Brief Intro to the Mayan Calendar
by Ian Xel Lungold

Here is some Quick Reference information that will help you to utilize your Mayan Calendar and Conversion Codex.

 This tool includes the Instructions and two charts by which Gregorian calendar dates can be converted to the Mayan Sacred Calendar called the “Tzolkin”. (Tzolkin means, Count of Days) With this tool you can look up today’s date to find the current Mayan calendar day as well as look up any date back to Jan/1/1910.


The Maya had quite a different consideration about “Time” than we currently have in our society.

 A big clue to this is that their calendar system is made up of 2 different calendar rounds of 360 and 260 days. These calendar rounds were the Tun and Tzolkin respectively. These two cycles run like meshed gears. Of most important NOTE; neither of these cycles are tied directly to any observable astronomical orbits as our calendar is. History clearly shows that the Gregorian calendar was forced on the world by Kings and the Catholic church. It was used by them to destroy indigenous peoples and their cultures wholesale. This Gregorian calendar is based on the physical phenomena of our planet going around our star called Sol. This happens every 365.25 days. It is a physical phenomena and the basis of our concept of time. Time being seen by us, as the motion of mass and energy through space.

The Maya were very aware of the solar cycle and kept careful track of it with their CIVIL calendar called the Haab. The Haab was a 365.25day calendar used by the Maya for book keeping and TAX collection in an agrarian society. Makes sense. When could they pay their taxes? When the crops came in.

Aside from that….




 All Mayan calendar dates, including personal birthdays, dedications and most sacred ceremonial events were measured in 360day periods called, Tuns. (pronounced “tunes”) All dates “carved in stone” throughout the Mayan and Toltec world are Tun dates. The whole of the Mayan and Toltec civilizations celebrated each day of the Tzolkin and Tun calendars every day for more than 2000 years. What were these wonderful people who were so brilliant in math and astronomy timing? That has been the unanswered enigma of the Maya.  That is until Carl J. Calleman PhD. made his scientific, ground-breaking discoveries concerning the Mayan calendar system. Dr Calleman and Ian Lungold have discovered and are disseminating the facts that the Maya were keeping track of the Flow, Rate and Intent of Creation itself. There is a book “Solving the Greatest Mystery Of Our Time” by Dr Calleman, available and much more on the way about this subject. More info at;


What you pay attention to… You become conscious of.

Most senior law of the Universe.


Each day in Creation is created with it’s own energy. This energy permeates all of our reality seen and unseen. There are 260 different combinations of 20 different Day Lord energies or "Sacred Sun Signs" (energy sent by the Sun) and 13 different Galactic Energies or "Tones" sent from the Central Sun of our galaxy. The Central Sun of our galaxy is called, Hun’ Nab Ku. (The One giver of Movement and Measure.)

Each of the Day Lords or "Sacred Sun Signs" has a personality and each of the Galactic Energies or "Tones" have a purpose or intent. This combination gives each day a "flavor" and an “intent”.

 When you align your own activities and intentions to the energies of the day, you will be working with the flow and intent of creation and so should have an easier time accomplishing your own goals.


When you came into a body in this life, you came with one of these 260 energy combinations.

Think of a board or grid with 260 different sized and shaped holes. Your particular personal energy and intent for this life time fit through one and only one of these holes. That was the day on the Mayan calendar that you were born. You resonated with this Creation’s vibration on that day and look, here you are.

Every 260 days that energy is re-created and you will find as you follow the Mayan calendar that you do indeed resonate to creation on that day.



 Each person who was born as an "Ancient Maya," knew why they had come here to planet Earth. They also were taught as children how to best go about accomplishing his or her personal goals. This information was used to organize and run the entire culture of the Maya for more than 3000 years. The Maya were so wise that they actually predicted the downfall of their own civilization. They knew that the flower of their civilization would fade to later, become SEEDS. The predictions came from the Mayan calendar. Those predictions came true 500 years later right on schedule. Imagine our current leaders speaking of any such truths. I think NOT!


Every individual Day has a Day Lord or Sacred Sun Sign. This will be one of 4 colors that correspond to a Cardinal direction (East, Red) (North, White) (West, Blue or Black) (South, Yellow) Each of these has a purpose in creation.

1.East, Fire, Beginnings or Birth, as in the dawn of each day.

2.North, Wisdom as knowledge with the emotion distilled from it, rather cold, aloof and analytical.

3.West, Transformations or changes, such as in the changes we see from Day, to Dusk, to Night.

4.South, Fulfillment or coming to fruit. Open, warm, friendly and full of feeling.

These energies have a relationship between them much like different notes on the musical scale. Some are harmonious with another some are discordant, some are directly opposed. Many couples are opposites, confirming that opposites do attract.  All directions work together to produce the musical score we call life.

