November 28-29, 2005: The Beginning of the Fourth night of the Galactic Underworld - A candle light ceremony in the spirit of Ian Lungold

A message from Carl Johan Calleman

The Fourth night of the Galactic Underworld is soon to begin. The shift takes place between 11 Ahau (November 28) and 12 Imix (November 29). I will shortly send out an article about the meaning of this in a bigger perspective, but for now it suffices to say that I feel the best way of looking at this upcoming night
is as a preparation for the breakthrough of the divine presence, the energy of Quetzalcoatl, that will sweep the world as the Fifth day begins on November 24, 2006. Leading up to this Fifth day of Christ consciousness will be a series of global meditation and diksha days beginning at the midpoint of this upcoming night,
May 27-28, 2006: Awakening the World Mother Within.

Given the nature of this upcoming tun as a night I feel it is appropriate to mark it with a candle ceremony rather than with festivals: A light for the future of the children of the world which includes ourselves, since at our core we all see ourselves as children. I feel such a ceremony should be held in the spirit of Ian Lungold, who passed on 12 Lamat (November 16) in Amatlan. Mexico. Ian Lungold was the person who almost singlehandedly with the support of Matty took on disseminating the truth about the Mayan calendar in North America. He sensed that the Mayan calendar held a truth that was critical for its people and passionately started to tell the truth about it, sometimes in the face of even intentional distorsions that are still prevailing and especially so at the time. Ian was passionate and uncompromising about the truth and he saw the current era, the Galactic Underworld, as an era when the truth should be revealed, when all what was hidden by the powers that be
would come up to the surface and be revealed.

Ian was an outstanding presenter and his enthusiasm, warmth and sense of humour touched all that met him.
In North America, the US and Canada, he laid the groundwork and planted the seeds for a truth that is now increasingly becoming unstoppable. It is with great sadness and touch that I tell you about this passing of Ian. I think he would have liked to stay on to see the fruits of his work grow, but for us humans there are always
parts of the large picture that we will not be able to see or understand. What we can trust is that in that big picture what is meant to happen happens. I am happy that Ian got to get back to Amatlan, Mexico, which he saw as the birth place of Quetzalcoatl and which had been instrumental in charting his path. The passing of Ian is the beginning of the birth of Quetzalcoatl and somewhere they are being transformed to one another as we all are. If we can celebrate the beginning of the fourth night of the Galactic Underworld, especially the 11 Ahau energy of November 28, with a candle ceremony in the spirit of Ian then we are truly preparing for the return of Quetzalcoatl. His spirit is truth, warmth and humour. He is still with us and we are still with him. He would want to see this spirit flower in us.

For those that want to listen to Ian I wholeheartedly recommend his tapes and DVDs available from his web site,

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