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Forecast for June 8, 2016

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Published on Jun 8, 2016

Coming out of lethargy,
I'm ready to create,
And gather all the money,
As much as it will take.

HaHa! I joke a little in the report about saying the "dirty word" in a "spiritual mantra" lol! But this Gemini Sun/Venus with it's ruler Mercury in Taurus opposite a Scorpio/Mars is about getting down and dirty, telling it like it is, seeing what really is, and getting a move on to get it done. We also have the Virgo 1st quarter Moon square coming up Sunday which is another kick in the butt to "just do it"!

Don't like getting pushed? Don't like the pressure? The old saying is "If you don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen." Sometimes Life can just be that way. We are in the "kitchen" of planet earth cooking up a New Reality and it may just take some sweat, effort, and money. It's OK, that's just the way it is on this planet. Like a monopoly game we just have some natural laws around here like gravity, time, and polarity etc. We're going to look back and see (and HAVE) some amazing fruits from these labors. Like I say, even as early as August/September...... you'll see...... don't just hang in there.... SWING!

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