The Breakthrough Celebration is a process not a singular event

by Carl Johan Calleman

For some twenty years or so spiritually oriented people in the world have become more or less accustomed to calls for global meditations for various reasons. Some of the most powerful global meditations have been based on the Mayan calendar in its traditional form, such as the Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987 (1 Imix and 2 Ik) and the Oneness Celebration June 6-8, 2004 (4 Ahau, 5 Imix and 6 Ik). People then have had deep experiences of contact with a higher reality and that we, as a collective, are part of a divinely guided process that is especially strongly experienced at such events.

Yet, despite the power of such experiences they have been awakened by singu
la r events quite in contrast to the aspect of divine creation that we are in the midst of, the Galactic Underworld (an Underworld is a specific level of evolution of consciousness), which is a process. The Galactic Underworld is in reality an exactly charted wave movement of alternating energies that chart the overall collective development of humanity at the present time. Hence, it would seem that if we are to be a part of this process, and want to help see this divine process of creation arrive at its intended fulfillment, we should actually participate in a collective process rather than just singu la r, iso la ted events.

We have now come to a point in the Galactic
Underworld where interest in the cosmic plan has become so great that we may jointly start to develop processes to successfully make the transition to the Fifth DAY of the Galactic Underworld. The Fifth DAY is the pulse of LIGHT, starting November 24, 2006, that carries the breakthrough energy of this Underworld, a type of cosmic energy that at earlier points led to the breakthrough of Chris tianity and the Modern World, respectively. Whatever the content of it, we also have every reason to believe that Mel Gibson¹s upcoming movie Apocalypto will serve to create a breakthrough into mainstream interest in the Mayan calendar carried by this new LIGHT. Given the nature of this breakthrough as a wider collective process it then seem natural that we look at the dates for the Breakthrough Celebration (Ahau dates, Oneness in Light days) not as isolated events, but as markers, or steps, in a common process.

For the first time in its history a small minority of humanity has now come to realize that we are living in a divine process of creation and that this process is exactly charted by the Mayan calendar. Bringing this realization into mainstream thought is part of the purpose of the Breakthrough Celebration. Such a change is no minor change in humanity¹s view of its own p
la ce in the universe and given the inspiration we may find in this we may soon reach a critical mass where it becomes meaningful to actively participate in this divine process as co-creators. The Breakthrough Celebration is designed for this purpose and because it is a process rather than a singu la r event very likely it will oblige us to work in a totally different way; the way of transforming ourselves consciously and willfully into beings of co-creation rather than ­ as sometimes has been the case with the singu la r events ­ people experiencing temporary spiritual highs. It is a matter of becoming what the human race is intended to become, of realizing that there is no one else to wait for. We are the ones, the conscious co-creators, that we have been waiting for.

What, in a
larger perspective, we know about the Galactic Underworld is that its DAYS tend to favor the Eastern/right hemispheres of the cosmic mind with consequences for all aspects of human life and strongly influencing such things as East-West-relations, gender relations and the relationship between body and soul. New syntheses and expressions of both inner and outer unity is being expressed in all of these fields and the question is then if we will be able to drive these transformations consciously, as co-creators with the divine plan as this is aligned with the Mayan calendar in general and the Galactic Underworld in particular. Again, when this happens it will be a first time ever in the history of humanity, the birth of a new kind of human being, Homo cocreativus. In my view, I feel we should now embark on such a transformation not only because it may be part of our destiny, but also because, at least in my own view, the Fifth DAY beginning in November of 2006, increases the probability of a global currency crisis, lead by the downfall of the US dolar. The end to Western dominance is now evident all over the world, not only in the economic strengthening of China, India and Russia, but also in the political changes in Latin America and the Middle East. Whether it will be the Iranian Oil Bourse or something else that triggers the downfall of the US dolar, it seems likely that this shift away from Western dominance will be permanented through its downfall around the time that the Fifth DAY begins. Whatever this change implies it should create an opening for us to take charge of our destinies and actively co-create the world in the direction where the Ga la ctic Underworld is meant to take us: To a balanncing of our relations and an end to dominance.

