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Last updated April 28, 2016

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N Alien Bloodlines, & Unlocking DNA Mysteries Through Bliss

N Edward Snowden:UFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle

N The Mysterious Tale of the Man from Taured – Evidence for Parallel Universes?

N Mystery Lines Show Up in Satellite Image of Caspian Sea

Polish Museum Claims to Have Located the Elusive Amber Room that Was Stolen by Nazis

Scientists Reveal That Dolphins Speak In A Holographic Language

The Unexpected Individuals Featured on American Currency

What powered Vimanas, ‘Flying Carpets’ of Ancient India?

Doug Yurchey, Delhi Iron Pillar and World Grid

'Atlantis, Nikola Tesla, and an ancient World Energy Grid'

Part 2 - David H Childress - Mars, Moons, Nicola TESLA & Earth Mysteries

David Hatcher Childress- Ancient Aliens & Forgotten History

Dreams, Timelines and Parallel Worlds

Farsight Instituted - Remote Viewing - Atlantis: The True Story

What is Library Anxiety?

Planet X Signs — Update No. 7

The World is Rediscovering the Medical Benefits of Psychedelic Plants

Can You Spot all the Sea Monsters in this 16th-Century Map?

Dr. Steven Greer : ETs Built the Pyramids

Dr. Steven Greer : ETs are Afraid of Humans

Trippy Blacklight Posters From the Psychedelic Heyday

Secret Nazi Space Program joined Reptilian Alliance in Interstellar Conquest

A Beautiful Photo Record Of Native American Life
In The Early 1900s & What Happened Before That

Welcome to Vulcan - Star Trek Themed Visitor Center

Hunting for Witches

New Study Shows How LSD Affects Your Brain

The Shaman Within: Channeling Universal Life Force to Heal Your Body

FBI Confirms: “Beings Are Visiting Us From Other Dimensions”

Heart Consciousness the Next Frontier in Brain and Neuroscience

Was Our Tailor-Made Bubble Universe Created By A
Superior Intelligence Living In Another Universe?

Mythological Map

Mysteries of the Pineal Gland Ignored by Mainstream Science and Research

Zero Point - Classified Anti Gravity Craft - UFO Full Documentary by James Allen

The Chinese Female Pirate Who Commanded 80,000 Outlaws

Photographer Captures The Breathtaking Beauty Of Mexico’s Indigenous Communities

Isaac Newton's Recipe for Magical 'Philosopher's Stone' Rediscovered

Aaron Rodgers' wild UFO story might make you believe in UFOs

Our World, in Miniature

The Paper Time Machine Transforms Black and White Photos to Color

Our DNA Less 'Human' Than Scientists Previously Thought: Research

Heirs of Stanley Kubrick To Sell Hundreds of Stage
Accessories USED In 1969 MOON LANDING Film!

ET's - Various Intelligent Species

Graham Hancock: Divinity, Consciousness & Parallel Realms of Reality

Sphere Being Alliance “Cosmic Disclosure: Government Troll Data Center”

The Avatars of the Gods

Michael Lee Hill, Annunaki Nephilim and UFO Contactee

The Story Behind the Bulletproof Photo Craze

More of the Chinese Art of the Crowd

Worlds in Collision: Will the Controversial Theories
of Immanuel Velikovsky Be Proven Right?

Study links periodic mass extinctions to "Planet X"

Food for The Moon – Lunar Influences and the Matrix Control System


Biophotons: The Human Body Emits, Communicates with, and is Made from Light

Ever Beyond Radio Show with Alex Collier, Simon
Parkes, Tolec, Jim Nicholls, Win Keech

Age Regression & Time Travel in Secret Space Programs

The Hidden Colonial Cemeteries of Oyster Bay

Field of Light: A fresh look at Uluru

Stash of Books from the Witch Library of Nazi Chief Himmler Found in Prague

Cobra Interview - Why some ET groups are so interested in manipulating our DNA?

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - Who Built The Moon?

The "Non-Human Influence" with Sean Stone and Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Strange sea creature washes up on beach

Have Scientists Cracked the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle?

The Gnomist: A Great Big Beautiful Act of Kindness

Robin Hood - Fact or Fiction?

Mushrooms as Medicine with Paul Stamets

Iconic Garbage

2016 X-FILES Episode Blows The Alien-UFO Conspiracy Wide Open

David Oats - Reverse Speech on USA Politics 2016
( Part 1 & Part 2 )

Doll's Head Trail

The Real-World Locations of 14 Sci-Fi Dystopias

Text-To-Speech in 1846 Involved a Talking Robotic Head With Ringlets

Japan's Obsession With Dating by Blood Type

Music Theory: 432 Hz Tuning – Separating Fact From Fiction

Montauk Project Victim Speaks Out: Greys, Reptilians,
Time Travel & Mind Control Experiments

Time Capsule - Paris Apartment unlocked After 70 Years (1942)

A Man Built A Gold Pyramid In Illinois & Found Remarkable Energy

When It Was Legal (And Not Uncommon) to Send Your Kids Through the US Mail

Please Stop Using 'Neanderthal' As An Insult, Say Neanderthal Experts

One Step Beyond - Magic mushrooms

Heart Math - Exploring the Role of the Heart in Human Performance

6 Humans With Real “Superpowers” That Science Can’t Explain

Terence McKenna's True Hallucinations

Hobbit style eco friendly house built from scratch

Ayahuasca: An Executive’s Enlightenment

Ancient UFO Sightings and Antigravity Craft

David Wilcock - Just Say No to Partial Disclosure!

How Female Computers Mapped the Universe and Brought America to the Moon

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - The Atlantean Catastrophe

St. Elmo’s Firе – Ancient Plasma Phenomena Seen By Sailors Worldwide

Best of Stefan Pabst's 3D DRAWINGS

Underwater Ballroom

Minutes Did Not Exist During The Middle Ages

The 19th Century ‘Show Caves’ That Became America’s First Tourist Traps

Welcome to the Hell Cave

Farsight Institute: Remote Viewing a Mass Murderer - Adolf Hitler

Dr. Steven Greer - Types Of Aliens

Linda Moulton Howe 2016: Planet 9/ Planet X, ET Disclosure, Roswell Incident

Harvard Goes To The Himalayas – Monks With ‘Superhuman’
Abilities Show Scientists What We Can All Do

James Gilliland and Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligences

Ghost yacht horror as mummified body of adventurer found
sitting at desk of vessel drifting at sea for years

Movie About Van Gogh Fully Animated From Oil Paintings

Charon, Pluto's high tech Moon!

Why Jean-Luc Picard Never Carried a Wallet

Top secret UFO documents 'prove Britain's biggest
alien sighting was real' claims US naval officer

Japanese Master Demonstrates the Power of Chi by Controlling Animals

Stepping Into The Fire - Full Ayahuasca Documentary

Stunning Psychedelic Images Made From Sound Waves

More Cities on Pluto by TS Caldan

Large City On Pluto In "HEART" Shaped Area! ~ Or?

The Underground Carnival - Huge Subterranean
Cavern Deep Beneath Transylvania

Ralph Lael and the Alien Mummy

Alien Implants? - These Objects Have Been
Investigated By Several Laboratories

Before Cat Memes, There Were Louis Wain's
Controversial Cat Illustrations

Psychic Archeology

The Moment JFK Died: Remote Viewing the Afterlife

Moons Among the Asteroids?

Atlantis - The True & Forgotten History of the Rise & Fall

Didgeridoo Duet

It's the birthday of the tallest man who ever lived

DMT Research to Ask if Spirit Molecule Can Extend Life Beyond Clinical Death

10 MILES HIGH Alien Tower Exposed On Asteroid Ceres?

Was The Mood Ring A Gateway Drug To An Era Of Self-Obsession?