By looking at the diagram titled Oracle of the Directions, you can see the relationship and a brief description of these energies. This then, will show you how your energy is going to work with the energy of each day or another person’s energy. This is very useful in keeping relationships balanced and to keep your self from taking daily or personal interaction difficulties as too personal. There are difficulties, as we all know, here is a Big, natural reason why. Once again, knowingly working with these energies and relationships is a lot easier than running afoul of them unknowingly.


All, of the Mayan calendar runs in cycles. The most basic of these are the “Run” of 20 Sacred Sun Signs, which is a Mayan month called a Uinal (pronounced We-in-all). These are the rows running from top to bottom of the Mayan Tzolkin calendar. Also the “Run”, or cycle of the 13 Tones (numbers 1-13) called a Trecena or Thirtnight, which would be a Mayan week.

At the beginning of any Mayan week (any day with a number one) the Day Lord on which it occurs, gives a personality foundation or a motivational impulse to the entire 13 Day run.

 Born on a number one day? Your Day Lord or Sacred Sun Sign energy is doubled in strength.

The Trecena, in which you were born, expresses the base motivation of your lifetime. The higher the number 1-13 that you were born with, the stronger this accumulated motivational effect has in your life.



There are cycles within cycles of the Mayan calendar.  One of these is the oscillation from “Light” periods of Creation and “Dark” periods of Creation.

A "Light" period is when Creation presents some new awareness. As in the "Light" being turned on.

 A "Dark" period is not some evil period but a time to rest, to reflect on what has been learned or to apply what is now known. To be sure there are sometimes difficulties in applying new information but this is not necessarily due to evilness but to some as yet unknown factor that is only discovered in the application.

Looking at the Mayan calendar (green Tzolkin chart) we can see the order of the days running top to down.

 "Light and Dark" periods alternate day to day. Crocodile is a "Light" day and following, Wind is a "Dark" day.  Akbal, called, Night, House or Temple, is actually a "Light" day. Akbal you will note; brings new light from the darkness. Seed then, is a "Dark" day, and so on down to Sun which is a “Dark” day, one for application of all has been shown during the previous days.

Each Mayan month or “Run” of 20 Sacred Sun Signs (Uinals) also alternates from Light to Dark. The first Uinal (run of days top to bottom) being all “Light” the next Uinal or row running from top to bottom of the Tzolkin being all “Dark.”

Each Mayan week as well alternates from light to dark. The first 13 days being “Light” and the second being “Dark.”

 Yes, the effects are cumulative.


Some days are Very light, with much to learn, some are very dark used best to rest, ponder or apply. Most are some combination in between. As you become more familiar with these fluctuations you will be able to use this information more and more to your benefit.

Because all of these energies to our current culture’s way of perceiving are very subtle, it may take a little while to get the hang of this.


Do not be Concerned, Worry, Fret or Effort at or about any of this information.


Any of that, will only get in the way of the "Natural" opening of your intuition or inner knowing that this information, in it’s and your own time, will provide to you.

Just be aware of the energy as described for each day by the Mayan calendar and live your life. Your consciousness will be automatically tuned to the flow of all of creation. You’ll probably find yourself surrounded by coincidence as one of the first clues of this tuning. Get used to it. This is the Real Ride.


Remember, "What you put your Attention on… Is what you become Conscious of".

It has always been so and it will always be so, whether you are physically incarnated or not.


In other articles found at there is information available, building the case scientifically, that the Mayan calendar has been measuring the Flow, Rate and Intent of Creation itself for the last 16.4 Billion years. All that we know scientifically of what has happened when goes to prove this. This” flow of Creation” is the source of all knowing including your own inner knowing called intuition or instinct. By paying attention to this pattern you become increasingly aware of the flow of Creation.

This then, is the purpose of the Mayan calendar and why the Maya left it here for us in these times, to Gently and Naturally, tune your consciousness to the flow of creation. This “tuning” is the way to open the portal to your own inner knowing, and to strengthen your Intuition.


Mayan Prophecies

Prophecies from the Mayan calendar tell that these are the times of a great awakening and the long awaited return of Quetzalcoatl, the Plumbed Serpent. As all serpents from ancient cultures, Quetzalcoatl represents, wisdom profound and the pattern of the movements of creation.

The reverence paid to Quetzalcoatl was and is not given as to a person or an idol, but in consideration of the actions and thoughts of every being through-out all of time, who has pursued to what-ever degree, greater wisdom for themselves and their fellow beings.


Know that your actions and thoughts are honored as well.

Here/Now “New Seeds” of consciousness are prepared to be sown and all truths will be shown and known.


You are participating in this glorious return.


Thank You and you are Welcome…


Welcome to the Evolution