Excuse Me

by Ian Xel Lungold


Excuse me, but isn’t it extremely obvious that more has gone right in the universe than wrong over the last 16.4 Billion years? Or it would have all “Blowed Up” long ago. Seems to me that the odds of Conscious Evolution and Creation continuing are greatly in our favor. Imagine for a moment all of the momentum of change, improvement and evolution in the direction of survival that has built up just on this planet over the last 800 million years. Life, has had some tough turns in the past and notice, we are still here to shout about it.
So take a deep breath of the air evolved through many passing chemical compound stages in our planet’s past, any of which would have killed you instantly, and lets get on with creating our future. Take in fully the blessings of today and create our tomorrows even brighter for those who will follow for the next 9 generations.
This is what I conceive as the reason we are all here. Of course I could be wrong about all of that. President Bush, for instance is certainly fulfilling his destiny and he ain’t “Even” concerned with the election coming up in 2004. Can you tell?

Yes, we are on a schedule of consciousness that says the truth of our actual situation will become available from 2003-2004. Well people, there sits the truth, for those who are willing to look it in the face. You have been lied to about everything. And that’s the truth. Next on the schedule, Dec. 9th 2003 – Dec 3rd 2004 is a time of adjusting to and applying the truth that has come forward. In the repeating cycles of consciousness, the last time we went through this period was 1854 – 1874. Go to a world history web site or book and look up that period to see what kinds of “adjustment” happened to humanity then to get a clue as to what we can expect this time around. If you are using a search engine try typing in CIVIL WAR. It’ll help.

All I have to say is, “prepare to be on your own, out of major cities with at least two weeks of food and water for each person”. Listen to your own inner-voice and do not follow anyone else’s advice including that I just gave you. How you handle this coming adjustment is going to be up to each individual. No one will be able to do this for you. To many, the coming chaotic adjustments will be overwhelming for their lack of knowledge or understanding. The purpose of this article is to point past these coming trials and provide a rational for choosing to survive rather than succumb to the fear, panic and seeming end of all that counts in life. Remember, we’ve been through this before and for longer durations of time. This troubled cycle lasts only 360 days.

The next cycle begins on Dec 4th, 2004 and goes through Nov. 28th 2005. This is another cycle of receiving new consciousness once again. In other articles I have spoken about the underlying purposes of the Consciousness Cycles. In very brief, since 1999 we have been seeing a new consciousness cycle with the purpose of an Ethical consciousness sliding in over an old consciousness of domination by Power. Where there has been resistance to Ethics, put up by the established “Powers That Be”, there have been big explosions. i.e. governmental collapses, WTO demonstrations, anti war demonstrations, insider trading scandals, world religions rotting from the inside, political/economic secrets flowing in the streets, ect.
Starting late in 2004 the Ethical consciousness will become the dominate consciousness on earth. In every previous consciousness cycle, this stage is where the new consciousness gets a grip and never lets go. Last time we went through this cycle was 1874 – 1894. Go back to that world history site or book and look at what kinds of developments occurred. Type in, 1st manufacturing plant (Ford autos) 1st oil pipe line, 1st telephone, 1st hydro electric dam, 1st electric lights in homes, for starters. Are Electricity, Oil, Cars and Telephone the foundations of our current society? That foundation was laid during the stage similar to what is coming up in 2005.

We have a lot to look forward to in the near future, Free energy for starters and medical breakthroughs that will end not only all disease, but aging as well. We will be the first of our race not condemned to die but to go on creating ever more miracles in our personal expansion. Technologies to clean the environment and bring agriculture into balance that are now being developed will be coming forward to world consciousness. There is more good happening behind the scenes than you are now allowed to hear about. We’ve got Michael, Kobe and the Terrorist Threat as the smoke and mirrors for the moment.

During the stage of consciousness from 2005 to 2006 has been in each previous cycle, a time of healing and rest. Whew! We will need lots of that preparing for the next cycle from 2006 to 2007. In each consciousness cycle this stage has been the biggest opening for consciousness. The last time we went through this cycle was 1913 to 1932. This was when E= MC2 came to consciousness along with the discovery by Mr. Hubble that the Universe is infinite. In an infinite universe EVERY THING is possible. The earlier running of this cycle was from 40 AD to 432. Christianity was spreading the idea that everyone is divine during this time. So what could we expect to come to consciousness during this run of the stage? How about a blend that we are indeed divine and that everything is indeed possible? Including the actual meeting of our race and those of our galactic neighbors? As I have perceived by studying the past cycles, (you can too) once we take out the garbage on this planet we have a lot to look forward to. I hear the garbage trucks coming can’t you? There is absolutely no reason to go and jump into one of those trucks. Too many flies and the stench, Whew!
You are loved and embraced by Creation. Love it back and I will see you a little later.

In service,
Ian Xel Lungold

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