out there.

    At the same time I am working with people to reach into the Mexican govenmemt to negotiate a lease of an un escavated site that we can employ the Maya to rebuild and a couple of other projects to raise this people up not just hand outs.

    This ought to once and for all settle who is standing in integrity on the Maya, their traditions and their calendar.

    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold

  8. 02/16/05


    I have more questions regarding the Mayan Calendar and what's happening with
    this current cycle of consciousness.

    You talk a lot about what will, and what is happening in the United States.
    I know countries with economies linked to the States will suffer similar
    fates, but what other things will be happening around the world in other

    IXL: There will be a failing of all support systems provided through government or state agencies in all countries due to horrible weather, political unrest and wars.

    There seems to ba a lot of movies out now that are horror movies. I know
    you sometimes see co-relations between culture and the Mayan Calendar. Is
    there a connection between calendar and culture this time around? What the
    hell is happening?

    IXL: There is a wrestling match going on in every person between their own self interests and those of the people around them. This is a war between Power or Dominance and Ethics or Integrity. No one is immune to these effects though some have definately succumed to the lure of Power and deep secrets. These people have given up the fight and seem relatively uneffected for the moment. Like the theif who has stopped running even though he has left tracks in the snow. Actions are going to catch up with those wretched souls very soon.

    Things are a bit unsettled in my personal up here in Canada. There seems to
    be a lot of sickness, injury and death taking place. Is this part of the
    cycle we're in and will it settle down a bit in the future?

    IXL: These suffering are the ones getting caught already in their own lies of who they are, why they did or didn't do something and what they are really here to do. Some people came to this life just to suffer in an attempt to ballance the scales of Karma one last time.

    No, it will not settle down for at least 9 more months. Most intense probably around June of 2005.

    As always, I look forward to your insights and any news coming from the
    Mayan Calendar.

    Keep up the good work.

    IXL: Thank you. I will


  9. Dear Ian,

    I liked the response to the FAQ #19 reguarding the difference between the Mayan True count and the work of Jose Arguelles. You said; "The actual Mayan calendar is tracking the unfolding of all of Creation and not centered on this one little speck of light and mud that we call our homesystem. Big difference. You choose of course which one you feel as the
    more validity."

    That is a beautiful picture of the universe. I have not done much studying on the Mayan Calendar, so my question might be kind of vague, but my curiosity exeeds my fear of sounding stupid. My question is, how does a human construct such as the calendar manage to encompass "all of creation", and what does that even mean for us tiny little humans on our little speck of light and mud?

    Thanks for your time,

    Of course there is no "stupid" question other than the one left unasked. I want to thank you for asking it. I had my own realizations while answering and this will get posted on the web site.

    This whole evolution in consciousness is leading us directly back to remembering the fact that we are creating the whole physical experience in the first place.

    So the idea that we are "only" small humans on a mud spec whirling around a ball of light in this one smallish galaxy, might not be the end of it my friend.

    Are you not in essence, consiousness?

    Are you not conscious of the scope and scale of creation that I just wrote?

    Then you would have to be that scope, as your very nature as consciousness.
    Your consciousness comes complete with the potential of unlimited nestled realities.
    (some assembly required) You are conscious of others, their own perspectives and how that fits into your reality, to a certain degree and being that you are consciousness, then you are; those nestled realities to the exact same degree.

    We are all on one very great adventure here. We are stepping into realities fine tuned to our best intrests. These realities may or may not look so much like what you wanted. But look back, how ever long it takes in your lfe, to recognize that everyhting up to this point has happened just as it did so that you could be here at this point in time with all of your experience now available to do what is needed to fullfill your desires.


    It was all on purpose wasn't it? Did some of it hurt?

    You bet.

    Did you have it coming? Did you learn?

    At least you survived.

    From this Moment forward; We each have a lot to look forward to as we learn to trust our own creations.

    I wish you all the very best in all your quests.

    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold

  10. I am very curious about the other 19 or so calendars in the various time cycles that were developed, explored and enjoyed by this verysophisticated society of Mayan sacred cosmologists. For sure they were tuned into the natural Earth cycles around the sun and it's annual 365 1/4days of seasons in terms of solstices and equinoxes, eclipses, venustransits etc. - all from the cosmic perspective of HERE on this little clumpof mud in this corner of the Milky Way - WHAT CAN YOU TELL US of thatparticular calendar and further, was there possibly one with 28-day month stucked away somewhere in their inclusive systems. It seems only natural as it is the feminine "moon" cycle that fits so majixly! Please help us. A group of us are studying this system together in Philadelphia. Peace in our time! We are closer with every breath. Sincerely, Garuda/gar

    No, specifically there was never a 28 day calendar. The Maya are emphatic about that. Most of the calendars were the orbital timings of the other planets in our solar system. The Maya were looking for physical confirmation in the postions of planets and stars that would more clearly show the unfolding pattern of consciousness. We do not know how much they found out because the Catholic church destroyed or confiscated all of their books.

    Ian Xel Lungold

  11. Dear Ian,

    You wrote this on your website:

    "Each succeeding level has “run” 20 times faster than the previous cycle. There you have your first evidence of the 13:20 ratio on the most massive scale imaginable. "

    I am not a scientist or mathematician. So my question is, is this ratio
    the same as the one used to describe the spiral growth of sea shells and other creatures and plants? So as a visual, we would start at a point, and progressively expand outward, repeating the pattern but on an ever larger scale?

