The shift from our current consciousness to that of ascended consciousness is going to be very natural. (I said “very natural”—not “problem free.”)

This will be a very natural transformation, like an ice cube melting or water turning to vapor.

Imagine yourself as one of the atoms in an ice cube. You’ve got your close friend atoms hanging with you slow. You’re limited by your structure. You can’t move much—you’re in a damn ice cube. This is the current state of our human mental body. To one of these frozen atoms, being introduced to a fluid state—able to interact with all other compounds—would present an infinite opening up of opportunities completely unimaginable to the atom when it was in a frozen state.

Both water and ice transformations require a stimulus, a heat source. All heat is obtained from force applied against resistance to that force, both in friction and in the transmission of electrons. “Amperes” is the term used to denote excited electrons—the higher the vibration rate, the higher the amperes. When amped-up electrons are introduced against resistance in a metal coil, the metal is heated—and you get a hot oven or a warm electric blanket. Rub your hands together (force and resistance) and feel the frictional heat. Heat happens when atoms are excited to a higher vibrational frequency. Vibration is the vacillation between two poles or dichotomies. When this vibration is accelerated by physical force, or, on more refined levels, by the force of new consciousness, against resistance, you have the oxidation of material or rapid erosion—and eventually combustion—of the accelerated material. This combustion is the rapid, totally natural, conversion of material into heat, released free gasses—then light.

We are all familiar with the consciousness of the Power to Control. You do it with your foot on the gas and your hands upon the wheel. We see this Power being lorded over the majority of earth’s populations, producing the Consciousness of Suffering. This type of consciousness is called the “Power Over.” As the consciousness of Ethics (the establishment of a level playing field) moves through Creation (Ethics began to do this 1/5/99), we are seeing Power Over consciousness presenting more and more resistance. The efforts to control through Power Over are becoming less effective and more draconian every day. Two examples of the backlash against Power Over are the building resistance in Iraq, and the outcome of the recent WTO conference in Cancun, Mexico, when the smaller nations stood up as a block and walked out, rejecting the controlling nations’ demands that they offer up their natural resources, economies and people to the WTO.

Resistance to Ethics on the part of the Power Over consciousness is creating the heat needed to transform our collective consciousness. There will be plenty of resistance from every part of our civilization for absolute certain. This is a very dangerous activity, presenting resistance, and there is no need for you to participate in it once you have read this far. You may feel very well “Justified” to resist in all sorts of demonstrations. That “justification” comes from a judge. He/she is within yourself. Fire that bastard right now! For it’s the judges who will suffer most during these coming times.

They will suffer the torture of the twisting of their stiffly held convictions as to what is or is not reality, or relevant. (I am not excluding myself from having to follow my own writings—and this ain’t easy, letting go and letting go.)

Resistance to evolution/transformation of consciousness is futile—this evolutionary action is no more voluntary than that of an ice cube set out in the sun—the ice cube doesn’t “volunteer” to become fluid. It is as inevitable as a pot coming to boil, and then boiling dry—and then melting on the fire. You are here now and reading this now for a very special reason. We did not come here to “Save” the world. We came to rebuild a paradise, didn’t we?

Isn’t that what you have been studying to do in a myriad of different ways during your whole lifetime? Take a quick look back and check it out.

So, getting ready all this time for what? The end? I DON’T THINK SO! Most of your life you have been getting glimpses of what this future might bring, and now here we all are.

All limiting considerations that clutter your mind and your emotional body are getting ready to melt and “boil” away, producing dramatic shifts in your point of view, as more truth comes to you and more possibilities open. Imagine being a “vaporous” spirit—able to partake in Creation the same way water vapor moves within all elements, intimate and permeating—and you will have some idea of what’s ahead in your experience of Creation.

If you don’t understand what is transpiring during the next few years, you will most likely go nutz quick and take a lot of other people with you. (Look around right now!) What is happening “Out There” is that people are resisting change by their convictions: this or that is not right, should not be allowed to change, or is just flat Impossible.

For instance, it would be nearly impossible for the consciousness of most Americans to absorb the fact that the United States Government was at least complicit in, if not guilty of ordering, the murder of three thousand plus people on 9/11, and about a hundred thousand since, all for the benefit of the military-industrial-oil complex that employs many of us directly or indirectly, supporting our criminally wasteful lifestyle. Or to face the lie we each live each day as Americans—that we somehow “deserve” a higher standard of living than the rest of the world because. . .well. . .’cause we’re Americans. God Bless America and nowhere else.

