Sacred Mayan Secret 13:20

I have been studying the Mayan calendar since 1997 and I have had my fair share of insights just “Show Up” during these last few years. These have happened at random times as far as I can figure. The concepts sometimes boil for a while until there is more clarity. And now, another one of these insights has come and I am going to do my best to share it with all of you. The problem is that this concept is so new that full implications of what this means is not available to our consciousness at this time. Just maybe, we have found another sign post of sorts, along our journey.

First let me invite you to join me where and when I am writing this. I am spread naked in the sun on a great red rock slab at Beaver Creek in Sedona Arizona. The Sun and shade, silver flashing water and turquoise sky lay together in harmony. The sound of wind, birds and water is all that can be heard.
A perfect time and place to pay attention to that inner voice, the intuition. Totally exposed to Creation and nature I open to truth…

Just about everyone who has studied the Mayan Tzolkin calendar has seen the numbers 13 and 20 expressed in a pattern. Those who have studied the Tun calendar have found the same numbers. 13 sections to each level of Consciousness and a 20 times acceleration to the running of each Consciousness cycle.

In answer to a question asked by Kojo at our web site, I began to see a thread of thought about 13:20, its uses and function in this Universe. Information that I was taught by the Mayan shaman was that the common people of the Maya had 3 times of day, Morning, mid day and evening. The priests, and Kings though had 13 divisions of what we call a 24 Hour day. Each section of time was about an hour and 17 minutes. Each of these sections were divided into 13 sections that we might call minutes. These sections were further divided by 13 into “seconds” and more divisions on to an infinity of divisions of the moment of now. It would seem that 13, is very important.

The Mayan counting system is done by 20’s instead of our 10 number decimal system. The archeologists who have studied this, acknowledge that counting in 20’s allows for the rapid summing large numbers. Why the Maya were doing these large numbers remains a mystery to the archeologists.
Lets take another look.

The Maya count from 0-19. (Everything comes from nothing) The Maya write 0 and 20 with the same symbol, a stylized conch shell drawn as a football shape. A conch shell is formed in a spiral.

So… 0 x 20 =0. That is nothingness multiplied by 20 over and over throughout Creation = nothing. 0-19 = 20, 20 = 2 x 10. 10 is the number of Manifestation in the Mayan cosmology. Quantum physicists have now proven that subatomic particles manifest into this reality for a nano second then they manifest out of here and into the Void or a field of pure potential. 10 + 10 = 20.

By the Tun calendar, each level of Conscious Evolution is divided by 13 equal sections. Each sequential consciousness cycle is accelerated by a factor of 20. That is, the creation of all effects in each cycle is multiplied by a factor of 20. We all have been told by the highest priests of our society, the Quantum Physicists, that the universe is expanding. 20X just could be the factor by which it is doing so.

What has come to me is; Consciousness, Divides by the factor of 13 and Creation, Multiplies by a factor of 20.

It is consciousness that divides creation into its separate parts. It is only when you are conscious of something(s) that you can appreciate that part of creation by and with your discernment.

Your life is peppered with moments when you noticed some details of your environment or situation. Like, seeing the “Veins in the leaf” or the beauty of color and pattern in a butterfly’s wings. Of course you have your own examples but each of them were the exercise of your consciousness noticing the differences of stimuli available in that moment. The more conscious you are, the more you can take in effortlessly.

Now on the other hand, as you have no doubt noticed, when you are tired, upset or ill, you are not as conscious as you can be. Imagine someone who is already in an emotional upset, walking up to a whole sink of dirty dishes. The reaction is likely to be, Oh Man! What a Mess! 20 or 40 years of having to do the dishes and clean up after others, come crashing in to that there moment and those dishes look like just a pile of obligation or chore. Now think of a thanksgiving or Christmas when you felt great. 3 tables full of dishes, glasses, pots, pans and silver just got done as you shared conversation. Each plate or spoon got the attention that was needed individually. You may have even complimented the shape, texture or design on some of the items. With consciousness, each thing in our lives can stand out and be appreciated. With lower levels of consciousness the tendency is to group or lump things together into a grey threatening mass. What I think this whole journey of conscious evolution is about, is the increasing ability to be conscious of, appreciate and express gratitude for all of Creation piece by piece until we get it all, somewhere around 2011.

We have now moved at the stream by the way.

We are sitting on another rock slab in the middle of the stream. Light sparkles in the ripples down stream as the water courses through some boulders and disappears into a lush parade of green plants and swaying trees. A small black bird lands to drink next to a tangle of driftwood; a wave of wind rustles the leaves as a chorus of insects buzzes louder, the creek rushes on… Well, this would be consciousness all right. And I have the feeling that the deep appreciation I am experiencing is the most beloved of prayers.

Take a moment from reading this and do a quick assessment of your consciousness level. Now start paying attention to items in your environment right now.

Look at something close to you then, spy something far away. Look at each item until you notice something new about it and you have really “seen” the object. Then pick another object. Do this for about 2 minuets.

Okay. Now check your consciousness level. Interesting Huh? You just spent some time dividing your environment into separate pieces with your attention and your consciousness is most likely heightened.

