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Last updated: April 27, 2017

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NEW AI will upload and access our memories, predicts Siri co-inventor

NEW Quadriplegia patient uses brain-computer interface to move his arm by just thinking

NEW No Roads Needed: Google-Backed Flying Cars For Sale By End Of 2017

VR Hits the Gym

The first 2D microprocessor — based on a layer of just 3 atoms

'Negative mass' created at Washington State University

Elon Musk wants to enhance us as superhuman cyborgs to deal with superintelligent AI

What if you could type directly from your brain at 100 words per minute?

Robo-Adviser to Lend Money -- Not Just Manage

Facebook Announces Mind-Controlled Computer Technology

Chinese Carmakers, Volkswagen, BMW Roll Out "Tesla Killers"

WHO NEEDS HUMANS? Tiny machines can work eight hours
non-stop and get through 20,000 parcels every hour

Robots May Help Build Your Next Home and Fill the Labor Gap

Keshe Foundation Cancer Solution Breakthrough! Live Stream On April 18 2017

How to condense water out of air using only sunlight for energy

Free Energy Update - New Earth Nation Releases Free Energy Generator Called QT-PI

Magravs Plasma Products based on Keshe Technologies

These technologies can change the world forever

Nanopores map small changes in DNA for early cancer detection

Pork Producer Eyes Hog Parts to Grow Human Organ Transplants

Kniterate: A New Digital Knitting Machine Lets You 'Print' Fashion Designs

Carnegie Mellon University AI beats top Chinese poker players

Brain zapping increases honest behavior

Scientists identify parts of mind involved in dreaming

Walmart To Fly Drones In Stores; Assist Shopping

Neural probes for the spinal cord

Desalination Breakthrough Turns Seawater Into Drinking Water

"Super Sponge" Removes Mercury From Water In Seconds

Scientists discover the 'beautiful' secret of how memories are made

Tesla Didn't Invent the Neon Sign, He Imagined Something Even Better

This contact lens could someday measure blood glucose and other signs of disease

Mass production of low-cost, flexible 3-D printed electronics

How upgrading humans will become the next billion-dollar industry

The Ultimate Future Data Storage - Magnetically Storing a Bit on a Single Atom

The next agricultural revolution: a 'bionic leaf' that could help feed the world

Inspired by Nature: Scientists Find Groundbreaking Solution for Solar Storage

11 Very Rare & Fascinating Images Of Nikola Tesla

Scientists grow beating heart tissue on spinach leaves

Meet SAM, Brick Laying Robot That Does The Work Of Six Humans

Scientists discover unexpected behavior in creation of entangled photons

Robots bringing meals to DC

TESLA 'autopilot' car hits police motorcycle

Amazon Tests Grocery Pickup Service

Three Disruptive Technologies That Will Transform
The World Into Technocracy Within 10 Years

A printable, sensor-laden 'skin' for robots (or an airplane)

No Chickens Were Harmed In The Making Of This Fried Chicken

The latest "nightmare inducing" Boston Dynamics robots

Infrared-light-based Wi-Fi network is 100 times faster

Navy tests electromagnetic railgun that fires at 4500mph

Hyperloop tech company offers first look at futuristic travel pods

"Time crystals" latest quantum weirdness

This low-power chip could make speech recognition practical for tiny devices

Real-life Robocops will soon replace human police

Jeff Bezos looks a little too happy piloting a giant mechanical robot

Mit Physicists Say They've Created An 'impossible' New Form Of Matter: Supersolids

It Begins: Bots Are Learning to Chat in Their Own Language

Super humans will arrive by 2029 as brains begin
to fuse with machines, Google expert claims

Future 'lightwave' computers could run 100,000 times faster

Robot lands leading role in British theatre play

Tesla is powering the Hawaiian island of Kauai with more
than 54,000 solar panels and its giant battery packs

Engineers shrink atomic-force microscope to dime-sized device

Brain has more than 100 times higher computational capacity
than previously thought, say UCLA scientists

IBM-led international research team stores one bit of data on a single atom

Burger-flipping Robot Replaces Humans

How to control robots with your mind

Quantum Vacuum & Zero Point Energy Access: Is "free Energy" For All Actually Possible?