8 US Soldiers Disappear Removing 5000 Yr Old
Flying Machine From Afghan Cave

How the Human Heart Functions as a Second Brain

The Wildly Misunderstood Aeronautics Event Captured in This Photograph

Revisiting Masaru Emoto — The Nikki Owen ‘Apple Experiments’

Third Eye, The Sixth Sense

Proof of ET's? - The Nazca Lines & Elongated Skulls

Bizarre, dragon-like sea creature discovered on New Zealand beach

The Appendix – Darwin’s Mistake

Gravity Waves Detection Supports Whistleblower
Claims Secret Development of Antigravity Spacecraft

Cornell Has a Giant Python Skeleton Hidden in a Backroom

Earth To Be Swept By Extraordinary Rapid Waves of Cosmic Electricity

Edgar Mitchell Interviewed About Roswell by Paola Harris

The Mona Lisa is much older than thought

America's Scandalous, Psychic, Forgotten First Female Presidential Candidate

Project Blue Book: 130,000 pages of US Air Force's
UFO files declassified, hits the web

New Telescope Observes Otherwise Invisible
Terrestrial Entities with Intelligent Movement

Did Edgar Cayce have visions of today's world?


CCTV shows 'evil ghost' throwing supermarket food from shelves

Horses can recognize human emotions, study shows

Richard C. Hoagland Speaks About the Pluto Anomalies

Take a peek into the CIA's 'X-Files'

Group Builds Caravan Using 215,158 Lego Bricks

Egyptian blue: the colour of technology

Cities on Pluto? by TS Caladan

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, historic astronaut, consciousness
pioneer & Exopolitical explorer passes over

Ten of the best alien abduction stories

Apollo Missions Ended Because Extraterrestrials
Prevented US Navy Bases on Moon?

Synchronicity and the Mind of God: Unlocking the
Mystery of Carl Jung’s “Meaningful Coincidence”

NASA Stole the Rocket Countdown From a 1929 Fritz Lang Film

The Shifting Realities of Philip K. Dick's Final Unfinished Novel

If Consciousness is a Door, Kundalini Yoga is the Key

3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life & Identifies His Murderer

Mystery of the Coral Castle

January 2016: Lost Library Of John Dee
Revealed In A Special Exhibition

Why the Man Who Popularized Birthstones
in America Came to Loathe His Creation

The Mushroom Death Suit is the Latest in
Post-Mortem, Eco-Friendly Fashion

How Victor Hugo Helped Create The Joker

Underground Base Entrances Found On Mars?

History Denied: UFO Secrets Of The US Government

Making "Captured Lightning" (Million-volt Sculptures)

The Science of Sound – Proof that You Truly Are a Cosmic Instrument

Flat Earth Frequency of the Heavens Cymatics, Bio and
Sonoluminescence, actual stars and planets

Jay Weidner - Room 237 - The Apollo 11 theory

Fighter planes chasing UFOs near Nova Zagora Bulgaria, January 14, 2016

The Story Behind the Comically Villainous Octopus Logo of U.S. Spy Agency

The 80-Year-Old Who Runs the World's Coolest Train...for Dogs

Backpack Helicopters

Animal Communicators Prove it’s Possible to Hear an Animal’s Thoughts

This Biker HAD To Pull Over And Start Filming
His Footage Is Creating A Lot Of Controversy


Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - Episode 2: A Goode Trip to the Inner Earth

David Wilcock/Corey Goode Interview- Jan 2016

Mysterious shadow figure walking on clouds captured by plane passenger

Is Communication From the Future Already Here?

David Bowie's Forgotten Video Game Soundtrack

25 Stunningly Beautiful Libraries Around the World

The Amazing Story of the Clairvoyants Who Observed Atoms

Aliens Creating Portal (Wow footage) & NASA Witches?


UFO Documentary Government Secret Truth Exposed Aliens on the Moon

Deformed mountain lion had teeth growing from forehead

3 Powerful Ways to Cleanse and Recharge Your Energetic Body

The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World

Cymatics, Sound & Consciousness

Edgar Cayce: Ordinary Man, Extraordinary Messenger

The 44 Most Wondrous Places to Visit in 2016

20 Amazing Facts About Dreams that You Might Not Know About

Planet Helion in the Planet X System, 20-Dec-2015

A stunning photo project shows how dogs age through the years

Aliens and Pyramids Documentary 2015

UFO Canyon: Trailer

Real-Life Human Dragon Stuffs His Mouth
with Sawdust Exhales Smoke and Fire

Earth Pilgrims

Secret NRO Space Stations to be Revealed in Limited Disclosure Plan

Gary McKinnon Interview - NASA Hacker / Secret Space Program

How Your Psychic Senses Are Connected To Earth’s Energy

Another rare sea serpent has washed ashore in Southern California

Richard Hoagland - Revelations of the Chinese Moon Mission
Latest Updates on Enterprise Mission

Mysterious light in the sky of Russia and visible
from ISS on December 15 2015

Cavedigger the Documentary

How to Raise a 165-Year-Old Cat

Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport

Quantum Time Travel Paradox Solved: Study

New Experiment Will Answer Some Mind-Bending
Questions On Whether We Live In a Hologram

Harmonology – Vibration and the Laws of Universal Nature

David Wilcock Talks About Russian Pyramid Research

David Wilcock: Inner Earth Civilizations May
Soon Reveal Themselves to the World

Hall of Mirrors - Moon Landing and Mars Hoax Proven

Art Bell Quits Radio…Again

When Infrastructure Doubles as Public Art

Vintage Images of Canine Cosmonauts from the USSR

The Absurdly Complete History of Animals Parachuting From the Sky

5-Year-Old Autistic Child has Extraordinary Mental Powers and Psychic Abilities

Did Stanley Kubrick Confesses to Faking Moon Landings?

Chinese Watchtowers

British Astronaut Tim Peake makes shocking statements about Alien life

This Project is Being Compared to the Pyramids & the Great Wall of China

Snowden’s Interesting Take On Aliens: “We Can’t
Pick Up Their Encrypted Communications”

Surrealist Sculptures Effortlessly Combine Animals
With Their Fantastical Surroundings

Enigmatic Radio Waves: Researchers Find Detailed
Record Of Mysterious Fast Radio Burst

Do fish have emotions and consciousness?

A Short History of Martians

How Synchronicity Signals Our Bigger Purpose

This is What Happens When a “UFO” is Tracked on Military Radar

Parallel Worlds Exist And Will Soon Be Testable, Expert Says

Don't Have a Dog? This App Lets You Borrow One

The Beauty of Death: Catacomb Saints Photographed by Paul Koudounaris

Carl Sagan’s Close Colleague Blows The Lid On Sagan’s
Involvement In The Extraterrestrial Cover-Up

Pets and Telepathy

Time Travel, Hadron Collider & Alien Energy Manipulation with Andrew Bartzis

How your psychic senses are connected to Earth's energy

Nikola Tesla And His 6 Amazing Predictions

The Duke, the Landscape Architect and the World's Most
Ambitious Attempt to Bring the Cosmos to Earth

Activating Our DNA by Gregg Prescott


The Mystery of The Voynich Manuscript

The Surprising Truth About Pirates and Parrots

US Air Force Pilot Speaks Out About What He Was
Ordered To Do When The Military Tracked A UFO

You Can Turn A $2000 Shipping Container Into An Epic Off-Grid Home

New Discoveries Suggest We Live In a Multiverse Teeming With Alien Life

The Forgotten Midwest Craze for Building Palaces Out of Grain

Can Remote Viewing or Dreaming Predict Stock Market Prices?

The Most Commonly Reported Extraterrestrials
By Contactees, Abductees & Experiencers

Synchronicity As A Divine Experience

This HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE is conciously recording you

Mysterious Lenticular Cloud Formations

The Girl Who Could Recall 10 Past Lives

Interconnected by Plant Consciousness

Terence Mckenna - Shamans in the age of Intelligent Machines

Psychic Skills & Miracles - technology used for telepathy and remote viewing

Nasa puzzled by huge, 8,000-year-old mystery structures in
Kazakhstan that resemble ancient crop circles


Ear to the Ground: Intrigue at South Dakota's Corn Palace

The Forgotten Kaleidoscope Craze in Victorian England

The cave digger: Hewing art from the very landscape


NASA Researchers Disclose the Truth About
Time Travel & Dimensional Portals

Scientists Demonstrate Remarkable Evidence
Of Dream Telepathy Between People

The Mystical Powers of Mushrooms

Scientists call for serious study of UFO phenomenon

Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness Moves To Another Universe At Death

Iceman Wim Hof - The Iceman Says We Are All Superhuman

Mysterious cloud appears in the sky of China baffling witnesses

Why don't people see the yeti any more?


