Signs of the Times
(The Hologram of Symbols)

by Ian Xel Lungold
August 08, 2003

Symbols, by their very definition are a limit. If some-thing is one-thing it cannot be another. While this feels comfortably familiar and logical, it is no less a limit to what any one-thing can possibly be. This kind of consciousness does not fit into the future path of our evolution. As more becomes possible in every moment, every-thing will receive a wider and wider definition of what it could be, instead of what it fixedly, “IS.” If the symbol does not receive this wider definition by consciousness, a friction will build up between creation’s flow and the individual consciousness putting up the resistance. This is a natural and predictable result of resisting change that will be absolutely catastrophic for those unable to allow.
Take the recent “Gay Marriage” controversy brewing right now for an example.

This argument is over the definition of the symbol of Marriage. Marriage, being accepted as the union of a man and a woman in governmentally licensed sex and childcare. The goal of governing agencies in setting up the institution of State-Man-Woman contracts is the production and training of new citizens. This new idea of “Same Sex Marriages” produces no new taxpayers, sorry, I means citizens. It does not fit the definition of the symbol of devoted love (sweet-sigh) in our civilization, i.e. the ring and vows of a Marriage contract, with the State at your bedstead, for life…Is the fixed meaning of what a marriage is, starting to slip a little bit in your own mind? You had better hope it is.

We begin quite early identifying with symbols. Within the womb, the rhythm, sound and pressure of mother’s heart were symbols of supported life systems, or survival. Later, mother’s breast or a rubber nipple bottle meant sustenance; those became the symbol of food and support of survival. The rate of gravitational pressure changes; relative hardness and varying flexibilities are all very early-learned symbols of experience. Faces and then facial expressions were our next symbols. These were all learned symbols that meant we were safe, going to be okay, or not… as the case may be.
All of the symbols we have come to understand as a meaning are mental concepts. They are learned associations stored in the Mind. In fact, that is the mind. Close your eyes and think of a cat. Did you see a cat? Was it sitting, standing or lying down? Black? White or Colored? One of yours? Or just a cat, it doesn’t really matter. The point is you found a symbol for cat in your mind. We can say the same thing for any-thing or any concept; they all have a symbol contained in the mind’s reference library. Each of the letters making words on this page, are symbols that were educated into you. We are in a whole Universe of symbols with their associated meanings called, YOUR MIND.

Our basic education in life is learning the definition of symbols used in our reality and society. Disseminating the “desired” symbols and meanings amongst the populace and eliminating the un-desirable ones perpetrates a deep level of control of any societies consciousness. The historical trend has been to limit valid symbols (by issuing license only to some) and narrowing meanings as much as possible for concentrating the end marketing effect. A close look at your kids school books today will give you a shock at how white washed history has become and which symbols, be they heroes or villains, have been eliminated. For centuries Astrology as a system of identifying symbols was “not licensed” by church or state. Currently hundreds of thousands of people are “Licensed” by governments to do business as a seller of symbols and their meanings. This is not only in Western astrology but Vedic, Chinese, and various indigenous astrology systems including the Maya. All of these systems are packages of meaning, stacks of symbols, mind maps, stuff to suck up your attention and some of your money. This includes the Mayan astrology by the way. Hey! They were all steps along the way to our current situation. But that situation is changing FAST!

If you thought you were a Virgo in Western astrology, a Horse in Chinese, while being a Jaguar on the Mayan calendar, with all of the inter-weaving influences, you would be very busy figuring and defining yourself and guess what? That ain’t you! You, are not a body born at anyone place at this such and sucha time, you, are not pile of effects that steer your every act or thought. You are not in the least, actually limited to the abilities and attributes assigned to any of the symbols that you are “supposed” to demonstrate. Those systems and symbols are limited traps set for your endless consideration and stupid wonder. Have fun and be amazed that each piece of the hologram, no matter how small, holds the whole of the hologram, for as long as you wish. Go on stacking and shuffling symbols to your hearts content. But be aware that all value of all symbols is eroding away in front of our eyes.

