Breaking News: Judges Acting Under False Oaths- Oregon Government Exposed - Void of Law at the Top

September 1, 2001, Mt Angel, Oregon - Researchers in the state of Oregon have discovered that the Supreme Court Judges in Oregon are acting under a different oath than the Lawful, Constitutional Oath which by Law they are mandated to uphold.

The following documents are being circulated at this time throughout the counties so that by next week, thousands of Oregonians will be knowing of the criminal fraud that is being enforced upon them. It is up to each of us to take this information, copy it, get people to sign the signature sheets and add to them. Send these sheets to governor Kitzhaber, to your Legislators, to Congress, to the Media, most of all file them into your own cases on your own corrupt judges.

Whatever has been seized from you or judgments these individuals have made against you are void of Law and unenforceable. The evidence STANDS now and the TRUTH is in the Public Record and SHALL be faced. It is time for the People to restore the Bill of Rights before it is too late to exercise the ability to defend ourselves against this.

At the end of the article, a link is provided to go to a file and download the whole packet with exhibits and process service. There is also a cover sheet to attach to any packets served on public officials from whom you demand an answer. Please download the hard copy of these documents in its entirety, copy and distribute to every Oregonian possible and have them do the same.

Call 503-845-6734 or go to and contact us to help pass Measure #1, to Restore Constitutional Government in the State of Oregon. This measure revokes the Amended VII statutory, legislative fraud and restores courts of Justice, Constitutional Judicial Due Process and accountable judges, going back before the Bar had stolen our Inherent Rights as well as our money and turned American Justice into a corporate business.

There is nothing more important than this.
Your freedom hangs in the balance today.

Will and Pamela Gaston
A Voice for Children
Fifth Amendment Coalition




The following documents are being entrusted to you, as a Trustee of these documents, with full authority granted to you by 42 U.S.C. 1986; the Brothers Keepers Statute to act.

Milton Everett, Mitchek, did search the Oregon law to find out why those biased officials who corrupt the government and who oppose the People’s good faith attempts to seek remedy through Oregon Courts, are not upholding their Oath/Oath of Office.

My research revealed that Oregon Judges do not take the required oath to support and uphold the Original 1857-59 Constitution.

The Supreme Court and the Circuit Court Judges’ oaths were changed from the Original 1857-59 Constitution of “said state” to a different, fictional state: “this state”, in 1910.

“this state” “means the land and water and the air space above the land and water with respect to which the State of Oregon has legislative jurisdiction”. (Oregon laws 1973, chapter 836, page 2708, Section 13) (O.R.S. 131.205)

Therefore, this “artificial” and technically Constitutionally Lawless Jurisdiction, “this state”, is overlaid above our Constitutionally Lawful “Union state of Oregon”.

Article VII Amended changed the Supreme Court Judge’s title to “Judges of the Supreme Court”.

My research revealed that the State of Oregon Supreme Court Judges/ Judges of the Supreme Court do not take Oregon’s required Constitutional Oath, Article VII, Amended Section 7, and no change of oath has been made since

Without a valid Oath of Office, he/she is not a Judge; but, rather, impersonating a Judge.

A rebel Oregon Judge who does not take and uphold Oregon’s required Oath is committing treason against the Oregon Constitution, the Law of the Land and the People.

I talked with Personnel at the State Court Administration Office on June 28, 2001. They said Supreme and Circuit Court Judges should take the required oath in Article VII, Amended Section 7.

All Supreme and Circuit Court Judges must take the same, constitutionally-required Oath/Oath of Office.

Any oath that is less than the required oath is imperfect, fraud, and false Oath, void from the beginning Oath of Office. Consequently, under such defective oath, the Judge is non-judicial, merely impersonating a Judge. All judicial decisions are void while he/she is impersonating a Judge. The office is vacant and needs to be filled.