    I have been enjoying your talks on Earth Changes TV and plan to study your online articles.

    One does not need a PhD to see with clear eyes we are headed for big
    trouble with an unsustainable world culture. Think about this: why is
    there never a "small" disaster in India? Besides the recent tibal wave,
    every year there are huge casualties during typhoons etc. In the 6
    figures, always. The Western press is so self-centered they only list
    these in the "back pages" of the typical newspaper. And it always bugs me that they are so quick to report things like "only 25 white people" were killed... (in essence, the wording poorly hides the judgement that 1 white person should get more coverage than a few thousand brown people...) People have over reproduced themselves or if not that, do not live in a way that can be supported. In the past, populations were kept down by starvation, illness and wars. These factors still exist. People are not exempt from natural laws. Overpopulation of animal species (over crowding, etc.) leads to starvation, abherrent behavior (madness) and death. In places, deer are not allowed to be hunted and there are no natural predators. In time, the deer are killed by passing motorists, get sick, and starve to death.

    (I usually don't rant like this, but we are running out of time!)

    Keep up the good work. There are so few who are willing to speak out
    contra the prevailing world thought form.

    Minneapolis MN


    Thanks Frances,
    I will continue and even accellerate so will you. 13:20 is very nearly the Fibanochi formula. That displays in all natural patterns. But Nature is not just a repeating formula each thing is a bit off in the proportions. More like the 13:20 formula.
    Ian Xel Lungold

  12. Hi Ian,

    Amazing 4th Day News – Thanks for the heart and soul that you give to it. Reading it and have a question about what you said:

    “The future of our destiny contains the conscious co-creation of our reality. The persons who will take those completing steps will do so by creating their own reality as they go. “What you pay attention to is what you become conscious of.” Your consciousness is your total experience. What you pay attention to, then becomes your experience doesn’t it? As we walk forward from this point what you pay attention to will become even more important as more and more becomes possible in every moment. Once you have establish a solid connection to your present moments in creation by paying attention you are then from that solid position, able to project an intention into creation. Out of all the possibilities that are around us and in all of the growing possibilities in every moment both good and bad, what are the most likely things to show up? What ever you intend or believe will occur, that’s what!

    It is within your power to choose your own destiny to such a degree that none of those warned, dangerous eventualities become part of your personal experience.”

    Do I understand you to be saying that with our power of intention (which I know is an amazing and powerful thing) we can:

    A.) Create a reality where the civil unrest (whatever we call what is coming) does not impact us because we create a place/space where we are prepared and it is not in our reality to experience the dangerous aspects, homelessness- food and water shortage – and all the chaos that goes with this


    B.) We are such powerful creators that we enter a parallel reality where this eventuality never happens. And if that (B) is the case – what of the Mayan Calendar that states that the 4th Night is an eventuality? Is it just (and no small “JUST”) that we can negate the effects or shift it’s impact by what intention we hold.

    Which is it or is it both?

    Blessings to you and Matty,


    As far as I can tell from how things are going in my own experience it is a mix of both.
    We set own our basic circumstances and then work miracles within those circumstances.

    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold

  13. Dear Ian,

    I'm very pleased with the informations you pass forward, and the
    utilities you provide, such as the conversion Codex, and all the other
    treasures. However, one question is still in my mind, a shade that you
    may be dissipating. What about the synchronism between the Gregorian
    calendar, (about wich no one can assure that we indeed are in 2004.
    Could be 2008, or 2001 or whatever) and the Mayan's ? How can we be sure
    that this 260th part of the year is this special moment of the (gregorian) year ?
    Thank You very much


    Well, the fact is we can not be sure about anything concerning the Gregorian calendar. The good news is that the Gregorian calendar, based on our solar system is about as over all important as our solar system is to the rest of the Universe. We know where we are on the Mayan calendar for sure and some recent historical events do correlate this as well. One of these would be the date of the signing of the Euro Pact and a few others listed in Dr. Carl J. Calleman's books.

    Then, the schedule of the evolution of consciousness described by the Mayan calendar pertains to all of Creation not only this solar system or only this galaxy and so takes precedent here and forevermore over the Gregorian calendar.

    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold

  14. Ian ...I've been reading the back issues of your newsletter and enjoy them; I feel I'm getting something valuable and necessary from them but they also raise some fears and questions. One question in particular is about a line in the 6th edition newsletter where you say that those who will not/cannot allow telepathic communications will be eliminated by Nov 28, 2005; either they will go insane or kill each other after receiving threats by thought wave. This sounds hard to believe .... can you please explain just what you mean. Will there be a huge wave of murders, suicides and insanity all over the world? What do you believe this will look like at the physical level? My concern is due to my questioning of how truly open I am to telepathic communications and how this would all unfold for me(ie: going insane).

    I also am trying to imagine the mass social chaos that could result if what you've written really is true. It just seems very frightening to me because I suspect many people will not be able to adjust to telepathic communications, and the chaos would be terrifying. I would really appreciate your saying if this is exactly what you mean will happen or if you think it could/will happen in a less horrific, chaotic manner.

    I did read your advice to get our secrets out now and completely forgive ourselves for everything and I'm taking that to heart...thank you. Please keep up the writing and your work. I really know this is what we need to be hearing and focusing on right now and I guess I'm still looking for some assurance that I'm not crazy for thinking that what you're saying is important to know and to live(some people tell me it's too far out and unrealistic). I'm fascinated by what you're saying and enjoy reading about your travels and adventures and the consciousness changes.