Revolutionary 3D-Printed House Takes Less Than A Day To Build And Only Costs $10,000

Groundbreaking technology rewarms large-scale animal tissues preserved at low temperatures

Scientists invent sound-shaping super-material

Artificial human life could soon be grown in lab after embryo breakthrough

FrankenSwine: Genetic Scientists Create Human-Pig GMO

Proposed test would offer strongest evidence yet that the quantum state is real

Boston Dynamics unveils 'nightmare-inducing' hybrid robot

Neural networks promise sharpest-ever telescope images

Wind-Powered Device Pulls Up to 10 Gallons of
Pure Drinking Water a Day — From Thin Air

How atomic clocks can keep accurate time for billions of years

The Promise of 3-D Printing Body Parts

Manipulating silicon atoms to create future ultra-fast, ultra-low-power chip technology

As Bee Population Continues Decline Scientists Introduce Robobee

Long-lasting flow battery could run for more than a decade with minimum upkeep

DARPA: We're on cusp of merging human and machine

Woolly Mammoth Could Be 'De-Extinct' In 2 Years, Scientist Says

'Scorpion' robot mission inside Fukushima reactor aborted

Mice Get Freakishly Large Brains Thanks to Human DNA

88 New Satellites Will Watch Earth, All the Time, All the Places

Using 'Scotch tape' and laser beams, researchers craft
new material that could improve LED screens

Researchers use tiny 3-D spheres to combat tuberculosis

China To Get Vertical Gardens In 2018 To Help Tackle Pollution

Google's "DeepMind" AI Understands The Benefits Of Betrayal

Lawmakers eye self-driving cars

Robot goes rogue after being handed the controls to a drone

Magma Power: Scientists Drill into Volcano to Harness its Energy

Robo-Bees Could Aid Insects with Pollination Duties

Scientists create first 3-D synchronized-beating heart tissue

Real life CSI: Google's new AI system unscrambles pixelated faces

How an Antiquarian Horologist Brings Tiny Machines Back to Life

Brain-computer interface enables completely locked-in
patients to communicate for the first time

Inside Amazon's robot-run supermarket that needs just 3 human workers

Uber Hires Veteran NASA Engineer to Develop Flying Cars

Dine-In Cinema Gets Immersive: Indoor Drive-In to Open in Nashville

Realdoll builds artificially intelligent sex robots with programmable personalities

Bat Bot: The Newest Miniature Drone That Mimics Nature

Meet The "Bionic Barrista" Whose Mission Is To
Terminate Millions Of Minimum Wage Jobs

Stunning scientific breakthrough allows DNA "rebirth"
of animals from long-dead, partially decomposed tissue samples

Wind-Powered Device Pulls Up to 10 Gallons of
Pure Drinking Water a Day — From Thin Air

Carnegie Mellon AI beats top poker pros — a first

Could this water molecule splitting gadget power the world

Scientists have confirmed a brand new phase of matter: time crystals

Soft robotic sleeve developed to aid failing hearts

Scientists use stem cells to create human/pig chimera embryos

How "Star In A Jar" Technology Could Change Our World Forever

Metallic Hydrogen Achieved For The First Time

Elon Musk Sees Brain-Computer Systems in Humans' Future

Spanish scientists create a 3-D bioprinter to print human skin

NASA develops AI for future exploration of extraterrestrial subsurface oceans

Virtual reality death simulator could 'cure society's fear of dying'

Paris tests electric driverless minibus to fight pollution

Magnetic brain stimulation improves a precise type of memory

Quantum oracle: AI predicts and fixes qubit failure

AI system performs better than 75 percent of American
adults on standard visual intelligence test

Parallel worlds – science or sci-fi?

Scientists built an AI that is smarter than most adults

Robot skin senses warm bodies like a snake locating nearby prey

South Korea train 'will travel at the SPEED OF SOUND

Human bodies frozen in desert facility waiting for science to wake them up

Future Robots Could Have Wall-Climbing Gecko Feet

Google and Uber alums have created a doctor's
office that's like an Apple Store meets 'Westworld'

Robot That Can Write a Symphony: AI Device Composes Tailor-Made Music

Listen with your eyes: one in five of us may 'hear' flashes of light

Scientists From Germany Show That Water Has Memory

Synthetic stem cells offer benefits of natural stem cells without the risks

New synthetic spider silk that's almost as strong as the real thing

Make a date with another dimension

Robot Nannies Look After 3 Million Chickens in Coops of the Future

Watch Pentagon's Successful Test Of Drone Swarm "Cloud" In California Skies

Robot kill switches & legal status: MEPs endorse AI proposal

Babies Made Without Mothers

Dutch trains become 100% powered by wind energy

New Aviation Technologies Could Reduce Airline Pollution
by 75 Percent and Slash Fuel Consumption in Half