GREGG BRADEN: "Our ElectroMagnetic HEART Affects Reality"

Edgar Cayce - The Mysterious 'Missing Month'

If Our Universe Is So Old & Vast,
Then Where Are All The Aliens?

Patterns in Nature - Geoff Lawton

The Park of Monsters

Why Can’t Ghosts Let Go of the Victorian Era?

Former Obama Pilot Admits To Alien Encounter And
Says ‘Virtually All’ Aviators Believe In UFOs

Massive UFO Fleet is Hiding Behind the Moon
Claims Government Whistleblower

NASA Astronaut Speaks Of 9 Foot Tall Extraterrestrial
Spotted On Space Mission

The Story Behind the World's Most Terrifying Haunted Doll

Epigenetics: How Does Your Mind Reprogram Your Genes?

Electric Universe (Plasmology) Encoded in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Has Kepler Discovered an Alien Megastructure?

The World’s Top 20 Most Fascinating Alien Contactee & Abduction Cases

What happens when we gift a cellphone tower with orgonite?

Secret Space Program Alien Psychic Wars with Corey Goode

Sorry, Einstein. Quantum Study Suggests ‘Spooky Action’ Is Real

God Particles from the Galactic Core

How Can Sacred Geometry Help You?

And suddenly multicolor pillars of fire rose to heaven

Now Revealed: An Extraterrestrial Base On Earth,
Sanctioned By U.S. Officials Since the 1960s

80 Years Ago Edgar Cayce Predicted Putin’s Role in Stopping WW3

Our Galaxy Awakens! (And Science Confirms It)

Cosmic Lottery | Earth and Moon Are in
a Reciprocal Mathematic Relationship

Mysterious UFO baffles sky watchers in Asia

in5d radio - The Dark Night of the Soul and The Shift

Secret Space Program Conference reveals globalist
deep state connections in Austin Oct. 31

Graham Hancock 2015 : Magicians of the Gods

Are Pets Psychic? A Cambridge Scientist Believes So

Gateways To Parallel Universes: Opening Doors
To Places Where The Gods Themselves Reside

'It really cracked!' Tourists flee after glass
skywalk shatters underfoot in China

Corey Goode and David Wilcock - Cosmic Disclosure
Episode 14: Portals: Parallel Earth

New finds of a living fossil - ancestors of coelacanth unearthed

Remembering the Famed ‘Alien Encounter’ Witnessed
by Dozens of Children in Zimbabwe

Science of Life, The Universe and Everything?

California witness reports jet chasing UFO

Ancient Slavic Wisdom Confirms The Multiverse Theory

Pyramid Wars & Alien Human Hybrids with Joseph P. Farrell

2001: An Alchemical Spatial Odyssey

Chakras, Energy Flow and Essential Oils

Terence McKenna - The Mushroom Speaks

How French Artists In 1899 Envisioned Life In The Year 2000

Nikola Tesla’s UFO

Dropa Stones: Exposing A 12,000 Year-Old
Extraterrestrial Spaceship Crash On Earth?

More than a dozen mysterious carved discs found near Volgograd, Russia

The Ancient Ruins On and Beneath the Sacred Lake Titicaca

Dr. Masaru Emoto Believed that Water is ‘Something Not of This Earth’

Ancient Earth Break-Away-Civilization Subterranean Council
Meeting & SSP Alliance Debrief Part I - "Honeycomb Earth"

GoodETxSG Part I Secret Space Program, ET Federation
Delegation & MILAB Participant

Baalbek | Ancient Alien Sanctuary and Landing Site Revealed

The Amazing World of Soviet Bus Structures

UFOs Have Been Visiting Earth For a Long Time

Unleashing Your Psychic and ESP Abilities 

Former RAF engineer: MI5 'paid people to fake
crop circles' to discredit UFO research

Burning Man - The Documentary

3 Giant Cigar Shaped UFOs Found In Latest Pluto Photos

United States Major General Blows The Whistle
On What They Really Found On Mars

5 Most Believable Alien Encounters In History

Time Travel & The Multiverse – Many Worlds: Many Timelines

Near-Death Experience - Dying to be me!

Episode 35 - Corey Goode- Inside The Sphere Being Alliance

OutofThisWorld Radio Interview of Corey Goode
and Randy Kramer on September 18, 2015

Dr. Michael Salla 9-16-15… “Stargate SG-1:
Soft Disclosure according to Secret Space Program Whistleblower”

David Wilcock & Corey Goode ~ FADE to BLACK Radio Show

David Wilcock - The “15-year Time Loop”

Cosmic Disclosure - Portals and the Cosmic Web

Out of this world: From total solar eclipse to stunning
auroras, 15 best final frontier photos

Inside a 1918 German U-boat

The Torus and Magnetic Fusion in the Ancient Rig Veda

Dolores Cannon’s Journey Through Space,
Time, & Far Out Dimensions

The Economic Benefits Of Alien Abduction

Inuit People on the Daily Earth Wobble,
Sun Moon and Stars Out of Place

Scottish Land Art by Andy Goldsworthy

How Transmuting Dark Energies Will Heal The Universe

Several Fleets Of UFO’s Spotted In Sarasota, FL 09-12-15

First police officer on scene to speak at Travis
Walton 40th anniversary event

Witness says UFO was heading toward NORAD

Has An Extraterrestrial Corpse Been Discovered
At A Meteor Impact Site In Mexico?

“Computer Code” Found in the Fabric of Space

Mind Before Matter: How Consciousness is Making
a Comeback Through Scientific Exploration

NASA engineer admits they can't get past the Van Allen Belts

Woman Claims To Be From A Parallel Universe

Family Near Area 51 Fights Back After Government
Tries To Confiscate Property

Gregg Braden – The Spontaneous Healing of Belief

Sound Healing – The Power of Sound

Alien Life Inside A Postbiological Universe
Where Time Has No Meaning

Unknown Ancient History Of Antarctica & It’s
Lost Civilization – Secrets Beneath The Ice

Microscopic Image Reveals Fibonacci Pattern in Water

NSW skywatcher who filmed UFOs
says he was quizzed by men in black

The Secrets of the Shining by Jay Weidner

Is This The First Photo Ever Of Living
Extraterrestrial Organism Captured By Scientists

Earth as an Alien Enterprise

Has an Alien Corpse Been Found in Russia?

Unknown Object Of Extraterrestrial Origin Caused
Radiation On Our Planet During The Middle Ages

The Ambassador Talks Exopolitics with Captain Randy Cramer, USMC

Artificial And Extraterrestrial Interference In The Development Of The Human Race

Lockheed Exec Admits Key To Space Travel Is ESP

John Allegro's "The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross"

Zero Point Technologies, Monoatomic Gold, and The Secret of Modern Alchemy

Michael Talbot - Synchronicity and the Holographic Universe

Dodecahedron - Alien Gift To Humans?

Anunnaki and Alien Technology

The International Landscape Photographer Of The Year
Winners Will Leave You Breathless

Burning Man: Inside the bizarre annual
festival in the Nevada desert

2015 Crop Circle Gallery

Is Communication From The Future Already Here?

Is the Universe Programmed by Strings?

The Theory of Everything

The Giant Of Illinois: Robert Pershing Wadlow
Was The World's Tallest Man

Apollo 14 astronaut claims peace-loving aliens
prevented 'nuclear war' on Earth

Pillar of Light Phenomenon Explained

Electric Universe - RUPERT SHELDRAKE: Science Set Free

How To Avoid Negative Harvesting and Reincarnation

Consciousness Survives the Death
of the Body – New Research Confirms

The Cosmic Giggle

This Is What Happens When Water Is Charged With Music Energy

What Is This UNICEF Commercial Really Trying To Tell Us?

Advanced Extraterrestrial Civilizations - Their Technology
And Capabilities: What Can We Expect?

