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Rose Marcus - Your horoscope from May 12 - May 18, 2016

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Rose Marcus

By Rose Marcus

Life is precious. It’s also a juxtaposition of so many varied realities. Last week, the message hit home with major impact, especially for the citizens of Fort McMurray. So often, it is in times of great tragedy that we find the heart of humanity. Imagine if the spirit of generosity, patience, and kindness that was so prevalent during the wildfire crisis propelled our everyday reality. What a wonderful world it would be. Terrorism, guns, violence, and the Donald Trumps of the world could be obliterated.

Mercury retrograde continues for another 10 days. Over the next few, Mercury teams up with Venus in Taurus. Together they put head and heart on the same page. It’s an expressive, creative, and responsive combination; an excellent one for reconnecting with the people who touch you, for holding sacred space for yourself or another, and for speaking about what is most precious/valuable to you.

Reassessment and revision are a Mercury-retrograde specialty, so it’s an appropriate time to crunch the numbers again. Mercury and Venus in trine to deep-pocket Pluto puts potential investment and potential profit on a substantial growth curve. Friday is optimum for money matters, heart-to-heart talks, and for date night. Sunday, catch up with yourself or another, replenish, do errands, clean up, et cetera. Thanks to the Virgo moon hitting it just right, time, energy, and resources are likely to be well spent. Back-to-work Monday is best used for making headway with people rather than paperwork. Tuesday/Wednesday stars keep us on the move-along.

March 20 - April 20

Thursday/Friday, go by feel, think creatively, express what’s in your heart; get your sexy on. You can revisit, repeat, or reuse to great satisfaction. Mercury retrograde well aligned with Pluto and Venus helps you to call it just right. The trio can keep you magnetically drawn and/or turned on. You’ll get full value out of the time you spend at it or with them. Makes you feel that things are coming together naturally and well.

April 20 - May 21

What is it worth to you? Is it worth it? Starting over, starting fresh, retracing your steps, picking up where you left off: you’ll do it better and get more out of it this time. Over the next couple of days, Mercury retrograde and Venus in Taurus put you back in touch with another and/or, more importantly, yourself. Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday keep you on a productive, lucrative, and pleasing upswing.

May 21 - June 21

The next few days can see you reclaim lost ground, lost time, or a misplaced item. Thursday/Friday Mercury/Venus makes for a heartwarming or a romantic reconnect. Relax, enjoy, indulge; gift family, a friend, or your lover with more quality one-on-one time. Saturday can be a dip or wasted day, but Sunday/Monday puts you back on track quite nicely.

June 21 - July 22

As is typical of Mercury retrograde, expect to hear from folks or to run into someone you know. A change of plans, mind, or heart could lead to something better. Listen to your instincts and intuition. Refinance; return it or upgrade it. Pre- and postweekend are ideal for revisiting a conversation, touching base again, or gathering more advice, input, or information.

July 22 - August 23

You’re in stellar favour. Watch for good feedback or a favourable response. An intuitive sense of timing works to your favour Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. You’ll have a very good handle on what it’s worth and what it’s worth to you, this in regard to shopping, bargain-hunting, or considering how much time and effort to put into it or them.

August 23 - September 23

Friday can be a good-news, moneymaking, or opportunity-generating day. You could get a callback, hear results, or gain a favourable response. Friday evening is the best social or date night of the weekend. Saturday can be something of a missing-in-action day, but come Sunday/Monday, the stars have you nicely refuelled and pacing it well.

September 23 - October 23

If you have a refund coming or money due, you could see it as early as Thursday/Friday. Use these days to refinance or to discuss money matters with your significant other. Venus, Mercury retrograde, and Pluto are also in the mood; indulge, enjoy, give it up for love or lust. Sunday is good for a top-up. Monday starts the week on the upbeat.

October 23 - November 22

Mercury/Venus helps you to make the most out of it as the workweek comes to a close. You’ll get great enjoyment out of your activities, conversations, and visits. Saturday could be something of a spin-your-wheels type of day, but as of Sunday, the move-it-along should prove to be a productive one. Sunday/Monday is built for ease. Tuesday/Wednesday builds more traction.

November 22 - December 21

It seems you have your work cut out for you. Although you may feel inundated, and/or have to retrace or revise, Mercury retrograde, Venus, and Pluto are in a productive alignment. You should feel you are sorting through it well, especially Thursday/Friday and Sunday/Monday. While Mercury continues in retrograde, a certain amount of revisiting is in order. Next weekend sets you/it free.

December 21 - January 20

Some parts of life and love can be flourishing; some parts are in need of a rethink. Even if plans or people reroute you, the next few days should keep you moving along a good track. Friday and Sunday are best for moneymaking, creative projects, gifting yourself, your lover, or another. Monday is a productive people day.

January 20 - February 18

Whether there’s a special event to mark or not, entertaining at home, or sharing quality time with family, is the place to be this weekend, especially Friday and Sunday. While you may face added expenses now, there is nothing more worthy than upgrading the quality of your home and family life or spending for your personal gain.

February 18 - March 20

Friday is ideal for another interview, talk, or meet-up. A repeat or revisit tops you up and/or gives you more to go on. Plans or good intentions can fall by the wayside on Saturday. Go with the flow; easy and simple does it best. Sunday/Monday are good for connecting and sharing. Tuesday/Wednesday, you’ll work through it.

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