    I hope you can take the time to respond to me .... I would really appreciate it. and If you're ever near this area, southwest Ohio, I hope to be able to meet you and here your message in person. Untill then, thank you and be well....

    Peace, Kelly

    Dear Kelly,

    I know that you can tell my intent is not to scare people but to wake them up to what is coming. The world economy is based on oil. Oil is running out right now and that is why America is grabbing the middle east. We (the American public) have just elected the same moron that led us into an unethical war and an unsustainable economic debt.

    When the economy crashes people in the city will be left without food and water not to mention electricity and the extras our culture enjoys. This will mean chaos in the biggest way imaginable. Of course this is radical and rejected by anyone who has children and or hopes and dreams that they have worked hard for during their whole lives.

    Just be prepared to leave a city and get to low population density areas. People will be pulling together out there for the most part. Americans in their arrogance and greed have voted their collective fears or hopes of Armegdon coming soon. This is what the majority of Americans want and that is what they will manifest. What more do i have to say?

    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold

  15. Hi Ian,
    First thank you for coming to Missoula and sharing your information with others that have not seen your videos, and for coming to Bozeman. My name is Nancy I'm the lady who has made 28 copies of your video and sends them to those who are trying to come out of the box. When you have the time would you give your interpetation on the outcome of the election.

    Thanks again,

    This was just what was needed to spread the gap between consciousness (humanbeings as apposed to fundamentalists) and to ultimately expose the ugly truth about our corrupt systems. This is what the Galactic consciousness cycle is all about, POLARITY. The Americans voted their collective fears and hopes for Armagedon. It is what they are paying attention to and you know what that means. Free speach will become very expensive very quickly in America from here on out. But this is all for the better to get it all on the table to be delt with.

    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold

  16. Ian, i know that last year the theme was recognizing truth, this year is living truth, will next year be about grounding truth in? if not, what?
    thank you!!!

    This year is when the Ethics start to go in in a big way. So far Power has had its way with just about every (physical) thing. This year starting Dec 4th 2004 as a matter of fact, Ethics will start leveling the playing field in a process that will be as gentle as it is understood. That means for most people, not so gentle.
    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lumngold

  17. Hi Ian,

    Thanks for the email. I saw your talk in Vancouver and have just finished listening to Parts 1&11 of the tapes.

    Here is a question that I've come across and your thoughts are appreciated. Is the concepts of Good vs. Evil helpful in our society today?


    Vancouver, BC

    The concept of Good vs Evil has been a stepping stone of consciousness. Born out of reasons, it lays there now as part of the foundation of our conscious evolution, past judgements into the allowing all of creation to occur with out resistance and with out any "logical reasons" for what ever causes or effects are generated into creation.

    So yes it is a base consciousness but judgements based on reasons generated in the past will not dierectly apply to actions on the part of consciousness in the future.

    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold

  18. Dear Ian

    My name is Urbano (yellow spectral human), I am from Brazil.

    My question is, how to use free will and to dissolve the ego ??

    Thansk in advance.

    Best, Urbano

    The only exersies of your free will is your choice of what to pay attention to.
    The mind, the throne of your ego, is something that you can choose to pay attention to or not. Just by paying more attention to what is going on in front of your face than to what you mind "thinks' about it, will defeat the Ego every time.

    in service to the God~us
    Ian Xel Lungold

  19. Whew! Well, since Jo and I have been doing readings for people, I have
    a lot of questions surrounding that. there even such a thing or is that just
    a Dreamspell affair? When you were here I was apparently in mine on your
    calendar (I would now be a 5 Red Serpent) My Dreamspell Wavespell would
    start this Friday..?

    How do you figure out relationships on your calendar? Is it the
    sameway as the Dreamspell? How do you tell exactly what daykeeper the higher self, compliment, and hidden helper are of a signature? I understand the colour significance on your chart, which is the same as the Dreamspell.
    Would the day keepers be the same? e.g. In the dreamspell (because that's
    what I am familiar with at this time :-)

    I am one White World Bridger, or Transformer on your chart. In the
    Dreamspell one six and 11 are all "doubles" The higher self would be the
    same as the Destiny kin. My compliment is Red Skywalker or Reed, My hidden helper is Blue Eagle, and my challenge is Yellow Warrior.( not sure what that is on your calendar offhand.) How do you figure all this out on
    yours, or would it all be the same. Is the only real difference the
    daykeeper of the day? I see there is a 49 day discrepancy.
    How do we get deeper information on the meanings of the Daykeepers and
    numbers in your chart? HHHHHEEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!!

    I am certainly willing to embrace this, but I feel a learning curve coming
    on. We have people waiting for info and we just don't know where to go next.
    ANY info you can give us would be a blessing.

    Yours in truth,

    The Mayan shaman have taught me that the Trecenna's or 13 day periods are an actual phenomena in creation. They express the motivation in your life. The higher the number in a run from 1-13, the stronger the motivational effect of the Day Lord energy that started the period with the daily intent of 1. One Jaguar for example was yesterday so we are now in the Jaguar influence for 12 more days. This does match up with the principles expressed in the Dream Spell.

    The Mayan mandalla of personal energy is there in traditional Maya as well.
    The emotional and mental body as well as the past and destiny are all represented.
    I will have to find the writings about that and the formula to make sure I pass it along correctly. It does have to do with 7 days past or forward on the calendar and 11 days either way as well. So most of what you are asking about does still exist.