UFOs: Nuclear Missile Warheads Shut Down

All About Lemurian Seed Crystals

Ufos Are Artificial Objects Under Intelligent Control
Says Famous Physicist

20 Effective Ways to Clear and Protect Against Negative Energy


Steve Huff Gets Attacked by Entity While Filming

Mysterious 'Temple Of The Crossed Hands'
Oldest Archaeological Structure Of The Andes

Could NASA be hiding ‘proof that ISS is being monitored by aliens’?

7 Astonishing UFO Pictures

Sea "Alien" Spotted Off the Coast of Angola


The September 2015 Wave X Awakening

Inside the Town Where Everyone Pretends to Be from the Past

'Ancient Alien' Theory Course Now Available
At The Eastern Washington University!

What Do The Elders Say About The Shift?

Planet X Predictions - Hercolubus

PLANET X - NIBIRU Crop Circles

Dazzling Images of the Brain Created by Neuroscientist-Artist

The Sine Wave And MandelBrot Fractal Alignments of Sacred Sites

Remote Viewing Revelations From the US Military to the MoD

Jimi Hendrix Prophecies And Visions

Inside The Building That Survived Hiroshima

Mars Myster object Seen in NASA pics

A Message From The Anunnaki - Mankind In Amnesia

Do Entities From Another Universe Inhabit the
Brains of Psychedelic DMT Users?

Prophecy, Spirit and The Dreamtime

Richard Hoagland Revelations of the Chinese Moon Mission

Unravelling The Mystery Of Giants And Ancient
Extraterrestrial Genetic Warfare

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident – What Happened?

Are Things Spiraling Out of Control?

David Wilcock: Secret Space Program Revealed

All About The Afterlife

Crop Circles 2015 - Uffcott Down, nr Barbury Castle, Wiltshire

Scuba Divers Find Giant Floating Blob

Mysterious Elongated Skull Discovered in Russia

Florida family finds $1mn in gold from sunken
18th century Spanish galleon

Mystery Of Stargates - Gateways Of The Gods

How To Defend Yourself Against Astral Energies

'Alien Skeleton' With Cone-Shaped Skull Unearthed
By Archaeologists At Russia's Stonehenge

David Wilcock: July 25th 2015: Hack Attacks
on, Corey Goode Info.

Mysterious Interdimensional Portal That Can Alter Time Is
Hidden In The Arizona Mountains: Treasure Hunters Say

3 Ways Intelligent Extraterrestrials Could Traverse The Universe In Seconds

Unravelling The Bloodline Of The Gods

The Reptilian Alien Race

Cosmic energies predicted to trigger DNA changes
and disclosure events in September

Latest image of the "Blue Avian" created for the Cosmic Disclosure Show

Sacred Tibetan Books Reveal Incredible Lifespan
Of The Gods: 'Heavenly Ones'

Quantum Mechanics Could Explain Telepathy
Is Everything Connected?

Animal Symbolism, Totems And Dream Analysis From A To Z

Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio - David Wilcock & Corey Goode - June 28th 2015

The “Draco Federation Alliances” Demands & Secrets Revealed

Super Federation Conference, Blue Avian Meeting
and SSP Alliance Council Events

Fascinating Vedic Literature Gives True Insight Into
Ancient Extraterrestrial Visitations And Identity Of Ancient Aliens

Mothership - Massive Alien Craft Caught on NASA's Images

10 Remarkable Advanced Ancient Technologies Ahead Of Their Times

Secret Space Program - Discover Cosmic Disclosure

Memories Of The Star Gods: Our Ancestors Witnessed And
Commemorated Visits Of Space-Faring Ancient Aliens

Quantum Experiment Shows How “Time” Doesn’t
Exist As We Think It Does (Mind-Altering)

U.S. Government Releases Document With Details Of
Extraterrestrial Bodies, Craft & Home Planet

OffPlanetTV - Who was Shakespeare?

Photo Orbs, Memory Snapshots and Buddhist Tulpas

Parapsychology: How Science is Proving that Psychic Experiences are REAL

We Never Really Die: The Science Behind Eternal Consciousness

Search for ET's - Finds Distant Stars - Pulsing - in Time with the Golden Ratio

Is The Hopi Blue Star Kachina Prophecy Happening NOW?

Secret Ancient Knowledge ~ The Divine Matrix with Gregg Braden

125 million-year-old lizard embryos found in Thailand fossil eggs


UFO At The Bottom Of The Baltic Sea Cuts Off Electrical
Equipment When Divers Get Within 200m

Lake of Blood: The dark history of Laguna Yahuarcocha, Ecuador

Mysterious Prehistoric Sajama Lines In Bolivia: Thousands
Of Remarkably Straight Lines But Their Purpose Is Unknown

Woman Proves Sound Can Cure ANYTHING!

Advanced Beings Who Walked Earth Millions Of Years Ago:
Controversial Ancient History

Water And Its Secrets: Water Has A Memory Far
Longer Than Our Transient Lifetimes

Natural Wonders: 'Fingal's Cave' - An Enigmatic
Place Shrouded In Mystery And Legend

How WAVE X Will Affect You

Black 'cube' UFO over El Paso -- the work of aliens or a hoax?

Critical Mass, The Shift And The Hundredth Monkey Effect

Transmitting Thought : The Maimonides Dream Lab

Mysterious light crosses the sky over Colima Volcano in Mexico

India’s Science of Light

Sacred Geometry and the Five Platonic Solids

Current Incoming Intergalactic Waves Of Energy Predicted In 1953!

100 Wonders: The Mystery of Skeleton Lake

Before Radios, Pilots Navigated by Giant Concrete Arrows

Message to Humanity: The Beginning is Now, We Are From the Future

Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio – David Wilcock & Corey Goode

The Reality of ET Contact: What Does This Mean for Humanity?

Pyramid of Tirana

Explorers of Higher Dimensions: The Power of Active Consciousness

NASA cuts live video transmission as THREE UFOs fly past Earth

Quantum Double Slit Experiment Shows The Importance Of Focused Intention

Black Goo - Part One

Russian Navy UFO Records Say Aliens Love Oceans

Worlds in Collision: Will the Controversial Theories
of Immanuel Velikovsky Be Proven Right?

Dr Simon Atkins’ Predictions - The Frequency Shift Into September 2015

Why Does Music Make Us Feel?

Gorgeous Portraits Of The World's Vanishing People

10 Astronomy Facts: Remarkable, Fascinating And Puzzling

Mystery Of The Blue Sphere Composed Of Metal
Of Extraterrestrial Origin: Hidden From Public View

Precognitive Dreams: Can We Dream About The Future?

The Secret of the Moon & the Nature of War

Crop Circles: Messages From the TimeWave?

What Is The Schumann Resonance?

Simple Method for Cleansing and Balancing the Seven Chakras

Cauliflowers to 'SING' in farmers' fields at its loudest in 25 year


What is this ghostly cloud-like object?

Maps of Consciousness, Ancient Tibet, and a New Psychology

Beyond The Matrix | THE RABBIT HOLE with Deepak Chopra


Mysterious 3-Mile-High Pyramid-Shaped Structure
And Unexplained Bright Spots Observed On Ceres

World’s most inaccessible art found in the heart of the Colombian jungle

The Speed of Life: Why Time Seems to Speed Up and How to Slow it Down

Urgent! Huge Astrological Starseed Message For Manifestation

70 Year Old Prophecy : The Earth Will Soon Be Swept
By Extraordinary Rapid Waves of Cosmic Electricity

Graham Handcock - Underworld, Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age

Exo News TV - Marine after 17 years on Mars authorized
to reveal truth for US National Security

Ancient Martian Civilization Was Destroyed By A Nuclear Attack
From Another Extraterrestrial Race - Physicist Says

NASA Openly Admits Alien Life Exists: Get Ready for Disclosure

A Bridge to the Mystical: The Entanglements of Physics and Mysticism

The Importance Of Sound, Frequency & Vibration In Our Daily Lives

Are Holy Apparitions Holographic Projections
Created With Extraterrestrial Or Our Own Technology?

Which Of The 7 Types Of Spirit Guides Do You Have?

