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The Real Reasons Why Raw Milk is Becoming More Popular

Russia Reports Bird Flu Dangerous to Humans Spreading Towards Europe

Tylenol linked to high blood pressure in women

Vaccines, Autism and Gulf War Syndrome

Russia reports bird flu in sixth region

Hidden MSG Names and Foods Made With MSG
and 32 Symptoms of MSG Poisoning

Front page pill pushers

University of Virginia "Drug Whores" attack Echinacea...

Secrets of the FDA Revealed by Top Insider Doctor

Kazakhstan confirms bird flu outbreak

The Top Nine Healthiest Fruits You Can Eat

What Oil Should You be Cooking With, and Which Should You Avoid?

The Great Con-ola

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, Jr. History - Links


Signs and Symptoms of Pesticide Poisoning

Symptoms of Pesticide Poisoning

Mass bird deaths in Russia, Kazakhs say virus deadly

Teflon May Be Just The Tip Of the Iceberg

Toxic Chemicals Found in Nearly ALL Foods

Broccoli (Sprouts or Extract) May Halt Growth of Breast Cancer Cells

Fighting Cancer with Pineapple

Big pharma: It's enough to make you sick

China reported bird flu cases in Tibet

Hundreds Dead From Swine Disease In Sichuan?

U.S. Stocking Up On Avian Vaccine

Bone Cancer-Fluoride Link

Bird flu spreading to more regions in Russia

How Vitamin B17 Works

Foods Containing B17 (Nitrilosides)

Flu could infect half world's people in year

Saliva PH test Info

Antidepressants Proven to Work Only Slightly Better Than Placebo

What You Don't Know About Fluoridation Could Hurt You

Nanotechnology kills cancer cells

Chinese Government's Answer To Containing H5N1 & Recombinants
"Make Villages Disappear!"

Spain reports first likely human death from mad cow

Dangers of Aspartame

The Side Effects of Drugged Crops

Metals and Microwaves

Infections from China pig disease jump to 152

Birdflu kills two Vietnamese, country toll now 42

Outbreak of human 'swine flu' in China worsens

China bacteria outbreak worsens, dead pigs dug up

Five facts about swine flu

Experts puzzled by China's swine flu outbreak

U.S. working up new birdflu plan, official says

Update on the Thimerosal Cover-Up

Germs gone wild

Shopping for Safe Cookware

Japan finds new bird flu outbreak on chicken farm

TV linked to lower achievement

US child vaccination rate hits new record high

Body Burden — The Pollution in Newborns

Up-To-Date Coverage of the On-going Investigations / News
of the Health Dangers Of Teflon / Scotchgard

Is There Hidden Teflon in Your Water?

Flu viruses can quickly swap genes -study

Tests set for Teflon chemical effects

GM crops created superweed, say scientists

A list of Acid / Alkaline Forming Foods

Death Toll From Mystery Illness Jumps To 31 In Sichuan

Symptoms in Sichuan China Resemble 1918 Flu Pandemic

90% Americans Have Mixture Of Pesticides Inside


WHO does U-turn on mobile phone safety

Signs point to global flu outbreak, WHO says

Mercury in Vaccines: The Appalling Truth Revealed

"Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World"

Dozens of Chemicals Found in Most Americans' Bodies

Taking a Vacation Can be a Life-Saver

Cancer Risks Linked to Ritalin

Obesity takes its toll on the military

Eminent scientist behind illegal GM rice / Science blase on terror

Cholesterol Drugs May Harm Ill Diabetics

Merck failed to test safety of Vioxx on heart

Indonesia prepares hospitals for bird flu care

Aspartame Linked To Cancer, Obesity And Brain Tumors

Teflon firm faces fresh lawsuit

Widespread Human H5N1 Bird Flu Infections In China?


Sir Roy Meadow, one of Britians most eminent paediatricians struck
off medical register for lying at trial

Molecular Pharming – the New Battlefront over GM Crops

The Dangers of Irradiation Facilities

Food Irradiation Will Be Used To Mask Filthy Slaughtering
and Food Processing Practices

Top 10 Reasons For Opposing Food Irradiation

Secret Report On Cell Phone Dangers And Tetra

Links pertaining to Poisoning

Cut kids' TV 'to protect health'

Cell phones: Too hot to handle?

Phones coming for the children

NASA scientists seeking to measure toxicity relationships examined
the webs of spiders dosed with various chemicals

Glaxo Plans Five Vaccines

Unborn babies soaked in chemicals, survey finds

Is her cellphone safe?

Teflon Poses Greater Cancer Risk Than EPA Previously Thought

Attention Expectant Mothers

Where Are The Bodies? - The Exceptional Safety of Nutritional Supplements

Virtually All Modern Disease Is Caused By "Metabolic Disruptors"
Found In Everyday Foods And Groceries

The FDA is Unable to Protect You!

Vitamin E scare study used synthetic, not natural vitamin E

The Truth About the Drug Companies

History of Human Research

Informed Consent: The Subject's Right to Know

FDA issues warning on impotence drugs

Curry Spice Shuts Down Melanoma

First case of bird flu hits Philippines

Cauliflower 'juice', a weapon against breast cancer

Argentina to fight Monsanto in court, suspend soybean talks

Consumer group wants warning label on potato chips

TV has negative impact on very young children's learning abilities

The High Cost of Being Sick

Ritalin-Aspartame-Chromosome Damage - Killing Kids For Money

FDA issues 2nd suicide warning for adults

Teflon Chemical is 'Likely' Human Carcinogen

Soy Why Just Stop Eating Soy Will Improve Your Health

How Safe is Your Food Container?

American Diabetic Association Chokes on its Own Double-Talk

Harvard Professor Defends Sunshine, Vitamin D Link

Sunshine and Calcium Knock Out PMS for Good

Aspartame consumption strongly associated with migraines and seizures

Aspartame Archives

White Flour Contains Diabetes- Causing Contaminant Alloxin

Why We Missed the Warning Signs of an Unreliable Drug System

Can You Imagine Celebrating Fluoridation?

Alternative to Microwave oven
Cook Healthier Meals in Half the Time with the Aroma Turbo Oven

Potato health benefits discovered

EPA Wants Pesticide Manufacturers To Test On Humans

New York bans mercury in vaccines

Avian flu killing many more birds in China than reported: WHO

Fluoride Spurs Bone Cancer Risks in Young Boys

Four Tips to Protect Your Eyesight as You Age

More Illusions to Test Your Vision

The Surprising Toxic Effects of Vegetable Oils

The Dangers of DEET & How You Can Safely Repel Mosquitoes Instead

Deadly immunity

Investigation: The Meningococcal Gold Rush

Parents demand gag on cot death doctor's lectures

Cellphone health lawsuit to go ahead

Health effects of GM foods need further study, WHO says

Chance of bird flu between humans increases-Vietnam

A Potentially Dangerous GMO Is Sold in Canada

Second case of mad cow disease in U.S. confirmed

Natural Health Products: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Games 'prime brain for violence'

Health Effects of 30 Commonly Used Lawn Pesticides (PDF)

Cattle STILL Being Fed Mad Cow Food

Pharmaceutical Medicine Reform: Whistleblowers Lead Way



POLLUTION LOCATOR - Chemical Profiles
( more than 11,200
in data base)

(listed by state - USA)

(listed by state - USA)

Study links pain relievers and breast cancer

Cell-phones & Health

Woman Commits Suicide While Testing New Antidepressant

Study Finds That Extra Folic Acid May Protect the Brain

Vietnamese bird flu doctor has bird flu

What If Everything We Thought We Knew About Cancer Was Wrong

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