    I have found no reference to the Portal Days being from the Mayan though.
    These appear to be a Jose Arguelles "special" with no traditional background. It doesn't make sense to me that any one day of creation be extra "special" in the first place.

    Even the beginnings and ends of whole cycles are counted just as days or Day Lord energies on the Mayan calendar with each of the cycles and the cycle's own individual meanings stacked to add to the import of the day . Not that any individual day or Day Lord is being any more important than the next day.
    No jealousy between the Day Lords that way you see?

    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold

  20. Hello,

    I have noticed that your directional of the Day Lords is different then what I saw with the Maya Mom in Guatemala.

    For example Imox/Imix is North with the Mom!

    Can you explain or comment on this ?

    Does the TZOLKIN also have hours of the day that have a certain energy/force like the days?

    For example I have heard some Aztecs talk of being born in the hour of the serpent.

    Sincerely, Robert

    In my experience a Red day cannot be from the North. There must be some confusion here. Remember the Maya themselves have been ravaged by the Catholic church and Christian mercenary missionaries. Much has been twisted.

    Personally I have no idea beyond the fact that the day was divided by 13 hours.

    In general, I make no claim to be a Mayanist. I have been studying the Mayan calendar and its concordance with the unfolding of Creation envolving time periods far before there was an earth up to our current day. So Mayan cultural details have very little bearing on our future which is the direction of my work.

    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold

  21. Dear Ian,

    I received your video "Secrets Of The Mayan Calendar Unveiled" a few weeks ago and want to THANK YOU for a really great presentation, bringing to light Carl Calleman's work like no one else has...since viewing these DVDs I have had a number of synchronicites, one of which was that I found out Carl was simultaneously giving a two day course in my area !! (Northern California, near Santa Cruz) which I of course just had to attend (on September 4th and 5th--just getting back home last night) was a wonderful gathering...We went through the Calendar at both the personal and the big picture level, and
    concluded yesterday evening in a very peaceful meditation...

    One of the moving moments for me in Carl's presentation was when he suggested that the 5th Night of any Underworld or Level of Consciousness is the period of time when the previous level of consciousness engages in final battle with the new developing consciousness, to be finally put into its rightful place by the new consciousness by the beginning of the Sixth Day...I was moved by this because I remembered in your video how you emphasized the 5th Night in all the cycles of consciousness (to the present moment), referring
    to them metaphorically as "putting in the clutch", as when a truck driver reaches his maximum speed in first gear and has to put in the clutch to change gears to continue his acceleration...

    This morning I was checking out your website and your Third Night News letter This Is For All The Marbles, written on December 20th, 2003...what confuses me in this letter is that you are predicting the Last Showdown
    (between the previous Planetary/Power consciousness and the newly developing Ethical Consciousness) to occur in the 3RD NIGHT instead of in the 5th Night (that is, it will be all over by December 4th of this year,
    approx 3 months from now?)...I've pasted the relevant paragraph (below) from the Third Night News letter for your convenience...

    I'd be very interested in any clarity you can bring on this, for example, do you still believe this Showdown will actually occur and complete itself in the next 3 months...Any clarification would be helpful as your work has become very important to me...

    Warm Regards,


    "According to everything that I have studied up to this moment in my life, including all of the information provided by the Mayan calendar, shows that the 3rd Night of the Galactic Cycle will be the turning point of human consciousness. This, my friends, will be for all of the marbles. The 3rd Night of the Galactic cycle is the last showdown between Physical/Power and Spiritual Consciousness. This period, from December 10, 2003 through December 4, 2004 will be the greatest test that humanity has ever faced. It is at this time that the Law of Karma goes extinct. That is to say that all Karmic debts shall be paid in full during this Galactic cycle. Doesn't this look like the reason a whole lot of people are here on Earth at this time?

    This is one position that Carl and I have a disagreement on.
    I see the consciousness of Ethics over coming Power during the 4th "Day" as each cycle has introduced the new incoming consciousness over the last during this period. The purpose of the last two cycles of consciousness (Ethics and Co-Creation) is not part of Dr.Carl Calleman's research it is mine. Now how are you going to have an Ethical war is beyond me.

    Ethics is a level playing field where everyone wins and there are no losers.
    To be sure there will be self limits to be overcome but that will be the conflict. Our native ability up against our self limits contained within the mind in a final titanic personal struggle to be free of our prison, the mind.

    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold

  22. Hi Ian.
    I recently participated in the talk you held on Salt Spring Island BC
    and have since bought Carl J. Caleman's book on the Mayan Calendar (the
    newer book, "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consiousness) . I
    thank you for giving me a deeper insight into a topic i've only vaguely
    scratched the surface of previously. One small doubt or concern has arisen
    in my mind and I'm curious about what you have to say about it. You
    mentioned how the mayan calendar is not based on the physical movement of
    astrological bodies, Its not counting how long it takes for any physical
    body to spin around another physical body. Yet, the most basic interval in
    the calendar is the time it takes for our earth to make one complete
    rotation on its axis. How can the day of one small watery planet somewhere
    in the milkyway galaxy be the base unit for the unfolding of consciousness
    of the universe? Why is it not 20 x 13 neptunian days, or 20 x 13 periods
    of 4623 nanoseconds? If the calendar is not based on the material world why
    does the period of 24 hours play so prominent a role? I am not trying to
    debunk the information you are spreading, and I agree that when it is looked
    into it seems to certainly be playing a role in our development, but when my
    mind grabs ahold of something that seems like a flaw in the theory it sends
    a wave of doubt through me and I would prefer to be able to grasp this
    concept without this doubt.

