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Honey Bee New Moon

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by M. Kelley Hunter

June 4, 10:59pm EDT, 7:59pm PDT
June 5, 3:59am GMD, 12:59pm AEST

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This New Moon is busy as a honey bee gathering pollen to bring home to the hive. Along the way, it also pollinates flowers and fruits and sheds fairy dust magic. Brilliant ideas, epiphanies, synchronicities and serendipities are popping out all over.
I read somewhere that bees come from planet VENUS. This sounds right to me! The sweetness of this planet of love infuses this New Moon from the heart of the Sun, also in 14 degrees. She is the Queen Bee in the hive. Bees are the most amazing creatures, intently doing their alchemy to make healing honey. Let's see how much we can create by the time of the FULL MOON on JUNE 20, a special one on the Eve of Solstice.
This month holds such promise, opening up the energy more fully than we have experienced all year. We had a short opening in February, before March brought us up short with eclipses and Saturn turning retrograde. Any progress was interrupted for a retake or change of direction. Now, needed pieces of information are coming through. Conversation, networking, new news are all pollinating our consciousness, evoking potentials we were not ready for earlier.
With Mars back in Scorpio, rich spices with savory seasonal scents are being stirred up from deep within, as we reach down to core desires that compel us to action. Don't short-circuit that process. If your energies and enthusiasm aren't fully behind your activities, look around for fresh, enticing options. A plethora of new ideas can have our heads spinning. When we find IT, the thing we are really excited about, we are naturally motivated to bring our vision to fruition, making that honey.
This is the peak point of the planetary square dance we have been pulled into all year. Until the Sun and Venus went into Gemini last month, we were missing the 4th sign to bring this dynamic into full flower. This New Moon at mid-Gemini creates a Grand Square, which means there are planets at all four corners of the sky.
Let's check the Sabian Symbol storyline to see how these archetypal images resonate, considering all members of this planetary square dance.
Wow, this one so resonates with me! I just received my copy of ASASCOOP, an astrology magazine from the Netherlands. One of my articles on The Four Liliths was translated into Dutch, appearing alongside articles from my star sisters Karen Hamaker-Zondag and Demetra George and other contributors to this issue on goddess astrology. If you are Dutch, or speak the language, you might want to look it up on
Here's what Dane Rudhyar suggested for the meaning of this degree:
"Conscious approach to spiritual truth and underlying meanings. Open-mindedness. Clarity of thought along traditional lines."
What might this image, that clearly evokes the twinship theme of Gemini, mean to you? Did any of you women (probably of my generation) ever play that clapping game when you were young: "I am a pretty little Dutch girl"? I did and loved it.
This sensually appealing image describes Jupiter's wisdom agenda, in exact alignment with the Venus New Moon. Virgo is the most sensual sign, so responsive to Nature, with exquisitely refined tastes in the world of matter that mirror the divine. What is your body reminding you about the simple pleasures of life that contribute to health and wellbeing?
"The eternal call for fulfillment through love which overcomes personal sensitiveness and set patterns," writes Dane Rudhyar. "Revision of attitude."
Saturn is listening to Venus, seeking emotional fulfillment beyond limiting experiences of the past—both in personal relationships and to forward any worthy goal that Saturn has been targeting all year. Maintain your vision and keep at it. This month we really move along, riding the fresh air of Gemini openmindedness rather than any biased blinders of dull duty or depressing and repressive pressures.
This degree continues the theme of timely meaning in tradition. The sacred sword is remembered here, even as Mars, the Hero, is deeply stirred to examine what to "fight" for. Mythically, young King Arthur pulled the sacred sword from the stone, place there by the Lady of the Lake. Black Moon Lilith is approaching Mars to offer this sacred sword again, evoking divine will to allow transformation from the dark into the light. We confront our shadow side, using the sword to cut away what is no longer life giving and vital. Neptune suggests surrender of our ego-bound interests to allow the spiritual to flow through.
