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By Scott Davis

1 - Crocodile (Imix) Video Message - October 22, 2016

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Readings include:

Human Design Chart to help you understand how to use your individual strategy and authority for making life decisions based on your own unique design. Human Design is an empirical system of self knowledge that merges astrology, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system, the Kabbalah, the I’Ching, to offer the opportunity to experiment with its mechanics and find out if it works for you, by looking at a map of your own nature and the tools for how to be yourself and eliminate resistance in your life.

Astrological Chart will detail the next 3 months of astrological transits as they relate to your natal and progressed astrological charts. You will also receive a 20 to 30 page personal Astrology report, for all paid readings, which will be e-mailed to you. This report is like a road map to view what the next three months hold for you personally. Scott also offers numerology, tarot, and the Mayan calendar system to his clients.


For $70 I will provide a reading where we will look at your human design chart to help you understand how to use your individual strategy and authority in making life decisions based on your unique design. At the $85 level I will include the next three months of astrological transits as they relate to your natal and progressed astrology charts, along with the human design reading. At the $105 level the human design and astrological transit reading will be recorded and sent to you as an MP3 file to be downloaded to your computer.

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About Scott

Scott Davis

Scott grew up as the oldest child in a family of seven living in Maine and Massachusetts. Scott earned a Bachelors' degree in Computer Science in 1984 and worked in corporate America until being laid off by Bechtel Corp. when his position was outsourced in 1994. This lead to the period of time Scott refers to as his "Walden Years" when Scott moved from San Francisco to the woods of Humboldt County California, where he made a living by playing music with his band "Banana Spliff" who released a CD in 1996, teaching yoga classes, working at a micro-brewery, and providing Tarot readings over a 900 number. In 1995 Scott graduated from the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco's teacher training program.

In 1997 Scott moved back to Maine to help him parents build their retirement home and heal many of the issues related to his family of origin. During that time Scott began playing solo finger-style guitar and returned to teaching yoga. 1998 brought Scott an invitation to study yoga for two weeks with B.K.S. Iyengar in Pune India and a solo odyssey in India from October to December of '98. Upon returning to the United States Scott returned to school and earned a master's degree in Social Work in 2001. From 2001 to 2010 Scott provided clinical services to children, families, and individuals. Scott had the pleasure of studying with Barbara Hand Clow and Gregg Braden at Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment in 2010. Currently Scott seems to be in his second "Walden Years" cycle. This time living in the woods of Maine, where he continues to work as a musician, teach workshops, make videos for New World Birth and provide readings using astrology, Human Design, numerology, tarot, and the Mayan calendar system.



“I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to Scott Davis from New World Birth for giving me the most wonderful Solar Return reading a few days ago --- wow I'm still processing it ;) While based on the Human Design System (which I personally have knowledge of) he uses his unique multi-systemic approach (if you choose so) which incorporates astrology, Mayan Tzolkin and/or some exploration of your life theme through Tarot archetyping. Through his innate talents, experience and knowledge of these various systems and his compassion for humanity he really was able to streamline these in my reading. This approach appeals very much to my love of seeing from different angles; there are many roads that can show us 'home'. He was so easy to communicate with and really took his time to make sure I understood everything as thoroughly as possible. His offer to answer any questions I may have in the future was very comforting. The reading took about 2 1/2 hours via Skype and not only did I receive the recorded MP3 audio to refer to at any time (most definitely will do so many times) I also received a very comprehensive astrological report for the coming 3 months (this is optional) to give me an overview of planetary perspective as it pertains to me personally -- not foretelling the future but posing specific questions to help me make better choices; a great 'map' to help me navigate through the neutrino field and use my - what we call in HDS -- Strategy and Authority to live more as myself while being aware of just how we all might be conditioned.

I can't truly say enough -- I wholeheartedly recommend a reading from Scott -- he offers a variety of reading types and is very open to tailor it to your individual level of knowledge of any system he uses -- and last but not least: his pricing can't be value for your money if you are considering a reading!”

Birgitte Westerveld, Boonton, New Jersey


"I highly recommend Scott's reading. It could be a potential life changer. It most certainly provided me with answers to why things are the way there are and why I react the way I do. Important knowledge to grasp so we can be happier and have more freedom in our lives.

Scott is easy to talk to and a good listener, A nice flow in the talk- very generous with his time. All in all an uplifting and positive experience."

