Solar Activity Is The Cause of ‘Climate Change’

by Mitch Battros (ECTV)
March 9, 2004

As mentioned in so many of my articles since 1997 until just yesterday, empirical scientific studies show again and again, the cause of today’s so-called ‘global warming’ has a direct correlation with the Sun’s solar cycles. Currently there is a push led by environmental activist to convince the public it is “humans” that are the sole cause of our globe getting warmer. This is nothing less that an outright lie!

The best current data provided by NOAA and various other climate change research teams, confirm without hesitation, the Earth has seen today’s trends many, many times before. This is to say, we would experience climate change (in its full polarity) meaning extreme colds and extreme heat….”If there were no humans on Earth”. That’s right. It has very little to do with us. But yet we humans do in fact need to remain ‘responsible’. Most recent studies suggest we (humans) do contribute a significant percentage. Perhaps as much as 15% to 18%. This is certainly a large enough amount of which we do have some influence.

But please take note; the 15% to 18% human contribution if it somehow were able to be completely eliminated, would not have any measurable outcome on “Climate Change”. However, it would make a difference on providing cleaner air. And for this writer, having cleaner air is a worthy goal. But again, it would not have any effect on what we see today, and what will surely continue expidentially in the years ahead. Yes, we will continue to witness “extreme weather” and “freak storms”. But don’t fret; it could be no other way. It is simply part of the universal cycle. Yes, the Earth has seen this many times before; even when it was uninhabited by humans. Simply put….It’s a natural cycle!

What is driving this cycle?

Even our ancient ancestors knew exactly what was driving the seasons, the weather, and long term cycles. It is Ra, Sol, Sun. The life source of all things. NASA has now admitted we “are not in a typical 11 year cycle”, we are in an “expanded cycle”. I have described this cycle as a “Mega Cycle”. A cycle that supersedes a cycle. There are some in the scientific field who suggest we are currently in a 1200 year cycle; others believe it is even larger, measured at 12,000. And yet a small scientific body believes it is more likely a 100,000 year cycle.

So how does this work?

Let’s take the most recent example. Just yesterday, the LA Times reports “Record Breaking Heat Hits California”. An (AP) report states “A 112-year-old mark fell in downtown San Francisco when the temperature hit 82, besting the record of 78 set in 1892. Sacramento tied its 1953 record for the date with a high of 80. They were among dozens of locations up and down the state reporting highs at record levels. San Diego missed tying its record by one degree but at 84 was 18 degrees above normal.”

Two days ago, we experienced an M-Class flare, two days prior to that was yet another M-Class flare. This indicates solar activity remains high. And this comes almost three years after NASA’s original prediction of “Cycle 23’s" apex, or maximum. But there is more to March 7th’s M-Class flare, a CME (coronal mass ejection) began at approx. 1:42 , and continued to spew for over 24 hours. This was quite unusual. A typical CME may last several minutes, but I have never heard of charged particles launched into space for this long a period.

I am suggesting, the March 7th, and prior March 5th M-Class flares are the cause of yesterdays “record breaking” heat on the west coast. This very same solar explosion is also the cause of today’s headlines 1) “Seven killed in Madagascar cyclone, 18 missing” Seven people were killed when cyclone Gafilo swept across northern Madagascar at the weekend, and 18 people are reported missing in the northwestern town of Ambanja, the Indian Ocean island's rescue service said here. And this one. 2) “Thousands Stranded After So. Korean Worst March Snowstorm” SEOUL (Reuters) - Helicopters dropped food and fuel supplies to thousands of drivers marooned on highways across South Korea, officials said on Saturday, after the worst March snowfall in a century blanketed the country's central region.

Watch for reports of extended “northern lights” or “auroras” to be present in the northern skies. Aurora Outlook: Sky watchers should be alert for auroras tonight. A solar wind stream is flowing toward Earth from a coronal hole on the sun, and auroras could appear when the stream arrives on March 9th or 10th. The best displays will be at high latitudes--e.g., Alaska, Canada, and perhaps northern-tier US states like Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

Solar Watch:

Sunspot region 570 has grown to huge proportions. It stretches for ten Earth’s from end to end. This sunspot is so large; you can view it with your unaided eye. But remember; never look directly at the Sun. I expect M-Class flares to be produced from this region. There is a smaller 20% chance X-Class flares will occur.

Watch for continued “freak storms” and sudden temperature changes. It may freeze in parts and create more record highs in others. As mentioned in prior articles, the new “Super-Duper Doppler Weatherman” is well on their way. Don’t be surprised if you begin to see and hear your local weather forecast personality begin to use ‘space weather’ as part of their weather broadcast.



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