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Published on May 10, 2016

"You are in the time of great uprising of consciousness, and the game of energetic exchange and manipulation is in full swing, in response to this upwelling of realization. A new king of the world is about to be crowned, and the whole of heaven couldn’t care less about it. This is the single most important image that your people can carry into the future: A king who would not be king, who would be the servant of the man, woman, or child in need of love and care. This is the purpose of sentient leadership. It is time for the kind of leader in this vein to become the one who is regarded as king. Then heaven pays attention, for then it will be known that you have entered into the time of unveiling, and have made the decision to enter into the greater galactic coordination of civilizations. Until then, heaven can wait, and watch, and we will continue to elucidate what we can to help you find your way back."

This message sponsored by Eleutherios, in answer to a question posed to the League of Light for the benefit of humanity.

To find how you can sponsor a message from the League of Light, asking them a question of global interest, please visit the Opalescent Nine website,

The League of Light messages are collected at

This video is a recording of the original written message downloaded from an interdimensional interface with the collective of beings who are here to encourage us to keep finding our way in the dark, as light comes. Read by the author.

Find the original written message in its entirety at

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All music, video clips, and images are public domain and/or CC license no restriction. Intro/outro music is by Alex Beroza, "Emerge in Love". Background track is "Starfield" by Susperia-Electrica. Thanks for listening.


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