This clever car catching net stops fleeing suspects without causing a crash

MIT researchers design one of the strongest, lightest materials known

Forget Wi-Fi. Meet the new Li-Fi Internet

Kino-mo Hypervision

Artificial Intelligence Replacing Management At World's Largest Hedge Fund

Meet 'Prosthesis', the terrifying 14ft-tall 'anti-robot'
that can carry a human and run 50mph almost SILENTLY

Revolutionary blood test 'can predict how long you'll LIVE'

Amazon now has 45,000 robots in its warehouses

Forget the Shovel, Ancient Finds Now Made From Space

The 12 biggest and best science stories of 2016

Gravity may have chased light in the early universe

Company works to use 'computer vision' to help the visually impaired see

Creating Synthetic Universes on Supercomputers

Satellites help improve Australian tree crop management

World's smallest diamonds made into wires three atoms wide

Scientists have created the thinnest possible
electrical wire, measuring just 3 atoms wide

Ransomware Is Infecting Smart TVs Now

Apple's first AI paper focuses on creating 'superrealistic' image recognition

Scientists edge closer to bringing back from the dead the fabled
aurochs, giant wild cattle that once roamed Europe's forests

The Neuroscience of Singing

New Free Energy Device Going To Market by Innova Techno

Nanoarray sniffs out and distinguishes 'breathprints' of multiple diseases

Top 10 science stories of 2016

Laser excites antimatter atoms for first time

How Australian Scientists Proved Time Travel Can Happen

World's First Solar Panel Road Now Open in France

South Korea comes a step closer to LIMITLESS energy

A drone that flies (almost) like a bird

Living Machines: These Robots Are Made From Living Tissue

Future air conditioning could work by beaming heat into space

UN Will Take on 'Killer Robots' in 2017

8 Ways Animal Flight Inspires Drone Designs

Artificial leaf copies nature to manufacture medicine

Breathalyser can detect 17 diseases

Using graphene to detect brain cancer cells

How to enable soft robots to better mimick biological motions

Free Energy Update - South Korea comes a step closer to LIMITLESS energy

EM Drive is an "impossible" spacecraft engine
that generates thrust from the quantum vacuum

Harmony: The neuroscience of singing

How Researchers Tapped into Brain Activity to Boost People's Confidence

4-meter tall manned robot learns to walk and move hands

Fluorescent jellyfish may help solve our energy crisis

Google's AI Are Sending Encrypted Messages
to One Another That No One Can Decipher

7 Interesting Neuroscience Facts

A robotic hand with a human's delicate sense of touch

New Scientific Study Says Solar Can Already Generate More Energy Than Oil


Google Wants To Run On 100% Renewable Energy By 2017

How to control a robotic arm with your mind — no implanted electrodes required

Scientists are turning nuclear waste into super-efficient diamond batteries

No One Saw Tesla's Solar Roof Coming

New computer virus prompts you to infect others to save yourself

Was the speed of light faster at the beginning of the universe?

Zero point energy emerges from realm of science fiction

A machine-learning system that trains itself by surfing the web

Can Buckminster Fuller's Vision of the Future Help Save Humanity?

WiFi-Capable Brain Implants: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

'Star in a Jar' Fusion Reactor Works and Promises Infinite Energy

Robot lawyer designed to help unrepresented people state their case in court

New Technology Better Than Fracking Could Vastly Expand Oil Reserves

Introduction to Keshe Foundation Plasma Technology by Paul Schmaltz

Tracking large neural networks in the brain by making neurons glow

Meet the Cyborg Beetles, Real Insects That Are Controlled Like Robots

The 'Impossible' EmDrive Thruster Has Cleared Its First Credibility Hurdle

Battery breakthrough charges in seconds, lasts for a week

Quantum records fall: most entangled photons plus 'twistiest' light

Tech would use drones and insect biobots to map disaster areas

James Gilliland talks with Dr. Keshe about Free Energy


Modern alchemy: Russian scientists
discover how to extract gold from coal

10 Breakthrough Technologies

Robot Goes Rogue at Shenzhen Fair, Injures Bystander

Edward Snowden Envisions A ‘Beneficial’ But Potentially ‘Dark’ AR Future

Scientists Have Just Measured The Shortest Unit Of Time Ever

Cranial Stimulation Shown to Enhance Multitasking in Air Force Tests

This simple optoelectronic computer could one day
outperform supercomputers for complex problems

