Transcript of a talk given by Ian Lungold (excerpted)


Öanother lady self-published a book on Mayan astrology. And in celebration, we wereÖwe had the charts all laid out on this table and we were thinking in celebration we ought to go to dinner. And I looked at the chart and I thought of dinner. And I looked at the chart and I went, my goodness, this is the same size as a placemat. So I could have Mayan astrological placemats in every restaurant in the world. Iíll be rich and famous.

(audience laughter)

I was very excited. I got an investor and we put 4,000 dollars into producing these placemats. And I went and drove to restaurant to restaurant to restaurant to restaurant all over the Phoenix area at the time. And also I was selling the books and charts to local bookstores and bookstores up around Sedona Arizona, around there. And I spent all of that 4,000 bucks and nothing happened. No bites at all from any of the restaurants. So, I went, OK well thatís not going to happen right away. Iíll just go make this calendar famous, you know, make it more known, and maybe Iíll work my way into that. So I went to a convention called ďCrystal Healings on the Rocks.Ē It was a gathering of crystal skulls in Sedona Arizona. I went there with my books and my charts and the placemats and the jewelry and opened a booth. And Iím all ready to make these sales and talk to everybody about the calendar, and across the way was another booth with real Maya in it. These were guys from Guatemala. Theyíd come up to visit the crystal skulls and do ceremony. So, I went over there very proudly with my charts and my book and showed them to this Mayan shaman. And he looked at the stuff and he went, ďyech, yech. This is Arguelles! Dreamspell!Ē I said, yeah, the Mayan Calendar. He goes, ďno, the Dreamspell is not the Mayan calendar.Ē Well, I felt like I just kissed a freight train going at 80 miles an hour. Wiped me out. I followed, I went right back to my booth and I covered my booth. And then I followed this Mayan shaman around for four days. I mean I got up at 4:30 in the morning to go do fire ceremony with this guy. I did, I was at divinations, I was at ceremonies that they did. By the end of the four days I knew this guy was probably telling the truth, knew what he was talking about. But I couldnít be for sure. ĎCuz I was just fooled by Jose Arguelles, Hunbatz Men and Aluna Joy Yaxk'in who were promoting the Dreamspell calendar as the Mayan calendar worldwide. And there were over 10 million people who believed that the Dreamspell calendar was the Mayan calendar. So I had to go to Guatemala to find out for sure. So I packed up my jewelry and I went to Guatemala. And I went to the sites looking for Maya shaman that I could talk to and ask what day it was on their calendar. And I found two of them while I was down there. And indeed they did tell me what day it was on their calendar. And both of them agreed on what day it was. In two different places on two different days they gave me the right day. But it was not what the Dreamspell calendar said was the day. So it was kind of a good day and a bad day for me. It was good that I found out the truth that the world had been lied to about the Mayan Calendar. It was kind of a good and a bad thing. And then also I found out that my charts, the ones that I had come up with for the Dreamspell calendar would not work with the real Mayan calendar. So, again, all the work I had done was thrown in the ditch, gone.

