September 2011 Planetary Outlook Newsletter & Monthly Horoscopes


Message From Joe

Hi Friends,
As we start off this month we are still feeling the harmonious energy from the New Moon on August 28th. This month we are rethinking our perspective of responsibility and service to others. This can be anything from a new job or business or even paying closer attention to our health. We will be off to better start this month then last.

On September 8, communicator planet Mercury’s opposition to foggy Neptune can cloud our minds with unrealistic expectations, but on the 9th Mercury moves into Virgo prompting us to be more specific on want we say. The prophetic Pisces Full Moon on the 12th can widen our spiritual horizons. What we see now is very likely to be the truth as Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. This alignment will help to cut through the confusion to get to the core of an issue. From the 16th through the 27th, there will be a strong need for change as Pluto is awakening from its retrograde period and Uranus begins to oppose Venus on the 17th, Sun on the 25th and finally Mercury on the 26th.

This period has us focusing on our finances or financial system with a great emphasis on change. The other area that is highlighted this month is personal relationships as we find ourselves with five planets in Libra by the New Moon on the 27th. This balance seeking New Moon confirms a need for adjustment within our relationships in order to keep our lives moving forward. On the 28th, the fierce Sun/Pluto square reminds us to go after what we want.

“When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self- preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.”
Joseph Campbell

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Monthly Lunar Cycles

9/12 -Full Moon in Pisces
This Pisces Full Moon does
not fail to fulfill its promise
as it lifts the off the veil over our inner truths, allowing us to have better
access to them, for our use in creating a better and more hopeful future. With a grand trine (easy going) involving Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury, death and rebirth is but a cycle to give witness to the grand design of the Universe. Each of us needs to go within our own inner spiritual sanctum and lift off the veil to see what truths and secrets are at our disposal, which are our gifts and blessings from the Universe. To take time to understand who we are and where we really need to be, and to have the gratitude that we are where we should be.

9/27 -New Moon in Libra

This New moon is on steroids this month as we have a stellium(multiple planets in one sign)and some major aspects to Uranus and Pluto. The overreaching mission during this New Moon cycle is to deepen and strengthen our collective capacity for mutual respect, balance, harmony and appreciate the differences we share for one another.We may use this most fertile New Moon to sew seeds of accord, peaceful engagement and the dynamic merging of opposing ideas. Or, we may fall into the negative Libran mind set in which the appearance of tranquility leads to a deep state of imbalance.

Monthly Aspects

9/09- Mercury enters Virgo
Mercury enters one of the signs that it rules Virgo, the other being Gemini. When Mercury is in this earth sign its a thorough thinker, and absolutely will not skip any crucial steps. It's a great time to fact-check or add details to a work in progress. Virgo is a perfectionist and anything we do during this transit is met with a scrutinizing eye.

9/14- Venus Enters Libra
Venus sashays into Libra once again, where she is "dignified" and full of graceful moves. When Venus is in Libra, there's more active socializing and the desire to
play off the energy of another. Libra is a cardinal sign, so it's a shaper of its environment. As an air sign, Libra's commanding nature comes through in conversation, sharing ideas, relating. Libra often exerts control over the social environment, and Venus here elevates that to an art form.

9/16- Pluto Goes Direct
Our old friend Pluto has turned direct again this week and with it he is bringing to a close this year’s underworld journey. Pluto brings change through metamorphosis, a death-and-rebirth experience that feels like a “long, dark night of the soul.” When Pluto is retrograde he is going deep, deep inside that which he touches, since Pluto has been in Capricorn, we can see how our banking system, government agencies, corporations, and any large organization that is being restructured. Pluto is asking us to let go in these areas, to let something die so that it can be reborn. Pluto is asking us to search underneath the surface for the essence of this part of you that needs to change. And Pluto is demanding that you let go of the old ways, so the new ways can emerge, regardless of how uncomfortable (sometimes very uncomfortable!) that might be.

9/18- Mars Enters Leo
Mars in Leo makes a vibrant impression, with a strong physical presence. We are big and showy, with great self-confidence. During the next two months, we may find ourselves with a kingly or queenly sense of entitlement that guides our actions. This can make us demanding, but also propels us toward our goals. We are dramatic and expressive, and like to things our way with a unique flare. We are motivated by grand passions, and enjoy putting what we're doing into an epic narrative. We act generously, and have a gift for encouraging others to take creative risks. We know how to bring the hidden gold out of people, so they shine like you do. Our warmth is contagious, and our big heart obvious to those we meet. We're attracted to regal lovers that make us look good. We bring a sense of play to the bedroom.

9/23- Sun Enters Libra
Autumnal Equinox. For those living in the Northern Hemisphere the Sun enters Libra today and with it we collectively begin the fall harvest- of letting go and surrendering. Death of the past to manifest the future. Its time to give your creative life new form, especially to partners and partnerships. Sun in Libra is noted for being able to harmonize and bring peace to conflicted situations, as we look across the world we see many areas that can use this energy.

