Frontiers of Thought Control?


Monday February 4, 2008

by George Ure

You need some background to understand this rather longish report today, so here goes. Since before 9/11, which was described here in mid July 2001 in advance as a "tipping point" in computer modelspace, after which our lives would be forever changed, I've been pleased to bring the occasional insight into the future that has been based on a radical field of study called "predictive linguistics."  In this arcane field of study made up almost exclusively of academic institutions, national level organizations, and perhaps a few savvy governments, it's held that big events in the future leak into the present

If you think about a future event like it's a big rock thrown into a pond, the ripples that are apparent after and event is called history.  But, we don't have a name for the ripples that ripple into the event's past - which is from where we sit on the timeline, still in the future.

So in an effort to capture some of these 'waves of the future', practitioners of radical predictive linguistics sweep huge portions of the internet seeking telltale shifts of word use; the subconscious mass mind of humans 'leaking' bits of the future to knowledgeable observers who are capable of using massive inter-human communication as a kind of synthetic aperture antenna to pick up the subtle waves of what's ahead.

This much, I've explained before, usually about 'things to come' - such as the winds/regional disaster due between now and summer, the building mood of revolution against the Powers That Be/corpgov [ruling of humans by others], and of course, the big 'release events' starting economically around the first week of October. Oh, and grain prices going up between now and summer just to as a practical matter.

But what's new this morning, is that our predictive linguistics team has picked up something going on at certain places about the internet, mainly in discussion groups and forums (*multiple forums are called 'the fora' by the software team); a subtle effort to use the net for a kind of mind control or preconditioning in advance of events that are actually planned.  Details in a special report from Cliff - the low profile/near recluse who's mastermind of the project:

"Meta Arts - Memeering

Over the course of the past several years of our linguistic sweepings study, we have become aware of many organized groups who also are sweeping/mining/polling for their own purposes.

Approximately 3/three years ago, we thought that we were picking up some new form of internet monkey-mind business, though at that time it was even questionable that a pattern was actually developing. Sort of like seeing the faint hint of where the foot print in the sand was just prior to the wave having washed over it. That is all it was, just faint 'footprint residues' within our linguistic aggregations.

Over the course of 2005, I became increasingly convinced that a pattern of specific linguistic manipulation was being swept up in our data gathering, and in the following year, we introduced several new prolog programs as data filters to our processing. In the effort to increase the granularity of our predictions and to refine our timing sense in the forecasts, we also enhanced our data filters to the level of 'traps' for the types of patterns I suspected were being picked up. In 2007, we were successful in isolating a few of these patterns within each run, and during the 'down time' in the processing, I had begun to craft programs to analyze just these aberrant patterns.

I labeled this pattern of linguistic manipulation a 'memeering' as it appears as a single meme being floated to consciousness within a selected group of fora. These sites have been chosen deliberately as was revealed by the pattern of accretions of specific words. These sites are being deliberately targeted for an as yet unknown purpose. These sites are 'seeded' by the manipulators, likely a team of computer jocks being led by a psychologist/psychiatrist who is in their turn being directed by a higher pay grade administrator tasked by his masters with getting specific 'words out there'.

The supposition that I labor under now is that this group, or these groups involved with this manipulation are attempting to use the internet as an 'energy dump', and to trigger that emotional energy via specific high resonance linguistics. [*Words, phrases, and concepts that will "ring true" at some preconscious level and pass under your perception threshold unchallenged by critical thought - G]

To understand the why's of this effort, we should begin with Robert Hitt ( He is an astrologer and fellow hyperdimensional traveler. His astrology is/has been targeted at large moving masses such as we might find in the Markets entity. He has been successful, and as a rational human with clear intentions, has even managed to learn from his failures. This learning process has allowed him to develop a sophisticated understanding of the 'energies'

involved within such large mass human activities.

From this knowledge base, Robert has developed several theories, with a particular theory being of interest at this point. Robert's theory can be relabeled as the 'gotta go somewhere' theory of emotional energy. As he will likely forgive me for renaming it, I will continue to explain that the basic idea is that X amount of emotional energy builds within a human based system such as the markets. The astrology allows for the prediction of how those energies currently held within the humans within the mass system will express themselves. Sometimes *all* the predictions and the astrology are unequivocal, that is, damn clear that outcome Z will occur. Only it does not.

Instead, that day that predicted outcome Z is to manifest, a *something else* pops up instead to 'consume' the energies otherwise headed into the markets. With shocking consistency this pattern of 'energies gotta go somewhere' have been very apparent in recent decades, and especially this century. A very large number of people were 'expecting' a very large market crash on September 11, 2001. Instead.... well, history.

