To all who sent me their

Signature of aliveness,

I thank you so very much.

It’s truly exciting to know how

We see our world.




 ***(The names and reponses are listed in order recieved - most recent are at the top)***

Diana - Remembrance of who "I AM" 
Mary-Jean - The Beauty of Soul and Planet 
sandy - nothing 
Loren - shinin one in the beat/dance of the drum 
Tricia - the tingle running  through me
Annaa - Compassion - love plus meditaion
Sharron - Magnificent laughter 
Craig - The creator within, expressed outwards
David - Noticing the unnoticed.
mads - breathing
David  (Haristanda) - between creation and manifestation

Leon - Having fun with my friends
Xenya - growth/love/balance/dance/stretch/spiral

Janeda- love, understanding, peace in my heart

Jack - Consciousness is the Unified Field 

Peter - Love

Angus - Music

bernadet - allowing myself....

Brad -  A threefold cord is not easily broken. 
Brad - From Spirit to Material to Spirit

saba - ada

Sandra - Freedom

Pjoew - Crystal Being

Nellie- Love, nature, & faith

Boomer - giving gratitude for all that has been

kind companion - scent of cut grass, teaching

Brandon - freedom of transportation

Maryanne -  Laughter

kez- a life force (as in thekundalini)

cory -  singing,   "hi mama !"



Bud - Our plan, reflected in the face of chaos


Marta - JOY

Valdyne - Being able to ascend this time

otokichi - simple love

AJ - Floating in Love

Randall - Ability to Trust and Allow.
hanani - : movement spiralling in&out, loving wider

vera - waves of serenity ~~~~


Dynthia - Divine Inspiration

Barbara - Travel for Love and Peace

Steve - The Witness Of All That I AM

Karen - The stillness of a tree

Jim - God Love...... be present

mossey - that sum1 who is down, i have

Mirta - The Breath
Jim M - The Moon's soft light
roger - patience
Brad - Live It !
karen - faith
Michael - Sharing

Deborah - How energised am i by what i doing?

Lisa - sucking the air of this realm
Desiree - Dancing 'til i am ecstacy!
gary and brenda - simple, honest and friendly Attitude
michael - My bright eyes...Paz'
Petr - Every step can be new, forgivness, love
Danette - sustainable freedom

sue - my childrens smiles
Ingrid - Awareness of this present moment!

Craig - being in the flow

Antoine - Inbody gratitude

Julie - BEING

Chuck - Service

Amanda - Sharing the day with others!

Nate - Noise

Louise - the gift of presence

Toni - freedom to express love of LIFE
Rusty - Consciousness and memories
Matteo - share

wendy - I feel great love for every creature

Benjamin - Life

Ralph - Humor awakens the spirit

Miki - Living in the moment called 'now'

Carolyn - Creating sacred space

Andrea - wondering while wandering...

Nancy - knowing I am a phoenix


Kristinna - truth from heart

Lee - Live, Love and Laugh
Mark  - Realization
Anita  - I am that 

Denise - Experiencing the now in centered in LOVE

Neil - Jai Say Chit 

Anand - Heath My eyes.
Purna - Laughter in, of, and as Life and LOVE

El -   available loving presence


Michelle - Love, freedom of expression !

Deborah - My constant questioning of Ideology

phil - faithfull

Linda - Peace

skye - beauty

Morgen - Listening
Kouri - Rebirth
Dermot - Realisation of the real
pbeach_mike - unconditional love

Laure Ann - Willingness to connect

olga - YHWH
Frankie - Trust
Maggie - to be limitless

stephen - thank-full-ness

Benjamin - Pure Love

Benjamin - Pure

Niki - Happiness!

Lucas - Thanks! :)

