Silver Maya Toj Pipe

(Meaning Mayan Offering)

4.5 oz. of Sterling Silver

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We are bringing back Ian Xel Lungold's line of ancient Maya sacred symbols which he sculpted and created. Ian researched the meanings of Mayan sacred symbols, with the help of elder Maya shaman of Guatemala and the Yucatan of Mexico. We humbly presents them for your spiritual meditation, display and or smoking pleasure.

The Vision Serpent
The Mayan culture is very rich in spiritual wisdom memorialized in pictures carved in stone. Mystical symbols were crafted in mural relief on the walls and grounds of magnificent Temples towering out of the jungle all over Central America.

The Maya are venerated for the way they lived and built with nature. Some of their architectural wonders cannot be duplicated today. One of these structures is the Temple of Quetzal Coatl or Kul Kum Kan at Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.
It is here that each spring equinox a pattern of 7 triangles of light and 6 triangles of dark appear on the grand stairway.

At the very Center of Classical (3115BC) and then Post Classic Mayan culture (600BC) is the traditional belief in the person and mission of The Plumbed Serpent or Quetzal Coatl. The mythical symbol of the Plumbed Serpent embodies the highest aspirations of mankind. The Vision Serpent is seen as the consciousness of Quetzal Coatl coming to visit mankind to deliver wisdom and new understandings. The Vision Serpent is a Dragon with mouth very wide open. From the mouth a man is appearing. This symbolizes the vision/message/inspiration being delivered by the Plumbed Serpent's consciousness, can now be recognized by humankind and so become part of our consciousness as well. Thus the evolution of consciousness continues.

The Plumbed Serpent is known by the Maya to represent the flow of Creation. Quetzal Coatl when he came as a man to the Maya and Toltec people could be compared to Jesus in our own culture as he stood for equal treatment of all and the recognition that spirit is senior to physical in all respects. He also called for the end of human sacrifice. That demand was the reason that the high priests of the time banished Quetzal Coatl out of his city of Tula and out of all Maya lands.
He warned the priests and the people that he would return on the Day Reed 1 in the Year Reed 1 on the Mayan calendar.

If the priests were still doing human sacrifice he promised to utterly destroy the civilization That day Reed 1/ Reed1 1, on the Mayan or Aztec calendar was April 12th, 1519 on the Gregorian calendar, is the very day that Hernandez Cortez landed at Vera Cruz and began the invasion of Europe into The Americas…

Deep in naturally medicated trance the Mayan king and Shaman priests await the given hour of prophecy. High atop the temple a cloud of incense billows up into the torch light and stars of the galaxy lighting the night from above, The ceremony unfolds as the herbs, chanted prayers, ritual and magic mushrooms open channels of communication and awareness to realms not so distant in space but to unseen realms of different time frequencies.In these altered states the Mayan mystics could travel the time lines and discover prophecies of the future. These prophecies were delivered by the appearance of the Vision Serpent. The many symbols on the pipe that are defined below

1. Vision serpent. In all ancient cultures serpents and dragons were seen as bearers of great wisdom. Quetzal Coatl was not just a man who the Maya worshiped. It was a concept of the pursuit of wisdom on the part of anyone or everyone. When wisdom does arrive it comes from the mouth of the Vision Serpent. The messages travel in a wave or vibe rational form symbolized by the movement of the serpent. All is vibration. All is motion.

2. Pattern of 6 triangles. Each of these represents a period of 394 years on the Gregorian calendar. It is a "Night" or period of rest on the part of Creation according to the Mayan sacred calendar. These are the same dark triangles that can be seen appearing on the serpent stairway of the Temple of Quetzal Coatl at Chichen Itza each Spring Equinox. Triangles represent the sacred geometry of Creation, the proportion of 1/3rd to 2/3rds in everything. Past, present and future, Man, Woman and child, the proportions of all your body's joints in the skeleton and water (H2O) as a few examples. To see actual photos of Temple stairway demonstration go to lab

3. The Body's seven sections of light, The serpent's body is divided into seven sections representing the seven days or awakenings during the Grand cycle of the Mayan calendar that covers all of written history, or the last 51000 years of humanity. Each of these "Light" or "Day" sections are 394 solar years in duration as well. (We are now living in the last of these sections of time and this is a 7th day or awakening period 1992 - 2011)

4. The Oval Spots. These mark the High Noon of the "Days" in Creation's wave like motion. These are known pivot points in time where and when consciousness changes direction. The most recent of these events was Sept.30th 2001. Consciousness was surely changing direction right then wasn't it?

5. The Feathery Scales on the Stem. This describes the undulating path of the flight of the Plumbed Serpent. His movement through time and Creation is propelled by the quaking of his feathers that could be seen as the astrological movements of planets and stars. It was the study of this movement that the Maya shaman dedicated their lives. By working with the energy and direction of Creation they would be rewarded with a bountiful existence. This bounty is symbolized by the ear of maize or corn that floats among the flow of the feathers.

6. The Four Crosshatched Areas at the Mouth of the Pipe Stem. When you see an X in Mayan writing it means to make something manifest or make something happen. When you see a field of these Xs, it means all potential manifestations or the Void where nothing yet exists but all potential dwells. When there are four of these areas arranged in a clover type pattern this mean the fourth dimension or the existence of time. It is through such a time portal that you may draw inspiration from the void. So draw away my friends. Infuse yourself with the wisdom from the movement of Creation as Quetzal Coatl.

7. The Cleansing Staff. This tool to clean the pipes air passage has the figure of one of the Creation Gods of the Maya carved on it. He is offering you a good time with his hand positions.

On the feathers of Intuition
Aspire to Higher

In service,
Ian Xel Lungold