And then more recently the pattern had emerged when yet another large amount of predictions were going toward another markets set back, and lo...that day the Virginia college shooting occurred which left 32/thirty two victims, and the perpetrator dead. Note that this adds up to the 'significant' number of 33/thirty three. Also note that that day, the markets did *not* tank as expected, and as forecast. Again and again these past several years evidence of the Hitt energy displacement theory have been showing up.

We now think that we have picked up a corollary to that theory being attempted. In this corollary the idea is that the [energies] of an emotional nature, which have to go somewhere, are being 'pre set' or staged via manipulation of thoughts via the internet. Basically the context of the patterns we have captured suggest that "someone(s)" are attempting to "pump up" the emotional tensions around certain contexts at certain times. The patterns are clear within our very large aggregations as deliberate and organized 'meme - engineering' or our label of memeering. Our 'memeering' also breaks down into 'memee ring', which is how we discovered the patterns to be used.

The 'memeering' fellows can be found by noticing a distinctly non-random pattern for specific linguistics appearing at context linked site ring.

An example of a context linked site ring would be [*a site focus or main topic of - G] "international bonds", or "international commodities", or "space aliens", or "illuminati conspiracy". In all these instances there is a large central context which can easily be identified within each site. There may or may not be any actually link trading between these sites. The operators of these sites may or may not be aware that individual forums under their control are being used for the purpose of seeding these linguistics. The operators of these sites are likely not aware that they have been chosen by the memeeringers {ed note: rather a nasty mouthful} as part of a specific pattern spreading algorithm.

We are fairly certain that at least 3/three governments [*Note 1] can be identified as employing the memeering techniques, though it is unclear if they are each in the business, or if a central contractor is involved. Further we have fairly clear evidence of several lower level commercial/political memeering going on.

The aware observer may be able to catch the memeering being used in near real time by following several context linked sites with large fora operations, or very high traffic, and then watching for the appearance of very damn similar linguistics around a small, and emotionally charged meme.

An example might be the appearance of the 'race' meme within the political fora in the week leading up to its appearance within the global mediastream as the 'theme of the week'. Other examples are easily seen when they 'stick out' from the usual postings within the forum. An example might be a big-"C"  conservative theme which appears within the 'space alien' site ring. It does happen. We can't yet say if this is by mistake, or a shot-gun approach, or a what-not? But it does happen. It was such a happenstance which first alerted our software spiders years ago.

The use of memeering does explicitly point to attempts to use corollaries of Robert Hitt's postulate of 'energy gotta go somewhere' for specific, and seemingly power-reinforcing, goals.

The idea that 'seeds' of thought which have been emotionally-charged via linguistic analysis are being sown on the internet is a bit scary. This is actual, demonstrable evidence that [mind control via media], a well defined context within the ThePowersThatBe entity, has been escalated from the global broadcast mediastream out to the individual experience of the internet.

So for now, our processing filters are finding, and discarding the planted 'seed memes', though we do find the responses to be useful, and usually

*not* within the memeering process, and so are using some of these within our larger aggregation of aspect/attributes. But on the whole, we are discounting the meme seeds, but not throwing them away. It sometimes is useful to be aware of such plants growing in the giant mental garden of the collective consensus reality.

Be careful out there, the emotions you are experiencing *may* not be your own, or universe inspired. They may be planted...for someone else's purpose. The aware observer will be cognizant of how they are being affected by what is being place there for them to read. Of course the memeering designers recognize that the schooled mind will accept any kind of thing shoved down its pie hole, while the educated mind can entertain the idea without necessarily accepting it...or in this case, getting their emotional energy redirected by it.

Igor is going to be working on a taxonomy of such internet plants which we will make available as a 'field manual for identification' at some future time. "

[Note 1:  Cliff and I had a conversation about whether we should really label government as a memeering group.  I argued that unless we had quite specific proof, we should instead use the term 'national level entity' to describe these memeeringers.  But Cliff argues that with the implied size/power of the 'national level entities' I reference, it's really 'government' for all intents are purposes, and that we should be clear that the government we elect is not the government that does the governing.  Big money is, after all, effectively governs anyway.  Point taken.]

Along about now you're likely wondering "Who is behind the high level memeering operations, and how would I spot one?"

The answer to the first question is that the team has isolated three groups of meme.  We'll call these an Anglo group of high sophistication, a Middle East/Islamic group which is more obvious in their efforts, and a third (or more) group(s) which we just call "Other" for now.

The second question, how to spot one is simple:  Next time you go to a discussion forum and see a post which asks a rhetorical question that goes to some sensitive area of feelings/emotions, don't be sucked in to reading the 10-20 sentence emotion tweaking that is tied to it.

Or, if you read foreign forums/fora, be careful of posts that are formed this way and yet which don't make sense.  Cliff and Igor seem to get a kick out of memeering done badly, such as translating what was intended in one case to be the concept of "bad taste in your mouth" to something akin to 'foul tasting bird.'


