Mayan Jewelry Sculpted by Ian Xel Lungold

Welcome to Ian's world,
he sculpted his pieces in wax,
Ian was a 'Tinker', that's what he
called himself.

The energy and love is felt when
wearing one of his pieces.

His request at this time is for them to
be shared with others, to hold his energy
with all the love he infused into each piece.

As time goes on I will be adding more Mayan Jewelry
that Ian  personally made so come back often to see
what new pieces are being offered!

Mayan King pendant Mayan King Pendant - $400.00
One Piece

      One of the most admired of the priceless treasures in the Mexican National Anthropological Museum, is a 3 foot tall incenses burner made of red clay and in the form of a handsome seated king.   He has an elaborate headdress and is wearing a mantel of precious jade rings.  What Ian created here is an accurately scaled down version with fluttering parts of his headdress, a moving head, dangling earrings, mantel and decorated plates.  It is made up of 13 moving parts, all which flow or flutter with every movement.  Chain not included.

1 Tulum Diving God Pendant - $400.00
One Piece

      At Tulum there is a center built by the Maya for the education of healing arts. It was here that students learned the wisdom needed to heal others. On most of the temples is the figure of a diving or falling god.  It was taught and understood there that every life is begun on this world as a head first dive into physical-ness. This head first dive or free fall continues until either the person dies, which is more or less a splat. Or the person remembers he has his own wings and spreads them to fly. Size: 2 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches.

Cascade Cascade of Chu'el Pendant - $150.00
Two Pieces

      The word Chu'el means the distribution of magic into our world.  Spread like the morning dew or sap running in trees or the flow of a stream and the shaping of clouds.  The Cascade of Chu'el is a veritable fountain of Health, Wealth and Blessings gushing forth endlessly.

Mayan Angel Pendant
King of the Djwenda Pendant - $80.00
One Piece

The fairies and dwarfs of the Maya were very much a part of every day life. Even today offerings are left for the Djwenda along side paths, wells or springs and crop fields.