Your Decision Francine

To those who are not already apprised, there are two Mayan calendars extant in the world. One is the “True Count” or “Long Count” of the Mayan culture over the last 3000 years of history and then there is the “Dreamspell” calendar of Jose Arguelles a western trained professor. (Not even Mexican let alone Maya) Jose, claims to have made “improvements” on the Mayan sacred calendar with his revised dating of the calendar. Unfortunately he has never conferred with the Mayan people on his invented count.

In fact he has resolutely rebutted communications from the Mayan elders concerning his errors in presenting their sacred information to the world at large. Finally, the Maya have forbidden him from speaking anywhere in
Mexico or Guatemala.

Most recently Francine M. Blake a British subject, has put forward a Crop Circle Calendar for 2004 with the Mayan calendar dates according to the false count of Jose Arguelles. This false count of the Mayan calendar is being supported by a certain Mr. Rob Underhill who also resides in England.

I, Ian Xel Lungold will have no more of these false representations of the Mayan sacred calendar from Jose Arguelles, Aluna Joy Yaxkin, Dr Chet Snow, Rob Underhill or any other deluded follower of Jose Arguelles and his rip off 13 Moons calendar.

Ms. Francine M. Blake and myself have had one meeting were and when she was apprized of her error in the dating of her calendar. She since, has just recently published a news letter in England stating that the Jose Arguelles count calendar (on her now printed and distributed calendar) is the correct dating of the Mayan sacred calendar with Mr. Rob Underhill making unfounded and untrue statements through-out the publication.

All of this lying about the Mayan sacred calendar stops right here and NOW!

I, Ian Xel Lungold, have personally traveled to the Mayan lands and have met with the Mayan Elders of the Council of Indigenous Priests and Elders concerning this issue. To those same Elders, I have sworn my oath to do my best to straighten out the confusion concerning the Mayan calendar to the world’s population.

To those aims I publish this letter to Francine M. Blake and all of those who would support the fabrication of Jose Arguelles’s representation of the Mayan calendar called the Dreamspell or 13 Moons Peace Movement calendar. I hereby request that all communications, questions or attacks be delivered to myself at to be answered full well.

Come on Dreamspellers, step up with your facts in hand not your time-twisted and tortured beliefs, or go cower, howling in your ever-smaller, ever-darker corner. 

Facts Clue #1. Your first stop would be ; La Cupula, #13 Calle 8- 64 Zona 11 Guatemala City, Guatemala.

 Then we can talk? Can we? You betcha we can!

In service to the God~Us,
Ian Xel Lungold
April 06, 2004
8 - Storm (CAUAC)


Dear Francine Blake,

This is in answer to your recent articles from Peter Goddard, yourself and a certain English resident, Rob Underhill.

I am posting this communication as an article at our web page so that others can see what is up as well.

The 260 day Tzolkin calendar is probably the Mayan calendar with which you are most familiar. Most people were introduced to the Mayan calendar by Jose Arguelles and his Dreamspell version of the ancient Mayan "True Count" calendar.

This erroneous "Dreamspell" calendar is the one that Mr. Rob Underhill and Aluna Joy Yaxkin among others, are promoting.

You may have heard something about the Haab calendar and its 19 month divisions of each 365 days into 18 months of 20 days with 5 days in the 19th month. This is the calendar most understood by the “western trained” archeologists and so the most discussed in books and class rooms.

The Haab was the Mayan solar year, agricultural, bookkeeping, or civil calendar developed by the “post classic” Maya. (NOT the classic Maya.) What you have not heard much about is the calendar that was central to the “classic” Maya called the TUN calendar of 360 days. This TUN, 360 day calendar (18 months of 20 days) is the only Maya calendar directly connected to the Tzolkin and they run together like two gears, each day being a tooth on the respective gears. 

All of the dates carved in stone throughout Meso America over 3000 years were carved in TUN dates not Haab dates. Neither the Tzolkin nor the Tun calendars is concerned whatsoever with our earthly orbit around our particular star or our moon’s orbit either.

The Maya have never connected the Tzolkin and the Haab calendar together. It was the modern Archeologists that did that. Jose Arguelles was just following what he was taught by the archeologists. He has never gone to the Maya to discuss any of this.

Last I heard, his position was that he has made improvements on the Mayan calendar with his Dreamspell and that’s fine and dandy as his viewpoint. His followers resolutely proclaim that Jose Arguelles is senior to The Mayan civilization in his understanding of the Mayan calendar. However, the fact is that the math in his system is flawed to the point that one day out of every 4 years needs to be erased from creation just to keep his system going. (Day out of Time, Feb 29th)

The Maya never connected the Solar or Lunar calendars and the Tzolkin together and herein we have the seeds of the current problem. As of now, most of the planet (including you and Dr. Chet Snow) have been fed erroneous information about the Mayan calendar.

I myself, Ian Xel Lungold, have had personal meetings in Guatemala with the top elders of the Mayan civilization. I am under solemn oath to the Mayan Elders of the Indigenous Council to do my best to straighten out all of this Mayan calendar confusion for the rest of the world.

 I, Ian Xel Lungold, hereby demand that you personally confront Rob Underhill and demand that he tell you when, where, and, to which Mayan Elders he has spoken to concerning the dating of the Mayan calendar.

The Maya people do indeed know what day it is on their sacred calendar because they have been keeping it as a cultural treasure and ritual for the last 3000 years and they most deeply resent someone raping their culture once again in the perversion of their most sacred information. This calendar irregularity is of no small consequence as it directly affects the consciousness of billions of earth’s inhabitants and their ability to continue on their journey of conscious evolution. The grave consequences involved may be why you have found so much animosity over this issue.

