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November 25, 2016

by Sandra Ingerman

I know there many people who are in deep mourning for what is happening at Standing Rock as well as a wealth of devastating global events. We have been so touched by what has been happening in a very long list of cities and countries.

As many of you have been writing on Facebook there are so many people and nature beings who are experiencing pain and suffering through the lack of consciousness of humankind.

And sacred places so dear to many are being destroyed by greedy behavior.

I have received so many emails asking me to lead a journey and/or transfiguration ceremony for Standing Rock as well as other places dear to people's hearts.

One of the reasons I have taught so much in my 35 years and wrote so many books has been to teach you how to bring shamanism and ceremonial work into your community- whether it be at gatherings with friends, family, or your community at large.

I encourage you to bring your spiritual work into your communities, and all of that light, love, power, and healing will connect with the collective energies all over the planet with people doing the spiritual work they feel called to do. The energy must become tangible for the true healing and much needed evolution to occur.

There are those who choose to travel to places to be defenders of the Earth, and we bless you and our daily prayers are with you.

If you have the means to do so donate to organizations who have been doing brilliant and far reaching work to protect the environment, stand up for the rights of animals, and do so much to help with humanitarian issues.
The work I am sharing next is work I have shared with you before. But I know this is a time when many of us need encouragement and inspiration to stay on the path. Keeping our focus is key.

If you know how to perform a shamanic journey let us visit our helping spirits and ask for guidance on ceremonies to perform or ways to work that will increase our level of service to the planet. Ask for what you need to know about what is happening at Standing Rock or any place on Earth where you heart calls you to.

For now I ask that using our imagination we all travel inside into our inner landscape. Imagine yourself being a star radiating light in the night sky, or the sun whose rays light up the Earth, or a flame filled with love and beauty.
Experience that light moving through you and radiating it to Standing Rock or any other place on the planet where so much suffering and disrespect for life exists.

You can also imagine your radiant light circling the entire globe and traveling within the Earth.

Feel yourself connecting with the radiant spirit of many thousands of people around the world who are working to uncover the shadow and bring love, light, honor, and respect back to the Earth.

Let us give thanks to those actively risking their lives in many parts of the world to stand up for protecting our Earth, humans, and all in the web of life.
If you are feeling as if your heart is broken let that lead to expansion of love, light, and compassion. For when our hearts feel as if they are broken they expand to deepen our capacity to give love and receive love and to share healing energies with those who are open to receive them.
Let us feed the strength of the Earth, humans in need, and other living beings. Let us not disempower any living being by sending the energy of pity. See all in their strength and divine light. Feed the strength not the weakness.

This is a hard time for so many. Let us give thanks for all who come together around the world to shine our light and send a message to all of life and this great Earth that we love you and will defend your right to be cared for, honored, and respected.

Let us give thanks for our lives. For feeding the energy of gratitude transforms the shadow states in ways that are beyond our rational knowing.

Let us give thanks for our community!


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