Affordable VR Will Take Immersive Therapy Mainstream

From Reactive Robots to Sentient Machines: The 4 Types of AI

New Record! Robot Solves Rubik's Cube in Less Than a Second

Have scientists side-stepped the Second Law of Thermodynamics?

World’s First Hyperloop System to Take You
From Abu Dhabi to Dubai in 12 Minutes

John Bedini, Noted Free Energy Researcher, Died
Unexpectedly on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016

Brain scan better than polygraph in spotting lies

Researchers restore leg movement in primates using wireless neural interface

A Solution For Blindness: World’s First Bionic Eye
Implant Helps Blind Woman See Shapes & Colours

'Firework' Drones Swarm the Sky, Setting New World Record

Hypersonic Flight Is Coming: Will the US Lead the Way?

Solution To Dark Matter Proposes That Gravity Is An Illusion

How to 3D-print your own baby universe

China’s Airport Security Robot Can Deliver Electroshocks

Scientists discover why satellites black out over equator

Robo Beer Run: Self-Driving Truck Delivers Budweiser

‘Time crystal’ created in lab

Physicists find atomic nucleus with a ‘bubble’ in the middle

Will AI replace judges and lawyers?

World Renowned Physicist Explains the
Reality of ‘Free Energy’ & How It’s Accessible

US Army Will Have More Robots Than Human Soldiers By 2025

Maybe All Those “Smart” Gadgets And Appliances
From China Aren’t Such A Smart Idea

Bendable electronic color ‘paper’ invented

Tech billionaires convinced we live in the Matrix
are secretly funding scientists to help break us out of it

A Patent For The Controversial & ‘Impossible’ Quantum
Space Engine (EM Drive) Was Just Made Public

Computer solves a major time travel problem

In a medical first, brain implant allows paralyzed man to feel again

How the Heck Did Black Widow Spider DNA Get Inside a Virus?

The BMW Mottorad - Motorcycle of the Future

'Living computers' could become reality as scientists
build tiny components out of bacteria cells

Scientists discover highly efficient way of producing hydrogen

Berkeley Lab announces first transistor with a working 1-nanometer gate

This Wind-Powered Device Pulls 11 Gallons Of
Drinkable Water From The Air Each Day

Coming soon: a 3-D computer model of a cell

“ANA AVATAR” selected as a top-prize concept at XPRIZE Visioneers 2016 Summit

Japanese engineer creates turbine that harnesses the power of typhoons

Mastercard rolls out pay-by-selfie across Europe

New catheter lets doctors see inside arteries for first time

Genetically modified children: Baby born
with DNA from three different people

IBM’s Watson Doesn’t Actually “Think”!

Robot dog opens doors and climbs fences

World’s first baby born using controversial new ‘three-parent’ technique

A thought-controlled robotic exoskeleton for the hand

Physicists build mirrors from just 1,000 atoms

‘Quantum teleportation’ breakthrough by DARPA-funded physicists

Toilet to tank: Toyota uses sewage sludge to power zero-emissions vehicles

Highest-resolution map of the entire human brain created

What is energy?

How AI may affect urban life in 2030

US and EU Consumers Call for Regulation of New Genetic Modification Techniques

Experts anticipate significant continued reductions in wind energy costs

SolarCity Thinks It Can Replace 5 Million Roofs With 'Solar Shingles'

NASA Astronaut: “These Concepts Have Been Proven
in Hundreds of Laboratories Around the World”

Dark Room? This Genius Gadget Adds Actual Sunshine

Glimpses of the Madala boson: have we detected the dark Higgs?