    Thankyou for dedicating a part of your life to spreading this important
    Sincerely Mike

    Good for you to spot this!
    It comes down to this. Our consciousness and the consciousness on each planet that consciousness exists has evolved according to its own enviornment and recieves the messages of conscious evolution on its own frequency. Consciousness does not have a time but our perceptions of our reality certainly do and this rate is determined by our most basic cycles like sleep and the seasons on this planet. The same goes for those conscious on other planets with different planetary rotaion rates. Consciousness has no time but its flow can be ajusted to any timing that will work for a particular set of beings. Remember, all of this is actually happening all at once and time of any sort is an illusion. I don't go into this during the talks as it can get very deep. There are more issues like this that are hanging there ready to be picked up on and developed into whole other talks related to Creation and our perceptions of it.
    Thanks for the great question I hope this answers it in a satifactory way for you.

    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold
  23. Okay, so I have been doing some research on the Mayan calendar for about a year now. I've read through various books, sites, articles, etc. I found there was 2 varied calculations (at least) so some sites and books would tell me days would be assigned to a specific tone and glyph, yet some would have a completely different tone and glyph. So this drove my curiosity a bit to find out what calculation was accurate.

    I have come to the conclusion that based on the calculations; one of them says the date:

    12/21/2012 = 4/Ahau

    Another converter says that same date is


    I have also done some reading that says the Mayan calendar started on 4/Ahau which would make sense that it would end on the same tone and glyph, being the cycle had ended.

    I was wondering if you could provide a little feedback to possibly clear this up. Considering I am very much interested in the same topic your entire domain is about.

    Thanks much,


    Dear Kylan,

    First once again, the Mayan calendar is not based on the motion or position of any physical bodies what so ever. All of those things are the effects of Prime Cause and the Mayan calendar is the meter and measure of Prime Cause itself.
    So the postion of the solar Zenith over Itzapa in on any particular date near 3114 B.C., is inconsquetial to the actual measure of the Mayan calendar's, beginning, middle or end.

    More detail of this can be found by reading Dr. Carl J Calleman's books on the Mayan calendar and I highly recomend that you do. There is far more to all of this than we are able to show without rewriting the books on line.
    Thank you for your questions and I hope this helped your understanding.
    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold

  24. Dear Ian,

    I wanted to take this moment to thank you yet again for sharing all that you know with us. I have just finished reading (and rereading) your August 3rd transcript interview on ECTV. Great information, not that I have not heard it before but something was different about it this time. Perhaps because I’ve been following yours and Mattie’s journey as you have both posted them and I felt like I was there (had my own version of experiences too). Not sure if that was it or not, but this time, the info was alive and something is clicking for me, a very good thing. This information as you shared it, or at least as I understood you to share it, seems to be a new way of presenting it for you, based on your own personal experience with this and as such is new or newer and I am wondering if you have produced anything on video/DVD as yet that reflects this new information in more depth that I can purchase?

    Yes, we do have a new tape called the "Evolution Continues" that will be made availiable soon at our web page.

    You mentioned in the interview that you were going to be posting something more along these lines, that you had studied along the lines of spirit etc., the different levels of emotion that people go through and you had details that you were going post to Mayan Majix. I am looking forward to seeing what you post. I’m reading along these lines some material on emotions and blocks to unfelt issues and moving/releasing them and the outcome. Messages are coming to the world in all sorts of forms.

    I had some specific questions that I have not come across as yet and I am wondering what your take is on them and or suggested reading or a direction to look in:


    You said, (from transcript – paraphrased) It looks like someone else is sending them (thoughts) – then you said “Well obviously, it ain’t you”. I apologize if I am seeming a little slow on the uptake, did you mean that it is NOT us/we who create our thoughts? Or is it that we ARE the creators of our thoughts, unconscious and conscious. I’ve been taught that it is the latter, and yet, when some of the thoughts that I have had over the years go through my mind I wonder where in God’s name they came from. It could not be me thinking things like this.

    Who is Mind?

    Where does Mind originate?

    What is Mind’s purpose?

    Then there is the issue or idea of free will of all. We as individuals make a choice and through that choice create our NOW, and our future. We choose to accept our NOW experience, as in the case of Dumbo breaking down and in moments you made the choice to embrace what had happened. Almost immediately there was help on the scene and the funds to create the repairs were created. Those who helped When we make choices, choose something as our reality, how does that choice effect or impact another? Is there an impact or effect? Or is it that our choice then dictates what is created in the other players.

    Finally it occurs to me that as we continue to choose from our present moment NOW, that eventually all that occurs would be of our CONSCIOUS creation from the NOW – intuition/creation, and everything we created would be want we consciously chose to create. On the other hand, the random events (seeming random anyway) that happen such as did with the RV or with Maddie with the jeep when she was heading back to Sedona, and took a “wrong” turn and drove through the amazing wind and dust storm are perhaps as meant to be as everything else. Which is more true? We can consciously create it all – or we create much of it and some things are there –seemingly randomly as teachers of awakening?

    I understood you to say (through transcript) that there are now emerging multiple possibilities of experiences, INTEGRITY being key to the form of what is created. Do I understand you to be sharing that there are multiple dimensions that we can choose to create from, each another possible version of a reality that we might choose. Is that correct? Other great teachers (and I consider you one) such as SETH have spoken along these lines. Thanks for holding the torch!!!!!