Jarle Larsen, Sandvika, NO


"I've been wanting a human design reading for some time, as I have an interest in astrology and recognised the need for developing my understanding of my human design chart. I knew Scott would be the right person for the job having followed him on New World Birth.

I'm pleased I waited as Scott truly gave me an excellent, passionate and informative reading, that showed genuine interest in my development to continue my understanding of human design. It has been invaluable to me so far, as it has become obvious where I've been going wrong in my decision making process and I'm making big improvements in understanding my life purpose and what I should do to reach my potential.

I got the full reading and it was excellent value for money. I would definitely recommend Scott to read your human design."

Tareck Ghoneim, Exeter, UK


"I was recently introduced to Human Design when I attended an EFT training course. The trainer, with his knowledge of Human Design, identified my design type, then gave me a basic overview my personality and behavioral traits. The trainer possessed what seemed like an intimate knowledge of who I truly am.  I was amazed.  I wanted to learn more, so I joined a Human Design (HD) Facebook group.  I became aware of Scott Davis through his weekly forecast, posted to this HD group.

Although I knew what my HD type was, I only had a basic grasp of how to live according to my design as a Projector.  After much 'umming' and 'ahhing' as to whether I should get an analysis, I took the plunge and booked a session with Scott. This guy is generous with his time, and adept at delivering the content of his findings in a way that you can understand.

Scott gave me a bespoke session, specifically tailored to the investigating, researching aspect of my 1/3 profile.  Scott shared the information at a pace I could follow, providing regular opportunities for me to seek clarification or ask questions.

I now not only understand myself much better, thanks to Scott, I also have a framework for what lies ahead. He's a fantastic teacher and a great guide.  The ROI is incredible.  For a very reasonable fee, I received an in-depth HD analysis, a three month astrological report, and a 3 hour (recorded) Skype session, during which Scott discussed his analysis and the report.  The reports and audio files were then emailed to me, so I could listen again, and again, any time I choose.  Investing in yourself has never been so good!

Thank you, Scott, for illuminating my path and purpose in life.”

Tricia Mitchell, Sheffield, UK


Scott's readings are not only about what he tells you, also how he does it. 
First he creates the foundation knowledge of human design and fills your gaps.
Next he goes very deep into each channel and explains the details. I’m a very visual guy so he visualized the connections with different stories. I learned a lot about myself and human design, thanks for the great reading!

Hector Glass -  Zurich, Switzerland


My reading with Scott was very thorough and quite a bargain. He is very generous with his time. There was a lot I learned that I can use in a practical way to improve my life. I especially appreciated Scott's reading of my transits. I also realized that I had serendipitously asked for a reading during a crucial astrological transition time, namely my Sun return associated with my upcoming birthday and the April 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross. I would not hesitate to have a yearly
reading of my transits with Scott.

Jean Jessup - Tucson, Arizona


I am very happy with the Human Design Reading I had with Scott Davis. It is much more detailed and accurate than the traditional Astrology reading I previously had. I feel like he really shared a lot of valuable insight on my life path particularly how I am affected by the hidden and subconscious desires. I would encourage anyone in need of guidance about one's life purpose to contact him.

Jeff Holcomb - Olympia, Washington


"Breakthrough: Exactly one month and one day ago I had got my reading from Scott. (21/3 springtime!) As a projector I now understand my enthusiasm about new ‘tools’ to develop myself in life. For so long I am searching for methods to handle my complex issues I’m experiencing in life. After a while I discover the method doesn’t work for my deeper themes. Every time I got disappointed and pick out the good things from the method and go on.

After this reading I wanted to experience with the tools I got from Scott after he explained my design, which was a great relieve …… WOW… I now know why and how I have had a lot of (emotional) issues in life.

During the reading I had the feeling Scott knows about my issues in life. … “yes dear, you are designed to learn from emotional troubles, this is why…”

The reading, the tools I got from Scott -which he gave me with such positive inspirational intentions- brought me at a deeper inner level where I felt, and still do, feelings of trust, believe and (very unusual for me) more inner peace. After one month experiencing with my new method, I really can recommend every person in the world to do this reading. Why? Well, why would we not want to hear where we are designed for and how to get fulfilled in life with some simply but essential tools you get in one reading? As if it is not enough for such a cheap price, you also get an explanation and a report about what you can expect the following 3 months according your design and the movements of the planets in through your chart.

