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Last updated May 26, 2016

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N UFO/Alien Documentary - Russia Secret Files

N When Accidental Art Is Better Than Your Actual Art

Time is Now Accelerating to a Standstill...How do you deal with that?

Personal Account of Abduction and Missing Time Event

The man who can hear Wi-Fi wherever he walks

Hip to be Square: Cube-Shaped Canines are the
Latest Craze Out of Japan’s Tokyo Dog Show

Ralph Lael and the Alien Mummy: The Missing Extraterrestrial
Artifact and The Brown Mountain Lights

Dr. Steven Greer on Carol Rosin Show - NEW Critical
Urgent Disclosure Information - May 2016

Bruce Lipton on Mind Over Matter

Mysterious burning object flying in the sky of India

Very bright fireball over Northeastern US, ground shaking reported

Why Children Often Remember Their Past Lives?

Secrets of Tesla and Marconi: The UFO-Mars Connection

Changing Times: How Cultures Old and New
Perceive the Perplexing Concept of Time

Another Interesting Leak: A Second NASA Scientist
Tells Us That ‘Somebody Else’ Is On The Moon

Magic Mushrooms: How They Played a Crucial
Role in the Evolution of Human Consciousness


How are there ghost ships in modern times?

Lyn Buchanan, Controlled Remote Viewer With
Revelations About the Bentwaters UFO Mystery

The Cydonian War – coming soon!

Leaked UFO video captured by Homeland Security analyzed

What is the Secret Behind Gravity Hills?

Amazing Creature Found Close To The Ocean Floor...Could It Be An Alien?

Parallel Universes: Theories & Evidence

David Wilcock and Corey Goode: History of the Solar System and Secret Space Program

‘Marfa Reflections’ trailer: The government built a temple on a remote Texas desert

SIRIUS: from Dr. Steven Greer - Original Full-Length Documentary

Dr. Steven Greer Announces "The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy"

Map Your Murderousness With These 19th-Century Brain Charts

Quantum Theory Proves That Consciousness Moves To Another Universe After Death

The Future Science of God Consciousness & Pineal Gland Activation

Extraordinary Cases of Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives

Curious and Compelling Statues in the Czech Republic

US Government Green Lights Experiments To Reanimate The Brain Dead

Is the Universe Fractal in Nature?

The Female Ghost Buster Who Rooted Out Spiritual Fraud for Houdini

Close Encounters of the Unusual Kind - Multipe ET Contacts - Bob Mitchell

The Breakthrough Atlantean Egyptian Connection

The Future Science of God Consciousness & Pineal Gland Activation

The man who first saw "the Men in Black" dies

Bigfoot, "Government Agents," and "Giants"

What Really Happened To Adolf Hitler? Remote Viewing The Death Of The Fuhrer

A Visual Guide to 11 of the World's Most Baffling Theme Parks

Dome Shaped Alien Base Found On Mars?

12 Berlin Wonders

Enter the Thunderdrome: Inside the world's largest post-apocalyptic
festival where thousands of Mad Max fans gather in the desert

Alien Bloodlines, & Unlocking DNA Mysteries Through Bliss

Edward Snowden:UFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle

The Mysterious Tale of the Man from Taured – Evidence for Parallel Universes?

Mystery Lines Show Up in Satellite Image of Caspian Sea

Polish Museum Claims to Have Located the Elusive Amber Room that Was Stolen by Nazis

Scientists Reveal That Dolphins Speak In A Holographic Language

The Unexpected Individuals Featured on American Currency

What powered Vimanas, ‘Flying Carpets’ of Ancient India?

Doug Yurchey, Delhi Iron Pillar and World Grid

'Atlantis, Nikola Tesla, and an ancient World Energy Grid'

Part 2 - David H Childress - Mars, Moons, Nicola TESLA & Earth Mysteries

David Hatcher Childress- Ancient Aliens & Forgotten History

Dreams, Timelines and Parallel Worlds

Farsight Instituted - Remote Viewing - Atlantis: The True Story

What is Library Anxiety?

Planet X Signs — Update No. 7

The World is Rediscovering the Medical Benefits of Psychedelic Plants

Can You Spot all the Sea Monsters in this 16th-Century Map?

Dr. Steven Greer : ETs Built the Pyramids

Dr. Steven Greer : ETs are Afraid of Humans

Trippy Blacklight Posters From the Psychedelic Heyday

Secret Nazi Space Program joined Reptilian Alliance in Interstellar Conquest

A Beautiful Photo Record Of Native American Life
In The Early 1900s & What Happened Before That

Welcome to Vulcan - Star Trek Themed Visitor Center

Hunting for Witches


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