2012 the Transformation

2012: The Transformation from the
Love of Power to the Power of Love

The book is 219 pages with 30 Photos


Since 2000, Julia and Robert Roskind have sought out indigenous messages of One Love-
unconditional love for all creation. Through their many books and events, they then share this wisdom with the world. Their latest journey takes them into the Guatemalan highlands in search of the wisdom of the Maya - both past and present.

Join them as they reason with Mayan elders and spiritual guides about traditional Mayan initiations, the crystal skulls, the knowledge embedded in the Mayan ruins, traditional healing practices and the sacred Mayan calendar - the timetable to human enlightenment. Join them on this fascinating journey as they penetrate deep into the Mayan mystery of 2012 to discover its core message and meaning - the power of love will soon transform the planet. To prepare for these coming changes, we need only open to this power.

The book features Mayan spiritual guide,
Tata Pedro Cruz, a member of the Atitlan Council of Mayan Elders and 2005 World Peace Ambassador. It also features the 2007 gathering of over 2500 Mayan Elders at their ancient ruins in Tikal, Guatemala for a Winter Solstice sacred ceremony. Includes over 30 photos!

Tata Pedro Cruz

"I knew it was now time for me to share my
people's ancient wisdom through this book."

Tata Pedro Cruz

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