With the force of this truth pushing against the general public’s conscious resistance, things are going to heat up dramatically. Have you figured out how big the group of co-conspirators has to be to keep the lid on 9/11 this tight for this long? Lots of resistance out there in industry, on your airwaves and on your own block for lots of heat production.

Not understanding this process will make it all the more personally traumatic.

Now, if you do understand that what you see happening around you is a natural evolution/transition of form, you can ALLOW this melting/evolution instead of resisting it and creating a personal fireball. Okay, we are going to go through a twister here, so hold on.

Your CONVICTIONS are your “mind held” beliefs of what is so or what will be. What you KNOW comes from personal experience or from your intuition, that is, your connection to your all-knowing state as a being. Whenever you consider anything in the process of building a conviction, it takes effort and/or energy.

To KNOW something takes no effort or energy whatsoever. Those who mentally hold on to convictions, including belief systems of any kind, are presenting resistance to new insights, and will end up being consumed by that resistance if they do not loosen their hold. The word Be-Lie-f states that there is something you do not KNOW. The word for prayer in the Hebrew used when the Bible was being written meant “thought.” Thinking about it don’t get it done, do it? Do not pray for anything. Expressing faith or hope in anything is an open admission of the greatest lie you can tell yourself. That lie is that you cannot and do not already KNOW everything. It is an admission that you have come to rely on what you were told by your five senses, or some other source, as to what your “be-lie-f” should be.

(Very deep “Dark Side” secret here. It has tricked Billions of followers of many sects into physical serfdom and prevented them from spiritual growth.) Knowing anything, including God, is the complete opposite of believing in God or anything else. Like standing up, or just trying to stand up.

Right now, you believe that gravity rules. That conviction is being overcome by conscious research right now in state- of-the-art labs all over the planet (e.g., anti-gravity research at Boeing). Knowing you can fly is completely different from believing that you can. Relying on past convictions of what is possible will not sustain your survival. Like in the Matrix, knowing that any limits are only mental convictions will be the way to thrive amidst what seem to be the very serious situations many of us will face. You must expect, demand, create and recognize all miracles, and express gratitude for them. Start by counting all the things you can do today that were completely impossible just twenty years ago. Like using digital everything. Now we have digital phones that send moving video and pictures, hey? See? You are ready living in the midst of many miracles.

Let’s look at the big time-scale:

The National Cycle on the Mayan calendar started 5,116 years ago. During this time, we invented bronze, then iron, then steel. Consciousness itself was like steel, strong and unbending, but formable.

During the Planetary Cycle, from 1755 AD to the present, we came up with more and more power to form materials. Then, in the Fifth “Day,” (1913- 1932), we invented plastics. The word plastic means a malleable material easily molded or formed. Since then, our lives have become ever more reliant on plastic materials. The clothes you are wearing, the car you drive, appliances, containers, diapers and on and on—all are plastic, transient forms of products. Before the year 1900, all things useful were made with the intent that they would be passed along to future generations. Currently, things are designed to last sixty to one hundred and eighty days past their warranty. Even most collectibles produced since the 1950s still have to be in the box to be worth anything today. Otherwise, they would have deteriorated to trash by now. Consciousness and its holdings are very plastic. That is, they are mutable, changeable, and set for constant flux.

The Galactic Consciousness Cycle we began on Jan. 5, 1999 is one of even more malleability. Our very reality today should not be approached as being like steel or plastic, but exactly like a lump of clay or wax. Anything can be fashioned of clay or wax. I, Ian Xel Lungold, am a sculptor and I KNOW this for sure. Each of us now, with the power of accelerated consciousness at hand, can actually form our reality to be whatever we want it to be—whatever shape we desire. Only the conviction that this is beyond you will stop or slow this reality. The same kind of conviction, by the way, that prevents you from picking up a lump of clay to create something—
“I am not good enough to make a horse look like a horse.”

Whe-ew! Those convictions, look out for them!
They will kill yah.

In service,
Ian Xel Lungold

P.S.—The next Consciousness Cycle—starting February 10, 2011—should be treated as building in sand. A creation easily done but one that lasts only a little while—you will be creating something completely new for the simple joy of creating. Moment by moment by moment by moment by. . .

Please pass this information along if it resonates with you. New tapes of my presentations will soon be available on our web page http://www.mayanmajix.com They are packed with new insights that have come to my attention over the last year or so.