9/25- Mercury Enters Libra
When Mercury is in Libra we synthesize and bridge build, whether it’s merging people or ideas. As an air sign, there's clarity of thought that allows us to be the big picture people. And being cardinal (action), the initiative is there to actively assert our ideas into the world. We may restore balance in every area of life that we touch -- from our own personal sphere, to the public stage through activism, social justice, the Arts, writing, speaking, etc.

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September 2011 Horoscopes


Work projects move forward and gain momentum in September, Aries. You're especially, busy and finding ways to eliminate waste so that you're more productive. Being busy actually feels good, and this is a strong month for getting a whole lot accomplished. While you may have been "living in the past" on a romantic level in August, this month you're looking forward. Personal appeal skyrockets the 23-24. Answers to relationship questions can come on the 27-30th, when you're getting serious about your future. Some of you could also begin a new partnership at this time


The New Moon at the end of August sets the tone for the first four weeks of September, Taurus, and it's a highly creative, romantic, and fun theme! Others are finding you especially appealing, and you are making time for recreation. You could be feeling especially amorous. Creative Bulls will find plenty of inspiration. Recently, there has been much focus on the past in your love life, but September brings forward-looking energy to your relationships. Home life is improving this month. In the last few days of September, there comes a need to get serious about your work and health.


September is likely to be a more straightforward month for you, Gemini. Financial matters clear up, and work matters move forward. An important culmination of a professional matter can occur around the 12th, when recognition may be forthcoming. Family and domestic life assume more importance than usual. By mid-month, spending habits become more moderate, and security is more important to you. You come out of your shell on the 23rd, although the last week of September brings serious energy to a romance or creative project. Answers can come now.


September is likely to be an especially busy month for you, Cancer, and while you can feel pulled in a number of directions, you manage to stay on top of things. There are fewer problems with transportation and communication than there were in August, and this helps you to get through your days much easier. The 23-24th is strong for money earned from your profession, as well as for recognition for your talents. The last three days of the month bring the need to get serious about your family and domestic life.


Emotions settle and September begins with a sense of calm, Leo. If you have been waiting for a loan, financial aid, mortgage, or other settlement, this is the month when you're likely to get the good news. Money is a big focus this month, and you are in a good position to improve your lot in life. Love becomes more about communication and sharing the little things with a special someone after the 14th. After the 18th, the pace of your life picks up, and you have the energy to move mountains. The 23-24th can bring a partnership to life and possibly news of a trip.



More clarity and a stronger sense of purpose are with you this month, Virgo. Money matters tend to be strong, although there can be a need to get serious about your finances towards the end of September. It's important that you get all of your paperwork into order. Around the time of the Full Moon on the 12th, a relationship matter can come to light. Your powers of attraction are especially strong until the 14th with loving Venus in your sign, and your persuasive abilities powerful from the 9-25th.


Work done in relative solitude is your best bet this month, Libra, although the last week of September brings more outgoing energy and a stronger desire to mingle. Friendships become especially lively. Some of you will be making a new, very positive connection with a helpful person. Strains in your close relationships can be part of the picture towards month's end. Someone could be questioning your character. Challenges can be overcome, however, and bonds can be strengthened, especially with charming Venus in your sign from the 14th forward. Personal charisma can win the day.


Your social life animates this month, Scorpio, and your ability to persuade others is stronger than ever. The Full Moon on the 12th can raise the temperature in a romance. Your career once again heats up from the 18th forward - you are large and in charge. Recognition for your least acknowledged talents is forthcoming around the 23-24th. Those Scorpios looking for work can have attractive job offers then. While your working life continues to keep you on your toes through to the end of the month and into October, you begin to require quality personal down time and solitude in the last week of September.


This is one of the more public and accountable periods of the year for you, Sagittarius. Fortunately, you are coming across in an especially charming light. New directions in your career are in store for you, although they have been in the works for the last six months. While career matters take center stage, there is plenty of room in your life for recreation, enjoyment of friends, and even a spot of adventure. A family member demands special attention around the 12th. Don't pass up on any invites you might receive around the 23-24th, when opportunities to expand your horizons can arise.


You are expressing the more adventurous, fun-loving side of your personality in September, Capricorn, although in the last week of the month, you are ready to prove your worth. Professional and public matters demand your attention, and it would be wise to come across as responsible and competent as you can. Work pressures and reputation matters can be challenging at that time, and it's your job to rise above them. Family really comes through for you around the 23-24th. Students are likely to enjoy much success and popularity this month.


Good energy for work is with you all month, Aquarius. Your hard work pays off, but be sure to pace yourself so that you don't tire yourself out (and others too!). You're in a better position to attract money to you, and good news about your finances can arrive around the 12th. Relationships heat up in September, especially after the 18th. Single Aquarians might meet someone special around the 23-24th, and those of you who are already partnered can open up the lines of communication and feel that they're really moving forward.


Relationships are revived in September, Pisces. While a significant other can seem to have the upper hand this month, you're not inclined to keep score. Instead, you are enjoying the improvements. The Full Moon in your sign on the 12th heightens emotions and increases your need for self-expression. You might make an emotional declaration around this time. The 23-24th can bring good news along practical lines, particularly regarding money and work, but it might also have to do with health. You're making the right connections at this time. You'll need to get serious about a financial or emotional commitment in the last week of September.

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