    Dear Neli,

    Question #1.
    You are not your mind. The mind is doing the thinking here and you are watching it do that. Remember those movies of early computers? The big ones with tape reels on the front that ran forward and backwards real fast? That was the computer thinking. Humanity was fascinated by this demonstration and that's why we say those pictures so many times. This is just like you sitting back and watching your mind think.
    Those random thoughts are generated by the subconscious mind, the Stimulus/Response mind, that we inherited from the Mammalian stage of Consciousness.

    #2. The mind is an electro/magnetic field generated by the being in with the being creates standing waves that are facsimiles of physical/emotional experiences called memories. Those pictures taken in lowered states of consciousness are stored at deeper and deeper levels of the subconscious. As the subconscious is re stimulated by current events similar to events causing earlier pain and unconsciousness, it responds with seemingly random thoughts and inappropriate emotions.

    #3 The mind is an interface between the being who is not physical and the Physical Universe

    Now I just love this. You answered both last questions yourself.
    In the next question (#4) you asked about Free will and the effect our creations have on others then in the last question, you wanted to know where randomity was going to come from in the future. Just blend the two questions for your answer.
    The randomity will come from other people's creations. This is still a Co-Creation after all.

    Yes the parallel universes are as infinite as creation itself. No lack of possibility out there just lack of consciousness of the availability of those possibilities on our parts at this time. We are fixing that situation very quickly.

    So in short, we will be able to constantly adjust the randomity rate in our own creations to what ever level we wish but do it consciously just as you would constantly adjust your weight while walking along a forest path or riding a Skate Board or Snow Board to keep your balance.

    Okay? That was fun! Thanks for the questions this morning. It got me goin.

    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold

  25. Dear Ian,

    Can you tell us more about the ecconomic collapse and the world ecconomy?


    Dear Barbara,
    As I have stated over and over again in my talks the Mind will not be able to keep up at all with the coming changes which is the real reason that the economy will fall.
    There are far too many mentally created systems that are tangled into the flow of commerce and they are strangling the natural flows of energy across the planet and between her peoples. When will it fall? It is falling right now. Ever look at movies of something big like the face of a glacier falling into the sea? Even in real time it looks like in slow motion right? That is what is going on with a huge system called world economy. Slow motion crumpling and crunching. Leaving the cities would be a great idea if you can before the November "maybe" eclection. If it does not happen that will be the signal that all the plugs in the economic holes will be pulled and down goes Ameriac's economy nearly over night as I see it. And this is not even taking into account the weather changes that are creating havoc with economy as well.

    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold


  26. Is there a savior diety in the mayan teachings that will come and bring their ancient wisdom to the world? i have heard that there is and read discussions on how striking similar that would be to the christian ideal of the return of jesus.

    There is a diety His name is Quetzal Coatl, the Plummed Serpent. he is not to return to "save" the world. He represents the evolution of consciousness that will forever change the world and the way that we relate to creation. We are all the creators of our own destiny and that truth is being unfolded as you read this answer. This is the return of the Plummed Serpent. Thank you for the question.

    In service to the God~us

    Ian Xel Lungold

  27. Hello Ian,

    I was listening to your show with Mitch in January and I remember you talking about a "revolution" of sorts occurring in April. Is this through the Mayan prophecy? What are you feelings about the next few months? I enjoy your site and appreciate your honesty.

    Thank you,

    Thank you Mike, for your kind words.

    In the simplist terms, The Galactic Cycle is bringing the Consciousness of ETHICS in over the consciousness of POWER. This started Jan. 1999. Each of the Days and Nights of the Mayan calendar (in this cycle each are 360 Gregorian days) have particular meanings. In the 3rd Day the truth is brought to consciousness and in the 3rd Night that truth is applied. The rubber meets the road so to speak. During the 4th Day in every cycle previous to this one, the new consciousness becomes the dominate one. In other words Ethics over Power this time. During the 4th Night this becomes applied everywhere by everyone and every thing.

    So Power is destined to fall. The systems that are in place to hold humanity in slavery to economies, government and religions (morals are not ethics) will fail during this 3rd Night so that the way is clear for Ethics to become the dominate consciousness. In addition the last time we were in a 3rd Night was 1854-1873. Check your world history for that time. The world was racked by civil wars including the US Civil War that started in 1861. That relates to April 17, 2004 Now go read what is happening in the courts of this country right now. There is a "Civil War" going on in the courts as Ethics rears its head against Power. The storm is rising, the storm will rage, the storm will pass, clearing the way for new consciousness of Ethics.

    In service to the God~Us
    Ian Xel Lungold

  28. If I follow your version of the Mayan Calendar how do I know when New Year's day is and also how do I know what Mayan month it is?

    Hello Louise,

    I want to thank you for your important question on when the first day of the year occurs on the Mayan calendar.

    I will post my answer as an article at our web page so that others can take a shot at it as well.

    The 260 day Tzolkin calendar is probably the Mayan calendar you are most familiar with.

    Most people were introduced to the Mayan calendar by Jose Arguelles and his Dreamspell version of the ancient Mayan "True Count" calendar.

    You may have heard some about the Haab calendar and its 19 month divisions of each 365 days, 18 months of 20 days and 5 days in the 19th month. This is the calendar most understood by the archeologists and so the most discussed in books and class rooms. The Haab was the solar year agricultural, bookkeeping, or civil calendar of the Maya developed most by the “post classic” Maya.

