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Periodically ~ 26 April 2006

Periodically, we become aware of new astrophysical effects that alter our sense of timing and offer solutions to the logjams in our rivers of consciousness. Periodically, planetary patterns repeat that remind us all of the constancy and permanence of the Universe. This is one of those times.

Come Saturday, Saturn, from the Sun’s point of view, crosses the closet contact point of Venus to the Sun. Saturn does this once every trip around the Sun, so presently we receive the resetting criteria of the master planner and time keeper of our solar system clocking out at about twenty-nine and a half years.

Says Saturn, as related to Venus’ perihelion contact, it’s time for new trends. Certainly new trends regarding matters of the feminine, creativity and a personal sense of inner value are in order. Maybe new trends aren’t appropriate, suggests the traditionalistic Saturn. Perhaps refinement and quality control of the trends serve the purpose more perfectly. The movement of the conservative front to challenge the Roe V. Wade ruling fits this billing. The push to put family values and simple good living comes to a culmination within this pattern.

Truly, it’s not about going conservative, nor do the patterns intend to revert to any remedial consciousness. Pluto in Sagittarius on the Galactic Center demands that progress shall prevail over the next several years. But with the Saturn nudge to Venus a new set of social standards would serve humanity well. Now shortly after this first Saturn passage, he moves on to engage the North Node of Neptune on May 15th. Added to the Venusian influence, a new archetype of self esteem, self perception and inner worth works to infiltrate the psyche of each person on Earth. Messages of confident modesty prevail. When it’s in your aura, there’s really not much to say about it. Your energy does all the PR your ego could ever want. You speak clearly about yourself simply by showing up, given that you’ve really shown up.

Also, periodically things in deep space blast us with repeating gamma rays. These bodies called Soft Gamma Ray repeaters (SGR’s not to be confused with the astronomers designation for Sagittarius) shower people with the urge to conjure up transformational events by deriving meaning from the events occurring around us. The essence of understanding occurs when a person realizes how to adjust their energy with what surrounds the body, thus creating a state of alignment. It’s a bit like watching a lizard change color to fit in with its surroundings. The most recent burst lasted 1.8 seconds and reached our sensors on April 6th. Why bother with something so short in length? These bursts can knock out satellites, disrupt cell phones and re-tweak any electromagnetic sensitive device - like a person’s chakra system for instance. This SGR-like body is known as AXP 4U 0142+61 and resides at 22 Taurus 09. Given the fact that this point recently took a good nudge from Mars and receives stimulation from Neptune, Jupiter and Sedna, all in relative proximity, the blast may have melted some internal software in the interest of rebooting energetic belief systems, visions and restore strong, affirmative choice criteria. An energetic belief system differs from a conscious belief system in that a body’s energy knows those things to which it is drawn or repulsed and is not swayed by programming, proclaimed doctrines or lip service to an agenda. Energy prevails. Consider your energy reset. Now what?

Follow the cosmic clocks. In astrophysics many of the bodies observed in deep space pulse and emanate on regular intervals. Consider the possible black hole 4U 1954+31 located at 11 Aquarius 09. Since there’s virtually no parallax between the Earth’s point of view and the Sun’s perspective of distant bodies, this object lies on the perihelion of Venus and the Node of Neptune. And it receives the blessings of Jupiter and Saturn over the next few months. Given that Jupiter and Saturn naturally strive to create a balance of going out and coming in, just like the systolic and diastolic functions of the heart, this body works to reset our energetic opinions of ourselves consistent with the notes above. This system functions on a period of 5.09 hours. To apply this most simply, when seeking to restore your being, shake off life, assess inner attributes and realign the body with energy, take your time. Allow yourself a good five hours to process it out. With that, the recollecting of spirit process clocks out perfectly in the large cosmic scheme.

Finally, there’s another happening pulse which stands conjunct the SGR AXP 4U 0142+61. The high mass x-ray binary 2S 0114+650 occupies 21 Taurus 10, also influenced by Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Sedna in the near future. The associated period is 2.7 hours. Given that x-rays look inside to see the physical structure and binary bodies naturally suggest complete objectivity while high mass increases the gravity of a situation, when log jammed, take 2.7 hours to chew on it. When someone presents you with a confrontational and hopefully progressive concept your psyche wants to resist, chew on it for a while. Give yourself 2 hours and 42 minutes or so of contemplative mastication. No need to shoot a reaction from the hip. Simply report that you’ll get back on it when you’ve had time to sit with it and sniff it out. Next thing you know, you’ll have quite the nose for all the periods in your life and rarely will miss a beat.

Feel free to visit the website. There’s always new updates on Centaurs and new planets and such. You know what to do.

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Copyright, 2006, Philip Sedgwick, all rights reserved.


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