Dreams and Dream Interpretation by Owen K Waters

Computer hacking linked to extraterrestrial
disclosure & future War Crimes trials

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D - Revolution of the Evolution
and Emergence of Cultural Creatives

The House of EL - 'Photons create the "wave," and the
observer collapses the wave'

UFO Caught Sucking Water Out Of California Lake

Are fish falling from the sky in Fairbanks?

Crop circles discovered on southern Russian wheat field

Strange groaning sounds come from the sky in Long Island, New York

The trip back home often seems to go by faster -- but why?

Genetic Link Found Between Mental Illness and Creativity

What is 432 Hz tuning?

The Farsight Institute - Cydonia, Mars

Alien Base And Flying Saucer Found In Antarctica?

Alois Irlmaier's Scary Prophecy About World War III

Secrets Of Timekeepers Of Ancient Earth Revealed

Parallel Realities and Timelines: Entertaining a Wild Possibility

A Look Into The Origins Of Mankind: Does
This Explain Evolution’s “Missing Link?”

The Science of Interconnectivity

Strange Ancient Colombian Artifacts
Made With Highly Advanced Alien Technology

Dimensional Jumping

How to See Your Aura: Tips and Tricks!

This Electromagnetic Field Around Every Person
Is Depleted In Those Who Are Unhealthy

Scariest UFO Documentary Ever

The Secret Powers of Time

The Incredible Beauty of a Blown Out Candle

Coast To Coast AM - Chemtrails & ET Abductions

Your entire life is an ILLUSION

How Ancient Cultures Used Healing Crystals and Stones

Mysterious Unexplained Green Jellyfish-Like Lights
Visible Over Holland: What Are They?

Puzzling Alien-Looking Ancient Figure In New Guinea


Breathtaking Bamboo Homes Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Multi-Dimensional Beings With Reflections in the Spirit World

Sungazing Myths Exposed

Mysterious Unexplained Sounds Coming From The
Ocean: What Is Really Down There?

Archontic Implant Removal

Satsang: The Power of Spiritual Presence

Gary Heseltine: "M.O.D UFO Reporting Closed In
Deliberate Act To Break Momentum That Was Building"

Psychoactive Plants in the Bible

The Thing That Connects All Things

Psychedelic drugs should be legally reclassified, says psychiatrist

The Translated Russian Book Of Extraterrestrial Races

The Secrets and Healing Properties of Water

Crop Circles and Goverment Coverup - Colin Andrews

Secrets of Siberian Shamanism

What Science Is Telling Us About The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

Extra Terrestrial Life – Hiding the Truth in Plain Sight

The Alchemy of Time: Understanding the
Great Year & the Cycles of Existence

The Secret of the Moon & the Nature of War

Caravan To Midnight - A Trans-dimensional Conversation
With Linda Moulton Howe

Artist Sean Yoro Paints Meticulous Seaside Murals
While Balancing on His Paddle Board

Hauntings on Ice: Strange Ghost Photos Capture Dark
“Skeleton” Figures at Ice Rink

Reincarnation: The Eastern View


Underwater Extraterrestrials: Declassified Russian Navy Records Say They’re Real!

Understanding The Subconscious Mind: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life| Earth

Staying In Tune With The Schumann Resonance Is Key To Our Well Being

The Power of Conscious Intention

The Hidden History of Lemuria

Archetype of Wholeness: Jung and the Mandala

10 Mind-Blowing Experiences Shared By
People Who Took The Psychedelic DMT

Twin Telepathy: Is There A ‘Special Connection’?

Do Plants Respond To Pain? Scientists Conduct An Experiment To Find Out

Navy Sailor Shares Eerie Story about “Horrific”
Unexplained Radio Signals That Killed His Ship’s Power

When Ghosts Attack: How Getting Scratched by an Invisible
Monster Changed My Opinions on the Paranormal

Is This Extraterrestrial? Earth Receives Strange “Radio Bursts” From Space

This Is How Humans Are Energy Conductors For The Anunnaki

Dolores Cannon Parallel Dimensions and Illusion of Time

Bill Donahue – Astrology In The Bible

The Secrets Of Ancient History Are Locked
Deep Within Your Subconscious Mind

When Does the Kali Yuga End?

How Synchronicity and Magic Mushrooms Changed This Man’s Life

Mystery radio signals that baffled astronomers
for years came from the staff microwave

The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social and global coherence

Graham Hancock and Lorna Byrne - Is there a battle between Good and Evil?

How Frequency And Vibration Create The Structures Of Matter And Life

Rosicrucians’ Secret Knowledge Of Extraterrestrial Visitations

Russia Orders US: Tell The World About Aliens, Or We Will

Anunnaki And Their Magnificent Spaceships:
Evidence Of Ancient Aliens Flying In The Skies

15 Plants That Teach Us Sacred Geometry

The Secret History of Astrology

Pirate Captain Kidd's 'treasure' found in Madagascar

What Really Happened With The 2012 Time Travel Predictions?

ETs and the New Cosmology

Auckland Residents blame UFOs for a string of strange activity in the night sky

Transformational Frequencies Are Rapidly Increasing!

Mysterious 'X-Files' noises captured 22 miles above Earth's surface

Everything You Wanted to Know about the Pineal Gland

5 Simple Techniques That will Build Chi and Remove Negative Energy

ET's - Ever Beyond Simon Parkes Mantid Reptilian Hybrid

This Map of Consciousness May Change Your Life

CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth

First look inside the wreck of WW2 Japanese mega-submarine

The Miracle Of The 528 Hz Love Frequency Solfeggio

Three-Eyed Lama's Encounter With Giants & Ancient
Extraterrestrial Beings In A Secret Underground World

UFO ET Dulce Base Revealed From A Scientist Now In Hiding

Universe is a hologram? Tool to test holographic principle edges closer

Anna Breytenbach the Animal Communicator

UFO buzzes NYC

Dr. Steven Greer: Dozens Of Benevolent ET Species Are Here, Eager To Make Contact

Remote Viewer Courtney Brown Discusses Atlantis And The Origins Of Man

The Pyramid Code ~ Pineal Gland & Altered States

Indians flock to see EIGHT-limbed baby believed to be Hindu god Ganesha

NBC News Reports Nibiru

Unbelievable House Truck Transforms Into Fantasy Castle

Is Communication From the Future Already Here?

X-Files of Soviet Defense Ministry exposed

Strange Things Are Happening To Astronauts Returning From Space!

How To Deal With 4th Dimensional Entities

WWII aircraft carrier that survived atomic blast tests
in remarkably good shape at bottom of Pacific

Psychedelics, Consciousness & the Birth of Civilization

Ancient Manuals to the Afterlife

Jeff Rense & Courtney Brown - Remote Viewing Mars Cydonia

Why Is There Such A Martian Cover-Up?

The 'rainbow' stuck inside an ICE CAVE

The Fibonnacci sequence in all its glory

Agartha – The Hollow Inner Earth

Dennis McKenna on the Co-Evolution of Plants and Humans

Passenger films UFO orbs from airplane

CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth

Past Life Research With “Chosen Ones” Reveals Matrix

The Alchemy of Time: Understanding the Great Year & the Cycles of Existence

Is Science Finally Catching Up to What the Ancients Knew About Crystals?

An 11-year-old autistic boy drew this incredible world map from memory

A Near-Death Story Filled with Inspiration and Wisdom

NDE researcher Dr. Kenneth Ring's essay
"The Golden Rule Dramatically Illustrated"

Was President Obama Warned Of An Investigation into UFOs?

NASA UFOs exposed by Hacker 1

The Pyramid Code ~ Pineal Gland & Altered States

The Unmasking of an Archon

Trickster Pack: At the End of Deception
A Gnostic View of Disclosure

Music: The Language of Spirit

Remote Viewing Cydonia, Mars

What is QHHT?