Stuart - Simplex Vigilum Veri
Patricia - Love, Praise, Gratitude!
egbert - forgiveness
Carolyn - Cloud Dancer
Jerry - TRUTH is the consciousness of 'BLISS'.
Martin - Unconditional Universal Love
Michele - surprised delight at creativity
Teo - Shining of life, love and unity
Mike - Spirit, all other is temporal.
Gene - Emotion
Astrea - JOY
Hileah - ALOHA
Marilyn - Living being Alive
Romy - freedom to be, to dream, to  ripple out
Annette - Laughing with my family
chris - slowly but surely
OlgaMaria Del Carmen - I AM
Danielle - creativity
graham - truth //  trust  // honesty
Elizabeth - ready
Peter - inspiration
Shu.shu.khem - Joy of being alive in understanding
Sahya - Love &   Wisdom
KaMuRa - Being Breathing
Wilson Noble - peace, untiy & the embracing of  it all..
Sita - Loving and   allowing
Mika - night
Shane - we are a cell of God
skye - silence
Johan - Vague
Fran - Sharing my inner "glow" with others
Martin - ''Let there be Light''...Compassion
jed - very careful freedpm amd truth
isma - forest
lelia - ecstatic color gardener
Jack - Life
Gemel - Intrinsic knowledge
Inga -Joy
hileah -ALOHA
Ellen - Profound wonder at all that  is...Joy
xtiml - paused reactions,thoughts imeditate
xtiml - integrity lol
Jeffrey - helping to create awareness and balance

Alyssa - cheeky effervescent bubbles of bliss
Patty - a warm breeze on a warm day
Christine - Sharing Balance in the World
Birgithe - Making a difference
Akua - radiant sun
Sylvia - "noticing"
Kebbie - Living Love in NOW...
Steve -   Accelleration the Quickening 
Barbara - Walking in Wonder
Diane - Learning how to use my energy

Aleita - thought/contemplation

Shawn - Feeling of peace and connectedness

Brenda - understanding chickie compassion, listening to the wind

Robert - my son , the sun , the light inside me

Moonbaby - communing with nature

Heather - A baby's SMILE!

Kevin - Learning and Teaching

Luis - conscious

P.J. -  Intelligence,Will, Love the real Trinity

Phi Long - To know the unknown.

Janine - the morning sun, laughter
Gary - Feeling Contentment
Christopher - Consciously Loving
ANKA - Butterfly in Morningsun
Valerie Peace Raven - Breathing in and out deeply in the moment
Brendan - Gratitude
betty - when I connect to like minded People
Ruth - The smile in my heart!
Brendan - Gratitude
Maryanne - Nature's Song
Mary - my path , remembering, hurting,Loving
Liz Moldenhauer - My smile - people say I light up a room
maxinealice - pure love, stillness of mind, peace
kas - gratitude and trust
selvi - awareness
Gimmy - Loving the moment and you!
Alan - Laughter
1Storm - 13
KRZ - Infinite Creative Possibility- Utopia
Mary - living with the mystical minds of horses
Maree - Connected to the universe 
michael - overcome
Mark - Feeling a smile on my face or seeing one
David - Bodhi, surfing energy to enlightenment.
Armando - My heart
Jeff - sacrifice

Shawn - Joy, Dances!

Jill - energized third eye

Ryan - The Songs I create, about my Life

richard -planting seeds of wonder

Candace - To 'see' with the eyes of a child

Karis - Bliss
marcha - creativity
Lisa - Greatful for all
yiannis - joy,dancing
Will - A search for truth, balance and music
Sonia - Love.
Alejandra - Thank God for another perfect day
Thys - The Power of now
Michael - Being aware that I am creating my "now".
Mary Beth - Sharing love,laughter&joy&awe of nature!
Sara - authentic voice and vibrant health
Margaret - Experiencing God(dess) in Nature
Helen - warmth of the morning sun on my face
brian - graffiti
ginger - trees talk to me... ;)
Hemel Franco - "You hide, I seek." says concious to ego
Ymelda - The LIVING POWER expressed thru ME
Katheryn - Learning.....EVERYTHING!
emptycloud - trust in my intuition
Raeann - FIRE

Alf Gunnar - knowing there are more than what is seen

Bootsy - Awareness of beauty in all things

Adam - bread

Gina - encouraging, lightening, growing wisdom
Angelique - to say thanks to the living Creator
Julianne - Compassion
Pamela - Unconditional Love

Lorraine - I am!

marina - Being grateful and feeling the scource.

wanda - joy

Irv - waking up in the morning

Wendy - noticing my own breathing

Pat - Follow Your Heart
rob - awareness

Heidi - I am. Present in the now.