    What you have not heard much about is the calendar that was central to the “classic” Maya called the TUN calendar of 360 days. This TUN calendar (18 months of 20 days) is directly connected to the Tzolkin and they run together like two gears, each day being a tooth on the respective gears.

    Neither of these calendars is concerned at all with our earthly orbit around our particular star.

    The Maya never connected the Tzolkin and the Haab calendar together. It was the Archeologists that did that. Jose was just following what he was taught by the archeologists, he never went to the Maya to discuss any of this. Last I heard, his position was that he has made improvements on the Mayan calendar with his Dreamspell and that’s fine and dandy as his view point.

    The facts are though that the math in his system is flawed to the point that one day out of every 4 years needs be erased from creation just to keep his system going. (Day out of Time)

    The Maya never connected the lunar calendar and the Tzolkin together either and here we have the seeds of the problem. As of now most of the planet has been fed erroneous information about the Mayan calendar.

    Pursuant to meetings that I had in Guatemala, I am under solemn oath to the Mayan Elders of the Indigenous Council to do my best to straighten out all of this calendar confusion.

    The sacred Mayan calendar has nothing to do with the cycle of this planet’s orbit.

    The sacred Mayan calendar has nothing to do with the cycle timings of this solar system.

    It is time to get a much bigger view of creation than what is going on here on this little speck of creation that we call our earth home.

    The sacred Mayan calendar has nothing to do with the cycle timings of this galaxy.

    All of the Physical Universe is an Effect of Cause, all structure or alignments within creation are the effects of cause.

    The sacred Mayan calendar always was and still is, keeping track of the cycles of Cause and we can note, just as the Maya did throughout their history, the record of the effects generated by these causes seen in the stars, planets and in their own societies. The ancient Maya knew that they were tapped into the mind of God. We are just now figuring out how they did that.

    It was their calendar.

    Now we understand their sacred calendar and its purpose. It is not used to tell time.

    It is a tuning device for consciousness. The Mayan calendar was always a tool to tune your consciousness and engage your intuition. By paying attention to the flow of consciousness day by day on the Tzolkin calendar for instance, you start to become entrained to the Flow of Creation and your inner knowing responds. This is the power of the 13:20 ratio getting into gear and it is why you are intuitively guided to the Mayan calendar in the first place. The astrology associated with the calendar is icing on the cake.

    The meanings of the 260 days of the Tzolkin calendar are made up of intentions numbered 1- 13 and 20 different aspects of creation. Each of these days has its own purpose and flavor. It is understood by the Mayan Elders that what ever day something comes into being physically, it comes into being with the energy of the day that it manifested and that it carries that energy for the duration of its existence whether physical or in memory. This applies to the day that you were born or the day you got married, started a business, dedicated a road or a pyramid temple or what ever. So what ever Gregorian day happens to be agreed upon to start a year cycle the meaning of that whole cycle to those in agreement, is set by the intent and aspect of the Mayan calendar day that the cycle began.

    2004 for example started on 3 Akabal or 3 Night on the Mayan calendar. That means that this year is intended to be strong in action and communication about the aspect of the temple or the silent womb of creation, the void and the dreams which can be harvested from there.

    In other words; 2004 is a year to communicate and take action on your dreams and by so doing, build the sanctity of your inner temple.

    I might write some more for the web page but that's about it on what I had to say.

    In service to the God~Us

    Ian Xel Lungold

  29. Ian,
    I saw your vedio on Maya and evolution.I have spent some time with the Maya in Tical also, what a beautiful place.Very interesting.

    Are you still a Scientologist ?

    Sincerely, Robert

    I am not on lines at any Scientology Centers and do not intent to be either.

    I acknowledge the gains that I got from the Scientology technology especially in the area of study and general confront. From there, it has all been applying what I was taught and doing it to benefit myself and others.

    In service,
    Ian Xel Lungold

  30. Hello!
    So the Mayan dates on the 13 moon calendar of Jose Arguelles are wrong? Does that mean the creative forces are off? If so how much are they off? Where is an accurate one on the net to check out?

    Keep up the great work!

    Walk in Balance, Al


    Hi Albert,

    Fortunately this does not mean that all of Creation is screwed up by Jose's calendar.

    On the contrary it is only his calendar dates that are off, by 49 days to be exact.

    This does not in anyway disturb the resonance that you have discovered within the ratio of 13:20. It only serves to deepen it with the correct resonances as per the traditional Maya measure of the Movement of Creation and with the 360 day long count calendar for mo bottom man.

    The accurate count calendars can be found at Dr. Carl Calleman's web site and from various indigenous Mayan sites. (Google will show the way)

    I will post a list very soon in our links page.

    As well, there is the Mayan Calendar and Conversion Codex that I developed with the aid of the Maya for our learning of the right days, symbols, meanings and over all, the respect that should be afforded this wondrous consciousness tool which is what the Mayan calendar really is.

    In service, to the God~Us

    Ian Xel Lungold

  31. I usually look forward to reading Mayan Majix messages, but this last
    diatribe really turns me off!

    I don't understand your fierce anger over the "calendar" issue. Sounds
    like you got hung up in duality: you are RIGHT and Arguelles and Blake
    and the others are flat out WRONG! I say, "Who cares?"
    Well, obviously, you do because you are all bent out of shape about it.



    Five simple reasons for this.