Ultrasonic Levitation from Japan - 3D Cymatics

Sacred Geometry - The Flower of Life

Unidentified ‘booms’ have been waking up Berkeley
for a month and nobody knows why

Interdimensional Intervention on Earth:
A Synthetic System of Control

Anunnaki Message? The Crop Circle Ea Enki, Nibiru and Marduk

The 3 Most Powerful Tools for Pineal Gland Activation

Mysterious Radio Bursts From Outside The Galaxy
Could Be Extraterrestrial Signals - Scientists Say

Awakenings: Amy Call’s Near-Death Experience

How To Master the Invisible Counselors Visualization Technique

1561 UFO ‘Battle’ Over Nuremberg, Germany

Intervention on Earth: A Synthetic System of Control

The Conscious Internet

The 9 Veils Placed On Every Human Soul

Humans' Extraterrestrial DNA

The Venus Project

David Icke - The TRUTH about the MOON

Cymatics Experiment Convert Your Music To 432Hz V 440Hz TRUTH


UFO - Full Disclosure Hon Paul T Hellyer

UFO Photographed By Guy Stuck In Houston Traffic

Fast UFO caught on camera by drone over Silicon Valley

Famous UFO witness announces 40th anniversary event

10 Year Old Boy Remembers Specific Details About Past Life

Thought-Provoking Quantum Experiments Show Reality is Only an Illusion

How Solar Flares Affect Human Health - Our Mind And Body

Transcending Time in Egoless States of Consciousness

Mastering Alchemy – Sacred Geometry Energy Meditation

Our Galactic Origins – Which Star Families Resonate With You?

Beings Of Light: Human Angels

Shylights: Beautiful Unfolding Kinetic Lights That Bloom like Flowers

Discovery of ‘Alien’ DNA in Human Genome Challenges Darwin’s Theory

Wisconsin witness photographs two orange orb UFOs

UFOs and Extraterrestrials in Art History

Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening: Phil Borges

Native Elders Reveal Centuries Of Extraterrestrial Contact Lore

The Cherokee Star Constellation Prophecy

Graham Hancock - The Duality Conundrum
Confronting Evil - Exploring Consciousness

UFO Files shed light on a bygone era in New England

A UFO story lands in a hall of history

The '60s Are Gone, But Psychedelic Research Trip Continues

What Is The Fourth Phase of Water?

Carl Munck - The Code

The Psycho-Spiritual Aspects of Brain
and Endocrine Imbalances

11 Visionary Artists That Will Blow Your Mind

Disclosure and the Secret History of Our Solar System-- Radio Show

Edgar Cayce Talks About Consciousness

Ancient Astronaut Theory - Erich von Daniken Interview

Mother Tynetta Muhammad and the 19 Code

Boston Globe Article Confirms Suppression of Alien Contact

Human Origins and Elsewhere

Do Men Love Differently Than Women?

Scientists Discover That Eyes Are Windows To The Soul

Robert Monroe - Journeys Out of The Body

Pineal Gland Our Third Eye: The Biggest cover-up in human history

Scientific Evidence of an Ambient Intelligence

Shadow People : Are There Parallel Dimension?

Aura Healing

Filer’s Files #07 – 2015 Black Triangles

Ice crystals cause 'triple sunrise' in Russian city

Metal ball containing bio matter could be alien ‘seed,’ say British scientists

Mathematical Relationships in Pyramids, Human Body and Cosmos

Free Energy: Vortex Based Mathematics

The Magnificence of the Numbers 3, 6 and 9

3 suns in the sky: Chelyabinsk witnesses rare halo effect

Science Proves That Human Consciousness and
Our Material World Are Intertwined

SC Photographer Captures Mysterious Moon-Like Object

Thunderbolts of the Gods - Discourses on an Alien Sky

Michael Grab - Balancing The Stones

Spirit Science 10 ~ Math of God

UK Scientists: Aliens May Have Sent Space Seeds To Create Life On Earth

Wilhelm Reich & Orgone Energy

Karma: Not The “Mainstream” Version – The Real One

The Fourth Phase of Water - What You Don’t Know
About Water, and Really Should

Castaneda’s Recipe: The Phyllo Dough of the Subconscious Mind

Evidence of the Source Field ~ Life emerging from Non-Living Matter

The Illusion of Time

Twin Telepathy: Is there a ‘Special Connection’?

Ferrofluid Reacting to a Coil Driven by Music

Twin Lightships Witnessed by CSETI with Dr. Greer

Robert-Morningstar: Secret Space Program

David Wilcock - “Secret Space Program Disclosure”

Bigfoot In Yellowstone National Park?

Grey Object seen and Nasa HD Cam cuts off quickly

Stunning geometric shapes appear in snow on frozen, isolated lakes

The Healing Wisdom Of Sacred Geometry

UFO - Filer’s Files #05 – 2015 – Huge Tubes on Mars

There Is No Time. There Never Was and There Never Will Be

200-year-old Mongolian mummy may still be
‘alive’ according to Buddhist tradition

Prehistoric High Times: Early Humans Used Magic Mushrooms, Opium

GCI February 2015 Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus

New Theory Scientifically Explains The Afterlife And The Soul

3 Signs You Reincarnated Into This Life

Dr Steven Greer 2007 | International UFO Congress

Spirit Science ~ The sacred geometry

Strange fossils from China don’t seem to fit any known
hominin species. Could they be something new?

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - Nikola Tesla

The Tesla Mystique

Air Force UFO files land on Internet

Interdimensional Quantum Physics & Time Travel: - Sacred Geometry

These 7 Things Happen To You When You Die

How to "Spin the Light" and increase the flow of light
from Creator Source into a Human being

Our universe is a hologram, and we’re floating
inside of it, suggests new research

The Science That Validates Astrology

Mysterious booms rattle homes in Oklahoma

Man wakes from a vegetative state and says he was aware
of his surroundings for most of his 12 year coma

Child Psychiatrist Says Past-Life Memories Not So Uncommon in Kids

Do Other People’s Vibrations Really Affect You?

Light, Vision of the heart and consciousness

Karma: Not The “Mainstream” Version – The Real One

Mystery radio waves from deep space captured LIVE, sender unknown

Marie Wilcox last fluent speaker of her tribal language

The Physical Universe is an Information System

Graham Hancock: Elves, Aliens, Angels and Ayahuasca

Dolphins Have Human-Like Intelligence and Their Own ‘Language’

Wilhelm Reich - Archives of the Orgone Institute

60 Seconds of Crop Circles 2014

Awakening the Third Eye – Be Careful What You Wish For

The Nature of Mind and the Holographic Brain

Mexico Crop Circles Appear Overnight On Christmas
Eve Following Local Reports Of ‘Bright Lights’

The Strange and Unexplained Phenomenon of Raining Stones

What is the Human Biofield and the Role of Biophotons?

Multiple UFOs filmed in daytime over mountain in Santiago Chile

The Origin of the Number Zero

First Contact Radio 1/13/15 - Cosmic Weather,
UFOs, Revelation 1-5, Daily Meditation

How Toxins Harm Your Body’s Energy Fields

Filer’s Files #2 – 2015 – CIA Director UFOs are Real

The Stunning Fate of the Oldest Time Capsule in the US

Reincarnation: The Eastern View

Can Virtual Bodyswapping Make Us More Empathetic and Tolerant?

Quest for (a physical) Philosopher’s Stone

Earth's rotation slowing down: French time lords add one second to 2015

Stunning images from the 31st annual Harbin Snow and Ice Festival

The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation

Sanskrit shocker! Claims of 7,000yo inter-planetary
planes shake up Indian Science Congress

Dr. Greer's New Year's Message - 2015

The Melody of Pi - 226 digits - chromatic π base 12 waltz

Arthur Benjamin: The magic of Fibonacci numbers

How Your Dreams Can Change Your Life

First Contact Radio 12/30/14 - Esoteric Science,
UFOs, Archangels, Daily Meditation

Nebraska Garage Hacker Bends Fabric of Space

What Are Those Strange Things You See Floating In Your Eye?

Pine Cone Symbolism

The Strange and Unexplained Phenomenon of Raining Stones

Man With Rare Condition Literally Tastes Words, and You Could Too

Atacama Humanoid "Alien" Gender Identification?
Exclusive Dr. Greer Interview 2014

Travis Walton shares new theory on Fire in the Sky alien abduction

Dazzling Images of the Brain Created by Neuroscientist-Artist

Changing Our DNA through Mind Control?

Underwater encounter of the third kind!

