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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) When did Mayan Majix begin?

Mayan Majix was founded in 1998 by the late Ian Xel Lungold with the goal of informing people about the Mayan calendar and to introduce Ian's newly created Mayan jewelry line. Soon thereafter, Ian introduced his Mayan Calendar / Conversion Codex and over time his video taped Mayan Calendar presentations.
The Mayan Majix website has evolved ever since and continues to expand with the global interest in the Mayan calendar and the evolution of consciousness. Madaline Weber and Mike Shore are fully commited to keeping Mayan Majix going in Ian's honor. We would like thank all the volunteers who assist us and all the well wishers who have been touched by Ian Xel Lungold..

2) How did Ian know his Mayan Calendar / Conversion Codex was correct?

Ian traveled to Guatemala to meet with Mayan Grand Elder Don Alejandro Perez Oxlaj. Ian demonstrated his Conversion Codex to Don Alejandro and it was verified as the correct "count of days" as per the
Quiche' Maya. The details of this adventure can be read in a book by Abby Haydon.

3) What is the difference between the Tzolkin calendar and the Dream Spell calendar?

We get this question often. The simple answer is that the Mayan Tzolkin calendar is the personal astrological calendar of the Maya and has been in use for approximately 3,000 years, perhaps longer.
The Tzolkin calendar is still used by the Maya to this day.

The Dream Spell (13 Moon calendar) is a modern New Age calendar created by Jose Arguelles in the late 1980's. This calendar was heavily marketed in New Age book stores globally. Part of this marketing was the bold decision to describe the Dream Spell (13 Moon calendar) as a Mayan calendar which has created a ton of confusion.

The Maya have made public statements about the Dream Spell calendar and in no way support it. To the Maya their calendars are sacred and have been an integral part of their culture for thousands of years. When Arguelles met with Mayan elder and shaman Don Alejandro Perez Oxlaj asking the Maya to approve his modern calendar, Arguelles was refused. He was told not to call his calendar creation a Mayan calendar. This is because the Dream Spell takes aspects of the Mayan Tzolkin then modifies the calendar to fit certain personal beliefs of Arguelles. To be clear, the Dream Spell (13 Moon calendar) was never used by the traditional Maya. Unfortunately, to this day people follow the Dream Spell thinking it is a Mayan calendar.

We recommend that you read this statement by Mayan elder and shaman Don Alejandro.

Here are a few important articles on the topic of the Tzolkin and Dream Spell calendars:

The Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon calendar and the Mayan calendar. What are the differences?

The Mayan Tzolkin Count or the Dreamspell

The hidden agenda of the Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon calendar

4) How did Ian learn of Dr. Calleman's theory of the Mayan calendar and the evolution of consciousness?

Ian Lungold was in correspondence with Dr. Calleman in 1999 and learned of his new book "The Mayan Calendar - Solving the Greatest Mystery of our Time." Ian was very impressed with Calleman's theory
and eventually met Calleman in Mexico in 2000. During this time period Ian and Calleman had many discussions where Ian learned more and more about the profound nature of Calleman's discovery.
Years later, Calleman's book became the primary source for Ian's Mayan calendar talks given from
2002 - 2005.

Contrary to internet myths, Ian did not collaborate with Calleman on his Mayan calendar theory. More accurately, Ian had a number of discussions with Calleman and through these teachings Ian became well versed in the intricacies of Calleman's theory. Ian then put together his Mayan calendar talks and began making presentations to small audiences in the USA. Over time, the audiences grew in size and he took the talks on the road speaking in the USA, Canada and Mexico. The focus of Ian's talks was to explain Calleman's break through theory of the Mayan calendar in a way that the average person could easily understand and apply to their lives. It is important to note that Ian also included his own personal thoughts and observations on the nature of consciousness, as well as making suggestions on how to cope with the acceleration of consciousness as predicted by Calleman's theory.

Ian thoroughly enjoyed audience questions during his talks. It was during these exchanges that Ian made a number of predictions about what to expect as the schedule of the Mayan calendar unfolds.
These predictions have become a point of contention as some feel that the predictions have not
occurred and therefore discredit Calleman's entire theory. We encourage you to not throw the "baby out with the bath water" and to understand that Ian was not a prophet or a psychic, he gave his best guess based on what he knew at the time. In fact, Ian was clear to state that he was not a scientist and often encouraged people to take Calleman's theoretical framework and to do their own research. To this day, Mayan Majix is contacted by people inspired by Ian talks and many have taken up his suggestion of furthering the study of the Mayan calendar. To learn more about Carl Calleman's theories click here.

7) What are the details of Ian's passing in 2005?

Ian was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2004. He used a variety of alternative therapies to treat his cancer but was not able to beat it. He passed on November 16, 2005. You can read Ian's personal journal where he describes his battle with cancer by clicking here. To read Ian's very last statement click here.


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