Frankly relying on symbols for orientation or for future control measures will not function with the intention of Creation presenting more and more possibilities every moment. Fixed limits on what any one-thing means, what its symbol stands for, are being eroded away by the flood of possible meanings. I believe that the process of erosion of fixed meaning is the base reason for the underlying unease that most people are experiencing daily. A person is determined sane by the % that he or she agrees with the meaning of symbols used in society. If the sight of “Red Balloons” means that someone must stand and shout Blah, Blah, Blah as loudly as they can, that person is going to be looked at in a weird way. If this kind of disagreement happens often, that person is put away. The only reason? They don’t agree enough with the meanings of the symbols that everyone else is so stuck on to one degree or another. You have all felt this way many times, and each time, you had to watch what you said, in front of whom, about those feelings of disagreement. Get used to those feelings of being weird and not fitting in exactly. As we go on with the evolution of consciousness this is gonna get really interesting.
Already you hear the complaint, “Nothing seems to matter any more.” All of these people are seeing the symptom of the situation we are talking about. As the meanings of symbols multiply, any fixed idea about that symbol’s definition is going to suffer. Take the symbol of a charitable organization like the RED CROSS and UNITED WAY. It used to stand for helping the less fortunate with medical services and research. Now a “Charitable Organization” is understood to mean a tax shelter and more recently, another source of corporate scandal as charitable organization executives have been discovered lining their pockets. Consequently, Charitable Organization no longer has the limited meaning that it used to. How about 3 Catholic nuns being sent to prison recently for peace protests? What does the symbol of a nun mean now?

America and its symbol of the Flag is another blazing example of what is going on with symbols. Ever since 1776 America has been the World’s symbol of Freedom and Opportunity. This fluttering symbol has been promoted constantly to the entire planet as that one definition. (Promotion done to cover actual policies and actions taken by the American Corporate Government that would add undesirable elements to the definition of “America” if found out.) Guess what? The Corporation of United States of America has been running in Chapter 11 bankruptcy for the last 100 years and that Freedom flag is starting to act a lot more like the Swastika that Granddaddy, Prescott Bush financed during the rise of the 3rd Reich. Yeah, he loaned millions to Hitler to build his industry of war. He was busted by our Government for trading with the enemy, lost his banks and paid a fine. No jail time, Prescott was far above the law even then.

Maybe it is in the Genes? But where is this going?

We are headed toward a very disorienting experience. Your entire environment is made up of nothing but symbols. Your whole mental landscape is made up of only symbols. The whole Hologram of this reality is made of agreed upon symbols and those agreements are straining at each and every limit set upon them. (Even if you disagree with something, first you are agreeing that it exists.) This is going to look very crazy for a time and many persons will cling all the tighter to fixed meanings of favorite symbols in the chaos. This is why a guy goes out and buys a Big Hummer vehicle. He or she wants to be associated with a symbol of overwhelming power and identified with the power elite. Few of us would believe that this fellow desires to be associated with a symbol of waste and corruption that brought the world to ruin by selfish greed and gluttonous lusts for power as security but, that definition will over run him bigger than his Hummer could and drag him much further too. We already know that the symbol of a “Hummer” means he’s got very small male membership and needs more status to compensate for that lack.

Any, and I mean EVERY, symbol including ones like your own physical body, will be losing their fixed definitions. I.E your mental body, light body and chakra centers will become more who you are than the physical evidence of flesh, blood and bone. As you can possibly imagine, this will be disorienting to the extreme for anyone holding tight to a narrow definition of any symbol. Get used to it or “Get off the Bus.”

Those of you who have studied ancient symbols will have noticed a difference in the meanings of our symbols and the ancient ones. Most of the symbols promoted today have to do with acquisitions that can be accumulated within a lifetime. Most of the ancient symbols have to do with concepts that extend beyond this physical realm. They are far less limited. The Mayan Galactic Butterfly symbol for example stands for all of the consciousness that has existed in this galaxy up to this moment. That is, from gaseous star matter left over from some massive stellar explosions slowing gathering into clouds, condensing into billions of suns, then to a disk of stars, to spiral arms, to planets and solar systems, to life, all of evolution as we know it on this and every planet out there, the history of us and all else leading up to this moment. Now that’s a SYMBOL!

You’ll hit your limit before you get all the way around that meaning for now.
Later, as we evolve our “Galactic Consciousness” that symbol’s meaning will become limiting as well. That’s about enough from me for now. How bout you?