Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time:
The Mayan Calendar

The book is 260 pages with illustrations


For long it has been suspected that the solution to the great enigmas of the human existence will come from the Maya, the most advanced of the ancient civilizations of Native America. So far Mayan culture has had little impact on modern thought. The Mayan Calendar however provides evidence that the calendar of the Maya is the missing piece of the puzzle for science and spirituality to meet and for the worldview of modern man to become whole.

Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time: The Mayan Calendar explains in a larger perspective the true meaning of the calendrical system of the Maya. This is however not a book meant primarily for us to understand the Maya, but for us to understand our own place in the cosmos through the eyes of their calendar. The Mayan Calendar is the most important tool for our understanding of what it means to be a human being. This book reflects one of the greatest changes in human thinking ever to have taken place, one that unifies Western and Eastern thinking. The Mayan Calendar provides a common perspective on the emergence of all human religions and schools of thought. As the true meaning of the calendar is solved it becomes clear that we are living in a creation that evolves according to a pre-set schedule provided by The Mayan Calendar, aiming at a completion on October 28, 2011. The basis for a prophetic science is now returning.

What makes this book unique - and immensely powerful! - is that it is not based on pseudo-science or esoteric schemes, but on the established factual basis of modern science. It presents a perspective that not only unifies all the modern branches of science, but unifies science with religion as well. It scientifically proves the existence of a cosmic plan in whose evolution we are all taking part, and also of God her/himself. The message of The Mayan Calendar is crucial to everyone alive: human life has a higher purpose and we may all live so as to fulfil this.

Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D. is an accomplished Swedish medical scientist who has devoted the past 15 years to research and international lecturing about the Mayan calendar.

He was one of the main speakers at the conference about the Mayan calendar organized by the Mexican Chapter of the Indigenous Council of the Americas during the Spring Equinox of 1998 and has appeared on Swedish, Finnish, and Mexican television.

He has previously published calendars and a book Mayahypotesen, in Swedish. His web address is:



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