So I came back to the states. Now when I was down there I sold jewelry to tourists. I came back with $437 in my pocket because I sold so much of the jewelry. That was great. It was going to cost me $425 to buy back all the books and all the charts that I had sold. And I knew this was a test. This was a test. Iíd certainly had other tests in the past of continuing, of believing in my intuition, that sort of thing. But this was economics. This was a bigger test. I put gas in the car and I drove to all those places and I bought back all the books and all the charts. And then I sat for about two weeks wondering what I was going to do with my life. And then all of the sudden (snaps fingers) another download. This time, how to get past the problem of leap year on the Mayan calendar, on the conversion. You see, the Jose Argulles Dreamspell calendar, 13 times 28 is what he bases his calendar on. 28 day months and 13 different intentions, or aspects. 13 times 28, 13 months time 28 is 365. But itís not 365 1/4. So in his system he has to lop off† Februrary 29th every four years-has to chop off a day from creation, as though it doesnít exist, as though it has no sacred energy. Itís just convenient mathematically. And he has explained that he has improved the calendar over the Mayan 3,000 year tradition. He has improved it by chopping off this day of creation. So, it became much much more evident to myself that there was something drastically wrong with this calendar. But what happened was I got this method to go around February 29th. Which is, really simply, I started counting the year from March 1st, instead of January 1st. That way itís past any possible February 29th is where we start counting and then using numbers of days. So you donít have to worry about that. Thereís two charts. Thereís the day and month chart and thereís the year chart down here. And what you do is look up the month across the top and the day down here. And where the two columns come together thereís a red number. And you take then and look up the year, whatever year youíre looking up from 1910 to 2013, just in case. And thereís a blue number, and you add the two numbers together. You add this red number and blue number together and it will tell you what day it is on the Mayan calendar. Instruction #2 right here explains if youíre looking up any January or February date, either youíre looking it up, you could look up todayís date, or you could look up your birthday. My birthday happens to be January 26, 1949. Yeah, Iím that old. So, January 26, 1949, when you look that up, when you get down here you have to use the number next to 1948, because of how you skip over January and February. So thatís the only minor little wrinkle in the whole thing. You just have to do that and then you donít have to do pages of calculations for February 29. So, once you get the number, then you can go straight over here to the Mayan calendar and it will tell you what day out of these different days it is. And like I said, today is 13 storm which is right down here-right down there is 13 storm. For more info on the Codex:

And what happened is I went back to Guatemala with these charts. This time though I went to the top. I went to Guatemala City and went to the leader of the indigenous chiefs and elders. That is Don Alejandro Cerillo Perez Osha (sp?). And I met with him and two of his other shamans and presented what I had. And he understood the momentous event that had just occurred. They had never had this formula, never had this tool because well, frankly because they didnít need it. They were on the Mayan calendar and didnít have much to do with the Gregorian calendar. But he knew this was a pathway, a doorway that opens the calendar for all, for everyone. The problem is Iíve got white skin and blue eyes. And every single person who came to their civilization with white skin and blue eyes had done nothing but rape, pillage, and murder. So, we sat for quite a while. We sat for quite a while, about 4 Ĺ to 6 hours or something like that and we ate together, we did discuss. But mostly we sat in silence and looked at one another-looked through one another. Because they wanted to be absolutely sure who I was. At the end of the time I had sworn to them and to the Mayan people I would straighten out all of the misconceptions about the Mayan calendar worldwide. I had no idea, no idea at the time that I would be anywhere near this position with the information I ended up with. But in that time, thatís what I did. Thatís why Iím here, to honor my pledge to the Mayan people to straighten all the misconceptions.

Now once this Codex was produced, it went straight to Sweden. There is a guy over there, actually a friend of mine, an acquaintance of mine, I should say. John Major Jenkins had an acquaintance with Calleman, with Dr. Calleman. And Dr. Calleman is a Swedish biochemical engineer who had been studying the Mayan calendar for eight years. But heíd been studying it from a clinical point of view, not from a sociological or archaeological point of view, but from a scientific point of view. You see, archaeologists, what they do is conjecture about things, they surmise. They donít experiment with things. Mr. Calleman, what he did was he was looking for what could be proven about the Calendar rather than conjectured about the calendar. So, for eight years he gathered data. And then he had a book he sent to me. It wasnít published yet it was just the draft. I read the book. I was starkly amazed. And I helped him get the book published, or help start that work. And he came to Cancun where I was at the time. We lived together for two months in a one bedroom apartment in Cancun. And we got to know each other real good. He went back to Sweden when we were done. And I went to Sedona, Arizona to actually ground this information in Sedona. And I was there for three years as a homebase. Traveled the world with this information doing these talks, but Sedona was the homebase. Now I donít have a homebase, now Iím just out. This is the book I recommend everyone buy and read. This book, very technical, very correct. Itís the first book that Calleman put out, called The Mayan Calendar. It reads like a textbook. There is a lot of information in this book weíre not going to go over today. What youíre going to see is a blend of my studies and Callemanís findings. But in here is all the details and itís tremendous information. It will more than confirm everything that weíre talking about today. And Iím sure youíll recognize the importance of having this information. For more information on the book: