Good Day Vibe Tribe,
This Saturday, June 12 at 1:00 PM EST, Joseph Giove, will host a free global tele-webcast with Chief Phil Lane Jr. and Dr. Tom Termotto regarding indigenous prophecies and the Gulf of Mexico crisis. Call-in details below.
This interactive tele-webcast will culminate in a global prayer-meditation for Mother Earth and our collective awakening of respect for our Mother and into unity consciousness and sustainability.
More Info:
The heart of the spiritual transformation of the Human Family is dynamically unfolding, as promised, by the wise Elders, Visionaries, and Leaders of all Spiritual Traditions. The intensity of this transformative process is deepening, with new dimensions, every passing day. Only wise prayerful, principle-centered, selfless, courageous, collective and unified action will mitigate the immediate environmental, economic, social, political, and moral crises that are gathering strength and drawing ever closer on the horizon.
With this heartfelt, spiritual understanding, join Chief Phil, Dr. Tom and Joseph in a discussion focused on indigenous prophecies related to our present times and beyond; the realities and possibilities of the Gulf oil spill, other deepening, international "Spiritual Wake-up Calls"; and the immediate, prayerful, global action called for by Chief Arvol Looking Horse (19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe) during  the Summer Solstice this  June 21st, 2010.
Phil Lane Jr. is a member of the Yankton Dakota and Chickasaw First Nations and is an internationally recognized leader in human and community development. During the past 36 years, he has worked with Indigenous peoples in North, Central and South America, Micronesia, Thailand, India, Hawaii and Africa. He served 16 years as Associate Professor and Founder and Coordinator of the Four Worlds International Institute at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Four Worlds became an independent Institute in 1995.
As well, Phil is President of Four Directions International, an Aboriginal company, which was incorporated in 1996 as Four Worlds' Economic Development Arm. Four Worlds has become an internationally recognized leader in human, community and organizational development because of the Institute's unique focus on the importance of culture and spirituality in all elements of development. Four Directions International is dedicated to the development of sustainable economic enterprises that support holistic, political, social, cultural, environmental, spiritual and educational development. www.fwii.net
Dr. Tom Termotto is an Environmental Health Advocate in his capacity of National Coordinator for the Coalition Against Chemical Trespass.  He is also Chief of Staff to Dr. Thomas B. Manton, the head of an International Citizen's Initiative responding to the Gulf oil spill. Dr. Tom is board certified in integrative medicine and practices along a broad range of holistic and alternative healing modalities. He is Chair and president of Radiant Life Foundation, Inc., a disseminator of health and wellness information worldwide, and founder of holistic health solutions, a holistic health coaching and wellness counselling enterprise.
The host, Joseph R Giove, is founder and Executive Director of Common Passion and Executive Producer of the upcoming film, "Shift of the Ages," which offers the authentic Mayan view of our times through the voice of Wandering Wolf, Grand Elder of the living Maya. www.CommonPassion.org. www.ShiftoftheAges.com.

Please note: The Tele-Webcast is free but long distance charges may apply. However, at no charge you may access the program via the internet at web link below, either live or after the call.

DATE: Saturday June 12th, 2010
TIME: 10 AM Pacific (San Francisco, CA), 1 PM Eastern, 5 PM GMT
DURATION: 90 minutes
NUMBER TO CALL: 724-444-7444
CALL ID: 36237 #, then 1#
Listen and chat from anywhere in the world or LISTEN TO THE RECORDING HERE ANYTIME AFTER THE CALL:


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