Prineville, Crook County, Oregon - On Tuesday, March 2, 2004 Former Marion County Sheriff Jack Utterback and his wife Dixie appeared in the Crook County Courtroom of Judge DANIEL AHERN. The Utterbacks had been ordered to appear to stand trial for numerous zoning code violations. The ordeal the Utterbacks have endured at the hands of an arrogant and abusive county was described by the Utterbacks when they appeared February 24, 2004 before a Special Grand jury was reconvened by former attorney and public prosecutor Roger Weidner to investigate the wide spread corruption in the Oregon court system. The sworn testimony of corruption and abuse given by Weidner, and other victims of state abuse and systemic fraud, including the testimony of the Utterbacks and others at that hearing appeared on and under GRAND JURY HEARS FEDERAL COURT TESTIMONY. (See Link at end of article)

After the February 24 hearing, Jack Utterback, his wife Dixie and Roger Weidner and Jamie Jackson went to Oregon Chief Justice Wallace Carsons office in the Oregon Supreme Court Building to meet with him again about the severe corruption problem in the Oregon court system. Jack Utterback told those with him that he had gone to gradeschool with Judge Carson and knew him when he was Marion County Sheriff and Carson was in private law practice. Judge Carsons assistant politely told Utterback that Judge Carson was "tied up" and could not meet with him.

Two days later on February 27, 2004 Pamela and Will Gaston and Roger Weidner appeared before the Oregon Law Commission, whose members included Judge Carson and Atty. Gen. Hardy Meyers, and presented them all with the story appearing on this website about the Grand Jury in the federal hearing.

Before the March 2, 2004 hearing in Prinevile, on March 1, 2004 at 5pm, Utterback, Weidner and Will Gaston were, after repeated request, able to meet outside the Prineville Police Department with Under Sheriff Jim Hensley. Weidner explained to Hensley that he was a former public prosecutor who has been fighting the corruption in the Oregon court system for years. Weidner told Hensley that the judges openly admit that their courts are not constitutional courts of "due process". Weidner told Hensley that he and thousands of other outraged citizens are determined to restore constitutional government to the citizens of Oregon. Hensley was pleasant and understanding as Weidner explained the current court corruption problem to him, namely that people were, and still are, having their children, land and other property shamelessly stripped from them by corrupt judges in "sham" often "star chamber" type proceedings devoid of even a semblance of constitutionally guaranteed "due process" of law. Hensley listened respectfully as Weidner explained to him the nature of the problem and that the citizens will not and cannot allowed the corruption to continue.

The Utterbacks entered the courtroom with 7 supporters including Weidner, Gaston, Patricia Wishon, Jason Wheeler, Tony Martin and Wishon's sister and husband. Weidner told everyone to remain standing until the judge came in so there would be no voluntary public acknowledgement when Judge Ahern entered the room. While standing Weidner obtained the name of Dep. DA RAMEY and court guards Sgt RUSS WRIGHT and Under Sheriff HENSLEY. Judge Ahern entered the room and only Ramey moved when Ahern entered the court. Ahern in a stern orderly way read the Utterback case number into the record. Dixie and Jack stepped forward and she informed Ahern that Jack was hard of hearing and she would be speaking.

Dixie Utterback then at the prompting of Weidner read into the record the information in the Special Appearance she had filed with the court. Utterback read Supreme Court caselaw in that document that states if the jurisdiction is challenged all proceedings must cease until jurisdiction is established. This is the most basic right of a freeborn people to insure that constitutioanl judicial due process is being adhered to. Utterback said it was not a lawful court if the jurisdiction could not be stated. She and Jack then said they were leaving the court.

Immediately Ahern, his mode and deameanor shifting noticeably to being openly confrontational said in a cold threatening manner "if you leave you will be arrested for contempt". Weidner said: "if you arrest one of us you will have to arrest all of us". Ahern said he was only going to arrest the Utterback's.

