The Purposeful Universe: How Quantum Theory and Mayan Cosmology
Explain the Origin and Evolution of Life

Book - The Purposeful Universe by Carl Johan Calleman
The book is 295 pages with illustrations


The Purposeful Universe is a seminal work that comes at the most critical time in human history. Profound enough is the notion that our existence,
in fact all of life, is not an accident. Yet Dr Calleman goes further and lays down compelling scientific evidence that the universe itself is on purpose, a purpose revealed in the origin and structure of the universe and in the operation our very cells.

Purposeful Universe tells the story of this purpose juxtaposed on the Mayan Calendar and ends with a startling conclusion that is sure to stimulate controversy. Dr Calleman offers deep biology, cosmology and sacred geometry in a wonderful scientific articulation. This is not a casual read;
it is a deeply contemplative study, thoroughly researched and exquisitely written. Be prepared for a journey that points to our origins, not just in the mists of time, but into the core of our present being where the Creative Principle mirrors its purpose in a sacred dance within us every moment of our lives.
I strongly recommend you read The Purposeful Universe!

Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D. is an accomplished Swedish medical scientist who has devoted the past 15 years to research and international lecturing about the Mayan calendar.

He was one of the main speakers at the conference about the Mayan calendar organized by the Mexican Chapter of the Indigenous Council of the Americas during the Spring Equinox of 1998 and has appeared on Swedish, Finnish, and Mexican television.

He has previously published calendars and a book Mayahypotesen, in Swedish. His web address is:



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