    1. The Promise I made to the Mayan elders and Itzamna, to stand up and to get this straight.

    This is very personal and it is the true base of my passion. This is the personal twinge in the communication that you accurately felt.

    2. I personally “know” how absolutely important all of this is and must stand on my convictions.

    May the best proof be shown true and confusion be banished. The Maya, the actual facts and mathematics win hands down. So let’s get it over with already.

    3. We need to get this pesky problem solved before the Mayan calendar hits the main stream.

    4. During these times the only thing that is going to get any attention is a controversy.

    So, we have a ready made, needs to get done, controversy laying right here at our feet.

    So what am I/we supposed to do? WelI, I am jumping on it for all comers.

    I am posting a lot of the responses including this one, so that everyone gets to see that we have nothing to hide here and that we invite the other side to try to make any case what so ever.

    That does include them presenting evidence not the gibberish of belief.

    5. This is the kind of stuff to get done during the 3rd “Night”.

    This is the time for all unworkable, faulty systems to be exposed and tossed aside. Your Mayan calendar studies will confirm this, as well as all the systems in our current world being exposed and tossed during the remained of the 3rd "Night". (12/10/03 – 12/03/04)

    In service to the God~Us

    Ian Xel Lungold

  32. Hi Ian... You know... however right or wrong you may be in your interpretation of the calendars, your attitude is throwing me right off. I will look at your information more formally but at the moment, I am not impressed - simply because of your caustic comments. None of which I believe are of the highest intent, at least so far...


    Dear Marcia,

    I am sorry for your confusion and happy to do my best straighten this all out.

    Any confusion starts with a lie. The truth, once we find it, is always simple.

    I, myself, in no way want you or anyone else to believe anything that I am saying.

    I only wish to report what facts have been discovered by many different researchers and have anyone who is interested study those facts for themselves as freely as possible.

    For all of these years, Jose Arguelles and his proponents have used the lack of knowledge concerning the Maya in our northern society to spread their own 13 Moon calendar instead of the actual Mayan calendar. Jose has found world wide acclaim while the Mayan people have suffered on in their quiet ways. Jose and his followers have profited while the Maya have become increasingly desperate to simply survive.

    Some years ago I had met with the Mayan elders and swore to help deliver the truth about their calendar. I have been working to achieve a forum and standing from which to make these statements and now for all of the indigenous people I have stood up to say no more lies. Dr. Carl J. Calleman, Carlos Barrios, G. Barrios, Bruce Scofield, Dr. Grey Wolf, and John Major Jenkins all of them serious Mayan calendar researchers, stand beside me in these statements. It is time to peel back the falsehoods, sloppy math and vain posturing of these Dreamspell, 13 Moon calendar interlopers.

    Rather than go into all of the data here I would much rather send you to the data files in the articles section at or for your own research. If you have further questions about any of the specifics please write to me again and we will address those.

    As you and hundereds of thousands of others have intutuited, understanding and living by the Mayan calendar is vastly important. The closer to the truth the more the benefit for all concerned and less the confusion.

    In serviceto the God~Us

    Ian Xel Lungold

  33. Hello, I just got back from a Mayan workshop in the UK with Rob Underhill - and received this letter from a friend! Can you tell me a little more about all this because it is very confusing. For the past 8 years I have had all sorts of stuff come at me re the Maya, even as far as being invited to a very small gathering to work with the Mayan Crystal Skull in 1998. Tapes and transcripts re the end times /transition predicted by the classic Maya have also been given to me and I felt I wanted to share some of this information but want to ensure my info is correct. So would welcome your input.

    sincerely, Marcia Rose-Ellis


    In answer to your posting and to all that may follow I wish to express that this stand for truth concerning the Mayan calendar and the indigenous Mayan people is not aimed at deriding anyone who has been intuitively drawn to the Mayan calendar and who has diligently followed to the best of their ability, the energies of the Days. I salute you as Galactic brothers and sisters. I hold Jose Arguelles in high esteem for his efforts in bringing the Mayan calendar to the consciousness of our society. I also hold him responsible for withholding vital information that should have been passed to you all as it became available over the last 13 years or so. Jose has had many presentations by the Maya Elders and by western researchers disclosing the errors in his work. He has come back with many excuses, fanciful imaginings and dire warnings of impending doom.

    He uses invented nomenclature (words with special meanings) to bamboozle the public into believing that he has special insights that only the most indoctrinated can possess.

    This is the oldest shaman, snake oil salesman and or professors trick in the book. Sorry.

    New data confirmed by every branch of science we possess shows that the Mayan sacred calendar has been keeping track of the orderly unfolding of consciousness and events in Creation over the last 16.4 Billion years. This research is available in Dr. Carl J. Calleman’s book, “The Mayan Calendar, Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time” ISBN # 0-9707558-0-5. There is nothing at all “wrong” with Creation or even the state of our world. There has been a swing from Light to Dark or Creation to Destruction throughout all of creation. Consciousness has followed a very definite and constantly accelerating pattern made up of 9 different levels of conscious development with each of those levels equally divided into 13 sections of time. Each succeeding level has “run” 20 times faster than the previous cycle. There you have your first evidence of the 13:20 ratio on the most massive scale imaginable. This forum is not the proper venue for the whole body of evidence that has been brought forward. For any of you who want to take a peek at a possibility that the Mayan calendar is much more than has been previously understood, please avail yourselves of the information at or We thank you for your time and attention. We know that they are precious.

    In service to the God~Us

    Ian Xel Lungold



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