Consciousness is division and Creation is multiplication. Consciousness expresses discernment while Creation multiplies space/time and opportunities. A personal question. How did your physical body get here? By multiplication, that’s how.

The following information is not aimed at your logic. Here, analytical thought is only a pathway to a jump off point into your intuition. Where we are jumping to is the very nature of your intuition, the relationship between 13 and 20. Not the numbers, or their perceived numerological meanings, qualities or quantities but simply, the relationship between the numbers. This is like the relationship between division and multiplication. Logic only goes so far and then there is a nebulas remainder of the relationship that you can feel with some edge of your consciousness. At least, I can. Now this may get kinda weird in a minute but stick with me here okay?

Logic and Sacred geometry that were “invented” (came to Consciousness) in Greece during the 4th “Day” of the National cycle are both fixed in nature. Everywhere in nature they manifest again and again as structures of form following the Fibonacci formula or the “Golden Section”. (A ratio of about 2/3rds to 1/3) Or, the binary system that is the lattice connection of all mineral atomic compounds. But these formulas are never followed exactly in nature to produce form or everything would be constructed in spirals and cubed lattices. Consciousness and intuition are not fixed. They are elastic and are able to grow, change and adapt. In other words, evolve.

Anything fixed is going to erode or decay. Logic, analytical thought and physical forms, as structures are fixed and so are destined to eventually decay. Intuition/Consciousness is constantly growing and changing.

We are now at a point in our evolution of consciousness where logic and all fixed forms will be passing away. There will be a great increase of this during the 4th day of the Galactic cycle. Old forms of thought and technology will fade and all physical forms will become much more mutable. The technology of morphing metals and plastics using electronic charges to reshape objects even airplane wings are already in existence. Plastic surgery has taken mighty leaps in just the last couple of years and genetic research is racing ahead of all predictions. Reading this now is just to open our eyes to the possibilities that lay in our future.

It would seem that the two numbers running through all of creation 13 and 20, and the RELATIONSHIP between them could hold vast secrets. These secrets the Maya were very well aware of. These same secrets do not translate well because they appeal to your intuition, not your logic. This emerging view of the relationship between consciousness and matter being 13 and 20, gives us a deeper, more pervasive and much simpler explanation of the power many people have found while following the Mayan calendar daily. It would appear that just having the relationship of these two numbers in your consciousness opens the door to your intuition. No practice or method, no time/money, expensive classes or books revealing all. Just these two numbers seem to do the trick as attested to by million of Dreamspell followers who claim benefit from paying attention to the Relationship of 13:20.

This “Power” of the Mayan calendar is the engagement of your own intuition. Your intuition or self-knowing, includes all that can be known in this universe. This of course includes telepathy, telekinesis, time travel, other dimensions and all other abilities attributed to spirit and its seniority to physical limitations. Your intuition, to the degree that you trust it, is the key to these abilities. Fully engaging your intuition at these times would be the most important task you have at hand.

If not NOW, it may be even more difficult to “Break On Through to the Other Side” of mounting problems, chaos and seemingly insurmountable odds. Now that you have read that last statement, you were handed a lever to get over that last hurtle. That lever to vault the difficulties, will be your own coming recognition that this is all truly coming to pass in front of your face. If you ignore that message from yourself, not any message from me, then God bless you and goodbye. You will still be serving your purpose unto all of Creation. Thanks for getting out of the way.

Many persons on the planet are coming to realize that they are constantly creating the physical body that they live in. This has always been the case, in the face of every medical opinion, fad diet, health tonic magic elixir or chanted charm that has ever been done. The patient is Creating the body in what ever condition it is in and it will ultimately be that person who will repair the body or not… cell by cell. By using multiplication.

Okay, lets look at the basic schematic of the creation you are sitting in. It has 20 fingers and toes and 13 major joints dividing the whole structure. Those are your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists and your neck. With this body, we all do a multiple of tasks but always with the 13 divisions in constant relationship to the whole.

I think that we have started to see this pattern but the pattern is not the “Big Deal”. The “Big Deal’ is in the Weaving of the pattern. All weaving is done by counting threads on a loom where there are the warp lines running up and down and weft lines running across. 13 and 20 are the warp and weft of 3rd dimensional consciousness. All of the benefit that comes from the Mayan calendar comes from the counting of those threads in your consciousness. Mayan children, both girls and boys were near weaving from birth. Their society also followed the Mayan calendar every day. They came to an understanding of Creation through the practice of weaving and the teaching of cosmology by the elders. We have the opportunity to learn to weave our own pattern, our own experience of Creation, by counting the threads of consciousness laid out by the Mayan calendar daily.

13 and 20, what does this mean to you now?

To myself it is a portal to realms undreamt of. It is an intuitive thread that dangles through all of creation. It is not a logic or anything tangible. It is ITZA. (Mayan word for magic, the stuff of life itself.)

This is the Sacred Mayan Secret, 13:20 found in plain view.

Welcome to the Evolution
13:20 Up, Over and Out
Ian Xel Lungold
LaHun Q’anil (10 STAR)