Personally, I do not think there is such a thing as a panacea for what to do at our present time. Dikshas can lead to enlightenment but the transformation of the real world into a world of Oneness will require a continuous transformation and co-creation of our world in such a way that the new reality, the world of Oneness, manifests. Hence, while the Breakthrough Celebration includes a recommendation of a series of diksha days for spiritual inspiration and experience of the divine presence, these days are more to be seen as markers for us to
relate to as we participate in the transformation of the world we live in. These markers in turn will serve as guidance in the process. Needless to say, the transformation of the human being into a being, who is a co-creator in the divine plan presents a formidable challenge. In the time of the singular events we would go back to lives more or less lived according to the old paradigms that still dominate society at large . But what would it be like not to go back to that, or even if there is no such society in the traditional sense to go back to? For those hoping for life to become easier as we go along I feel there is not much good news. The challenges are likely to become even greater and if there is any insurance for the future it is to have a focus on Oneness. At least with such a focus we know that we serve the higher purpose of the whole. The Fifth DAY will mean a breakthrough into the new reality and this also means a breakdown of the old. Our choice will be whether to deplore the loss of the old or to affirm the new. The future obviously belongs to those that affirm the new.

How then are we to develop the Breakthrough Celebration from a series of
singular events to a common process? This, I believe, is what we will have to co-create together and the starting point must be a commitment to have it be a process. What this means then is to see the time in between the Ahau diksha, prayer and meditation days as parts of the process. Actually the process is there whether we are aware of it or not. The process is called the divine process of creation and its purpose is to fully manifest our own divinity.

Yet, what can we do concretely to develop an experience of the Breakthrough Celebration as a process? I feel we should look at the principle of paying it forward, of passing on the baton to the next and in this way disseminate the new ba
la ncing phenomena emerging with the Galactic Underworld, whether it is about strengthening the feminine, developing holistic health or co-creating an end to dominance in the world. Possible ways of doing this is to pass on fires from fire ceremonies from one p la ce to another like an Olympic fire that does not die (or at least blessed matches). Passing on dikshas. Passing on the process in a dynamic way in transforming the world.

Of course, this may all sound like science fiction to the many that think that human beings will never change. But if there is one thing we may learn from the Mayan calendar then it is that it is the energies of the cosmic
plan that make human beings become what they are and that these energies change as the Underworlds change. We have now completed the Fourth DAY of the Galactic Underworld, which means that step by step human beings of this planet have been transformed on an inner level by four DAYS, four pulses of LIGHT in the Galactic Underworld. Certainly many have been transformed although in the general societal context of their lives this transformation has not yet had a chance to blossom. What the Fifth DAY does is that allows for a breakthrough of the accumulated transformation of the previous four DAYS so that it also becomes visibly evident in the external world and allowed to blossom. This is what we are in for and the Breakthrough Celebration for the transition into the Fifth DAY presents not only a challenge, but also an opportunity for the new energies to visibly manifest in an altered way of life.

Carl Johan Calleman,
Orsa, Sweden 1 Imix, 7.4.1 in the Galactic Underworld (February 17, 2006)

For further info see www.breakthroughcelebration.com

The Breakthrough Celebration
- The Global Transition to the Fifth day


9 Ahau, Saturday May 27, 2006               Take-off, Midpoint of the Fourth night

                                                                 (“Seating” of Quetzalcoatl/ Chris t energy)

3 Ahau, Friday J une 16, 2006


10 Ahau, Thursday J uly 6, 2006


4 Ahau, Wednesday J uly 26, 2006


11 Ahau, Tuesday August 15, 2006


5 Ahau, Monday September 4, 2006


12 Ahau, Sunday September 24, 2006


6 Ahau, Saturday October 14, 2006


13 Ahau, Friday November 3, 2006


7 Ahau, Thursday November 23, 2006                           Beginning of the Fifth day!

                                                                                       (Light of Quetzalcoatl/ Chris t energy)

1 Ahau, Wednesday December 13, 2006


8 Ahau, Tuesday J anuary 2, 2007


2 Ahau, Monday J anuary 22, 2007


9 Ahau, Sunday February 11, 2007


3 Ahau, Saturday March 3, 2007


10 Ahau, Friday March 23, 2007


4 Ahau, Thursday April 12, 2007


11 Ahau, Wednesday May 2, 2007


5 Ahau, Tuesday May 22, 2007                Midpoint of the Fifth day, culmination of

The Breakthrough Celebration

Global World Tree Ceremony


For the global synchronization I recommend that dikshas are performed on these Ahau (Oneness in Light) days at 6.00, 12.00 and/or 18.00 European Central Tim e,

(9 pm (previous night), 3 am and 9 am PST) (12 am, 9 am and 3 pm EST)

and the corresponding times for Asia and Australia.


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