Gábor - soul
peter - searching
Blanca - Seeker

Twinkle - Being a Joyful Human Angel

Qi'Allaya - Freedom to Be

jan - to welcome all that i meet as the Spirit

Ayande - Patience
Eva - Embracing Change
Muriel - deep full laughter, owning the Truth
Niro - What nourishes me, destroys me.
Ruth - Connection
Andrael - Sacred moments
Shasha  - soft heart, deep peace & compassion
Suzy - Making something new
Stephanie - peace and compassion
san - giving love and appriciation around me
sallie - breath
Melinda - Trancendence
mike - inthemoment
Kouri - Accepting, trusting, receiving
Mickel - Music
John - Acceptance of Individuality
Gábor - soul
Jennifer - Kindness, humour, freedom, love = joy
Desiree - feeling free
cory - singing,   "hi mama !"
Nicole - "Strength"
Madeline - Inner Peace
Miki - Breathing in the love of all creation...
karen - Remembering who I am
Livia - I am grateful that I am,who I am.
Tom - Crystal Clarity
Gavin - ( Baribunma) - To Dream
Sunomi-rose - Stillness:  Sunlight dancing on water
Christine - Christ like
Janis - Helping souls don their "light" clothes
Christie - love and light
Sean Caulfield - Being consciously correct with awareness
Joyce Whitecotton - I am alive, happy, healthy, full of fun lelia
nandana - the huge smile on my face
Loli - Gratitude for my fantastic life.
William - Enlightness
David - Pure spiritual energy at its peak!
Samara - Dancing cloud woman with flowing skirt
Rick - Awaken!
Poem - Refinement. Sensitivity.
Rosemarie - opening up to the presence of the other

Tina: Purpose of Being
Sabine: pleasure of findin things out
Marja: The feeling of pain
Tom: giddy anticipation of the next moment
coby: fierceness
Adam:  Create
Shauna: Being on the Soul  Express

Danii O: Compassion and understanding
ruthi: JOY 
Helen: Inspirational creativity 
Mats: Smokin weed, good music, people(life)
Angela: Purity of thoughts words and deeds
frank: Protect earth nature
Raul: Attention
Karen: Realisation at long last 
JoAnn: Sharing My Divine Gifts
Anni: Amazing Grace....Oneness....Bliss
bob: the sound of my voice in song
angie: learning to accept and love all things j
robert: MIRACLE.
Giuliano: loving the moment I'm in.
mirela: myself
Ronny: the will to look beyond what i understand
Rose: compassion
Tanya: much love
Kirk:  Peace Of Mind
Sunbeam: Playful Spirit


Gary:          “Being here now,  being present”


Casey:         “Ripples in the pond with hummingbirds hovering above.”


Almon:         “Graciousness’,  live and let live.”


Madaline      “Compassionate, resonating  with change”


Kathleen:      “Singing”


Adrian:         “See the aura around the trees, hearing the birds.”


Mike:             “Joy in each moment”


Kashgakoogi:  “Miracle


Giuliano:         “Loving the moment I’m in.”


Mirela:            “Myself”


Jay:                 “Loving my essense”


Miguel:            “Me out of me”


Nicolai:           “Love”


Michele:          “Freedom & Bliss”


Gail:                “Life experiences”


Duane:            “Hope


Dimitar:         “Optimism and positivism always”


Armando:       “Love”


Harsha:          “Alignment with source”


Winifred:       “I AM Aries, born in year of Dragon.”


Kelly:              “My Smile”


Steve:            “44”


QI’ ALLAYA: “Flowing with Gaia


Melissa:         “breathe”


Kathleen:       “Healing”


A                   “Energy”


Saskia:          “Shine


Darren:         “Freedom


Raul:              “Solo


Jeroen:         “Consciences ness of being here


Marianne:      “Gardening: to nurture plants and trees


William:        “Consciousnest

Michael:          “Pain”


Michael:          “Awareness


Francois:        “Make other happy


Kouri:             “Ascending


Cathy:            “Radiating sunshine


Lynda:           “The determination & belief of the dream”


Marcus:         “Consciousness and awareness


Joy:               “Happiness to others”


Angela:          “Love


Devi:              “Movement and emptiness”


Heidi:             “TRUST


Cori:               “Postivity inspired by music


Tracy:            “My experiences glorify God


Behn:             “Wealth


Vibhuti:         “Being love in action”


Tammy:         “Sharing laughter, appreciation and joy!”


Jorge:           “Art “  A pearl etched 6-& times with sacred sym


Nancy:          “Passion


Brian:           “Balancing logic and emotion