What Science Is Telling Us About The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

Scientists Uncover The Very First ‘Official’ Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life

The Great Smithsonian Cover-Up: 18 Giant
Skeletons Discovered in Wisconsin

Highest Ranking NSA Whistle-Blower Of All Time
Addresses The UFO Question

Amazing Animated Optical Illusions!

'Ancient Music of Babylon' Recorded for 1st Time

Max Igan - Frequency Shift - Reality Reset

Richard Hoagland 2014 - The Secrets of China's Moon Mission

Jim Marrs - Remote Viewing Aliens and UFOs

Is The Brain The Receiver Of Consciousness?

Alfred Webre, Secret Teleportation And Time Travel
Technology Used To Govern The Planet

8 Ways Magic Mushrooms Explain Santa Story

Are Poetry and Psychosis Linked?

Russian Crow Rooftop Snowboarding

Global Consciousness & The Noosphere

5 Ancient Interpretations for The Meaning of the Tree of Life

Golden Ratio offers a unity of science

The Order of the Golden Ratio in Space-Time

Forgotten Bathonea - 'Library Of Constantinople'
Sheds Light On Earliest Days Of Great Civilization

Strange, Loud Sounds from U. K. to U. S., Europe and Australia

Electric Eels Remotely Control the Movements of Their Prey

Rudolf Steiner Egyptian Myths And Mysteries

Expanding Earth and Pangaea Theory

Remote Viewing - Farsight Advanced SRV Lesson 1: Ideograms

What Science Is Telling Us About The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

Anita's Miraculous Near-Death Story

How We Create Reality

Researcher James Gilliland on As You Wish talk radio, 29.11.2014

Levels of Consciousness

Neuroscientists Find God In Psychedelic Mushrooms

Caravan To Midnight - The Trail of the Nephilim

Understanding The Science of Water

The Many Benefits of Meditation

UFO researchers' computers hacked over mysterious "Roswell slides"

Artist Manipulates 48 Pools of Water with Her Mind

What Science Is Telling Us About The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

Frequency, DNA and The Human Body

Newly Discovered Neuron Adds to the Mystery of the Mind

Strange Beam of Static Electricity Felt Outside of Google Office

Mystery of 'Vampire' Burials Solved

Cymatics - The healing nature of sound

CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford

First Contact Radio - Esoteric Science, UFOs, Ezekiel, Indigos, Daily Meditation

The Top 5 Beyond the Mainstream Science Documentaries

Thoughts Through Space: A Pioneering Long-Distance Telepathy Experiment

Kundalini – The Energy of Consciousness

Carlos Castaneda and The Appointment With Infinity

Geologists Reveal A Relationship Between Mysterious
Siberian Craters & The Bermuda Triangle

All About Orbs

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 153 A Program For Every American

The Parallel Universe Theory – How Worlds Interact

The Life of Geronimo in Pictures

Mystery saucer shaped object pictured floating in the sky over Manchester

The man who can hear Wi-Fi wherever he walks

100 Benefits Of Meditation

UFO - Filer’s Files # 45 – 2014 – ET is Real

All 'quantum weirdness' may be caused by interacting
parallel worlds, physicist theorizes

Our wine owes a debt to ancient viruses

Family believes 4-Year-Old Son Is A Reincarnated Marine

The Spiritual Secrets of Sound

Rare Leonardo Da Vinci Self-Portrait With "Magical Powers"
Hidden From Hitler Is Now On Display

How Ancient Cultures Used Healing Crystals and Stones

The Bizzare Electromagnetic After Effects of Near-Death Experiences

Could we soon record our DREAMS? Headset uses brainwaves
to give viewers snapshots of their subconscious mind

Another 'aerial anomaly': Airline passenger films 'UFO' flying over Iran

Udo Pelkowski: Life-Force Energy Increasing Dramatically

10 Illuminating Facts About Light and Color

Your Childhood Beliefs on Afterlife Stick With You

Humans, baboons share cumulative culture ability

Scientific Explanation Of Near Death Experience

Life after death is real, concludes scientific study of 2,000 patients

First Contact Radio 11/5/14 - Esoteric Science,
UFOs, Thoth-Hermes, Daily Meditation

Newly Discovered Neuron Adds to the Mystery of the Mind

Excitement over Mars ‘petroglyph’ latest in string of Red Planet alien ‘sightings’

Brain Surgeon Visits the Afterlife and Lives to Tell You About It

How to Change Your Frequency to Change Your Reality

Scientist Photographs Plastic Alien at Area 51

Magic Mushrooms Create a Hyperconnected Brain

This Four-Acre Indoor Web Was Home To 107 Million Spiders

Dr. Steven Greer : Different ET Life Forms

Time and Torsion in a Conscious, Holographic Universe

The Belief Effect in Psychokinesis – Psychics, Skeptics and Science

UFO News: Boyd Bushman - The Last Interview On Aliens With Fill Sized Pictures

Non-Human DNA Found in Elongated Paracas Skulls

How To Read Auras: What Does Your Aura Color Mean?

The Underground - A Hidden Reality and The True Story of Phil Schneider

Hopi Prophecy and the End of the Fourth World

Body Snatchers in the Desert : The Horrible Truth of
The Roswell Incident? - Nick Redfern

UFO ‘Fleet’ Buzzing Eiffel Tower Caught On Video

Dr. Steven Greer - "Other Beings & Why They Are Here"

First Contact Radio 10/23/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs,
Bringersof Dawn- Ch15, Daily Meditation

'The Hobbit' turns 10: Find that rewrote human history

Filer’s Files # 42 -2014 – NASA Says, “Life on Mars”

Bizarre Sea Creature Caught In Singapore Looks Like Kraken Come To Life

Dr. Emoto Dies – The Passing of a Legend

DMT→ The Inner Path to Other Worlds

Ancient Flying Disc Discovered On Old Monastery Painting

Synchronicities, Energy Healing, and Strangeness in the Field

Third aerial anomaly this week seen live on TV: Erie, Pennsylvania

Falling Metal Object Mystifies New Jersey Plant Workers

What Made Mexico’s Most Mysterious Beach?


5 Year Old Girl With Autism Creates Extraordinary
Paintings That Belong In A Gallery

The Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization
Richard Dolan Lecture

'Junk' DNA: An interdimensional doorway to transformation?

'Alien life found above Derbyshire proves we're
descended from extraterrestrials', say scientists

1901 Boston time capsule yields small red book

Afterlife Investigations: Scientific Evidence

Out of Body and Near-Death Experiences May be Real Says Largest-Ever Study

World's largest Near Death Experiences (NDEs) study published

What is an Empath and Are You One?

Cat Tracks Down Elderly Owner To Nursing Home

Testimony Of Dying CIA Official 2013, About UFO's And The Extraterrestrial reality

The Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack

London's hidden architecture: Photographer reveals secrets
inside iconic buildings including Big Ben and Bank of England

Inducing Higher Intelligence and Heightened Senses with Gamma Brain Waves

Lady Catches Glimpse of Other Realities and Dimensions on Film

Psi and Psychedelics: Psychedelics, Parapsychology
and Exceptional Human Experiences

The Day I Died: NDE

The Deepest Hole in the World

Is Unexplained Rock Carving Evidence of Advanced Ancient Technology?

How Dreaming Can Lead to Amazing Creative Breakthroughs

All About Reincarnation

Signs of ‘Connected Consciousness’ Detected on Global Scale

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 136 Space, Moon, Mars, and More with Mike Bara

First Contact Radio 9/30/14 - Esoteric Science, UFOs,
Book of Enoch cont., Daily Meditation

Mystery of the Archons – Invaders from Space

Cosmic Top Secret - Robert Bob Dean

The Truth Behind The Malibu Underwater 'Alien Base'

Life on Mars oddities: ‘Traffic light’ and perfectly-shaped ball spotted on Red Planet


Holographic Reality of Being: The Nonlocal Universal Mind

Filer’s Files #38 – 2014 Missouri UFO Investigation

Dean Radin's Extraordinary Synchronicity Story

Accessing High Frequency Energy With Your Pineal Gland

A Clue to the Mystery of Reincarnation

Proof of Heaven with Dr Eben Alexander
A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife

First Contact Radio 9/24/14 - Esoteric Science,
UFOs, Atlantis, Daily Meditation

The Frequency Code

The Nature of Mystical Experience

Where did the green 'alien eggs' come from?