The ‘Impossible’ Quantum Space Engine That Breaks the
Laws of Physics is About to be Tested in Space

How AI may affect urban life in 2030

Google’s secret plan for quantum computer supremacy

The ‘Impossible’ Quantum Space Engine That Breaks
Laws Of Physics Is About To Be Tested In Space

DARPA - Forward to the Future: Visions of 2045 — Justin Sanchez

This CIA-Backed D-Wave Quantum Computer
Will Change Your View of Reality Forever

‘Star in a jar’ could lead to limitless fusion energy

Ship Operators Explore Autonomous Sailing

3-D-printed structures that ‘remember’ their shapes

The first autonomous soft robot powered only by a chemical reaction

Tesla Patented the First Drone and Believed it Could Bring World Peace

60 Minutes On This Bicycle Can Power Your Home For 24 Hours!

Beyond Wi-Fi

Radiant Energy and Cold Electricity

Permanent Magnets

Scientists May Have Implanted An Artificial Vision Into The Brain Of A Mouse

How do bladeless fans work?

California Breaks Solar Record By Generating 8,030 Megawatts
Of Electricity For Six Million Homes

Biohybrid Robots Built From Living Tissue Start to Take Shape

The co-founder of Wired just described how we'll live in the future, and it's fascinating

Scientists Develop ‘Nanopores’ That Inexpensively Filter the Salt Out of Seawater

Ethics concerns over human-animal hybrids as US govt agency seeks to lift funding ban

Dutch Town Will Live Off-Grid, Producing All of Its Own Energy and Food

Is Creating “Superhumans” the Next Arms Race?

A Saltwater Powered Sports Car?

Google is working on 'bioelectronics' with a British pharmaceutical giant

New movie display allows for glasses-free 3-D for a theater audience

A durable, more energy-efficient lithium-air battery

‘Tractor beams’ build atom-by-atom assembly in mid-air

The Genius of Nikola Tesla

Americans worried about gene editing, brain chip implants, and synthetic blood

Scientists Claim They Have Invent Oxygen Particle
That If Injected, Allows You To Live Without Breathing

Facebook’s internet-beaming drone completes first test flight

Russian Researcher Announces at Swiss Press Club
the Transmutation of Elements with Biochemical Processes

US Marines Are Testing A Machine Gun Wielding Robot

New nanomaterial mimics cell membranes

World's First Self-Driving Bus Drives Flawlessly Through Amsterdam

What shape are photons?

Are organisms quantum machines?

World’s smallest storage device writes information atom by atom

Stem Cells Could Replace Hip Replacements

Solar Plane Zooms Over Egypt's Pyramids on Historic Flight

Cosmologist Paul Davies proposes theory that building
blocks of life may not be chemicals but information

How Blockchain Technology Will Change Your Life

It’s Official: Robots Are Now Injuring And Killing Humans

Mandela Effect - The Quantum Computing Future!

Introducing robo-ray: part animal, part machine

How to Download and Build Your Own House

10 mind-blowing facts about the CERN Large Collider you need to know

Military Robotics Makers See a Future for Armed Police Robots

How to bring the entire web to VR

Australian National University: Experiment suggests
that reality doesn't exist until it is measured

CERN finds four new X particles – how big a deal is this?

The top 10 emerging technologies of 2016

Scientists discover new 'dark' state of hydrogen

First self-driving vehicle death

Our Earth Journey

US Unveils Artificially Intelligent Fighter Pilot

Developments in quantum computing could simulate beginnings of the universe

A smarter ‘bionic’ cardiac patch that doubles as advanced pacemaker/arrhythmia detector

Rolls Royce plans crewless ‘ghost ships’ for maritime trade

Scientists have developed solar cells 100 times thinner than a human hair

Will Robocars Kick Humans Off City Streets?

3-D Digital Modeling Can Preserve Endangered Historic Sites Forever

How do our eyes get their color?

The mystery of the missing antimatter

The top 10 emerging technologies of 2016

Nation’s First Solar Roadway Coming to Historic Route 66

Real-time robot-motion planning

China creates world’s fastest computer without relying on US hardware for first time

First self-driving ‘cognitive’ vehicle uses IBM Watson Internet of Things

How to 3-D print hair, brushes, and fur

What is light?

Bionic leaf 2.0

Wearable artificial kidney prototype successfully tested

Scientists accidentally create nanorods that harvest water from the air

Magnetic fridge eliminates gases, drastically reduces energy use

Gravitational Waves Observed For A Second Time

Elemental sends its ultralight RP1 roadster speeding to Goodwood

Review: Yolk's Solar Paper lets you plug into the sun

Sideways elevators could ease London commutes

Smart Glass Pads Disclosure | Embedded Nanoparticles
Clear the Way for Smart Glass Devices

What Are the Odds We Are Living in a Computer Simulation?