An open question is whether memeering could be a toll used by groups such as the Plunge Protection Team, a/k/a the President Working Group On Markets.

A well read person might imagine that if the PPT was really trying to prevent the onset of an economic Depression which could dwarf the 1930's event, they would use every tool in their arsenal, which would no doubt be formed up around doctrinal DIME theory (*diplomatic, informational, diplomatic, and economic). If such an 'all tools are available for use' approach was taken, then conceivably, memeering could be an integrated portion of an informational strategy.

Not saying this is the case, however.  Far from it.  Still, it's just the kind of half-formed question that lurks in the back of the mind when the markets seem to act in an irrational way. 

With an emotional 'hot date' up around February 5th, I find myself scanning the headlines trying to discern whether Hitt's theory of "emotional energy gotta go somewhere" will be played out again.


Coping: Memeering, II

I put today's follow up note on "memeering" (see yesterday's story) into the 'coping' area because most people find themselves so buried in their daily information stream that they don't spend much time looking at what's in the stream and how that might impact them at subconscious/ below perception threshold levels.

The best follow-up came from a reader who offered this:

"Your article triggered several things in my memory, some of which have been there for a reasonably long time. I share them with you for what they are worth.

First, “the subtle effort to…” well, yes, that is what we were attempting to do to foreign populations in several circumstances. We used to call it Psychological Operations (PSYOP), and the new son of PSYOP, Information Operations (IO), seems to be following in those foot steps with a wider shoe. The focus of non attributed PSYOP on a US population was strictly forbidden by law. The indications that this is no longer the case is clearly unsettling in many ways. The identity of the source/s is a matter which may play well in political circles later this year as ”secrets revealed”.

Some 40 years ago on assignment in the DC area, I kept coming up with the feeling that there was more going on than could be laid at the foot of the nominal leadership, military or civilian. I was deep in the planning for the future at that time, so I had access to virtually all plans. I suspected something, it just didn’t feel right, but I couldn’t catch the pattern. The advent of more powerful analytic tools such as the Analyst Notebook and Link Analysis has perhaps opened the doors for other approaches today.

Civil programs for citation analysis (to track the contributing sources of published papers) and the earlier versions of the Touchgraph program (for tracking relationships between URLs) could be put to good use tracking or verifying such suspected relationships, as I’m sure you and the HPH lads have considered.

Even data mining and matching of textual fragments is now used in academic circles to verify proper foot noting in college papers. Time lining of text fragments among various sites is a mere step away in something like an Analyst Notebook or other similar programs.

Prolog programs, data filters and Robert Hitt. Before Hitt there was a book, “Soviet Impregnational Propaganda” (1982) by a Baruch A Hazan, He claimed to be involved with setting up the Soviet Propaganda programs during the Cold War period. Chapter One of the book looks at the basic model for by-passing the mental filters of a target by linking a new idea (your idea of a seed term) to something that would normally be acceptable for passing through the mental and experiential filters we all hold. (The book is available used for under $5)

By extension, and taking a concept from neuro-linguistics, the use of a “reverse mirror” approach to introduce a previously foreign, even rejected, concept or term without the conscious recognition of the subject, and thereby build rapport and acceptance, is certainly within the realm of the possible. Look at the growth of socialist tendencies in the US over the last century, or decade for that matter. It is also possible that the very human trait of wanting to appear to be “in the know” or smarter is at work. An analogy would be the proverbial good idea mentioned by a loyal worker, who, three weeks later is startled to hear his idea coming out of the bosses mouth without credit being given. It takes about that long for an idea to be bounced against your own values, matched to your own desires, and to forget the source. If periodically reinforced by subtle repetition, the idea finds less and less resistance at the mental filter level as its familiarity increases and the good it can do is emphasized.

As for the sources, you may be picking up on the echoes of the Rhodesian Circles and their later off shoots in the Anglo case (some people just won’t let the empire die). The Middle East may be reflecting the broad influence of the Muslim Brotherhood (who learned the methods from the British in the years between the Assassins and Al Queda), although the actual power structure there is much deeper. Other...well, several continental opportunities exist there.

You have the data and terms or themes in the accumulated files of HPH, they are linked to the date time groups and sources, I’m sure, and the pattern is now open for examination. Time, terms, intro and repetition sites can be identified and clustered. Dragons can be tracked to the lair, and the light of day may be all that is needed to show where the fire must be applied to burn out the stench.

As I said, just some observations. Keep up the good work. I may bring matches."

Free linguistics lesson:  See the word "Impregnational"?  Not exactly a word that you probably trip over every day.  Initial redibility of writer: Extremely high.  Book ordered. 

Reference to Analyst's Notebook?  Another not-your-every day kind of software outside certain circles.  Goes on my 'thinking about it' list.

End linguistics lesson.  You are what you think.

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