As a coach/counsellor, healer, it is my specialty to work at deeper levels with clients. People who are struggling, looking for answers are each very unique but one thing we all have in common; We don’t really know our uniqueness, our inner needs and talents we all want to experience and express in life. Or simply to have a better life. So again, why not take advantage of Scott’s offering?

Thank you again Scott, you really helped me with my great breakthrough in my life!"

Heidi Nuis - Rotterdam, the Netherlands


"We got a live reading with Scott over Skype and it was a wonderful and personal experience. The reading was fantastically constructed and Scott took careful time explaining and ensuring that everything was understood, and building on foundations so that the information would have shape and depth. Scott works from a genuine and earnest heart, in a process of genuine examination, saturated with revelation. We went for TWO AND A HALF HOURS through every question and confusion Scott was patient and reassuring till our searching was satisfied. The extra materials sent following the reading were a fantastic treat also.

Thank you Scott Davis!!!"

Caleb Roy and Ashley Lara - Oswego, Kansas


"Thank you very much for an OUTSTANDING astrology-human-design-reading - I'm grateful beyond words. It's really something that can help all people to discern sharply in their Life
and setting their true potential FREE.

This is probably one of the best investments, people can make. The $100 value is "full house".

Deep respect and gratitude for your passion and willing to support other people. Fantastic."

view short video

Julius - Denmark


"Mahalo Scott for your patience in explaining my Human Design and Astrological reading. It was the best birthday present I've given myself :) You helped me to connect the dots, gain confidence and appreciate just where I am in life. You're a kindred spirit I look forward to connecting with again! Namaste ♥ "

Cynthia Gerhardt - Katy, Texas


"Dear Scott.

Thank you so, so much for doing my Charts and my Reading!

I'm finding this testimonial hard to write because it's hard to put into words exactly how i felt after receiving my Human Design!

The words that came out of my mouth after the experience.....F^%#$NG WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))) THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Your Reading and information about my self was 100% correct AND ACCURATE in relation to EVERYTHING!

For an individual to GIFT OTHERS with AWARENESS, GUIDANCE, SENSE OF IDENTY AND PURPOSE, in a language that is UNDERSTANDABLE , is truly a COSMIC TALENT and

SCOTT!,YOU ARE A LIFE CHANGER!! and i THANKYOU from the depths of my heart for what you have done for me and my future path. Much LOVE AND LIGHT"

Charmaine Clarke - Kyogle, Australia


"Thankfully, during 'grand cycles of transformation' some well-chosen, well-equipped people stand ready for the challenge of assisting others to make the transformation with grace, ease and insight.

Scott Davis is one who very obviously has not only taken the time, and paid the dues (most likely in countless ways) to assist fellow journeymen and women, he does it with a heart that pours out his commitment, love, sincerity and compassion.

Seems there are now self-proclaimed spiritual gurus, dubious webinars, seminars and books from an endless stream of authors offering and promising everything from insights and answers to enlightenment. Few live up to their promises; fewer still, provide any long-term growth.

Scott, on the other hand, simply seems to hold your hand (long distance) and gently gives depth and definition to the design you have chosen in this incarnation. This man of humility doesn't taut his gifts nor does he 'sell you the moon' by hyping you up in such a bogus manner that you begin to forget once again, that all growth and healing is 'an inside job!'

As we grow in wisdom, we are to become more discerning about who may assist us on our personal journey. In the spiritual sector, more than ever, the value of cultivating discernment and healthy discrimination must not be overlooked.

As you grow in learning and wisdom, if you reach out for the able assistance of Scott Davis, you will discover an articulate, caring, kind presenter of Truth. Thank you, Scott, for truly living up to your Human Design!"