Physicists Discover A Second Layer Of Information Hidden In Our DNA

The DNA Journey

Physicists Manage To Slow Down Light In A Vacuum

Watch Japanese High School Students Hatch A Chick Outside Its Egg

Scientists plan to build human genome from scratch

High School Dropout Designs Refrigerator That Cools Without Electricity

Computer cracks 200-terabyte maths proof

You Can Grow New Brain Cells. Here's How

Japan Engineers Design Robotic Bear to aid in Assisted Suicide

Scientists make sea water drinkable, produce 6.3 million liters a day

On-the-Fly Print: Incremental Printing While Modelling

Return of incandescent light bulbs as MIT makes them more efficient than LEDs

A new DARPA program will explore using peripheral
nerve stimulation to enhance learning processes in the brain

All scientific papers will be accessible for free by 2020, EU announces

U.S. Army to Test Convoy of Driverless Vehicles on Public Roadways

British Scientist Plans to Genetically Modify Human
Embryos After Ethics Committee’s Approval

Scientists have created a spider web-like “liquid wire”

No longer ‘junk DNA’ — shedding light on the ‘dark matter’ of the genome

Robots learn to cut through clutter

Physicists speculate that dark energy is the reason time moves forward

Students bid to revolutionise transport

Fuel cookies could save lives by eliminating deadly smoke

In-Ear Device That Translates Foreign Languages In Real Time

The Human DNA is a Biological Internet

Using animal training techniques to teach robots household chores

13 Year-Old Invents Tesla Inspired Free Energy Device for Under $15

Introducing The USS Zumwalt - The US Navy's New $4.4 Billion Ship

IBM scientists achieve storage-memory breakthrough with PCM

Machine learning outperforms physicists in experiment

Ingestible ‘origami robot’ lets doctors operate on a patient remotely

Scientists develop ‘transparent wood’ for electronics, construction

Five visionary ideas inspired by sci fi

A robot with human-like grace and precision

This 5-fingered robot hand learns to get a grip on its own

Artificial intelligence poses HUGE threat to
humanity if in wrong hands, scientist warns

How scientists are harnessing the ice-making powers of bacteria


Scientists Have an Insane Plan to Stop These Rhinos From Going Extinct

DNA study builds picture of Ice Age Europeans

Researchers Accidentally Created Batteries That
Could Last 400 Times Longer In Devices

This vitamin stops the aging process
in organs, say Swiss researchers

WiFi capacity doubled at less than half the size

This Autonomous Robot Performed Surgery On A Live Pig

Why Sex Robots Are Ancient History

Thanks To Cosmic Rays, We Finally Know
What The Inside Of A Pyramid Looks Like

IBM makes quantum computing available free on IBM Cloud

The world’s tiniest, most powerful nanoengine

Are brainwaves unique to each person?

Gestating on U.S. research farms: Human-animal chimeras

Skull echoes could become the new passwords
for augmented-reality glasses

Getting primed for fusion power

Scientists turn skin cells into heart and brain cells
using only drugs — no stem cells required

1000+ yr shelf life: Microsoft buys into synthetic DNA for data storage

Weighing The Good And The Bad Of Autonomous Killer Robots In Battle

Do you trust robots?

Remarkable 3D Printed Replicas Of Ötzi The Iceman Are Coming To The U.S.

Future Smartphones Will Tell You What’s Killing Your Plants

System predicts 85 percent of cyber attacks using input from human experts

Romance in the digital age: One in four young people would happily date a robot

Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins when sperm meets egg

You’ll Soon Be Able To Log In Using The Sound Of Your Skull

At Drone Cafe, Your Drink Flies In

Machine learning rivals human skills in cancer detection

High-energy neutrino nabbed by Antarctic detector

People Are Merging with Their Smartphones

Japanese scientists given green light to modify fertilized human eggs

A battery you never have to replace

This Desk-Size Turbine Produces Electricity from
Carbon Dioxide and Can Power 10,000 Homes!

Super-stretchy, self-healing material could lead to artificial muscle

Wireless signal strong enough to stream Netflix
goes through flesh to revolutionize implants

Surgery in Virtual Reality


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