On one side you have a western university educated professor (Jose Arguelles) claiming to have superior information about a 3000 year old cultural icon and on the other, the leadership of the Mayan culture in an uproar over the erroneous presentation to the world of their most precious information.

Go ahead, Ms. Francine Blake: choose once and for all in front of the world as I will be presenting your response on my web site. Choose between, on the one hand, a local yokel (Rob Underhill), a dribbling savant, a follower of a pompously, arrogant university professor (Jose Arguelles) and, on the other hand, a noble 3000 year tradition kept by the Mayan people. Which will it be?

Not answering within ten (10) days will be your admission that you favor the local yokel, a pompous professor and your false Mayan calendar (2004 Crop Circle Calendar) that you printed without checking your sources. I suggest that you get busy investigating your possible error.

You are very welcome to the fate that awaits your decision.

One thing to remember: millions of persons in Europe and the Mediterranean thought that the world was flat for thousands of years. That is, until someone with the courage, went to check the facts. It was then that those living understood that they had been lied to for centuries by the supposed authorities.

Go talk to Mister Underhill right now! I, Ian Xel Lungold, Demand it!

 Because of Jose Arguelles’s arrogance, most of the world is in a similar situation about the Mayan calendar which is far more important than whether the earth is flat or not.

A disk spinning in space would still be going through the evolutionary consciousness shifts that are in effect. The accurate timing of those effects is of the utmost importance to all of humanity especially as the effects continue to accelerate. You can help the evolution of consciousness or further damn humanity.

Your choice of course.

So let me make this perfectly clear.

The sacred Mayan calendar has nothing to do with the cycle of this planet’s orbit. So put away your devotion to the moon concerning the Mayan calendar as well.

The sacred Mayan calendar has nothing to do with the cycle timings of this solar system.

It is time to get a much bigger view of creation than what is going on here on this little speck of creation that we call our earth home.

The sacred Mayan calendar has nothing to do with the cyclic timings of this galaxy.

All of the Physical Universe is an Effect of Cause, all structure or alignments within creation are the effects of cause.

The sacred Mayan calendar always was and still is keeping track of the cycles of Cause and, we today can note, just as the Maya did throughout their history, the record of the effects generated by these causes seen in the stars, planets, and, in their own societies. The ancient Maya knew that they were connected into the mind of God.

We are just now figuring out how they did that.

It was their sacred calendar system.

Now, with our scientific proofs, we can better understand the Mayan sacred calendar and its purpose. The Mayan calendar is not now, nor was it ever used to tell time. It has always been a tuning device for consciousness. The Mayan calendar was always a tool to tune your consciousness and to engage your intuition. “What you pay attention to, you become conscious of.”  By accurately paying attention to the flow of consciousness day by day on the Tzolkin calendar for instance, you start to become attuned to the Flow of Creation and your inner knowing or intuition responds. This is the basic power of the 13:20 ratio getting into gear and it is why persons are intuitively guided to the Mayan calendar in the first place. (The personal astrology associated with the calendar is merely icing on the cake.)

The meanings of the 260 days of the Tzolkin calendar are made up of intentions numbered 1- 13 and 20 different aspects of creation. Each of these days has its own purpose and flavor. It is understood by the Mayan Elders that whatever day something comes into being physically, it comes into being with the energy of the day that it manifested and that it carries that energy for the duration of its existence whether in the physical or in memory. This applies to the day that you were born or the day you got married, started a business, dedicated a road, a pyramid temple or whatever. So whatever “Gregorian day” happens to start a yearly cycle, the meaning of that day on the Mayan calendar sets the whole cycle’s intent and aspect.

2004, for example, started on 3 Akabal or 3 Night on the Mayan calendar. That means that this year is intended to be strong in action and communication about the aspect of the temple or the silent womb of creation and the void, the source of dreams which can be harvested (manifested) from there and applied to our physical reality.

In other words; 2004 is a year to communicate and take action on your dreams and, by so doing, build the sanctity of your inner temple.

The importance of this Mayan calendar and the accurate count of this calendar cannot be over estimated. This is your choice Francine as stated earlier. Answer within ten days or not.

Your answer will be fully posted at my web site on April 15, 2004.

Good luck with your conscience Francine Blake and to hell with yours or anyone else’s ego.

In service to the God~Us, 

Ian Xel Lungold

APRIL 19, 2004

Wow! Those 10 days plus really flew by didn't they Francine?

You know, I have not heard from you, Rob or any other Dreamspell folks except those who were writing to say that they were switching calendars and removing links to Jose Arguelles sights and Aluna Joy Yaxkin's site. What's Up? Do you have no data to present that validates your assertions about the Dreamspell calendar? On the other hand I have recieved over 50 communications applauding my letter and challenge to the Dreamspell followers. (Even though some admonished the letter's intonation)

The fact that you have gone 10 days plus an extention period of 3 days, does in fact establish your legal agreement by your silence, that you are defrauding the public with your published calendars. This should be embarassing at the least. At the best, your sales of the fraudulent Crop Circle/"Mayan" calendar will be a disaster so that you wont be trying this calendar trick again. People vote with their dollars, don't they?

Good bye Francine Blake and Rob Underhill, you have shown us your true colors.
Conscience Kills (eventually) Enjoy your fate.

In service to the God~Us
Ian Xel Lungold


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