Dixie, defiantly with rightous indignation said "they arrested my Lord for standing up to evil, so they can arrest me too for I am standing against this evil". She was arrested by Dep. Hensley as she walked through the door. Weidner told Ahern that he has repeatedly talked to Judge Carson about the corruption problem and was told by Carson, during a December 12, 2003 meeting, to "keep up the good work". He also told Ahern that the citizens are demanding a restoration of constitutional government. Weidner told Ahern that he and others across the state are prepared to take whatever steps necessary to see that the judges observe their oath of office and conduct fair and impartial hearings where the citizens constitutional rights are observed by the judges. Ahern did not respond to what Weidner said to him. Instead Ahern sat with a blank look on his face.

Jack Utterback, still standing inside the courtroom said he did not want to be arrested. Dixie said "Come on, Jack". Will Gaston said "I rise under the authority of Amicus Curiae" and approached the bench unimpeded. Gaston handed judge Ahern a pamphlet called "Vultures" containing the research in Oregon about a court system in which judges do not have lawful oaths or jurisdiction. Gaston said "I am filing this into the record of this hearing". (Vultures pamphlet link at end of article)

Jack Utterback left with Gaston and Jack was immediately arrested by Dep. Wright and another officer as he left the courtroom. Courtwatcher Wishon, while she stood watching, openly condemned the deputies for their "police state tactics". As Jack and Dixie were being arrested, 4 other deputies were found hiding by Gaston and Weidner behind a door leading upstairs.

Weidner and Patricia Wishon and Jason Wheeler followed the four deputies as they led the Utterbacks from the Courthouse to the Prineville City Jail. We encourage people to contact the judge at the Crook County Courthouse about the release of Dixie and Jack Utterback. This is outrageous contempt for the people that judges are so corrupt that they arrest people for asking if they are in a constitutional court.

Weidner is filing a Habeas Writ into the Oregon Supreme Court in the morning to enforce their release. Now Utterbacks will have a jury trial in which the only relevant issue is the still unanswered question of lawful jurisdiction. The court bears the burden of proof that the actions of the state are according to judicial due process of law.

Roger Weidner
Pamela Gaston

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Judicial immunity does not exist for judges who engage in criminal activity for judges who connive with, aid and abet the criminal activity of another judge, or to a judge for damages sustained by a person who has been harmed by that judge’s connivance with aiding and abetting another judge’s criminal activity.

Judges who do not report the criminal activities of other judges become principals in the criminal activity, 18 U.S.C. Section 1.


Whereas, as required, in the Oregon Constitution, the Supreme and Circuit Court Judges have not taken the required Oath of Office. (See attached Exhibits A through J-1)

Whereas, as required, there is no State constitutional remedy for appeal to the Oregon Supreme Court. (See enclosed- Certification of Judges Oath of Office of This State)

Whereas, as required, failure for Judge to take, support and uphold the State of Oregon’s constitutional Oath of Office of Judge constitutes the intentional crime of perjury, fraud, error, Error Juris Nocet, committing acts of extortion, mail fraud, wire fraud, RICO, willful misconduct in a judicial office where such misconduct bears a demonstrable relationship to the effective performance of judicial duties; and willful or persistent failure to perform judicial duties; or generally incompetent performance of judicial duties and other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Judges shall be impartial and held accountable when judges are biased. Bracey v. Warden, U.S. Supreme Court No. 96-6133 (June 1997).

Therefore, if a judge does not fully comply with the Constitution, then that judge’s orders are void. In re Sawer, 124 U.S. 200 (1888), he/she is without jurisdiction, and he/she has engaged in an act or acts of treason.


Whenever a judge acts where he/she does not have jurisdiction to act, the judge is engaged in an act or acts of treason. U.S. v. Will, 449 U.S. 200, 216, 101 S.Ct. 471, 66 L.Ed.2d 392, 406 (1980); Cohens v. Virginia, 19 U.S. (6 Wheat) 264, 404, 5 L.Ed 257 (1821).



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