This is happening on all the levels involved in this planetary square dance, as the vibrational wavelengths uplift us all, pulling forth what is unhealed to be released, including old wounds, fears, anxieties. Don't buy into the "normal" response or repeat the old story. "It is as it is," says Black Moon Lilith, with total non-judgement or personal investment. This is an extraordinary month, as the spiritual harmonizes with the physical. Dualities can be resolved through Love and the Will-to-Good for all. What does it mean to you to get with this program and JOIN KRISHNA'S COSMIC DANCE?!
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ARIES— You may be a bit on edge, all dressed up with no where you really want to go. The energies are moving inward rather than outward, stirring something deep in you that is impatient with the same old. Turn up the light inside. Inspiration will strike.
TAURUS— A good, healthy dig in the dirt is refreshing. With your sign's motto, "Slow but steady wins the race," you likely enjoyed May's pace. Hopefully now you are taking a new track toward promising outcomes after a reboot. In some ways you have been stuck in a rut. Think dandelion fluff and you get the idea.
GEMINI— Your birthday month is a bit of a merry-go-round, with fast-changing vistas and a patchwork quilt of pieces that need to be stitched together. Call on friends for a good ol' fashioned quilting bee. We all need your Tinkerbell spark to lift our spirits. "Many hands make light work. Laughter makes it even lighter."
CANCER— June's busy bee pace may be somewhat disconcerting, but soon you'll enjoy the season's sweetness. Cooking early greens and sharing food is homey and comforting. Remember to take care of yourself. Your time of year is coming, like sweet waters bubbling up from underwater streams.
LEO— The season's sunnier days lift your spirits, though you may be casting about for inspiration that stirs your soul. Don't forget the projects you already have in progress. Give them your best to bring them to completion and you'll be rewarded with applause at the finish line. Tap the creative joy in the process.
VIRGO—Life is going your way, yet you may be feeling overwhelmed with so many things that need to be done. Celebrate the progress before turning to the next task at hand. Freshen your outlook by incorporating playtime into your daily routine and be sure to take some days off as the weather warms up.
LIBRA— You'll likely prefer June's delightful lightheartedness to July's more intense push and pull. Stay centered in your center, rather than be pulled into a whirl that pushes you off-balance. Then you'll find a fine flow with July's relational dance and more clear about your preferences when decisions are called for.
SCORPIO— The current undercurrents of intensity resonate with your desires, sounding a thrilling thrum of deeper waters surging. The drumbeat inside is empowering your will toward an increasingly clear sense of direction that is not rational but clearly felt. Dial in June's variety of options to inform rather than derail your inner process.
SAGITTARIUS— Sometimes we need to step back before we move forward. Don't be in a rush. There is an inner process at work to ignite the passion and will power you need to be set a clear direction and move forward into your grand new adventure. It will be worth the time it takes, so things don't backfire in the end.
CAPRICORN— You've had to ease up and step back, as things aren't always going your way. Your savvy ability can take advantage of any change of plan, making lemons into lemonade as they say. Just beware getting caught up in the hard line of success models that lack heart. You're on the leading edge of the redesign.
AQUARIUS— Frustrating how longs things take to happen sometimes, isn't it? You are the best at maintaining a larger perspective on things. Stay with that, and appreciate the show. Make sure you manage the practical details, even tapping others to help. Team work is the key.
PISCES— The slow pace has given you time to calm down a bit and attend to needed shifts in your attitude and situation. Acknowledgement of your sensitive insights from loved ones or colleagues can reassure you that you are not crazy or paranoid. Make it a key part of your day to anchor yourself in some spiritual or therapeutic practice to make your soul and body strong.
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Ancient, yet never more popular, Lilith evokes the primordial, secreted feminine. Trailing smoky scandal and an ambiguous reputation as seductive witch or vampire queen, the first wife of Adam and the Serpent in Eden who gave Eve the apple, whispering, "There are things you need to know, sweetheart." For centuries, she has continued to excite artists and our collective imagination with her mystery. Is she angel or devil? We meet this primordial goddess through myth, the arts, cultural icons, the world of Faerie, the Black Madonna, the Tibetan sky dancer and astrology.
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