Elaine Bartlett - Vero Beach, Florida


Whoa!!!!!!!! That was a great reading it was so accurate about everything. Thanks again for your extra little time to ensure clear understanding. This reading filled in the gaps of information as to how to proceed for success through counter constructive energies. I highly recommend this for folks who need to get to know themselves if they are not self assured or need to get real with themselves to maximize... Gotta give you the props Scott you are da man! lol "

Isabelita Gonzalez - Manhattan, New York


I have availed myself of numerous astrology readings including Vedic, Tibetan, Mayan -Tarot and Numerology too. About to celebrate a real milestone birthday I decided to email Scott about this generous offer in terms of deferring any fee to the client's discretion. I found the Human Design System not only correlated well with the aspects of myself I had learned from each system of self discovery I had thus far explored, it shed even greater light in its scope. I was more than pleased with the reading. Scott's gift for it is awesome. I am still integrating that comprehensive and complex 2 hours plus! The knowledge continues to gestate. Without reservation, I highly recommend treating yourself to a Human Design Reading. Believe me, you'll be happy that you did!

Sallie Stratton - Dallas, Texas


"As someone who has been an astrologer for 34 years, I wanted to find another reader who could offer me an objective view of my life's circumstances. I have been watching Scott's New World Birth video's on You Tube since late 2010 and early 2011, and decided to accept Scott's offer. Wow! I was impressed! Not only was I able to totally relate to what he was saying about me through the Human Design method, but through his word choices, I could see why others have reacted to my actions as they did during my life. Thus, not only did I gain insights into myself, but into the other people who have shared my life's trip. Scott's focus and attention on my life's energies was very illuminating and provided me with greater personal insights and awareness of my own life.

Thank you, Scott."

Ron Laswell - Stevens Point, Wisconsin


"Having a reading with Scott is awesome! So many things I thought were "wrong" with me turns out NO, "I was just drawn this way." (Jessica Rabbit) Well, what a relief and how empowering to understand and work with, rather than against, the natural happenings of myself. I have applied the information I received from Scott and have seen immediate improvement in my relations. Scott is thorough and while this is a lot of information to take in (get the recordings), he presents it in a clear manner enabling the understanding and application of the information into one's life. This is crucial information about yourself without which we fumble blindly. I highly recommend Scott Davis.

Karen Joy - Kirkland, Washington


I would like to say that my reading with you (Scott Davis) has far exceeded my expectations. Not only was the reading formidable and insightful, but being able to later refer to the charts and relisten to our session has proved to be invaluable. I am using these tools to chart my course for the upcoming months. The value received was a tremendous exchange in my favor. I would recommend your services to anyone without hesitation. Anyone thinking about it, should not delay. They will not be disappointed.

Charles Gaines - Bremerton, Washington


I scheduled and called Scott by Skype to receive my Human Design reading. Right off the bat it was clear to me that Scott has learned a great deal about the readings he's offering people. I could ask him anything at any level and receive an in-depth answer that we could have discussed for hours. Scott lays out the reading methodically and in great detail.

The readings with Scott got me very curious about the HD system, and he was happy to share his knowledge and point me in the right directions for some further research. I highly recommend scheduling a reading with Scott for an amazing mutual ride!

Eagle Solomon, Afula, Israel


"I have had a lot of readings over the years and have to say that Scott’s reading helped me understanding aspects of myself that no other reading had touched on. He clearly explained why I am the way I am. Most importantly, he provided strategies for me to use to maximize my potential. I highly recommend contacting Scott for a reading."

Mike Shore, Mayan Majix - Hot Springs, Arkansas

New Moon March 22nd, 2012

Dearest Scott;

I must tell you that the time and energy you have given me during my new moon reading, has exceeded my expectations. Your accuracy and willingness to be there until the concept is understood, reflects the purity of your Souls’ desire to truly help each of us best navigate our Path. Your reading was informative, intuitive and from the Source! You have to rare ability to open to the Flow in order to give the most necessary and pertinent information that I needed at the time. By piecing all the information together, a synthetic holistic picture of who I am, where I am now and where I am heading, came together. Never before, was a reading so full! Most of all, I thank you for your skill to impart this wisdom in the most heartfelt manner. Scott, you are truly here to serve, and I would invite anyone to request a reading from you!

In Deed and In Sincerity,

Deborah Nale - Onekama Michigan

"My Human Design reading by Scott Davis was fascinating.  For most of life I have tread over troubled water.. Always wondering why I seemed to return to the same places and situations.  The reading gave me a new insight and understanding of  the design structure in which I operate in my life.  I now have a compass  to navigate through life with. The first 24 hours after the reading I reflected over and over on the information I was given, it seemed surreal.  I would recommend anyone in this new era of changing  times to have a reading done, it is MUST HAVE tool!! 

Lois Hughes - Grand Junction, Colorado"


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