Graham Hancock: Ancient Aliens, Atlantis & Ayahuasca

Akiane: Heaven Is for Real

DNA Activation: Study Reveals How You Can Upgrade Your Genes

Scientists Confirm Our Minds Can Influence Matter

Pyramid Technology: What You Need To Know About Pyramids

Invisible Waveforms, ET’s and Other Transmissions

Discussions From Another Realm

ET/UFO Technology Disclosure Project with Military Witness Dan Willis

360 degrees views of abandoned buildings in Europe

Doctors shocked to discovery woman, 24, doesn't have a cerebellum

Collection of Fractal Art

'Hobbits of the Arctic' Traced by DNA

Filer’s Files # 37 – 2014 – UFO Seen near ISS

Why The Legend Of Robin Hood May Be Wrong

How Your Intuition Reveals Your Brain’s Best Decisions

Internet Rising: documentary film

Global Mind: Unity in Diversity

Nazis, UFO, and Antarctica

Important Disclosure Interview: UK Labour Councillor
Simon Parkes On Being Brought Up By Aliens

528 Physics and Consciousness

More Evidence that Near-Death Experiences are
Real and Diminish the Fear of Death

American Museum of Natural History in New York Dinosaur film


Humanity's Secret Ancient Connection With Sirius -
Did Ancient Aliens Come From The Dog Star?

New dinosaur seven times bigger than T. rex discovered in Argentina

Findings of Unusual Human Remains

Mars Viking Caller Regarding Men on Mars in 1979

The Chinese Nostradamus And His Striking Predictions

New Experiment Will Answer Some Mind-Bending
Questions On Whether We Live In a Hologram

The World's Most Expensive Stolen Paintings

Love Vs Anger Experiment, Impact on Plant Growth

The chemistry of ♥Love, Understanding the Honeymoon Effect

Quantum Mechanics Reveals How We Are All Truly Connected

Cymatic Transposition of a Speech by Chief Seattle

Life on Mars and the Government Cover-Up of the
Secret Alien Life Program (Full Documentary)

Bill Cooper on UFOs

Burning Man - Seventy-foot heads are set ablaze

Mystery of how rocks move across Death Valley lake bed solved

3 Children Whose Stories Support the Case for Reincarnation

Shaolin Monks Demonstrate the Power of Chi

Renowned rock art in Utah is younger than believed

26 Mile Alien Mothership in our Solar System


Ancient Secrets Of The Nine Unknown Men
Guardians Of Forbidden Knowledge Hidden From Humanity

The Cave Of The Stone Sepulcher And Its Dark History

Crop Circle - Ark Lane, nr Stroud Green, Essex, United Kingdom on 29th August 2014

Quantum Mechanics Reveals How We Are All Truly Connected

This is What Happens When an Artist Suffers Cancer of the Pineal Gland

Heart Intelligence vs. Brain Intelligence

Change Your Energy Signature

The 7 Key Energy Votices of Mother Earth

Lloyd Pye’s Enigmatic Starchild Skull:
What The Doctors Say About It

The Wonderful Benefits of Near Death Experiences

Gregg Braden - The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Terence Mckenna – The Living Dead

Lakhovsky's Coil

2014 crop circle gallery

The Fibonnacci sequence in all its glory

Fractals The Hidden Dimension

Exploration of the 4D mandelbrot set on the Z-plane

Deepest Mandelbrot Set Zoom Animation ever - a New Record!

Possible Hybrid Skull In Tunnels Under Giza

Crop Circle at Gussage St Andrews, UK

Everything You Know Is Wrong

'Rangeomorph' Research Helps Explain Why Bizarre Fractal Creatures Went Extinct

Budapest's Abandoned Art Deco Power Station

Astral Projection Technique: Concentration on the Heart

Sacred Tibetan Books Reveal:
Unimaginable Lifespan Of The 'Heavenly Ones'

Mass UFO Sighting Over Houston Texas Lights Up Social Media August 2014

Humanity's Common Secret: Spiral Was Brought to Earth
By Alien Gods And Was With Humans From The Very Beginning

Quantum Mechanics of the Soul

Stanford Scientists Observe Man Travel Out of Body
and Into Space – What He Saw Was Remarkable

Consciousness and Technology – 3 Mind Expanding Comparisons

Searching For Giants In The Georgian Mountains

Crop Circle - Roundway Hill - July 30th

The Morphogenetic Field and the Future of DNA

Dick Allgire Commentary on Farsight's 9/11 Project

Lost Ancient Technology Of Egypt:
Obvious Evidence In The Artifacts

Search For Noah's Ark Continues - The 'Inside Mount Ararat' Research Project

Why is it a secret that human giants have existed?

John Lash interviewed on Red Ices Radio

Pre-Christian Mystery - Janus - 'All Seeing And All Knowing God'

10 Christ-like Figures Who Pre-Date Jesus

Unknown culture discovered in Peru

Scientist fired from university after discovering shocking
dinosaur bones believed to be only 4,000 years old

Extraordinary 6,500-Year-Old "Noah" Skeleton Re-Discovered -
A Survivor Of The Great Flood Hidden In Museum

Luke Rudkowski Interviews David Icke About Consciousness

Light at the End of the Tunnel – Near Death Experience

Alien Encounters: Disney UFO Video Raises Questions

Insight into the life of the Kaxinawa Tribe

800,000 Red Poppies Pour Like Blood From The Tower Of London

Scientific Study Shows Meditators Collapsing Quantum Systems At A Distance

How To Exit The Reincarnation System

UFOs and Prophecies from Outer Space

11 Astral Travel Tips

Ancient graffiti proves Spain’s Irish links

A Look at Theories About Elongated Skulls in Ancient Peru, Europe, Egypt

Resurrection - New Movie About The Pyramids Of Bosnia

Elongated Skulls From The Coast Of Chile
And The World's Oldest Mummies

The Celestine Prophecy

Fred Alan Wolf ‒ Shamanic Physics

Near-Death Experience Reveals That Heaven Is a State of Being

Study: Extinct Human Species Gave Tibetans Their High-Altitude Gene

The Influence Vedic Philosophy Had On Nikola Tesla’s Idea Of Free Energy

The Egyptian Dream Book Reveals Ancient Predictions Of The Future

Remote Viewing 9/11: Forbidden Questions, Forbidden Perceptions

The Search for the World's
Most Extraordinary Language Learners

How To Break Archon Programming

Breathtaking Photos Of Witch Doctors And
Healers Reveal The Spiritual Diversity Of Bolivia

“Out of Africa” Theory Officially Debunked

UFOs - Nazis and Roswell to the 21st Century with Richard Dolan

Electric Aliens? Bacteria Discovered That Exist On Pure Energy

Archaeologists recreate Elixir of Long Life recipe from unearthed bottle

Understanding the Human Aura

Remarkable Stone Depicting Ancient Alien Star Map

Odd Sight: Thousands Mysterious Purple Spheres In The Arizona Desert

Multiple Universes, Parallel Realities & Time Hopping

CGI Award-Winning Animated Short Film - "CALDERA"

2,000-Year-Old Earthquake Detector Worked With Accuracy in China

Jonathan Swift's Secret Knowledge And Extraordinary Interaction With UFOs

Mysterious Cochno Stone Uncovered Again After 50 Years

Beautiful --- Music --- Thoughts --- Pictures --- Words
Turn Water Into Beautiful Crystal Snowflakes

Walk On The Wild Side – Encounters with the Unexplained

Everything is Energy

Mystery Of Valley Of The Seven Dead Men

440hz music — Conspiracy to detune us from natural 432Hz harmonics?

10,000-Year-Old Depictions Of Ancient Aliens And
UFOs Discovered In India Archaeologists Say

Global Coherence Initiative

Ancient Astronauts From Toro Muerto - Peru

Mysterious Earthen Rings Predate Amazon Rainforest

Paul Hellyer speakes about the various types of ET's

Crop Circle - Wiltshire, United Kingdom - July 8th

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